'No Enthusiasm, Heart, Confidence, Shape Or Courage'

Despite the obvious anger from United fans, we actually have some composed thoughts, plus praise for Joe Allen and some mean things said about Ramires...

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So Long And Good Luck To Nani

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A Mailbox that offers best wishes to a departing hero, defends Olivier Giroud, tells us to steady on over Calum Chambers and makes some amusing predictions...

Mailbox: Feeling Sorry For Poor TC23

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If there's one loser in all the machinations at Man United, it's poor TC23. We have mercifully few mails on United, but lots on Arsenal and in particular Olivier Giroud...

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Firstly The Jokes...
Moyes In.

This is hilarious.

For the love of god, long may he keep his job.
Stu Afc (are brackets still a thing) France

...Dear Dave,

Do the right thing; just walk away.

Kind regards,
Ed Tootell

...Did anyone see how immaculate the Old Trafford pitch was? It looked like United hadn't played football on it all season... oh wait...
Joe Donohue

...I think there's going to be a lot of David Moyes hate mail in the box today, but I just want to put it out there that I love David Moyes. He is the chosen one, and I hope he stays forever.
Neill Manley LFC

...And Then Longer (And Thoughtful) On United
I've just completed the long journey home from Old Trafford this evening and I'm still overcome with a huge sense of disappointment and misery.

I'll quickly start by praising Liverpool, they were brilliant and fully deserved the win. Rodgers has Liverpool playing the most exciting football in the league and they could very well win the league this season.

Now to United and I'm not sure where I should begin here because there is so much to cover. We were awful today, it epitomized how we have played all season, clueless in attack. I'll begin with Moyes who is now looking ever increasingly out of his depth as our manager. Why he delayed making substitutions until the 75th minute is baffling because Liverpool completely dominated us and the game was crying out for a fresh approach. Speaking of approach, in what kind of way do United intend on attacking their opponents under Moyes? This season United have been woeful in the final 3rd and seem utterly clueless when attempting to both string creative passes together and finding space to score, which is something you wouldn't expect especially with a front three of Rooney, Van Persie and Mata. I personally think he should go, but he won't and he will be given more time to implement his 'ideas' on the team. We're now in mid March and Moyes still does not know what his best team is, shocking.

Now to the players. David Moyes has taken an awful lot of flak for the poor performances this season, but today the midfield and attack was very poor and the defence was error prone. Liverpool could of had 5 penalties today very easily and it highlights how bad the defence has become. In addition, something must be done about the form of Van Persie, it is obvious that Mata, Rooney and RVP as a trio do not work in the current system and it has to be changed. I would argue that of the three RVP should be dropped in order to try a fresh approach that could yield an improvement in attack.

As United are ultimately out of the running for 4th Moyes must be bold and attempt to do something he should of done from his first day in charge of the team, which is stamp his authority on it. For too long he has looked as though he pussy foots around the big stars and it's clear that there's an understanding but no respect. He must be strong and now drop players who are not playing well and attempt to implement a style of football that fits the squad of players he has/wants to have for next year otherwise he is well and truly doomed. We have nothing to lose now and I'd like to see us show some fight, something we have lacked all season.

Can I also just add that the United support was incredible, supporting our team til the end even though we had nothing to cheer about all afternoon (take note Arsenal fans).
Leon, Basel

...On the evidence of that so-called "match" today, United would struggle in the Championship. That was the worst I have seen from them since I was at Old Trafford in 1978 to see Nottingham Forest destroy them 0-4. If Roy Keane was dead, he'd be turning in his grave.

No enthusiasm, no heart, no confidence, no shape, no penetration, no courage, no anything. With the sole exception of Rooney, who fought a one man battle and perhaps Januzaj, this team needs to be consigned to the dustbin and rebuilt from scratch. Far too many players are sub-standard and most of the ones who do have the skills don't care.

