Time For Big Sam To Take The Milan Job?

There's a vacancy at AC Milan, things aren't going well at West Ham...it makes sense, right? Plus, Man United fans should cheer up and love for Cristiano Ronaldo...

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Of Course People Remember How You Won

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Some have said that it doesn't matter how Chelsea played as long as they won, but is that true? Plus, we've found the one chap who enjoyed Tuesday's game...

Chelsea Got A Result, What's The Problem?

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There is plenty of 'that's 90 minutes I'll never get back' sentiment about Chelsea's 'performance' in Madrid, but at least one person thinks they did what was required...

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Ronaldo Love
Just wanted to say in response to Johnny's article on Ronaldo that as a United fan I've always thought that but I always have to window dress it with overblown praise of Messi to avoid people thinking I'm just biased.

But I love Ronnie, I love him more than you should ever love someone you basically don't know so thank you Johnny for encapsulating the glory that is Ronaldo in a way that my club loyalties and people's reaction to them have always prevented me from doing.
Adrian Fletcher, Warrington

...Having read John Nicholsons article on Ronaldo and his chances of winning the Balloon Door, it made me wonder would we ever see a player as good as him on these shores again. We are incredibly lucky to live at a time where two players with the ability of Messi and Ronaldo are at their pomp, breaking all records before them, and we probably won't appreciate how good they truly are until they are retired.

I support a Championship team and remember feeling a sense of sadness when Ronaldo left United, he was often derided and mocked by fans of other clubs, perhaps jealous that he couldn't play for them, instead of being appreciated for the machine that he was/is. He is the player that every child dreams of being when they grow up, the focal point of his team, strong, fast, mesmerising skill and technique, scores unbelievable goals...and is oh so devilishly handsome.

This season is the most exciting and competitive in a long time, but I can't help but feel that there is no true star here anymore, a blockbuster player who people would tune in purely to watch play. We came close to it with Bale last season, who was awesome, but now he's gone and RVP is injured we are left to fawn over Suarez, who may be good at scoring against the dross of the league but switches off in the games against big teams, and realistically couldn't lace the boots of a true great like Ronaldo. Yes, he played for United and is a pompous egomaniac, but I'm sure in the future we'll be talking about him in the same breath as Pele and Maradona. Hope he wins tonight.
Conor, London

Big Question
Where did all the world class centre halves go?
Chris (Jumping at the bot) M, North of The North

Anyone Who Disagrees With This Man Is Wrong
The last loser in today's Winners & Losers column was Mike Jones, "Not for disallowing Tiote's goal (the very fact that the decision can be debated so much proves his actions weren't preposterous)".

I would argue that the fact that the decision can be debated so much only proves that there are an awful lot of idiots watching and talking about football. It WAS a preposterous decision and one that was reached in a preposterous way. There were 3 or 4 Newcastle players in an offside position when Tiote struck his shot. None of them touched the ball. None of them prevented a Man City player from touching the ball. None of them prevented Joe Hart (or any defender in a position to block the shot) from seeing the ball at any point between Tiote striking it and it crossing the line. It was a perfectly good goal that definitely should have stood, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.
Jimbles, WFC

Another Call For Video Replays
There's been much debate over the use of a video referee to aide in decision making. I understand that fundamentalists don't want the game to be slowed down like in rugby, and that the occasional controversy adds excitement to the game. However I believe there are occasions where the video official should be employed.

With TioteGate (apologies), where the ball's in the back of the net and the whistle hasn't gone, the teams are celebrating/complaining, the game is stopped! Why not ask the 4th official to take a quick look at the replay? Everyone who saw it in slow motion agrees that the goal should have clearly stood. In fairness, it was probably impossible for the ref and linesman to decipher in the split second between Tiote unleashing a ThunderB*stard and it rippling the back of the net.

Like the introduction of goal line technology, reviewing goals retrospectively doesn't have an effect on the flow of a game, it just ensures that crucial decisions are made correctly. A goal is the highest value of scoring in all major sports... 1 goal, 1 game, 1 point... league finish, money etc. etc.
Nik T (Pardew needs to learn the difference between was and were, done and did, C*nt & Superior Tactician)

Big Sam For AC Milan
Surely now that Allegri has gone the time has come for Sam Allardici to step up to one of the most prestigious jobs in football.

