However You Spin It, That Was Lots Better

Some tentatively happy United fans this morning, although no-one's getting too carried away. Plus Van Persie, Sherwood, Juan Mata and an awful chant...

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Should Kagawa Play Ahead Of Mata?

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That's one question posed in the afternoon mailbox, although it looks like the Japanese playmaker could soon be on his way. Plus, tipping Palace to go down under Warnock...

Well, This Isn't Going That Well Is It?

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Plenty of fall out from Manchester United's shambolic 4-0 League Cup defeat, plus thoughts on Van Persie, Arsenal strikers, Benik Afobe, Celtic and Astroturf...

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The Big Question
Having been stretchered off late on, the big question is whether any of his celebrating teammates remembered to claim the match ball for the Dutchman.
Assad Mugenyi, Kampala

Now Now
Have fun when Bayern/ Dortmund/ Athletico/ Real/ Barca/ PSG/ Chelsea visits.
Dominic, LFC, Singapore (then again, we won it with Biscan and Traore....)

On The Match...
I don't think Moyes did too much differently last night to what he has been doing, but the players certainly looked somewhat better in terms of effort.

Moyes has been taking the heat, and that's the job of the manager, but I think the players need to look towards themselves in terms of where the results will come from - and perhaps show a little respect to Moyes for all he has had to endure.

No-one saying this is a turning point, but it might be if the players get out of their funk and at least continue to show interest in what they are doing.
Joe Donohue

...We came back from 2-0 down in the first leg to turn it around with a 3-0 win in front of our home crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And then the objections start coming in. But our performances and results have been atrocious this season. Our manager is tactically poor and out of his depth. Our opponents were amongst the weakest in the knockout stages of the competition. We will get hammered and knocked out in the next round no matter who we are drawn against. This win may further delay the inevitably necessary replacement of our current, inept, manager. Any joy experienced by fans from this win is dampened by the successes of our rivals and their fans.

But I don't care. I enjoyed the win. It's cathartic to go into the game up against it, watch your team turn it around and hold on for the win. It's why I watch football.

I think of the United fan that might have watched that game, grumbling that we managed to turn it around because it might give Moyes a stay of execution. I understand the sentiment - I too think Moyes is out of his depth (has that sentence been uttered enough yet?) - but, instinctively, I just can't wish that my team lose. Instinctively, I just enjoy us winning like that.
LJ (This is the "carpe diem" philosophy of football fandom, I think. Does that make sense?), MUFC, Slough

Actually, A Bad Result
As an ardent Liverpool fan, I have rarely felt the urge to write anything other than commentary on my beloved Reds. However, having just watched the Manchester United/Olympiakos game, I felt compelled to offer a few thoughts. Whether anyone cares what I think, I'll leave up to the discretion of the MC, but I think they are points worth making all the same.

Man U played well last night. In particular Van Persie, Rooney and De Gea. From my vantage point, the difference between the two sides was the quality of the finishing and De Gea's excellent shot-stopping. Olympiakos had their chances and wasted them. Their goalkeeper gave a less than auspicious performance. This is not to take away from what United did on the pitch. They created and finished their goals with pace and style and the whole game was a pleasure to watch. The support for the home team was magnificent (even on the television) and Old Trafford seemed like it's old intimidating self once more.

However, my initial thought was that the result itself may actually be detrimental to United in the long run. Obviously if they go on to win the thing then I'm going to look a right numpty writing this, but I was in complete agreement with Jonny and Ted, Manchester, who wrote to the Mailbox a few days ago suggesting now was the perfect time for Moyes to leave. A new manager then has a number of competitive games in the league to assess his players and a whole summer to organise a squad for next year.

