It's No Longer 'Brave' To Drop Rooney...

Now it's a no-brainer. Perhaps John Nicholson is being a tad naive, but he doesn't believe there would even be an outcry if Hodgson dropped Wayne Rooney...

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akritas (Manchester United) says...

What a rant! You my friend and people like you is what builds up all this negativity for the England Team. I am not even English, and i cannot believe how childish and ignorant you sound. BLAMING ONE PLAYER and using him as a scapegoat. I can be a journalist too if that's what it takes. Remind me again, where the other 10 players against ITALY so great and ROONEY destroyed the game for them? Who gave the assist? And since you have other players to do that why didn't they? Wasn't Rooney everywhere in the pitch? Didn't he win many battles? But of course he did not score 1-2 goals, so he is not good enough. Seriously, attacking players with high profiles as you say, is not the way to go about it. I actually enjoyed the match and England did play much better than i expected. They attacked their opponents. But yet again, no England player did that little bit extra. So why BLAME ONLY Rooney? Because it will make the headlines YET AGAIN i suppose. Seriously, you are making me laugh. A lot ! Thank you.

Posted 8:45am 18th June 2014

jollyboysouting (Blackpool) says...

God I hate my countrymen sometimes, just get behind the team and stop heaping undue pressure on him. He's one of our best players and his form is being damaged by the obsession the press have with him.

Posted 11:53pm 17th June 2014

pudsyryan says...

That's a long way to make us go for a smart alec outro line. 39 goals in 93 games isn't contributing nothing. "One superb assist ...we have other players who can do that and more." Really? if it wasn't for that assist, it would have been 2-0, and we'd be having to listen to calls for the manager's head. Who are these other players? Glen Johnson? The ineffectual Gerrard and the plodder henderson in midfield? Leighton Baines? Oh, sorry, I forgot it was Wayne Rooney's fault that he isn't that good a defender. Welbeck? Sturridge is terrific. Sterling was great for an hour, then he was out on his feet, but he's young. I'm not sure anyone else in the England team was exactly stellar. Get a grip.

Posted 5:24pm 17th June 2014

plughead80 (Liverpool) says...

It seems clear to me - you pick a team, not a set of individuals. If Rooney is being forced into the team just to have him in there, he shouldn't be selected. If he's picked in a natural position, that's fine, but if he's upsetting the balance, bench him. Same for any player.

Posted 3:18pm 17th June 2014

vajazzle (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

he is still our best player

Posted 2:46pm 17th June 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

Ouch, editor got burned. If Rooney was German he'd be getting praise for his pass rate, assist and movement. We ask him not to track back and stay up field to attack and when he does that he's get abuse for putting in one tackle lol. Rooney's best role is central behind the striker, maybe off to the left. Based on that he did create and might have scored too, I (and many others it seems except the incestual media) would say he did pretty well. And like Tokyo Joker said, presumably Portugal should drop Ronaldo too lol

Posted 1:59pm 17th June 2014

Editor says ...

Burned? How so? Rooney did have the second worst pass completion rate amongst England players. Not saying it was poor but it was lower than most of his teammates.

baggiesjay (West Bromwich Albion) says...

@tokyojoker... Ronaldo has performed for Portugal when needed, see playoffs against Sweden!!! Also this view that Rooney should be dropped is based over a considerable amount of time. Only now is there a viable arguement, because now their are players, who on form, should be in the team ahead of him. On his day Rooney is brilliant, those days have become as rare as a west brom clean sheet.

Posted 1:28pm 17th June 2014

baggiesjay (West Bromwich Albion) says...

Despite a few of the players great seasons, it seems Wayne Rooney is undroppable, whatever his form, whatever his contributions are in a England shirt. How times have changed from Rooney carrying England's teams in the past, to England teams carrying Wayne Rooney. For all our sturridges, lalambas, barkleys etc... Can they ever truly flourish in a England team that for the near future will always be based around Rooney?.

Posted 1:24pm 17th June 2014

dearg (Liverpool) says...

Crookster- I agree the vilification of Rooney is OTT and probably helped by those who dont like Rooney based on his general attitude and previous behaviour. However there is a very valid argument that the Rooney of today can only really play a number 9 role to a high standard. Yes he was ok out left on saturday but England have more suitable and energetic players for this role. Therefore it becomes a straight choice between him and Sturridge for the number 9 role. Now Sturridge has not achieved anything like the success of Rooney in his career but the World Cup is a month long tournament where form must be considered and on this basis Sturridge should start ahead of Rooney (who is an ideal replacement from the bench especially given that Stuuridge rarely finishes matches for LFC or England)

Posted 1:09pm 17th June 2014

crookster (Manchester United) says...

@Geddy76 - I am an Irish man defending an English man. Says a lot for the typical English fan that it takes an Irish fan to pick up for one of your players taking a totally unfair pasting from the press. If Giroud was pushed out left for france, ran his socks off, created a goal and generally kept the ball extremely well only to be hung out to dry for not being man of the match, I would be saying the same. It is a little thing called fairness. It would make my day to see Rooney light up this tournament and retire from international football at the end of the world cup. Let's see how well you get on with Sturridge, Lambert, Carroll, Defoe and Welbeck leading the line for the next tournament. I am sure the rest of Europe will be kacking themselves.

Posted 12:18pm 17th June 2014

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