Danny Welbeck: Hugely Enjoyable, But Just Not Good Enough

John Nicholson admits to really quite liking Danny Welbeck, but that must not cloud our judgement that he just isn't quite good enough. It's a damn shame, really...

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badwolf (Manchester United) says...

"especially the goal-scoring bit, which one would assume is supposed to be his main gig". You'd have expected that, but mostly he's stuck on the left or right, or chasing around - rarely allowed to play up front. Why? Not because he's not good enough, but like Rooney and Tevez back in the day, he's better out there than the dedicated wingers we've had recently and does a better job in the big games of holding the ball and linking play. You can't fairly shoot him for not scoring when he's not playing up front. When he has, such as for England, he has 10 in 22 or something. Yes, he can miss a sitter, but so can RvP and people (other than me) don't moan about him! It's a damn shame for him, Rooney, Cleverley, Jones and a few others that they are so capable and willing that they've been forced out of position to accommodate others who aren't as good. Yet they end up with the blame instead. Crossing fingers and toes for LvG to correct this and they all come up Sturridge (another player who was lambasted until he finally got games and in the right position at which point suddenly he's good again) next season.

Posted 4:14pm 3rd June 2014

oneloveunited says...

Shouldn't this article have been about Tom Cleverley? I think most people understand that a striker playing out of position will score less goals. Manchester United are a 'team' and within that team certain players will be expected to 'do a job', Welbeck is one of United's best tactically disciplined players, he gives 100% even to his own detriment. There have been comparisons on here with Sturridge, a player whose own selfishness has been of great detriment to his career. I see Welbeck playing an important role under Van Gaal, who favours a 4-3-3 formation, he's his sort of player. He's 22 and years from his peak, I don't think I really need to mention the likes of Henry and Drogba who all flourished later in their careers. Plus Welbeck is born and bred Manchester United, and in today's football, that is something United should hold on to.

Posted 5:29pm 29th May 2014

mr. eko (Arsenal) says...

"danny welbeck: a horse thrown from a helicopter...." - hahaha in retrospect they are both "leggy"

Posted 8:40am 29th May 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

I think Welbeck just needs to get away from Rooney.

Posted 4:30pm 28th May 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

Strange how its fans of other teams who seem to have the problem with welbeck. A better minutes to goals ratio than romelu lukaku despite playing as a wide forward.

Posted 3:55pm 28th May 2014

loonytoon66 (Blackburn Rovers) says...

It's funny how everyone keeps harping on about what Danny Welbeck needs....He needs to play up front consistently, he needs to have composure, he needs, he needs, he needs... I believe (and I know I'm going to get ridiculed for this) is needed is for United fans to wake up and realise they are never going to have another 'Class of 92' the likes of players like that come once a generation and I have to admit they where pretty impressive. But a question for United fans....when was the last time a player came up through the academy like that and was that good? Even the Neville brothers where half decent defenders. It's not happening and Welbeck is a clear example of that. No player (as the article said) should have still been at a club that has a goal scoring record of 2 in 40 or 10 in 36 (or 31) that's still only 12 in 76 (71) for a team like United thats not good enough.

Posted 3:17pm 28th May 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

welbz. that's all that needed to be said about the man

Posted 3:14pm 28th May 2014

jimbobbarker (Torquay United) says...

I think Welbeck is another player that people say is "one for the future" until they reach 31 at which point they go and play for QPR and the like. "One for the future" seems to describe players that never quite do it but are above average: Joe Cole, Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Kieron Dyer etc etc. You look at them and think wow, but they never reach the levels their abilities suggest they might reach.

Posted 2:26pm 28th May 2014

tom33 (Manchester United) says...

This season's ten in 36? It's actually 10 in 30 (11 of which were substitute appearances), which is only just below Rickie Lambert in terms of ratio. And bearing in mind that Lambert takes penalties, perhaps we should end this fallacy that last season is a good representation of Welbeck's goalscoring ability.

Posted 12:09pm 28th May 2014

Noz2k says...

Apologies HarryB, misread that post, thought it was odd to consider Hernandez the better player.

Posted 10:31am 28th May 2014

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