Why Would De Boer Come To Tottenham?

There must have been a few Christmas parties last night, because there weren't too many decent mails waiting for us. The ones we got were pretty good though...

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Kieran's Not The Only One Keeping Notes

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Another chap in the mailbox has been keeping notes on comments made by optimistic Man United fans. Plus, Garey Vance is offering a double-or-quits on his new tattoo...

Mignolet Is The Reason For Liverpool Flying

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Mignolet's bad kicking is the reason for Liverpool's success, whilst one man keep notes on F365 mails. Plus England excitement, Arteta and a bad Walsall experience...

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Hmmm, Since They're Playing Preston Away Tomorrow, Not Sure About This
On top of my normal job, I do a bit of part time work behind a bar.

Tonight, we have Brentford FC's Xmas party at our pub.

Footballer's Xmas parties...they're meant to be fun, right? Right?
Stu (I hope it's the board and not the team), Chiswick

How Lovely
Dear Football365

Just wanted to say how much I love your site and a big thanks to all you're writers and contributors. Football365 just seem to make life better.

Wishing everyone on the staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards
Glynn Busson

On Dyke And Wilshere
Greg Dyke tells creative footballing artist Jack Wilshere to, effectively, cut out the personality and just accept being given a dogs abuse because he gets paid a lot.

In other news, Chairman of the Football Association Greg Dyke makes ill advised (but spontaneous) cut throat sign as England get drawn a tough group, but laughs off any questioning if it as he thinks it's a good thing that he did it because it shows he's not just a straight suit...

First of all, since when were players paid to receive abuse rather than -say - kick a football well? Does the more you get paid mean you should take that much more? Should we actually be allowed to beat up players when they don't perform? Should your ability to withstand (or not) the terrace abuse affect your pay? Could I get a pay rise because I don't punch my boss in the face or even give them the finger (till they turn around anyway)?

Second, Greg, you are THE head suit. You're exactly the person if anyone who should be playing it straight.

For what it's worth I think it's fine what you did. Personality goes a long way. And in sure you take only a small pay cheque home for your incredibly hard work...

But then, I think people who pay to watch a game have no right to abuse the players - you couldn't in a theatre for example, and as much as clubs would have you believe otherwise, all you are doing is paying to watch; there's no inherent onus on them to care what the fuck you think. I also think they deserve to get any abuse - let alone the finger - they are happy to give, given back and then some.
Guy S (Oh Mr Tan. Are you and Mr Levy having a competition?)

On Spurs And Crying
I can't understand why Spurs fans are crying about the loss against West Ham. We played a different formation with different tactics, when this happens, you're not going to get an overnight fix. With Defoe playing a bit-part role in the league and then against sub-standard teams in the Europa League, he's not going to be at his best, so he is going to snap at chances. We needed Sandro instead of Dembele or Sigurdsson last night too, someone to add a bit of steel. Dembele isn't the player to do this, he's more creative and shouldn't be restricted like he is currently.

It was good to see Adebayor again too. We've continued this season to play as if Adebayor is up front, but Soldado isn't going to hold up the ball and bring other people in, he wants to put the ball in the net and is a natural finisher. Spurs play too high up the pitch for Soldado. If we sat back a bit more and played more counter attack football, that would suit Soldado and he would easily bag 20+ goals.

Having Townsend, Lamela, Chadli, Paulinho, Holtby, Sigurdsson and Eriksen is great, but are they wingers/central midfielders, attacking midfielders, wide attacking forwards? Need some stability and regular appearances, there are too many players to rotate every week, players are going to have to earn the right to play, not play because of a rotation policy.

I said to a mate 2yrs ago that Townsend can be as good as Bale (as he was 2yrs ago, possibly as good as he is today), but he needs to be nailed down to one position. Play him wide left every week (when fit) and his only job should be to go down the line and cross the ball. That's what Bale did and when he mastered it, then he moved inside and tried other tricks. Having Townsend play like this in one game, then is dropped/rested for the next and then brought in for the next match wide-right to cut inside and shoot, isn't giving him consistency. Lennon is the only natural winger at the club and he had a good game last night. He's also a very good counter-attack player.

Anywayz, it's not all doom and gloom, it's just going to take a bit of time and I'm patient enough to handle that.
Korky, THFC

Unappealing Spurs
Recently I've been reading that Spurs are aiming for Guus Hiddink or Frank de Boer, even Diego Simeone's name has been mentioned.

How thick is this press? Why would either one of these well respected managers take of the position where no stability is offered.

First of all, Frank de Boer and Diego Simeone are playing for their respective league titles.
Now Ajax has won the last 3 editions, making it 4 in a row would be a club record.
Atletico Madrid is on par with Barcelona at the moment, an amazing achievement by Diego Simeone.
And the most Guus could achieve is winning a FA Cup with Spurs.

Why would either of these coaches even want to coach a Spurs team destined for Europe League? Atletico is in the last 16 and Ajax just needed a sliver luck and they've would've been there too.
At Spurs the previous manager was hired to rebuild a squad, develop a team and youth.. and was fired because he couldn't deliver instantly.

Guess what? This takes time, and time is a commodity not given to Spurs managers.
It's Tottenham Hotspur, not Real Madrid for crying out loud.

