Who Really Cares If He Plays Mini-Golf?

Johnny doesn't care and he suspects that you don't care either. So why is it in the papers? Why is there an obsession with a man who is never knowingly interesting?

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johnwolf (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

Johnny shows he doesn't care by writing an article saying he doesn't care YCMIU

Posted 1:06pm 21st May 2014

Garfy says...

"He runs around very well does Wayne. Like a fat lad chasing a seagull that has stolen his chips". Priceless!!! And to the point.

Posted 8:20am 21st May 2014

mushutd (Manchester United) says...

Are you seriously that stupid? BECAUSE HE PLAYS FOR MANCHESTER UNITED. The press love to slate united and have done for years.

Posted 4:24pm 20th May 2014

Lord_Weetabix says...

Regarding the comments about 'writing an article that criticises articles', that was my first reaction too but then I thought a bit more and felt that I might be missing the point. John Nicholson is not an idiot, so then you'd have to say he was being hypocritical or trying to make a point using the media forum that he has access to. I suspect it was the latter, though, like most people, I'm sure he's got 'form' in the former as well. But as to why people write these articles, it looks like 'money for old rope', from the point of view of the journalists, editors and newspaper magnates; it's not considered immoral by most people; and the worlds of football and celebrity (encompassing ALL participants) are irrational ones. In these irrational worlds, Wayne Rooney's choice of socks is news and so, someone's going to write/film/photograph/consume it. But that, "stop looking and they'll stop doing it" argument simply doesn't stand up to mass media scrutiny and an understanding of human beings.

Posted 8:37am 20th May 2014

Garfy says...

I've never understood the fuss about Rooney (or ROO! as the redtops call him). He is a good footballer, sometimes a very good footballer but he is not, never has been and never will be a great one. But the way the media (and in particular Clive Tyldesley) breathlessly rave about him you would think he is on a par with Messi and Ronaldo. He doesn't even come close and piling all of England's hopes and expectations on his shoulders is quite frankly ridiculous. If I was Hodgson I certainly wouldn't build the team around him. He is quite capable of one or two moments of brilliance over the course of a nine month season but I wouldn't bet on him reproducing it over three matches in 80 degree heat in Brazil.

Posted 8:15am 20th May 2014

altamont (Manchester United) says...

As a non-native of England, this is what I feel - England is perceived as a leading, global team of football by the rest of the world and Rooney is the symbol of this team. Much like Beckham used to be. A kid in Asia, who is a casual follower of football, will know the name of Rooney along with say Messi and Ronaldo. This has little to do with results and actual worth and more to do with instant branding. Much like Real Madrid is perceived as the leading global club despite no Champions League success for a while.

Posted 8:55pm 19th May 2014

philafx (Everton) says...

An article about a man who has too many articles written about him.

Posted 7:01pm 19th May 2014

philafx (Everton) says...

Article about too many articles about Wayne Rooney. Pfft

Posted 6:54pm 19th May 2014

ronmanager says...

v profane, if thats your doxy, stick to it, what the hell do I care how naive you are

Posted 6:26pm 19th May 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

"Johnny doesn't care and he suspects that you don't care either." So why has he gone to the trouble of writing an article about it?

Posted 4:32pm 19th May 2014

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