For Fellaini At United, Read Carroll At Liverpool

Oh dear, some United fans at the end of their tether. We do have some fine thoughts on the shambles at Old Trafford and the Emirates, plus much more...

Last Updated: 26/03/14 at 09:54

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Reasons To Feel Positive At Spurs...

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They didn't complete any big deals on deadline day, but that doesn't mean Spurs fans should be down about their hopes this season. Plus, United fans say farewelbz...

Danny Welbeck - Yes, No And Maybe

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And understandably busy Mailbox with the instant reactions with those happy and sad on their club's transfer dealings. On Welbeck, Arsenal, United, Spurs and loans...

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It Got One Worse
I think it sums our season up that after 70 minutes I'm relieved it's only two.
Graham, MUFC

Silva Lining
You'll probably get loads of "Moyes Out!" Mails. However, the first conclusion from the Manchester Derby has to be the extraordinary play of David Silva. I'm just saying, is all.
Eric Breitman

Out, Out, Out
Seriously how can a "man" so woefully out of his depth still have a job after yet another shocking performance? A "man" who's tactics consist of get it wide and hoof it into the box time and time again .. who responds by going 2-0 down by dropping Rooney into the middle so he can put Antonio f**king Valencia on..

I said it from the very sad day that Sir Alex retired that Moyes wasn't big enough for the job and time and time again he has proved me right, I am genuinely puzzled as to how he is a football manager to begin with as he is by far the most cowardly individual I have had the misfortune of seeing sat in a dug out.

I really don't get why Sir Alex was allowed to choose his successor but I think the great man must have started to get senile in his old age as their is only two reasons this clown could possibly of been chosen and their both as frightening as each other:

1) Because he is Scottish and from Glasgow so Fergie hoped they wouldn't be able to tell the difference with the accent.

2) Because he knew that Moyes would fail miserably and would make him look like an even better manager than we all knew he was (unfortunately this is the option I am leaning towards)
Owen, Dublin

...The team started with no balance at all. We desperately needed Fellaini or Cleverly to be replaced by Valencia from the getgo, the teamsheet was glaringly bad straight from the off. After 11 minutes when Valencia emerged on the touchline I thought "fair play Moyes, got it horribly wrong but you're correcting it early". Then he bottled the change. That, "for me" shows he has absolutely no balls and needs to be sacked. Forget the results or performances, he's indecisive and doesn't know if he's s******g or farting.

Fellaini is slow and just trots about fouling people, I can't believe I'm saying it but I'd rather Clevz 23 over this mug. He was actually pretty decent and didn't deserve to be the one to be replaced. That should be Fellaini's last game as far as I'm concerned. Look at him compared to Yaya Toure, both big players...that's where the similarities end.

My old mucker, Wayne Rooney. The world class striker who people are saying should replace Robin Van f*****g Persie. Ran about a lot, did some good things but did a lot of terrible things and didn't even resemble a non league player at times. Do you really want him over RVP? Tell you what though, he's got a goal in him, so why the f**k was he moved back into midfield? How negative a move was that from Moyes? 20 mins to go, 2-0 down and you put your world class striker to centre midfield. Absolutely shocking.

What is the point in having a player like Giggs sat on the bench but with no hope of getting on the pitch? People say he gives the ball away a lot, but finally the correct view is being made from Neville on TV that Giggs isn't afraid to give the ball away. He looks for those killer passes, and when they come off they lead to chances. How many chances did we make tonight from safe passes in front of the defence?

Moyes has to go. I don't care if we beat a Greek team and the mighty West Ham. He hasn't got a clue and I'm sick of the sight of his sheepish face walking down toward the tunnel.

Danny Welbeck would be a good player if he didn't hit the deck every time he used a bit of pace.
Silvio Dante

...They are better than us, and we are rotten from the top down. Thanks for ruining my week, again.
RedArmy (exasperated now), Belfast

...- Irrespective of the wisdom (or lack thereof) in buying a specialist 10 with little pace, at a club which already has Kagawa, Rooney, and Fellaini (who's only of any use at all up front), if a manager cannot get any sort of consistent performance level from Rooney, van Persia, Mata, Kagawa, Januzaj, Carrick et al., he should go.