I think all these negotiations with Perez et all have Levy thinking his club is on par with the likes of Madrid.
Stijn Vermeulen

All About The Benjamins
Frank de Boer's last two clubs as a player were Al Rayyan and Al Shamal, which suggests he's a big fan of money.

Levy, you got us into this mess. Get your wallet out and head to Amsterdam.
Rob Davies, THFC

To The UEFA Website!
Dear Mailbox Compiler - I understand that it's in the nature of the mailbox to be full of unjustified assertions, however the ludicrous claim from Dom (I support football) that our Champions League places are down to the recent European pedigree of Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool can not be allowed to stand unchallenged.

From the UEFA website; "The associations' or country coefficient rankings are based on the results of each association's clubs in the five previous UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League seasons. The rankings determine the number of places allocated to an association in forthcoming UEFA club competition.

Each team gets two points for a win and one point for a draw (points are halved for matches in the qualifying and play-off rounds). Clubs that reach the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the UEFA Champions League, or the quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the UEFA Europa League, are awarded an extra point for each round. In addition, four points are awarded for participation in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and four points for qualifying for the round of 16.

The coefficient is calculated by working out an average score: dividing the number of points obtained, by the total number of clubs representing an association in that season's two club competitions. The resulting figure is then tallied with the results of the previous four seasons to calculate the coefficient."

The points contributed by various teams to the country coefficient ranking in the past five seasons (including this one since it will be used to determine next season's ranking) are as follows; Chelsea 118pts, Man Utd 108, Arsenal 101, Spurs 60.5, Man City 56, Liverpool 47.5, Fulham 36.5. So Arsenal have contributed over twice the points that Liverpool have. Moreover, in each of the previous five seasons Arsenal have achieved a higher points total than the English clubs' average; thus by definition Arsenal are more than pulling their weight in Europe. In contrast, Liverpool have failed to achieve the average score twice in the three years that they have managed to qualify, thereby dragging down the other English clubs' efforts.

This is reflected in the club coefficient rankings (although they are calculated slightly differently) and is the reason why Arsenal are ranked 6th in Europe, behind Chelsea (4th) and Man Utd (5th), whilst Liverpool languish in 30th place, below Man City (18th), Spurs (19th), Zenit, Marseille, Rubin Kazan, Basel, CSKA Moscow and Olympiakos.

Dom doesn't state his footballing allegiance, but I'm willing to bet that he's a Scouser.
North Bank Ian, AFC.

A Frequent Debate, But What The Hey
A quiet Friday afternoon question: If people had a choice would you prefer to be a retired Le Tissier or a retired Van Persie?

Players go on about showing their grandchildren medals but shouldn't having people's respect be valued higher? My memory of my Grandad is of the respect (awe almost) he had in going to a pub even 50 years after the war he earned it, only on his death was I aware of the medals he won. Is it naive to think that kids would respect an ex-player more for how he is treated by others rather than the metal brooches he keeps in a cupboard?

Jack Charlton famously never has to buy a pint in Ireland but never won a trophy as Ireland manager. What's more impressive, seeing the reaction Cantona, Ronaldo, Henry, Pires get when returning to their 'home' team or the medals in their cupboard?

I don't understand why moving to a different team 'to win trophies' is naturally accepted. This isn't a bitter mail against Van Persie in particular, unlike most of my fellow gooners I still quite like the guy but in 5 years time he'll be left with a medal but not many fans (I can't imagine Man U supporters will hold him up to much) so he's a good example.

Respect or medals?
Spence Gooner

Christmas XI
It's Friday, it's my last day at work for two weeks and my son's heart operation was very successful so life's good. So to spread a little of my Christmas cheer, here's a footballing festive XI in a 3-4-3.

GK. Joseph-Antoine Bell
DF. John O' Candy Kane
DF. Gordon McQueen's speech
DF. Matthias Rudolph
RW. A Christmas Karel Poborsky (by Alan Charles Dickens)
CM. Paul Ince pies
CM. Evander Sno
LW. Baby Jesus Navas
FW. Kubilay Turkeyilmaz
FW. A Fairytale of Dwight Yorke
FW. Roque Santa Cruz
Bradley Kirrage

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may well get slated by other United fans for this, but out of the three contenders, I'd far prefer Liverpool to win the title. Yes some elements of their fanbase can be a bit OTT, yes they're our biggest rivals and yes it will make our poor season feel even more like the end of an era (Fergie's gone, Liverpool are back on top). However I just have to applaud Brendan Rodgers and the way he's turned Liverpool around in just a couple of seasons. It...

Please Stop Telling Us What To Think


ooray! We are all excited now, we beat a very mediocre team! With all due respect to WHU supporters, not winning that game shouldn't even be a consideration. This is the problem, there is no winning mentality at the Emirates - we're all congratulating ourselves beating a team that we have a winning record against.

Wenger hails important win


s this meant to be an aspiration for United supporters? Moyes mediocrity strikes again. I see the Bayern boys don't want to sign for him, and his reputation amongst the senior European coaches make other key signings unlikely.

De Gea's Europa League target

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Kieran's Not The Only One Keeping Notes

Another chap in the mailbox has been keeping notes on comments made by optimistic Man United fans. Plus, Garey Vance is offering a double-or-quits on his new tattoo...

Mignolet Is The Reason For Liverpool Flying

Mignolet's bad kicking is the reason for Liverpool's success, whilst one man keep notes on F365 mails. Plus England excitement, Arteta and a bad Walsall experience...

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