Now, after the Olympiakos turn-around and the resultant and understandable exultation among both Manchester United players and fans, it is seemingly impossible to remove Moyes before the end of the season. Doing so would seem a little too much like punishing success, when his failures, or at least underachievements, have been tolerated for the rest of the season. But, with this one result, have opinions really changed concerning Moyes as a long-term managerial option? If he guides the team to the semi-finals or even the final, is it possible to remove him during the summer or has he achieved enough to remain for another season? If so, do fans trust him to rebuild and challenge for the title, as will be expected, next year?
Toitle, LFC

Hey, Leave That Moyes Alone
Not a united fan but feel a bit sorry for Moyes tonight. United got through to the CL quarters and all anyone wants to talk about is how bad the Greek side were. United got handy draw but still had to navigate it and they did.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Or a no win situation if you prefer. Arsenal or City would love to still be in CL I am certain of that.
Steve Limerick Ireland

We're Gonna Win The Thing!
After seeing ManU's game tonight I got thinking that of the other seven teams left I'd pick Borussia Dortmund as the weakest and on a goodnight like tonight we could do one over them and BANG we'd be in the semis.

Now, if Chelsea make it through to the semis I'd fancy being drawn against them. Reasons being they have proved inconsistent at times (case in point villa result) and they are a familar opponent from the same league and I could see us grinding out a result and all of a sudden we'd be in the final and all things become possible.

Considering our form we'd be the underdog and just getting that far would be considered a great thing and without the pressure of winning which the other team (my money is on Madrid) will have we could just pull off a shocker.

Hey it can happen. Its the Impossible dream made possible.
Tinashe (Robin is my middle Name), ManU, Harare

Look Who's Back
So, despite the ferocious criticism, I see that David Moyes, CL novice, had managed to outperform Arsene "16 years CL experience" Wenger.

In fact, Moyes has already bettered Wenger's European record of the last 3 years.
Stewie Griffin (no 4th place trophy for Moyes mind)

The Unfortunate Juan
I can't help but feel for Guapo Mata.

Chelsea could win the league. He collects an albeit sour medal (has made 11 appearances).

Man U win (heaven forbid) the Champions League. He's ineligible.

Spain win the World Cup (if they get past Australia). He's not in the squad.
Bluey, CFC, London

Impressed By Campbell
Last night's match against Man U has shown how good Campbell is. His cut-backs, dribbles, positioning even tracking-back were all very impressive. He may not yet be the world-class addition needed by Arsenal but he is young and with better exposure, coaching and team-mates he can only get better.

Can other Gooners give their opinions?

Very True
What is truly bizarre about this game is that Olympiacos, a team so woeful that they made this Man United team look competent, is the only team so far guaranteed a spot in next season's group stages.
AB MUFC (Moyes out, AVB in) Atlanta, Stateside

Complete Control
I see Timothy wants 'complete control' over transfers next summer. I believe if there is any hint he will be the manager at season ticket renewal time supporters will vote with their feet and not renew. This is the only way ENIC will listen to the supporters.

I don't think we are going to fall for such season ticket renewal time rubbish as Uncle Joe's loaning the club 50m quid to be repaid interest free over 5 years for new players, Bale is being offered a bumper new deal nor being linked with some fanciful players such as David Villa.
David Harris (Sydney)

Winners and Losers has officially 'crossed over' into mainstream media...The Times has a 'Budget 2014: Winners and Losers' section! The format felt so familia

Keep up the good work

We've Been Sick
Don't-cha wish your striker was Qua-li-ty??
Don't-cha wish your striker was RVP??
Lorenzo Royle, MUFC

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ven if United were to sign CR7 & Messi to play upfront, the fact remains Fletcher and Cleverly are playing in midfield. That's where the problem is. Fletcher is too slow with an awful pass, while Cleverly is simply rubbish

Di Maria - A Signing of Necessity, or Opportunity?


hese days, these days, you can't say something racist without somebody saying that you're a racist.

'Wrong' Views Not Silenced By Shouting...


rop Rooney (he's so disappointing, overrated and overpaid), and play Di Maria and RVP upfront, much like the set up at the Netherlands team with Roben and RVP...

eric bush3
Di Maria - A Signing of Necessity, or Opportunity?

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Should Kagawa Play Ahead Of Mata?

That's one question posed in the afternoon mailbox, although it looks like the Japanese playmaker could soon be on his way. Plus, tipping Palace to go down under Warnock...

Well, This Isn't Going That Well Is It?

Plenty of fall out from Manchester United's shambolic 4-0 League Cup defeat, plus thoughts on Van Persie, Arsenal strikers, Benik Afobe, Celtic and Astroturf...

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