He'll win them the title you know. I'd be glad to see the back of him.

Blame Mignolet, Not Skrtel
Re Paul from Baltimore (tell Daz and Shap I said hello) I could not disagree with you more on your views of Skrtel.

Firstly it was Mignolet, again looking shaky while in possession, which started that play. Henderson must also share the blame by presenting the ball to Adam with a terrible back pass. Now Skrtel should have stepped up a bit faster, but to place sole responsibility upon the Slovak is unfair.

I cannot watch a Liverpool match without hearing the phrase "Skrtel is trying to swap shirts with: enter name of big burley center back. If you turn on any game and watch a set piece there is shirt pulling, punching, and at least once a game someone gets tugged to the ground. Why commentators are focusing soley on Skrtel is beyond me. Witch hunt I say!

Given the fact that Skrtel is the only CB Liverpool have who is right footed and under the age of 65 is reason enough to keep him. Not to mention he is the only CB so far to show that he can go three games in a row without requiring a stint on the sidelines. Being that Skrtel has played all but the first two PL games and Liverpool are in fourth says he is doing something right.

If Liverpool want to tighten up their defence they first need to start a consistent back four. I don't think Liverpool have played the same back line for three consecutive games this season. Liverpool need to get some players healthy and stay healthy if they are serious contenders not get rid of one of their most consistent players.

Who we should be putting under the microscope is Mignolet. What was he thinking on that third? That's now three games on the trot with a howler.
Brian, LFC

United Doing Well
I've had it with Man U fans moaning, you are not having as terrible a season as a lot of e-mails have made out. Five wins in the last 6 league matches is decent form in anyone's book, and you still have every chance of progressing to the final in the league cup with the home leg to come. True, Moyes has made some mistakes and possibly been a bit too tentative in his team selections at home but the man has to be allowed to learn from his mistakes. It is not a given that Fergie would have been able to get results where Moyes didn't, given the strengthening of many teams over the summer. Man U are five points, and have only one league defeat more than a much-vaunted Liverpool side, and still have a good chance of making the top 4. Also, Januzaj looks hell of a player.

So cheer up a bit eh?

Or Not
Hi Tom, Manchester. I watched the Swansea game too, and it wasn't a very good 2nd half. It was ok. And that's the reason that Utd are 7th and almost out of both cups. You're not very good. Look at Sheff Wed vs Leeds in the Second Half. That's very good. Dominating an opponent in every area. Compare yourself and City in the League Cup. You lost to the bottom team - they SMASHED the 2nd bottom team. If your United performed "very well", I'd be amazed, because I haven't seen it for years, and I've got Sky Sports.
Nick (20 man squad of Burnley - 2nd in the league!) Poninski

And While We're On The Subject
You probably inundated with mails about off side goals and bad tackles and poor nasri and potty mouthed managers and soft penos and man united and so on and so forth but can i just mention SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY 6 LEEDS 0. As a Wednesday fan I really thought saturdays result was just a dream.
Luke (yes thats right SIX goals to NIL goals)

Transfer Pals
With the transfer window (very very far from) in full swing, I've been thinking which clubs my club seems to love dealing with. The one that stood out particularly was Chelsea. They took an under-performing Torres for £50m, Benayoun and Meireles then proceeded to barely play them while sending Glen Johnson and Sturridge the other way. If they could continue this form and send Mata over I'd be particularly happy.

Does anyone else have a club they love dealing with? Does a certain team seem to love sending you good players or cash for your sh*tty players? I'm sure Newcastle fans love liverpool's cash-for-carroll deal.

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Of Course People Remember How You Won

Some have said that it doesn't matter how Chelsea played as long as they won, but is that true? Plus, we've found the one chap who enjoyed Tuesday's game...

Chelsea Got A Result, What's The Problem?

There is plenty of 'that's 90 minutes I'll never get back' sentiment about Chelsea's 'performance' in Madrid, but at least one person thinks they did what was required...

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