Well...At Least The United Fans Were Loud...

It's a United-heavy Mailbox, as you might expect. Indeed, it could have been much more so. Thus, if you don't want to read about United, we suggest you avoid this one...

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That's Why We Didn't Want Jose At United

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There is plenty of reaction to Mourinho's antics (Isn't that exactly what he wanted?) plus thoughts on Connor Wickham, Fabio Borini, beach balls and Tim Sherwood...

Kieran's Not The Only One Keeping Notes

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Another chap in the mailbox has been keeping notes on comments made by optimistic Man United fans. Plus, Garey Vance is offering a double-or-quits on his new tattoo...

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Best Pals
Just had a look at a popular sport website to see these news stories next to each other

'Carroll close to West Ham Comeback' and 'Messi in line for Barcelona return.'

Do you think they've text each other good luck?
Ric Duncombe, Kampala, Uganda

Spooky! How Did You Know?
Prediction for today's Mailbox

Moyes out!
Fergie's Fault!
Glazers to blame!
Referee's Fault!
Lol at Utd!
Paul M (Just a hunch) LFC

United 'Insignificant Now'
I really don't know if Mr (or Mrs) Mailbox compiler will see what I am trying to say here, or consider it to be simply stoking the flames, but here goes anyway.

I am a City fan, and have been for ... well, my whole life really. I'm in my early 40s now, and have lived through the horrors of the 80s and 90s, and what is happening now; the record-breaking goalscoring days. Throughout it all I was baited and abused by United fans, even when we were of no consequence to them. They installed a banner taking the piss out of us as to how long it had been since we had last won anything, and the club officially allowed it to remain. They (well, Tommy Doc started it, but everyone else picked up on it) called us a laughing stock - you remember the joke about the Oxo-Cubes?

Virtually thirty years I put up with this from my classmates, my college mates, my work colleagues, my bosses, and from complete strangers. United fans reveled in my (our) misery, but we held our heads high and we kept on going. Even when ADUG bought us the insults and jokes kept-on-a-coming that they would "do one soon" and leave us "in the shit".

Then we come to today.

I am not suggesting that what is currently happening at Manchester United will result in utter and total disaster (it won't), but they who gave me so much vile abuse for so long don't seem to matter anymore; it's almost as though they are insignificant now. Sure, I certainly do find it highly amusing, but it all seems like a bit of a letdown as I wanted to celebrate this day; perhaps it's my age. But maybe I remember what I, and I fellow Blues, went through for so long, and I simply can't bring myself to repeat what was done to us.

No one stays at the top forever, so you remember that the next time you offer vitriol to your 'enemies'.
Mike (still bloody laughing though) D

Other than the expense of paying off a six year contract (in which there simply must be stipulations about top 4 finishes), can anybody offer a convincing reason why Moyes shouldn't be fired?
Chris MUFC

Careful What You Wish For...
It's just gone half time against Sunderland. Can I be the only United fan half thinking that a loss would be for the best, just so we can avoid playing city again?


How To Enjoy The Season As A United Fan
I'm a Man Utd fan, but I've decided there's only one way to get any joy out of this season.
For every remaining game I'm going to bet €10 against them.

I'll report back. Like Degsy, but with less 80's rock anecdotes.
Niallio, Dublin

An E-Mail Entitled 'Tom F*cking Cleverley'
I debated sending this email after the first 20 minutes of the match but then decided to give the man a bit more time before coming to the following conclusion: Tom Cleverley should never again be allowed anywhere near the United first team.
Brad, United

At Least The Fans Were Good
I'm not going to go into the performance, the selection, another loss or Moyes as I'm sure all of that will be thoroughly covered in the upcoming days, and rightly so.

I want to focus on the one positive and that is the support of the away fans. They were in full voice till the very end and were immense. The effect this had on the team was also evident. We were ACTUALLY going for that goal in the dying stages. There was a belief which had been so glaringly missing recently.

Home fans take note. Pushing the team for that point could be vital come the end of the season. Booing will not.
Gulvinder (Not quite walking in a Moysie wonderland)

United Woe...
We played 4-5-1 yet Kagawa didn't start. He hasn't impressed this season, I know, but neither has Cleverley, so this was surely a good chance to play a relatively attacking 3 with Carrick, Giggs and Kagawa.

Cleverley, I have never been a fan, but at least he used to run. Now, as one of our most regular starters (!!), he seems to give the impression that he doesn't need to try as much, like he has made it. This game, I just couldn't be more furious with him. My head is going to explode again. No forward passes, often not bothering to track back, brushed aside, and that tackle. He is obviously not the only problem, but he is the problem in microcosm.