It is as clear as crystal that they aren't playing for Moyes, who also has to go. This week, we will be knocked out of the Champions League and the season will be over in March. Giving Moyes time just seems to be allowing things to get worse and worse. I can accept defeat but I cannot except a gutless, no hope abject surrender.
Nige Wingate, Minneapolis, USA

...Another United fixture, another new low. Just when I thought we couldn't possibly be any worse than any one of this season's glorious and spectacular failures Moyes has somehow outdone even himself, our lowest ebb now subterranean.

In a strange, excruciating and perverse way it's almost worth commending the man. He's taken failure to an almost unheard of trough - or peak, depending on how amorous we want to get with the idea of celebrating his 'achievements' - during his time in charge of the Champions.

My proposal is he put his hand up and resign his post; say 'I've tried my best, I've given it a crack, but for the betterment of the Club and my career its best to go our separate ways.'

It would allow him to leave with some dignity and win him a bit of respect in the papers and on the terraces.

No one can and will begrudge him taking the job, and no one should cast his time at Everton in anything other than a favourable light. But this gig? it's gone about as badly as it could have, which is worse than anyone could have reasonably feared.

Anyone who has watched United this season cans see it's not working out. It's not that he's necessarily a bad manager, he's just not right for this job. It happens in workplaces the world over with routine. You hire someone hoping they'll fit the bill and do well in the role, but sometimes it simply doesn't work and time reveals incompatibilities between employer and employee.

United under play without verve, without cutting edge and, crucially, with confidence nowhere in sight. He is either unable or incapable of rousing the sorts of performances required not just once or twice a season, but each and every time his team takes the field. There's no swagger, no strut and very little to suggest the sort of player we need to revitalise the Club would join with Moyes at the helm.

Every time you see him on the touchline, that distant sort of stare in his eyes, inadequacy and doubt spinning at a million miles an hour inside his head, you think he can't be enjoying this. We certainly aren't.

The right thing to do is to step aside and make it easier for everyone. He'd get a pat on the back and our best wishes, and with it we'd send him on his way.
Sean Peter-Budge

Oh Fergie
...The last sentence of 16 conclusions is right on the money. That is what it now comes down to.

Praising Joe Allen
I am sure your inbox will be littered with mails talking about David Moyes, Manchester United's shambolic display, Steven Gerrard's tale of penalties, etc etc.

Before we all talk about that, I would like to raise an issue about Joe Allen's performance. I thought he was playing really great against Manchester United and also against Southampton (the away games which Liverpool all won 3-0).

Joe Allen's inclusion in the starting eleven was probably shocking for many. Why would Brendan Rodgers' sacrifice his creative talent like Philippe Coutinho for someone who faced much criticism in his early Liverpool career? Well, Joe Allen answered all the doubts in the field. He pressed relentlessly, breaking up all the attacks, made astute passes, and eventually won the second and decisive penalty. Overall, he looked really comfortable and confident in his midfield area. He was sort of 'unsung' hero during the match.

Liverpool supporters certainly hope that Joe Allen will continue this good performance for the remaining games, hoping that Liverpool can challenge the title until the very end. With the high confidence and right guidance from the manager Brendan Rodgers, Joe Allen can possibly replicate Henderson-like resurgence to show why he is a Liverpool's midfield material.
Vincentius, Newcastle upon Tyne

Ref's Fault
Yes, United were very poor. Yes, United very much deserved to lose. However, I feel I should mention the following things:

1) Liverpool have now had 9 penalties, more than twice as many as anyone else in the league this season. If only the referees had always been so generous, they might have won more titles!

2) Oh wait, what's that? Liverpool have had 126 Premier League penalties, more than any other club? Oh... but I thought there was a refereeing conspiracy in Fergie's favour?

