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Man United Fans Clutching At Straws

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While the focus is on Liverpool's move for Mario Balotelli, one Man United fan tries to convince the mailbox with nine reasons why Angel Di Maria would prefer them to PSG...

Rojo Is A Better Signing Than Hummels

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There's some big talk in the morning mailbox, which claims that Man United were right to sign Marcos Rojo instead of Mats Hummels. Plus, one Gooner's happy Arteta's out...

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Spurs Conclusions
* The many outfits of Tim Sherwood eh? He starts his managerial career dressed like a man on a Skiing holiday and then low and behold this past week he's started to dress like the manager of your local Barclay's bank. I know how a manager presents himself can definitely have an effect on the players. I'm just looking forward to the day that he turns out in Jeans, some Reebok classics and a Ben Sherman shirt like he's ready for a night out at his local Weatherspoons.

*In fact what with all the chest pumping, snarling and shouting. Surely it's only a matter of time before he sends the whole Spurs team out to play topless covered in woad to show that they're 'Real Men...I don't Fackin' want any Footballers 'ere. I want Fackin' Warriors! Celtic Warriors an' all!'

*Chrstian Eriksen is one of the best young playmakers around at the moment. If you're a bit of a Football Geek like myself who reads various football websites and magazines each month you'll have known about him for a couple of years now. As a result I think we'd do well to play him in centre and play 100% through him. Effectively saying "You're our best player, let's give you the ball as much as possible and support your game" i.e. players running off him, creating space for him to operate whilst also giving him an option to pass to as well. Reminds me of when Modric first joined and was shunted out on the left wing by Ramos and Sir 'arry before the mis-treated genius reinvented Modric into the central midfielder we see today. Although if he'd watched Euro 2008 he'd have seen Modric play and boss the central midfield in Croatia's 2-1 group victory of losing finalists Germany. Sorry a bit of a rant within a rant there!

*Some of Soldado's bulid up play this season has been on another level. Granted he's certainly not taken the PL by storm but I wonder if anyone at Spurs (AVB, General Tim or any of the 1000 backroom staff) have actually sat Soldado down and asked "How do we get the best out of you Robbie me ol' mucker?" He certainly has the close control and passing ability to play deeper and create (although as I've already mentioned I'd like to see Eriksen played there)

*Spurs have a mix of really good players, really average players and Kyle p*ssing Naughton whose defiantly got no chance of going to the World Cup after that performance!

*In Nacer Chadli Spurs have one of the most infuriating players I've seen in quite some time. Possessing great strength and acceleration to escape markers. Good enough control to look dangerous and then some to the worst end product I've seen in ages. And I remember when we played with a midfield of David Howells, Jason Dozzel, Ruel Fox and Andy Sinton.

*I think the funniest moment of the game came when Pochettino was on the touchline and the microphones picked him up screaming "ADAM! ADAM! PUSH UP! PUSH UP!....THERE!" I've seen him in other games laughing and joking with the Fourth Officials. I had no idea Chris Foy was fluent in Spanish.

*And finally, I can't say I'm Tim's biggest fan. But he's certainly made watching Spurs more interesting. And maybe once you strip in all down that's what it's all about. After all just like Jonny Nic says, "It's an Entertainment business after all". We're not giving all that money to the clubs because we feel sorry for Lloris and Adebayor. It's to be entertained and write long and poorly worded emails that no-one else really wants to read after the latest game has been played. Sorry.
Stephen, THFC

Weekend Thoughts
*While Wayne Rooney's quick thinking and instinct is to be admired for his goal, I think Tettey's goal for Norwich was better. He had even less time to think and hit it on a volley with superb technique in a game that was huge for his team. In my humble opinion any decent professional footballer should be able to hit the ball into more or less an empty net, all be it from half way.

*A caller on BBC's 606 programme made a decent argument as to why he thinks Liverpool won't win the league and his point was a very good one. He felt that Liverpool concede too many goals. If 'pool keep going with this 'you score one, we score two' mentality, it will end up backfiring. They have Man City and Chelsea to play in what will be decisive games and this philosophy just won't cut it. The defence needs to be tighter.

*Over my years of watching footy, what I've come to observe is that most penalties conceded are avoidable. It seems footballers just have brain freezes in the box most times. Case in point; Xabi Alonso's foul on Iniesta in the Classico game. Iniesta had already lost the ball and there were other Real players there to cover him but Alonso still felt the need to block Iniesta with his knee and give a little kick. It was frustratingly unnecessary and cost his team the match. This is a seasoned player that should know better. Speaking of El Classico...

*Bale and Neymar were two of the poorest players on the pitch. Not to toot my own horn, but when it looked like Real were going to sign Bale, I thought he was not a player they needed as they already had Di Maria, a player I despise for his diving and play acting, but my can that boy play. All the things Bale did for Spurs last season is what Di Maria was doing. Of course Bale needs time and injuries have been an issue, but I expected more from him than one blistering run.

*I definitely agree with Matt Stanger's comments in the 16 conclusions article on how the official's mistaken identity in sending off Gibbs instead of Oxlade-Chaimberlain should not be subject to jokes about race or accusations of racism. However, to deny that the race of the players had nothing to do with it might be like living in denial or PC gone too far. What I mean by this is that say it was Cazorla who thought he was the goalkeeper and handled the ball, are we honestly saying he would have thought it was Gibbs? Saying that, to be fair to the official if both players were white, he could have made the same mistake too (as long as one is not over 6 foot like Giroud and the other small like the aforementioned Cazorla).

