Don't Take The Bait, Gooners...

That's the advice from a Liverpool fan who knows a thing or two about joshing from rival fans. Plus, Andy Townsend as eye candy and answers to Martin's question...

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Of Course People Remember How You Won

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Some have said that it doesn't matter how Chelsea played as long as they won, but is that true? Plus, we've found the one chap who enjoyed Tuesday's game...

Chelsea Got A Result, What's The Problem?

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There is plenty of 'that's 90 minutes I'll never get back' sentiment about Chelsea's 'performance' in Madrid, but at least one person thinks they did what was required...

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Too Easy
Arsenal fans, was it really so easy for Gregory? I too read his mail and was amused at its irony but if that was not a fishing expedition I don't know what is. But alas, today's mailbox brought out 4 little fish and I'm sure many more which didn't make the cut. Calm yourselves...most Liverpool fans quite like Arsenal and hope you will do well. You are not United or Chelsea for a start and are always entertaining to watch and of course we are looking at your success so far this season with jealousy. I'll gladly take the day again when people are telling Liverpool fans that we'll be knocked out of the Champions league as soon as we meet a big team.

Enjoy the season and don't rise to every easy taunt from either a s**t stirrer or an idiot fan of a rival team.
Dave, Olten, Switzerland

..."As for Arsenal, we have beaten Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund within past few years in this very competition. Why then we must believe that we stand no chance against these teams?"

Very true Ahmed. However it is interesting to note that all four of these wins were coupled with even heavier defeats, with three resulting in elimination (after finishing second in your group and being drawn against a European giant), and the other relegating you to second in your group (and therefore ensuring you will face another European giant).

Good luck in the next round, though I'm sure you won't need it.
Jon Gibson LFC

Answers To Martin's Question
Strange as it sounds, I think I would go for the 2 draws. Not because of the psychological issues of not losing but because it means that those other two teams (which I would still consider the favourites for the title) are also dropping points.

If we draw all our matches against those two teams and keeping beating the dross (with the inevitable odd defeat to a mid table side like Manyoo), we will keep our advantage at the top.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC

...I just want to explain something to Martin Todorovski. The premier league title is awarded to the team that accumulates the most points over the season. Three is more than two. I hope that answers your question
Mike Chappell AFC

...Good question, Martin Todoroski.

Assuming Man City and Chelsea win their other games, then taking two draws would leave Arsenal 3 points ahead of Chelsea and 4 points ahead of City.
Likewise, beating City would leave Arsenal 2 ahead of Chelsea and 6 ahead of City.
Or beating Chelsea would mean Arsenal 3 ahead of City and 5 points ahead of Chelsea.

So, now that's settled we'll probably end up losing both and be level with City and 1 point behind Chelsea going into 2014.
For the record, I'd take beating Chelsea at home, as it's been a while.

Throwing it back at both City and Chelsea fans. Would you rather finish top four on a self-sustaining financial model and lose the sugar-daddy complex, or win the league with a fantasy football team spending another combined £100m in January?
Ricardo, (calculator king) Islington

I've never thought I'm capable of hate. Perhaps I'm not. Perhaps what I think is "hate" is merely a "tremendous dislike" as to hate is absolute. But I think I hate Stewie Griffin.

I hate the fact he's too cowardly to use his real name (although he reminds me of a former F365 mailboxing Arsenal doom-monger, Gary Westfallen, who I had a tremendous dislike of). I hate the fact he ignores 10 weeks of Arsenal victories and progress to write in after a single defeat to say I told you so. I hate the fact that we all knew he would write in after Arsenal's defeat to Napoli, despite progression. I hate the fact he did write in to say I told you so. Worst of all, I hate the fact he claims to be an Arsenal fan.

Now see, I'm not actually sure what at Arsenal gives him his greatest displeasure. From reading his mails it appears to be Arsene Wenger. He wants Arsene Wenger to resign for reasons he's never fully explained. He's been spoilt on "The Invincibles" and now thinks that because we haven't gone another season unbeaten that Arsene Wenger is somehow in decline and needs to be taken up to Epping Forest and put out of his misery with that weapon from No Country From Old Men.

Sure, it's been a lean time trophy-wise for us Arsenal fans, and sure, there's frustration at Wenger, much of which is valid and inarguable. However he's overseen the self-financing of a move from Highbury to Ashburton, having to sell at least one star player every summer whilst spending next-to-nothing on their replacements, and witnessing Chelsea and Man City come along and blow them out of the water financially, taking all of their transfer targets. All the while finishing 4th. At least. There will come a time when Arsenal finish 5th and what Wenger's achieved will be looked at with astonishment.

I like to think that, for the most part, us Gunners have remained reasonably patient. Yes we've whined, yes we've booed our own players (not me, by the way), but I like to think we've always seen light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how distant the other end. This summer we've not sold anyone, and we've actually added. For the first time since 2005 we've managed to keep the players we want to keep and buy the players we want to buy. And now we're, so far at least, doing really well. That's not a coincidence.

I do genuinely wonder what Stewie does in the periods of time where Arsenal string some results together. Does he enjoy it? Does he get involved in "office bantz" that Arsenal are top of the league? Does he enjoy the fact Aaron Ramsey, after nearly 3 years, is finally blossoming after his injury?

I suppose we'll find out what he thinks on Monday when Man City take 3 points off of us.
Dale May, Swindon Gooner

We're Not Sure What This Means
Andy Townsend is Alan Shearer after three half lagers.
Blue Geoff

...Say what you want about Andy Townsend but one of my footy supporting female mates thinks he is "really hot". I asked her the other day if she had a choice of Giroud or Andy, she actually hesitated for a few seconds before finally going with Giroud.

So there you have it, Andy Townsend is there to increase the female viewership.
Hans (Cape Town)

Beard Problem
You know what the real problem in the league is? The lack of beards.

Off the top of my head: Elmander, Negredo, Sandro, and (till recently) Howard and that's about it.

We should get someone on that...
Girish, AFC, Chennai

The story by Jimmy, Reading about his friend and Joe Hart reminded me of a story that a friend told me once. He went to the same school as Paul McShane although he was a few years behind him. Apparently, McShane won everything on sports day. Did everything for the football team including corners and throw ins. And is now the world class footballer we all know and love today. Totally destroyed any lingering hopes that I could become a professional footballer.
Brian, Dublin

It Was All A Dream
Whatever happened to quotes of the week? Did that exist?

I used to enjoy that.

If it existed.

Oh, I don't know.
Mario Di Gregorio?

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Of Course People Remember How You Won

Some have said that it doesn't matter how Chelsea played as long as they won, but is that true? Plus, we've found the one chap who enjoyed Tuesday's game...

Chelsea Got A Result, What's The Problem?

There is plenty of 'that's 90 minutes I'll never get back' sentiment about Chelsea's 'performance' in Madrid, but at least one person thinks they did what was required...

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