England Have Failed In Every Way...

...so trying to find somebody or something to blame or change is pointless. We've failed with young, old, expectation, no expectation, English, foreign and everything else...

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dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

Also failed at physio celebrations.

Posted 2:48am 23rd June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@orikoru - I think Flannagan is a better right back than Johnson but Roy decided to take Chris Smalling instead as back up.

Posted 7:26pm 22nd June 2014

harbaughscap (Middlesbrough) says...

I'm afraid I can't agree with this. There's always an answer or how do you explain teams like Greece 2004, Denmark 1988 or Brazil 1994 winning tournaments. None of these teams were exceptional. The answer is that you have to get everything right - create almost a perfect storm if you will. Either that or get 80% of things right and get plenty of luck. We will only succeed as a national team if all football authorities in this country commit to that one end goal. Unfortunately that won't happen in my lifetime as the Premier League has little or no interest in the national team. Reading an article the other day about the rise of the Belgian national team one of the edicts they put in place was a strict adherence to a 4-3-3 system by every youth team in the country. I'm not saying 4-3-3 is right or wrong but could you ever imagine that happening in England? It would end up in the high court or something ridiculous. Also the tabloid media in this country are a complete disgrace and cause problems for the team at EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT (yes I did shout that bit). If anyone has a solution to that particular problem I'd love to hear it.

Posted 2:17pm 22nd June 2014

crow says...

What England need is a manager that can adapt to situations and is capable of changing formations. I'm not usually one calling for the managers head but Hodgson is not good enough. I would like to stick with an English manager but saying that Hiddinck would be good. It would also be good if the FA could start showing some balls and stand up to the FA. It would be helpful if fifa said a certain number of nationals should play for their team, this won't be an instant success but will over time. The premier league needs restructuring IMO, there should be 18 teams and one cup competition so that our players are fresher for international tournaments. So much could be done but with the corrupt fifa, weak FA and the money grabbing premier league everyone will sit on their arses and only react when they start losing money.

Posted 11:37am 22nd June 2014

narrator99 says...

There is an answer and it's the same all over the world, but it takes a long time: a nation must take the time to develop its young players. Not just young players who can run around a lot in structured situations - which is the English way with, say, a base 4-4-2 - but young players who just run around and try stuff with the ball and goof around with friends, teammates, etc. England produces a number of adequate players, which is fine, unless you want to actually win a big tournament once in a while. The good news: England has the money and the infrastructure and the passion to do this process relatively quickly. The bad news: the Premier League teams - who have most of the money - don't really want to fund anyone's youth set-up other than their own. Perhaps a solution is to set aside a percentage of the increasingly lucrative TV contracts (say 5-10%) to fund coaching seminars, youth set-ups at Football League clubs/schools/etc., and so on. Take that percentage off the top so the Premiership teams don't even notice. I'm sure that idea has lots of holes, but it seems like a decent place to start and it's not a reactionary thing like English player quotas or firing Hodgson or firing Rooney or dragging Baines/Cole/Welbeck/Sterling/whoever over the coals.

Posted 12:31am 22nd June 2014

Gab1965 says...

HarryBoulton - Totally agree, and even though I'd like to see another manager in, being a Liverpool supporter and having little faith in Hodgson, I don't see him staying on as an 'insult'. We undermine our own chances with these paper selling agendas all the time. Like you, it drives me nuts. I think some of our players could do with a stint abroad, like our destroyers, Balotelli and Suarez have had. And, even as a Liverpool supporter, I'd be delighted to see a big European team come in for Sterling. Barkley as well, would be good to see some of our youngsters in La Liga or Serie A. Spain have a fantastic league and many of their players had played abroad when they were winning everything. We need one or two of ours to do the same. But the money here is so big. Sturridge, Sterling, Barkley, Shaw and others at Barcelona or Madrid, or one of the Milan teams, or another top European side, and I reckon that some of the naivety we show at times might vanish in certain positions. As much as i can't stand Hodgson, there is only so much a manager can do and some of our players learning different systems and styles of play would only benefit our team. Saying that, I think that Deschamps, for example, used the month after the season a lot better than Hodgson did, in preparing his team once he had a long spell with them. Unlike other sides, we have not improved since the qualifiers, teams like France certainly have.

Posted 11:41pm 21st June 2014

xfloydx says...

I don't know what the fuss is about. On another day we would have won both those games 1-0. The line between success and failure is so thin its invisible. Just 1 mistake or 1 missed goal scoring opportunity and its all over. That's football.

Posted 9:46pm 21st June 2014

chrisfen74 (West Ham United) says...

... the quicker England accept that they are a "Belgium", a "Denmark" or a "Russia" and not an "Italy, Brazil or Germany" is when things MAY start to change ... England is just not a footballing country and winning the World Cup once in 1966 will not change that ....

Posted 7:10pm 21st June 2014

ronmanager says...

fatsdad, Is that what you took from my post? wow. You proved the point by listing 4 slightly above average players. keep up the good work. Terry's allsorts indeed. Funny much.

Posted 5:44pm 21st June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@Gab1965, the media have a responsibility which they seldom stick to. Today the Daily Mail *shudder* have a huge article from some dunderhead, claiming the retention of Hodgson is an insult to every England fan. Aside from the fact that I don't feel in the slightest bit insulted at all, this jerking of the knee puts huge amounts of pressure of the players and coaching staff, and incites supporters to the point of revolt. Drives me nuts.

Posted 2:04pm 21st June 2014

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