*A few months into the season I asked Arsenal fans on here if they would consider swapping Ozil for Higuain and the unanimous response was 'not on your life'. Do gooners still feel the same? While it would be harsh to lay the blame on just the big man, if Giroud had slotted that early chance in, it could have been a different game.
Seyi (nervous LFC fan) London

Soldado As Morientes?
As a Liverpool fan watching the Tottenham v Southampton, it felt like a weird flashback to part of the Benitez era.Watching Soldado reminded me of Morientes during his time with the club.

I was a fan of Morientes and really encouraged to see him sign for Liverpool. The problem was that Morientes was a peg that didn't fit the Bentitez hole that Rafa had shaped out for a striker. And while it always seemed that Morientes was very capable of scoring 20 goals a season, it never seemed likely at Liverpool; which was frustrating given he seemed like a nice guy and one who given the right setup could be lethal - as proven by his subsequent move back to Spain.

The other reminder was watching Townsend do his one move to little effect, which reminded me of Ryan Babel. The four times he was able to do something useful (his goal against arsenal for example) only seemed to cement further his idiosyncratic (and largely unproductive) manner of playing football.

So my advice for Tottenham fans: enjoy Soldado (his manner and belief that he gives that he could score 3 excellent goals should it work out for him) but don't miss the opportunity of finding a striker that fits the system i.e. the acquisition of Torres (who fit Benitez system very well). And on Townsend... well I don't know who Babel plays for anymore.
Adrian Fry (Perth Australia)

Or The Strength Of Teams You Faced?
The common factor between the 6-3, 5-1 and 6-0 trashing we suffered? The 12.45 KO. People have noticed I guess.

Therefore the real culprits must be the Arsenal physios and dieticians.

Players looked like they just had lunch.

I mean physios and dieticians must know that player can't have the same routine/diet whether you play at 12.45, 3pm or 7.45.

Stats speaks for themselves: 17 goals against in those 3 games (out of 34 the whole season - that is a bloody 50%!!) and 7 of them (approx 20%) before 1 pm!!

Sport studies and all, 21st century high tech data, GPS Tracking etc...But they can't make pastas at the right time? Hilarious if you ask me.

Colin Lewin out!
Romain (I still love pastas) G

We Had A Few Of These
Unlikely to generate as many fawning comparisons to Beckham's half-way chip as Rooney's and as a Victory fan it pains me to say it, but I reckon Orlando Engelaar's strike from his own half for Melbourne Heart in the A-League this weekend was better.

Absolute belter of a goal.
Eddie, Melbourne

Stankovic Better Than Rooney
Whilst I agree with Rob, London somewhat on Adrians farcical keeping somewhat spoiling Rooneys goal, I have to take issue with his assertion that volleying the ball into the net from 50 yards is harder than scoring with the ball on the floor. In fact later on in the same match, Wayne contrived to spoon another volley (this time from a cross), to the corner flag.

Also, aside from the keepers slapstick routine, it bounced into the net, which in my eyes makes it aesthetically less pleasing; lobs are always better landing inside the goal line.

Anyway, all this talk of who's halfway line shot is/was better (Rooney/Beckham/Suarez) seems to have missed out the true king of the hill - Dejan Stankovic against Schalke He's also done it twice.

Well Done Hughton
Bravo to Chris Hughton, who after months of stultifying tactics, threw the kitchen sink at Sunderland and came up with a spirited victory.

Two strikers plus Wes Hoolahan in the lineup, ultra-aggressive pressing, both full backs bombing forward, and there you have it--Norwich City absolutely steamrollered Sunderland in the first half, and were never seriously threatened in the second.

The wonder goal by Alex Tettey helped, but there was no question who were the better side. If Hughton can get up the nerve to do it more often, not only will he keep his job, he might even get the home fans to be happy about it.
PeterG, Pennsylvania, USA

Lambert Out
Shipping goals and losing at home, thoroughly out played, opposition team breaking records against us (stoke have never scored 4 away from home in premiership), absolutely no reaction from the players after the goals, wrong tactics from Mr Lambert, players played out of position (again) ...

It's like putting on an old pair of slippers, your favourite jumper and sitting in your normal comfy chair.

It's the return of that feeling you get as a Villa fan on a Monday morning
Alex Sheedy

Fair Play
I had a 200-1 Scorecast, Rodriguez first goalscorer, and Spurs to win 3-2.

I have never celebrated a Spurs goal in that manner before.
Alex Stokoe, Newcastle upon Tyne

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es, these stats are right. Rio Ferdinand definitely had a better debut than Fernando.

that man
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know it's only one game, and Arsenal have got an amazing midfield as is; but seriously, is Arsene Wenger the only person on Earth who doesn't want Cesc at their club?

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S - 'Squeezes [English] out of his mouth like it's an elastic band he's found in his lamb bhuna' - bravo. Marvellous stuff

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Man United Fans Clutching At Straws

While the focus is on Liverpool's move for Mario Balotelli, one Man United fan tries to convince the mailbox with nine reasons why Angel Di Maria would prefer them to PSG...

Rojo Is A Better Signing Than Hummels

There's some big talk in the morning mailbox, which claims that Man United were right to sign Marcos Rojo instead of Mats Hummels. Plus, one Gooner's happy Arteta's out...

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