Valencia seal Negredo signing

Manchester City striker Alvaro Negredo has signed for Spanish side Valencia on an initial one-year loan deal, with a view to make the move permanent next summer.

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kippaxstturd (Manchester City) says...

@synergy, your hypocrisy is both fantastic & ludicrous in equal measure... To clarify, you'd prefer an idiot like Ed Woodwood gambling with United's future, speculating future revenues(revenues dependant upon success by the way) than an owner spending his own money. United are speculating with money they may or may not relieved depending upon future success. You certainly have an interesting perspective. I personally prefer sound financial investment over irrational knee jerk spending of potential future income. Leeds adopted this model, that went well, they were spending their 'own' money also. Not saying you'll do a Leeds, I'm delighted you've spent such vast quantities, not only removes the moral high ground you seem to have taken but also removes all excuses...

Posted 6:27pm 3rd September 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

Synergy - United aren t spending the same as anyone, they are spending the most! Uniteds squad has now cost around 100m more than Chelsea and Citys, United by your own logic should be winning the title this year or Van Gaal is a clown.....or are you just backtacking on everything you said because its now your club trying to build a new team?

Posted 3:47pm 3rd September 2014

peeyugo (Arsenal) says...

And so, the big clubs in England have three strikers each- United have Falcao, Van Pursestrings and Rooney; City have Aguero, Dzeko and Jovetic; Liverpool have Balotelli, Sturridge and Lambert (???); Chelsea have Costa, Drogba and Remy. And Arsenal have.....Giroud, Welbeck, and Sanogo. *Bursts into Tears*

Posted 2:42pm 3rd September 2014

Synergy says...

@petergriffin (Manchester City)> After this investment if Van Gaal doesn't seriously compete for the title by next season, ideally winning it, he would have failed. Simple enough for you?

Chelsea, PSG, City, Russian clubs has shown that titles can be bought, if you spend more than your competitors. Now that United are spending as much as City/Chelsea and I'd expect our overall wage bill to be as high, if not higher, Van Gaal has to deliver titles or consider himself a failure.

@thecat (Manchester City)> United's academy haven't produced any top class players since class of 92, however have consistently provided bench strength to the first team. You pointed out the likes of O'Shea, Wes Brown, Jonny Evans, Tom Cleverly, all of who helped United win titles. We would have won fewer titles without them being willing to sit on the bench and doing whats asked of them as and when required. Has City's academy produced a single player who actually contributed anything since Shieky arrived and replaced all your players?

@kippaxstturd (Manchester City)> I have read plenty of articles of United/football spending. We are spending money we will receive. City are spending their owners money(which he will never recover) and now with FFP, all the money their owners brother/family can pass off as sponsorship.

Posted 1:43pm 3rd September 2014

kippaxstturd (Manchester City) says...

@ synergy, there's plenty of very good articles about regarding Unkted's spending this last 12 months. Just so you know, so you don't look so stupid every time, United are NOT spending their 'own' money. They are gambling with potential future incomes. They are...... Guess what, 'speculating to accumulate'. United haven't even paid these fees in one go, they are in instalments. You United fans seem to think Ed Woodwood has taken the United debit card and bought these players outright. This is where 'FFP' highlights it's self for what it is. Apparently in the interest of a clubs financial stability it's better to borrow, speculate and structure a payment plan over 3 years than it is to simply buy a player. United are not spending their own money. They are speculating...

Posted 10:16am 3rd September 2014

thecat (Manchester City) says...

@synergy - you shouldn't feel obliged to fill the void left by allaboutunited. Your spending your own money is anti-competitive in the same way City or Chelsea spending our money is if you define sport by Corinthian values. It gives you the exact same advantage it has given City, Chelsea and those that came before us. You've spent £150m this window excluding the £18m wages Falcao will pick up (and Nani's 6m!) - still have debt of £350m - and Chris Smalling as a first team regular! For the moment at least anyway given you've evidently ditched your much vaunted and sole existing grounds for the moral high ground - youth development policy, though even you would have to admit this hasn't born true fruit since the Class of 92 - unless your including O'Shea, Wes Brown, Jonny Evans, Tom Cleverly et al as top class?

Posted 10:05am 3rd September 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

and also Synergy in all seriousness drop the "sheiky" thing! Makes me cringe for you everytime I read it.....your really not helping yourself......

Posted 9:35am 3rd September 2014

petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

synergy - your issue was the amounts we were spending and you moralised to us all about how our spending was ruining football, are you now going to make a fool of yourself by going completely back on your morals? Football is a sport synergy so whether the money come from one owner or a billion plastics it makes no difference surely? And most important of all you have said several times how easy it is spending money the way City have in the past means any manager can win the league (you were especially critical of Mancini) does this now mean that if Van Gaal doesn t win the league hes a failure? Surely top 2 is a minimum? I don t believe you have spent less than City either but then neither of us can prove that either way.

Posted 9:07am 3rd September 2014

passthecigjack (Arsenal) says...

@synergy, that's not really saying much though is it. Obviously spend amounts have drastically risen in the last few years which coincided with Man City's rise to prominence. If Utd carry on in the current trend, City won't have outspent them for long.

Posted 8:38am 3rd September 2014

Synergy says...

@petergriffin (Manchester City)>Why spending our own money is ruining football? And ironically after all this spending we have still spend less during the entire PL era than Sheikhy have spent since they went from City to Sheikhy.

Posted 6:59am 3rd September 2014

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