- As City have shown, a team can happily play at least two attacking midfielders with limited pace, provided their full-backs will overlap, and their central midfielders can hold. Kagawa, Mata and Januzaj could happily play together for United, and it damns Moyes that he can't get them to do so.

- Giggs face at the end suggested he probably agrees with this assessment of Moyes. About as much warmth and respect as Keane showed McCarthy in that famous photo after qualification for the 2002 WC.

- On which note, between Scholes gloriously lugubrious damning of Moyesball, and Neville's equally telling evasions, it's plain Moyes has lost the faith of senior ex-players at the club.

- What is the point of Fellaini? Apologies for returning to a favoured theme, but if United wanted a ball-winning holding midfielder they could have had Matic for £22m, or Medel for £8m, both of whom are objectively better players than Fellaini. His disruption of play, unfairly or not, simply brings a succession of fouls and cards, his control is marginally worse than Diana Ross', and his passing is laughable. He is worse, in every way, than any of the auxiliary midfielders Fergie used in big games.

- My collective impression of United's motivation levels tonight was that a fuck could not be given by anybody, even the normally Stakhanovite Jones and Welbeck. I doubt he ever really enjoyed the faith of his players, but Moyes has plainly lost whatever respect they had for him.

- Welbz remains dat guy. Perhaps not as devastating as van Persie or Hernandez as a 9, but his contribution to play, movement, technical ability and distribution are excellent. I'd be curious to see how Welbeck, Kagawa, Mata and Januzaj played with each other.

- I'm increasingly confident that Rooney would happily lead United to League 2 if he were still paid his obscene wage, and could be captain.

- Tonight could have been far, far worse. City barely broke a sweat, they played as though they could have destroyed United at will, and were conserving energy for the title run-in.

- Without wishing to gloat much, I wonder how the huddled masses of Fergie devotees now feel about their support for Moyes? Every mistake, inadequacy and failing was predictable last May. Rigid, defensive tactics, inability to motivate elite players, inability to attract elite players, inability to beat big teams etc., all were obvious from his career at Everton.

- Do any United fans believe Moyes needs more time?

- Isn't the Bayern tie going to be fun?
Chris MUFC

Fellaini Is Carroll
He is tall, gangly and not technically gifted.

He can be effective but he forces the team to play towards his strengths to the detriment of the team as a whole.

He was bought for a horrendous amount of money in a panic after somewhat impressing in a lesser team.

Has gotten injured a fair bit.

Cannot pass to save his life.

Fellaini is United's Andy Carroll.

Praising Dzeko
So Edin Dzeko doesn't score important goals in big matches then? Looking forward to a very elegant reverse-ferret from you on this point.
Mark Meadowcroft - CTID

Arsenal's House Of Cards
- Just to deal with the game itself, really it was nothing new. The game after a tonking we always play within ourselves. Vermaelen being beaten in the air and us conceding with the opponent's first shot on target is par for the course. The last minute goal was a tad unlucky, but these things happen and we've been pretty good at seeing these games out over the past year. Law of averages dictates you're bound to let one in injury time at some point.

- As a friend said yesterday in less friendly terms - genuinely cannot wait to see what these bottle jobs have in store for us at Wembley.

- It's genuinely painful to see a man as brilliant as Arsène like this. He's done his moral piece for football, he's stood up to the big bad oil men and, honestly, performed better than we could have hoped in the lean years. There were fleeting moments of brilliance, a few what-if's. And I'm certain in years to come we'll look back and wonder just how he did it.

- This doesn't mean, however, that I think he should stay. I'm starting to think it's time. He appears to be so entrenched in the club that decisions such as spending money have become so laborious it cannot be healthy for either parties. Nothing will ever convince me that Özil was anything but a happy accident, and it's clear we're not learning from past mistakes (squad depth, injuries, "mental strength", yadda yadda my God I'm boring myself just repeating this).

