Why Are Clubs So Keen To Promote Tradition?

What are club traditions and why are they so important? Often they can turn out to be ephemeral notions - just look how much Arsenal have changed in the last two decades...

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ash_75 says...

I imagine that if the new Leeds chairman changed the colour of the shirts from white to whatever we'd get the usual howls of outrage, but I wonder if there were any protests when Don Revie changed the shirts to white back in the early 60's. Of course, that was pre-Sky so it may not count

Posted 5:12pm 23rd May 2014

red_ped (Manchester United) says...

Having besmirched previous articles of Johnny's that I've disagreed with, it's only fair that I applaud an excellent one. All of us supporters seem to think our club has a "way" don't we? Cockwash. Unless tradition is singing about fellating Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee at West Ham or writing YNWA (you'll never win anything) on every hysterical internet post.

Posted 2:30pm 23rd May 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

Traditions, in this sense of the word, are simply fond (or false) memories of the most successful or entertaining eras of a club's history and the attempt to recreate them. As clubs in the top flight in particular become increasingly indifferent or outright hostile to the fans, appeals to "tradition" is one of the few ways fans can still identify with them.

Posted 1:50pm 23rd May 2014

barry manga (Arsenal) says...

Metaphysical eh? Is it possible to derive objective meaning from this article given that language is characterised only by its iterability? Is monarchy in the UK a tradition given that it has only existed for a few thousand years? Can human beings make any claim on tradition given that they have only existed for a fraction of the time the universe has?

Posted 12:45pm 23rd May 2014

dougyboy73 (Manchester United) says...

Think the success of the Anfield boot room promoting from within still lingers in peoples minds

Posted 11:09am 23rd May 2014

up4thejamboree (Sheffield Wednesday) says...

The "tradition" of a club is essentially how the fans want to see their club. It usually identifies with their most successful period. Man United fans see the Ferguson and Busby years as a tradition. Liverpool, the 80's, West Ham the 60's. It's an ideal to strive to get back to - or maintain if you are currently successful.

Posted 11:08am 23rd May 2014

red_robbie (Manchester United) says...

Everything is relative and looked at from a subjective point of view. If we're really going to strip football to the bare bones why don't you ask why so many people are willing to pay to watch 11 men they don't know personally who don't care about them kick a piece of leather around? You're a killjoy Johnny and once again you have written a thought-police article with no real point to it other than to convince yourself you have an alternative point of view.

Posted 10:25pm 22nd May 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

I really hope Giggs has been kept because Van Gaal thinks he has something to offer, not out of some misty eyed sentimental notion. Tradition is bollocks, in all walks of life, it's as bad as change for change's sake. Sentimentality is the reason Liverpool spent the 90s in the doldrums and still haven't really recovered, they kept doing what they had always done and didn't change things even when they were clearly not bringing results; appointing Moyes was United copying their mistakes, which is why sacking him was blessed relief, it showed that at least someone at the club realised the club was going the wrong way and was prepared to make the tough but necessary decision. Tradition, safety and sentimentality are all bad words in high level sport as far as I'm concerned, they lead to failure almost every time. Guardiola at Barca was the exception, and even then he wasn't just thrown in without some evidence he had what it takes.

Posted 8:30pm 22nd May 2014

shades (Arsenal) says...

Poor Moyes..he's not even considered foreign now..and yet people from his land have fought 'tha Anglesh' for centuries...alba gu brath

Posted 4:07pm 22nd May 2014

AW2DAN (Manchester City) says...

old red nose was there before the advent cross channel ferries and nobody had ever met one of those frenchies in them olden days, but he was a pict and hence foreign anyway

Posted 1:27pm 22nd May 2014

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