3) He may be English, so Gary Neville will try everything he can to protect him from a bad reputation, but the Sturridge dive for the third penalty is one of the most cowardly things I've seen on a football pitch. In a game where you've already had the benefit of two penalties, rather than taking a shot, you throw yourself to the floor, knowing full well there was no contact so that you can get a man sent off. What integrity!

Aside from all that, well done Liverpool. I can only hope you have put Moyes one step closer to the door. You still won't win the league though, so please continue to get your hopes up for our sake.
Tom, Manchester

Cheating To Victory
Can F365 and the rest of you clueless clowns please now put to rest your absurd conspiracy theories, akin in absurdity to lizards ruling humans, that Man United are unfairly favoured by refs??

3 penalties against you at home? How many games have we seen where a clear second penalty is not given "because the first one was"?

But 3 penalties? Mark "Anfield" Clattenburg, clearly honour-bound to cheat in Liverpool's favour.

Vidic sent off for a clear dive from Daniel Sturridge, who then dives again two minutes later!

If you think that Carrick, the barley-moving-object, can sweep Sturridge off two sturdy legs with his weak foot...hahaha then you have clearly never played the game, other than in the spirit of an absolute cheat.
Manc in SA

Juan's Decision
Other than United appointing David Moyes, has there been a worse decision in football than Juan Mata's choice to join them?

Why on earth is he paying his agent if thats the only/best option he had?
Ricci (Moyes: Career/Club Killer)

Ramires Filth
Ramires is definitely that sort of player. Cowardly tosser.
Stu, Southampton

...Ramires. What an a**e. I hope he gets a longer ban than the standard 3 matches.
Ramires is a p***k
Ramires is a diving cheat
Ramires flatters to deceive. He does some great things but, he also does a lot of rubbish. There is no middle ground
Ramires is a tool
Ramires is a coward
Ramires is known at the Blue Kenyan because of his endurance ability. I think he should be re-named the Blue Thug
Neil (and....I'm a Chelsea fan) Surrey

Video Refs?
Watching the Villa-Chelsea game on MOTD Chris Foy twice changed his decisions and I don't feel either of the calls were coming from a lino or the 4th official.

For the Matic disallowed goal Foy actually signaled and blew for the goal, the lino was wrong side and made no signal with his flag, yet Foy changed his decision and gave hand ball.

For the Ramires red card the lino's line of sight looked to be completely blocked by a Villa player, yet he still flagged for a Villa throw. Foy, who was looking at the incident from the side, blew and signaled for the Villa throw in. Then a couple of Villa players ran at Foy and one of them stamped his feet in front of him. Then a few seconds later Foy was raising the red card and awarding Villa a free kick. The 4th official may have had a good view of the incident, but I'd suggest he had his hands full at that time dealing with both sets of benches flooding on to the pitch.

So have the PL introduced an assistant who's watching the video screens and is telling the ref what decisions to make? Have they announced it and I missed it, or have they just secretly introduced it without telling the clubs about it? Because those decisions were not coming from the ref or linos.
John Senior

Spurs Fans Still Gloomy
Tactics Tim is out of his depth. His allegiance to Bentaleb was the reason for today's loss. Paulinho starts on the bench. Then, more baffling was removing Eriksen, the one player who could pass with any quality, when Soldado came on, thus negating any ability to break Arsenal down when they were parking the bus. And don't get me started on Chadli.

And Shame on Levy for thinking that Sherwood was the right choice. Here's to another rebuilding year.
Eric Breitman, NYC

Save The Biggest Until Last
Boro drew 0-0 at the weekend. Again. I imagine the mailbox will be full of folk talking about that today.
Al McBoro

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So Long And Good Luck To Nani

A Mailbox that offers best wishes to a departing hero, defends Olivier Giroud, tells us to steady on over Calum Chambers and makes some amusing predictions...

Mailbox: Feeling Sorry For Poor TC23

If there's one loser in all the machinations at Man United, it's poor TC23. We have mercifully few mails on United, but lots on Arsenal and in particular Olivier Giroud...

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