Phil Neville, another microcosm of the problems we have. It just can't help to have an average to good (at best) ex-player and defender as the right hand man. He cannot be that respected, he cannot have progressive ideas, or if he does, he does not have the influence to push them on moyes.

I said in the summer that we should have at least sounded out Klopp, a progressive attack-minded manager who has worked on a relative budget. I didn't want Mourinho and stand by that, I genuinely think he is the most arrogant pig in the world, but it was outrageous there was no shortlist or interview process for this job. But after the decision and even after the recent many losses, I still thought the PLAYERS could turn it around in spite of moyes, so I haven't been shouting "moyes out". Especially as I can only think of klopp as someone as I would truly be excited about. But, despite not knowing who should come in, now I am saying moyes out. And now, we must be sounding someone out? Klopp, or someone else with gravitas, with experience of winning. Surely we are!?

Put simply, can Moyes be trusted to spend money? Can he attract who we need? Can he instil an attacking playing style? Does he have the right staff? And most importantly, can he inspire the players? I just don't think so on any accounts.

...Back when David Moyes was announced as the Manchester United manager incumbent there was a lot of derision, pessimism, and general dubiousness about the appointment. Calls from the old manager to 'get behind the new manager' were met with a certain amount of justifiable scepticism. Moyes is six months now into the job, and what's less depressing about the results or the performances is that it is most likely that Manchester United are stuck with this man for at least another six months.

A lot can happen in six months. The January transfer window is currently open, and there seems to be an acceptance within Old Trafford that significant investment is required to at least give David Moyes a chance at some modicum of success this year. Never before has the January transfer window proved such a pivotal moment in a Manchester United season.

There was a moment during the Sunderland match that somewhat summed up David Moyes' tenure, and probably his general approach to management. With 20 minutes to go, trailing the game, he replaced the ineffective Tom Cleverley with Darren Fletcher. It's great to see Fletcher back playing regularly for Manchester United, however with the game poised as it was, is not a creative force to drive the team forward. It seems that Moyes is still somewhat in awe of the team of champions that he inherited, that he has no idea whether any of them are any good, and what positions they are meant to occupy on the pitch.

While he is currently receiving some deserved praise for having a bit of faith in young Adnan Januzaj, it is beginning to veer on dependence. The performances of Antonio Valencia this season have been so hit or miss, more likely a miss, that it does seem to lend some validity to rumours that Wilfried Zaha's omission could very well be more personal in nature. Despite a rather poor appearance against Newcastle, Zaha looked lively in the Capital One cup against Norwich, and surely can't be any worse than the current crop.

The reported £200m transfer budget is probably a bit wide of the mark. More than likely it is another stick to beat Moyes with when very little is spent, and very few players come in. If the money is available, then chances must be taken. Manchester City proved with the captures of players like Yaya Toure, Carlos Tevez, and David Silva it is possible to build on a solid core of players. Modern football is based on money. David Moyes must not be afraid to try and spend some in order to turn Manchester United's season and future around.
Chris, Hampshire

This Will Certainly Work
The United players are obviously in need of a team building exercise so what i suggest is this -

First they get dropped at the bottom of a hill/mountain. They then have to hike up to a per-determined campsite. The boys will have loads of fun and create some great memories trying to put up tents and start a fire. After they've done that they can do the first day's activity, paintballing in the forest. It'll give them a sense of unity, and hopefully make them realise that the flanks aren't the only option of attack. At the end of the day they can sit around the fire and listen to Giggs tell tales of the glory days, whilst they all eat roast marshmallows. On the second day they can do one of those high rope/leap of faith things, except instead of jumping off a pole and trying to touch a flag or something, they have to try and high-five David Moyes. The warm feeling from successfully completing a high-five, coupled with the adrenaline rush from jumping off something high will help the players build a relationship with the new manager. Once they've done that they all have to stand in a line, then one by one, Moyes will go behind them and they have to fall backwards into his arms. This will help them build a sense of trust with David, and they'll realise that he is always there for them. After all of this fun, they'll get to create even more fun memories as they try and take down the tents, remembering to clear up any litter they may have lying around, and hike back down to the coach to go home. All in all it'll be good fun and they'll all get along better as a result.
Wilco Watford (David sure shot down Goliath)

In response to the variety of mails about Shinji Kagawa, Ferguson recently said the following about Juan Veron; "In moments he could be sublime. Talent-wise there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He had two fine feet, he could run, his control was magnificent, his vision was brilliant - he just couldn't fit into the team."

