How Many Liverpool Fans Were Wrong?

One Liverpool fan is putting up his hand and saying 'I was wrong' on selling Suarez and dropping Gerrard. Anybody else? And the grumbling continues on United...

Last Updated: 18/03/14 at 10:55

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Well, This Isn't Going That Well Is It?

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Plenty of fall out from Manchester United's shambolic 4-0 League Cup defeat, plus thoughts on Van Persie, Arsenal strikers, Benik Afobe, Celtic and Astroturf...

Not Getting Carried Away On Spurs... But

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A couple of Spurs fans have broken rank to admit that they are bloody excited about things down the Lane. Plus Glen Johnson, Arsene on strikers and Moreno...

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What would Jagielka do?

Condenses an entire coaching philosophy, and p***-poor manager, into four words.
Chris, MUFC

Moyes Out, Attacking Manager In

Now the dust has settled I thought I would try to articulate my slant on the current woes at my club United. First off, fair play to Rodgers and Liverpool, it could have been five and I would have no cause to complain but what I can complain about is a nice man in a job far too big for him. So to Mr Moyes, his safety-first approach is the exact opposite of the United philosophy to attacking football summed up by his quote of "we are going to have to make ourselves harder to beat".

No David, teams should be coming to Old Trafford hoping upon all hope that United have an off day and only put two past them, this is in no way being arrogant, this has been instilled in the team from Matt Busby's era through to the 20 years of Fergie's tenure United are an attacking team with a will to win right up until the final whistle. Moyes has a stronger side than the one that won the league last season under Fergie yet they look bereft of ideas and confidence, the players look to the bench and see a bewildered, shambolic shell of a man slumped in his chair looking like a teenager who's had their X-Box taken off them. I really wanted it to work for Moyes but it blatantly isn't so it's time to get someone in with the same attack-minded bent of the previous regime otherwise we will lurch from crisis to crisis losing all our better players who have lost faith in a manager and his 'let's not get beat' tactics.

So in summary we need to let the attacking players attack, not be afraid of the ball and get back to the United way, we might let in a couple of goals but so what if the fans see us bombing forward playing proper football, I for one wouldn't mind. My team by the way would be:

De Gea, Raphael, Smalling, Jones, Buttner (or Evra), Fellaini, Carrick, Mata, Rooney, Kagawa with RvP up top, ball-playing clever players with not a winger in sight. (4-2-3-1)
Paul Murphy, Manchester

Stuck In Rut Of All Ruts

What a right f***ing mess we've gotten ourselves into. Mourinho was available and would have happily stuck two up to Chelsea for the opportunity to manage United. Ever since his appointment, the idealist in me wants to see Moyes succeed. I would like nothing more than to see Danny Welbeck become David Moyes' Mark Robins. But it's not going to happen, no chance. We are stuck in the rut of all ruts. Answers on a postcard lads.
RedArmy (whatever), Belfast

Rafa For United?

"It was just difficult to handle him [Fellaini] when they were knocking these balls up to him. He is a handful, a big, tall, gangly lad, and they just lumped the ball forward to him, that's all they did."

This was after Uniteds loss to Everton last season. If "that's all they did" then why did Ferguson hire the manager of this team as his replacement? I pose a question (this would never, ever happen) but would United fans take Rafa Benitez as manager if he hadn't managed Liverpool first? He stabilized Chelsea last year. He would get the best out of Mata immediately, and probably RVP too, balance the team more, give them a little more variation tactically, and who knows, maybe turn around their 2-0 loss to Olympiakos in the Champions League, we've seen Arsenal and Chelsea both get to unlikely Champions League finals in recent years.

You could do a lot worse.
Strevs, Afc, Canada (Praying Chelsea go to extra-time and Hazard gets injured for Sunday)

Give Him Until Xmas

The Moyes in/out mails got boring a while ago, but still I want to get my view out there. In my view he should be given until Christmas, changing now makes no sense as it won't make a difference on this season and changing at the end of the season will just create all of the same problems all over again. If we are still in a similar situation at Christmas then make the change as things will obviously not improve if they haven't after 18 months.

Personally I think one of the main issues is Van Persie, I wasn't overly excited when we signed him, but all those goals firing us to the title changed my view a bit. However looking back if he hadn't had signed Rooney would have played up top more (and scored a similar number of goals) and Kagawa would have been able to play in his favoured position behind the striker (not that I'm a Kagawa apologist). Despite his comments this week about being committed you wouldn't have know on Sunday. Again personally I would rather keep Hernandez (younger, less injury-prone) than Van Persie, who has a history of injuries which will only get worse with age. This will allow Rooney to move further up the field and Mata or Kagawa to play in behind.

If Moyes gets a right-back, centre-back and a couple of wingers in the summer and still isn't challenging for the title then it is time to move on. As a slight aside I hope if we don't get into the CL next season then we make the EL, it is important to preserve the UEFA coefficient as Liverpool might find next season and Manchester City have the past few years.

United Fans Should Embrace Europe

I'm amused reading the 'insight' of United fans that they'd be best to miss the Europa Cup and that their absence from the Champions League is only temporary.

