Look At Those Rhythmic South Americans...

Is it really 2014? Are we still referring to South Americans as 'rhythmic' and Brazilians as some kind of special breed of skilful? Surely we know better by now...

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johnwolf (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

@solskjaer99 Mel's record at West Brom reads W3 D6 L8 West Brom stayed up largely thanks to Fulham and Cardiff. You are right the damage was already done at Fulham. They may not have been gushing with praise but there weren't exactly getting a kicking on here either

Posted 2:16pm 4th June 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@johnwolf Sherwood was, and continues to be, a clueless cockney moron, and whatever your views on AVB, Sherwood did not represent an upgrade. Pepe Mel kept West Brom up and when Magath took over the damage was done, and you'd hardly say they were gushing with praise of either.

Posted 7:32pm 3rd June 2014

rez plus (Manchester United) says...

@ johnwolf, "erm...are you saying that Tim Sherwood *wasn't* a clueless moron?" - I don't think he was quite as bereft of merit as was made out on here. Personally I think F365 writers take some pleasure in handing out verbal kickings to a certain type of "old school" British manager, regardless of their relative performance. Moyes was appalling, fully agreed, although at the start of the season he was actually in a better position than Pellegrini, who started in an even worse fashion, and that barely mustered a comment. Quite a lot of the content at F365 has a left wing, frustrated Social Justice Warrior political subtext: whether it's the latest Jon Nich women's football hagiography, Winterburn having a meltdown about the Rooney Rule or telling us "we're part of the problem" if we mock the naked greed of the Society for Black Lawyers or was Cornwall (RIP) finding new and inventive ways to brand England fans racists. Don't misunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with this on something as ultimately unimportant as a footy site, beyond the tedium of repetition, all media has an editorial line to plug; it's just worth being aware. It's more of a problem in the mainstream news when particular a set of views are established as the only view worth expressing at a news outlet due to being more "right", more "moral" or being based on a more firm "intellectual" basis. Then you end up with epic **** ups, such as, say, UKIP winning votes all over the shop but that's probably beyond the remit of this comment page. :)

Posted 10:24am 3rd June 2014

tk421 says...

@ johnwolf, erm...are you saying that Tim Sherwood *wasn't* a clueless moron?

Posted 4:14pm 2nd June 2014

johnwolf (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

Exactly Rez Plus it's not just Jon it's this site. Look at how they raved about Andre Villas Boas. In Jon's eyes he could do no wrong. Of course Tim Sherwood being British was terrible a clueless cockney moron who could get nothing right. If Felix Magath or Pepe Mel had been British they'd have been slaughtered on here but since there foreign well you'll just look the other way. F365 are just as bad as the people they rail against.

Posted 3:08pm 2nd June 2014

littler_dutch (Arsenal) says...

State of that comment from Morpheus. John didn't say or even remotely imply "all Brazilians aren't skilful," just that they don't have the monopoly on skilful players. Which is totally true. Brazil's national sides have had a very functional look since the mid 80s by and large but people still remember the 1970 side and apply their gloss over the generations. Brazilian coaching is actually becoming scarily reminiscent of British coaching nowadays, where kids are trained to be physically strong and able to compete. Brasileirão is a league that really lacks technical skill at all, it's often quite brutal and low on technique. This Brazil side depends so much on Neymar partly because they don't really have many of his type. The central point of the article is absolutely correct, South America is a vast continent, to believe Peru are totally analogous to Uruguay because they share a continent is demonstratably ridiculous.

Posted 2:23pm 2nd June 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

I suspect the point that John is making will become apparent once the World Cup starts. They are by no means the most individually talented squad of players and the superstars are pretty thin on the ground - in fact Neymar is the only one, and so far in his young career he pales in comparison to players like Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Judging by how Scolari had them playing in the Confederations Cup, Brazil are going to approach this World Cup relatively pragmatically as a rather more functional unit than is the stereotype. Yet wait and see what the reaction of commentators, fans and observers will be like when they see the team play. I bet all and sundry will be remarking how this team isn't typically Brazilian, and they'll all be surprised about it, when if they'd just looked at the squad, the manager and seen some of their games, they'd have known already.

Posted 2:19pm 2nd June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

All South American players are skillful and creative, apart from their defenders who are cynical and violent thugs. The Germans are efficient, the Spanish are patient, the French are aloof, the Dutch are so laid back they're mostly lieing down, the English work hard really ahrd, the Italians dive and appeal for penalties, eastern European teams are constantly in a period of development whilst all teams from Asia and Africa are plucky and brave and give a really good account of themselves. Does that sum up most of the casual stereotyping that normally goes on? *disclaimer; these views do not reflect the opinions of the publisher or the author..........

Posted 12:48pm 2nd June 2014

gouds (Celtic) says...

But who is saying all those nasty, stereotypical things? UK TV commentary teams? You don't have to write an article to point out they talk out of their overexcitable poop chutes. That's the status quo.

Posted 12:39pm 2nd June 2014

rez plus (Manchester United) says...

I think this is a bit of tilt at some windmills to be honest. Brazil have, on balance, been more skillful at major tournaments. Seems to me there is certain amount of hypocrisy around the "days of instant, self-congratulatory offence, seems often to be conflated with racism" statement given Jon appears to write three articles on a rotating basis: "you're all sexist", "you're all racist" and "I am a working class hero". All media is written for someone and Jon's of repeated "everything English is awful, everything foreign is brilliant" repetitions strike me just as skewed to a particular audience as anything in the Sun.

Posted 12:21pm 2nd June 2014

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