I couldn't say it better about Shinji myself.
Joe (I dread to think how little David Moyes sleeps at the moment) MUFC

Having read all of the mails over the past few months from people giving their opinion on the hilarious situation at Old Trafford, I have noticed that one point has yet to be brought up.

The stick most commonly being used to beat David Moyes with is the fact that this team, under Ferguson, won the league last year and that this is both a reflection on Ferguson's genius and Moyes' short comings. However, surely this should illustrate a complete lack of professionalism from the players in that squad. If these players could play at a level which resulted in them walking the league last year, then why are they not playing at the same level this season which should result in them at least being in and around the top 4 when taking into account the fact that other teams have improved.

It simply smacks of pure complacemency on these players part that they won't raise their game for Moyes in a way they did for Ferguson. For the kind of money these guys are on, they should be giving 100% effort every game, regardless of if Ferguson is in charge or Steve Staunton. I think the players have gotten an extremely easy ride through all of this and need to stand up and take the blame here.
John Whelan, Dublin

The Mackem Perspective
I come home from watching my beloved team beat Man United and see David Moyes bleating on about the officials. "The penalty wasn't a penalty" "The free kick for the first wasn't a free kick" "We're playing against the officials"

*Takes breath*

Firstly the unbelievable irony of a Man United Manager complaining about the officials being on the other side is just too much

Secondly, he's wrong. Evans jumped with Fletcher unfairly, kneeing him in the back painfully as they went for the ball. Foul. Moyes should be more worried about his side's poor defending from the set piece. (Who was marking Big Bad Wesley Brown?) Yet again he is wrong about the penalty. Cleverley awkwardly clips Johnson as he is running full pelt. Foul. It's not the most vicious or physical foul i've ever seen, but it's a foul.

There were several incidents that went for Man United. Such as the numerous handballs by their players, Rafael should have been sent off, Vidic fouling our defender for the goal etc etc.

By criticising the officials and genuinely believing that United played well and are a good side, Moyes isn't doing himself any favours. He is losing credibility every game and is now looking like a pathetic childish figure that is having a strop when things aren't going his own way. How about come on and admit your side weren't at their best? Or is that too difficult for you Dave?. This latest outburst is further damaging his persona and it's looking like he is massively out of his depth all the time.

Even the most biased of United fans must realise the distinct average nature of this current Man United team. But bury your head in the sand and keep blaming the ref...

Moving on to Sunderland btw, I wish we could call every PL match a cup match. We play with so much energy and drive compared to normal. It's very nice to watch.

Dare we dream of Wembley yet?
TheGuru (Sunderland)
PS- Hope this finds it's way onto the site, I don't write many

Moyes: The New...
No, Gavin MCFC. Moyes is not the new Mark Hughes. He is the new Wilf McGuinness.
Philip Lewis, Happy Gooner

Praise For Sky
I'm sat watching The Footballers Football Show and I just want to congratulate Sky for broadcasting an intelligent, considered discussion about football. It's such a pleasant change from the mundane cliche ridden 'analysis' of Shearer and co. More of the same please!

Also, doesn't John Collins have a lovely voice?
Craig, Plymouth AVFC

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may well get slated by other United fans for this, but out of the three contenders, I'd far prefer Liverpool to win the title. Yes some elements of their fanbase can be a bit OTT, yes they're our biggest rivals and yes it will make our poor season feel even more like the end of an era (Fergie's gone, Liverpool are back on top). However I just have to applaud Brendan Rodgers and the way he's turned Liverpool around in just a couple of seasons. It...

Please Stop Telling Us What To Think


ooray! We are all excited now, we beat a very mediocre team! With all due respect to WHU supporters, not winning that game shouldn't even be a consideration. This is the problem, there is no winning mentality at the Emirates - we're all congratulating ourselves beating a team that we have a winning record against.

Wenger hails important win


s this meant to be an aspiration for United supporters? Moyes mediocrity strikes again. I see the Bayern boys don't want to sign for him, and his reputation amongst the senior European coaches make other key signings unlikely.

De Gea's Europa League target

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That's Why We Didn't Want Jose At United

There is plenty of reaction to Mourinho's antics (Isn't that exactly what he wanted?) plus thoughts on Connor Wickham, Fabio Borini, beach balls and Tim Sherwood...

Kieran's Not The Only One Keeping Notes

Another chap in the mailbox has been keeping notes on comments made by optimistic Man United fans. Plus, Garey Vance is offering a double-or-quits on his new tattoo...

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