First let's address the Europa League. Next year the reward for winning the big vase is a Champions League spot. It puts a lot of value on the competition when in the domestic league six sides and Everton are competing for four spots. Why wouldn't you want to go into Europe? Embrace the games and perhaps ensure that you get that lucrative Champions League spot.

As for absences from the big cup being temporary, you only need to look 33 miles away to see what temporary can look like. When Liverpool failed to make the big cup I (very naively considering we hired Good Ole Roy) figured our absence would be a season at most. If Liverpool line up next September in the Champions League, it will be a five-year absence.

Sure United have money, but so do all of their rivals. They have tradition and name cache, but so did Liverpool. Suddenly those top end targets aren't looking your way and you end up either paying over the odds for good players or taking punts and gambles hoping that lightning will strike.

United have a serious job ahead of them this summer. Three new defenders to buy and no ability to offer them Champions League will limit the targets.

I'm not going to say that it isn't just a blip. United have a good youth system and some quality players. If Moyes or his replacement figure it out, the results could come. But the United I saw on Sunday were I'm not sure how quick the turn-around will come or if at all. And suddenly you go from buying the Tony Kroos of the world into trying to delude yourself that an overpaid Stewart Downing will do the job for you.

Not to say I won't love every minute of it!
Mark H. (LFC - Still won't delude myself into saying the 'T' word)

...Just a small, but vital, note on this. Yes, Channel 5, yes Thursday Nights, yes Pat Nevin, yes the frankly odd set of occurrences that lead to seeing Jermaine Jenas as an actual pundit...All very funny, but from next season the winners of The Europa League gain entry to the following season's Champions League. Suddenly, that looks like a competition worth winning; and I hate to break it to Man Utd fans, but a more realistic route back to the Champions League than finishing in the top four next season (current form/manager/midfield permitting).

Plus you get the added bonus of potential mid-week trips to Lisbon, with flights, match tickets and hotels booked before the shambles that was the defeat in the first leg. Which is mostly my fault, but I still hate football right now.
Joe Anderton, THFC

Rooney Should Play Less, Not More

Is this season definitive proof that Ferguson was right to use Rooney sparingly last season? There isn't much difference in the current team and last season's champions (apart from adding another barely used 'world-class' player for a huge amount of money). I do think Rooney is a good player but his ego doesn't let him trust the players around him to do their jobs so be tries to be everywhere and is usually not where he should be to hurt the opposition. Could it be that an English player is vastly over-rated and not worth the crazy money being paid to/spend on him?
Ferg, LFC, ROI

Reflections Of An Amateur

In July last year I said this (re: Luis): 'I think we have hit the end of the road. Putting two and two together, it has - alas - become a no-brainer to release our favourite headless chicken out of the safety of the 'Pool coop and into the scary wilderness.'

In October I said this: 'Gerrard is clearly still capable of wonder but I have a feeling he thinks he can do this more than he actually can. Given his deep lying role - in a position that generally precludes the need for frills - surely he's the wrong sort of player to function effectively for 90 minutes, no?'

I only found the first quote after I was looking for the latter. I honestly can't believe how far I missed the target. Both players have been out of this world this year and in regards to Gerrard, unbelievably, he has somehow become more essential to the team than ever before.

Obviously players need to be players, but a whole pile of respect needs to go to the managing team. Players need to be man-managed and they must have done something because Suarez has a 100% no-biting record this season.

More to the point though, we have a player in Gerrard who has got the bit between his teeth. He gets to play his General role and is playing it exceptionally well, but he knows and we know and everyone else knows that he might not find himself in this position again. He is a man on a mission, and he's taking the kids with him.

So, this is me saying sorry for not believing and sorry for being a fickle plastic. Or is it a plastic fickle?

I'll get my gilet.
Barry, Cape Town

Wanting United To Recover...

Being a relatively young Liverpool supporter (I was not there to see our golden period) from India, I always wanted Manchester United to fail. I was tired of taunts of their supporters (there are plenty here) and wanted to reciprocate the same. But now when that is happening, I am somehow not enjoying it as much as I wanted to. There is no pride in winning if you are not competing with your rivals. I want Liverpool to win the league, but competing with ManU and Everton. So, here I am wishing a quick recovery to ManU and hope that they get back to where they should be. It will be a lot more interesting to beat a rival in his peak.
Dushyant (Need a shower) Jamwal, LFC, India

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ven if United were to sign CR7 & Messi to play upfront, the fact remains Fletcher and Cleverly are playing in midfield. That's where the problem is. Fletcher is too slow with an awful pass, while Cleverly is simply rubbish

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hese days, these days, you can't say something racist without somebody saying that you're a racist.

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rop Rooney (he's so disappointing, overrated and overpaid), and play Di Maria and RVP upfront, much like the set up at the Netherlands team with Roben and RVP...

eric bush3
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Well, This Isn't Going That Well Is It?

Plenty of fall out from Manchester United's shambolic 4-0 League Cup defeat, plus thoughts on Van Persie, Arsenal strikers, Benik Afobe, Celtic and Astroturf...

Not Getting Carried Away On Spurs... But

A couple of Spurs fans have broken rank to admit that they are bloody excited about things down the Lane. Plus Glen Johnson, Arsene on strikers and Moreno...

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