A Fascinating Season On Premier League Benches

Whilst the quality hasn't always been sky high, John Nicholson believes that the fascinating coming and going has more than made up for things. Suppositions have been challenged...

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tasty (Everton) says...

Bolak - I've told Barry that if Russ doesn't get you through the play-offs then I'm just a phone call away......

Posted 11:20am 8th May 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

Nobody hates Pardew because he's 'southern', it's because he's a useless c*nt.

Posted 3:14pm 7th May 2014

wrightstuff76 (Liverpool) says...

Everton didn't play negative joyless football for 11 years, a bit unfair to give that impression of Moyes Everton teams.

Posted 11:26am 7th May 2014

bolak (Leyton Orient) says...

@tasty, hello David Moyes how's the holiday going?

Posted 11:18am 7th May 2014

dryice says...

The media don't care about nationality, all they care about is the ease of which they can grab a headline. That could be a positive one if the manager feeds them enough words or a negative one if the manager gives nothing away. But there does seem to be a general theme from John Nicholson lately where the nationality is constantly highlighted and stereotypes are trotted out. Probably to try and redress an perceived imbalance, the reality as always is in the middle.

Posted 12:37pm 6th May 2014

ricky villa (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Bognorrock - John has something against British managers being seen by some as 'automatically better' than foreign coaches. He hasn't indicated at any point that he doesn't like British coaches. There is a big difference in how certain sections of the media report on British compared to foreign. I don't know if it's a universal thing, but it is noticeable in the press coverage of my team, Spurs, and the 'benefit of the doubt' given to Sherwood (players blamed for poor performances) against AVB ( clueless manager to blame for poor performances)...and these are the same players involved! Also, nice reporting for Harry before AVB came in, where he oversaw a disgusting collapse at the end of 11/12, which was written off as 'thats football' by his pals, whereas AVB, with a weaker team, gets more points the following year and is dubbed a failure. I wonder if its the same with other clubs.

Posted 11:55am 6th May 2014

tasty (Everton) says...

Enjoyable article but reinforces the garbage that plucky Roberto has transformed Moyes' soulless Everton. He hasn't - he's moderately improved us and the quality of football is maybe a couple of per cent better than it was during the last few seasons under Moyes. Interestingly, one of the clich├ęs is that Bobby has taken the game to the 'big' teams. Well, this season against the rest of the Top 7, we scored 2 away goals and got 4 points as opposed to 3 and 3 last season; we scored 11 home goals and got 11 points as opposed to 11 and 9 last season. So, in those 12 games, 1 extra point and 1 extra goal. I go to all of our home games and most of our away games and I'm not caught up in this myth.

Posted 10:42am 6th May 2014

craigjs (West Bromwich Albion) says...

As usual Mr Nicholson--very droll ! The whole of the Premier league is a nonsense of course , in this ridiculous format , IE top six blessed from on high with many many shekels and the rest of the shambolic league who merely serve as their cannon fodder. How about a seeding system -or how about they just go ahead and play with themselves, leaving an open field for clubs who have never got a chance of winning anything ? It's great of course that we can have a pop at the managers --they are all too visible. At the risk of lawsuits flying around , it would be much more anarchical and to the point of it all--to mock the chairmen that ultimately make these scenarios laughable . Take my club WBA ( please !! ) --what a disaster this season has been---all down to that parsimonious ogre Peace--the buck starts and stops at his door nowhere else. Pre-season Clarke quite rightly needs a replacement for Lukaku , the sole reason why they punched above their weight the season before.What did he give him on the very last day of the window--after Clarke had publicly complained of inactivity and defeats already against them ---Sessegnon and Anichebe--on top of Anelka --".F....quenelle !" he cried--NO replacement goal machine. So his punishment after four faceless back to back defeats was Peace's revenge--an unwarranted sacking. --Then in the guise of Basil Fawlty bringing in ,at long last his own Manuel --Pepe Mel--the club turned into Fawlty Towers. Will he learn anything from this--? I doubt it-- No doubt in your infinite --all trawling net of wisdom Mr Nicholson--you could put together a whole set of inept anecdotes about owners who somehow pass the "fit and proper" test ? Its not a sport anymore --its just about the use and abuse of too much money.

Posted 4:51am 6th May 2014

mrburwash (Birmingham City) says...

The best bit "eat my own buttocks than watch West Ham" lol

Posted 6:14pm 5th May 2014

san mourinho (Chelsea) says...

Come on bognorrock et al! Ok it's been a boozy bank holiday Monday which may mean I'm being over generous but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole piece. Some very valid points and (shock horror) actually pretty funny. Moody responses for the sake of it at times I feel

Posted 4:02pm 5th May 2014

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Toure: I am staying with City

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