- A very brief word on the Chelsea game. It's easy to play amateur psychologist after the fact, but the whole 1,000 thing clearly got to AW's head. Setting out the team in that fashion is tantamount to utter negligence. Let's be clear, I utterly detest Mourinho. But keep the squads the same, and flip the managers on Saturday, do you think the result would be the same? It's a very uncomfortable conversation. Chelsea, above all, set out to do one thing and one thing only - win. Somewhere along the line we've lost our way between becoming the moral compass of football and a finishing school for nearly-men.

- A final word. I would genuinely love to know if there is any other club in one of the top leagues across the world that could have led the title race for 2/3's of the season, and then genuinely have a danger of finishing 5th.
Sandeep (stupid enough to believe it might actually be different this year), London.

Specialists In False Hope
Think I've calmed down, watched highlights again. What the hell is happening? Why did I let myself again, AGAIN be fooled that we could challenge. Feel like I took back a cheating girlfriend, who barely waited a year to re-offend. Poldolski is Arsenal's 'little pea' and should be treated as such.

No excuses, no injuries, no bad luck, should have seen this coming from a long way off and I didn't.

Specialist in Failure? no. Specialist in false hope? yes.
Adam (Win the FA cup then kindly f*** off Wenger) Gooner in France

It's About Form And Games In Hand
Arsenal are six points from the top which is described as ending their challenge for the title yet the same six point margin separates them from fifth place which somehow has led to the conclusion they are now embroiled in a fight for fourth.

Six points is six points, with everybody quick to highlight that Arsenal are out of the title race because of the distance to Chelsea, by that logic it's safe to assume that fourth spot is also secure as they're the exact same distance from Everton.
Eoin (correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not) Ireland

Oh Arsenal
So...Arsenal had an evening kick off instead of 12:45.

I cant wait to read by what score they beat Swansea.
Phil, We're gonna win the league, Notts

Rightly Worried About City
I'm normally one to look on the optimistic side of things, even in the most unlikely circumstances I still think Arsenal have a chance.

But I am absolutely dreading going to the Emirates on Saturday.

Man City are going to be like a sadistic serial-killer who taunts and tortures their victims before finally killing them.
Matt M

Barkley's Goal - Average
Call me a grinch if you want but does anyone else think Barkley's goal wasn't all that?

I mean he ran in a more or less straight line for 50 yards completely unchallenged then 'cut' (I use the term generously) inside, drifted across the box (again unchallenged) before having a free shot on goal.

Cracking finish I will admit but no one in a Newcastle shirt made the faintest attempt to make it difficult for him and to suggest he 'beat' any one is a bit of an exaggeration.
Simon, CFC

Badum Tish
Shouldn't Pellegrini be wearing his hoodie when he goes for a walk in the park?
Jimmy, Spain

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ven if United were to sign CR7 & Messi to play upfront, the fact remains Fletcher and Cleverly are playing in midfield. That's where the problem is. Fletcher is too slow with an awful pass, while Cleverly is simply rubbish

Di Maria - A Signing of Necessity, or Opportunity?


hese days, these days, you can't say something racist without somebody saying that you're a racist.

'Wrong' Views Not Silenced By Shouting...


rop Rooney (he's so disappointing, overrated and overpaid), and play Di Maria and RVP upfront, much like the set up at the Netherlands team with Roben and RVP...

eric bush3
Di Maria - A Signing of Necessity, or Opportunity?

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Reasons To Feel Positive At Spurs...

They didn't complete any big deals on deadline day, but that doesn't mean Spurs fans should be down about their hopes this season. Plus, United fans say farewelbz...

Danny Welbeck - Yes, No And Maybe

And understandably busy Mailbox with the instant reactions with those happy and sad on their club's transfer dealings. On Welbeck, Arsenal, United, Spurs and loans...

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