Is Giroud The Worst Of Top Five?

He's certainly no Luis Suarez but is he worse than anything at Chelsea? But mostly the mailbox is dominated by Man United fans not changing their minds after Villa...

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'Just p*ss off with your righteous indignation will you. W*nkers.' There's a lot of anger going around for what should have been a sleepy Friday afternoon at F365 Towers...

Man United: One Game To Save Season

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They have one match to convince decent players that they are worth joining - over to you, Louis. We also have mails on Malky Mackay, Mario Balotelli and Tim...

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Why Sing For Moyes?
Sitting in Old Trafford, I just don't get why people are singing for Moyes. I don't condone booing, and the plane was ludicrous, but I don't understand the vocal support which I fear will play an important part in him sustaining his position for at least one more year. Other teams' fans who say those complaining are spoilt brats and over-privileged are completely missing the point. We are grossly under performing versus where we should be, which is competing for a top-four place (note, not the league) and moreover, there are no signs that things are going to get better (Moyes' negative mentality, our lack of style of play, and our awful defending, my three particular big issues).

That is why some (including me) are complaining. Surely the fans singing his name realise all this, and I know all they want is the best for the club like me, so why are they doing it? I get that stability is important, but this is just blind faith. Moyes needs to go and we need to replace him with someone who is a proven winner and who can imprint an attacking style of play.

Feeling No Different After Victory

This was not a match to change people's minds on the current state of the team, management, or boardroom. This was a 4-1 win against a team only just out of the relegation dogfight. This was a comfortable home win. This is what should be happening at Manchester United on a more regular basis. That this game is a bit of an anomaly this season will ensure the debate continues for a few more months.

With the personnel Manchester United have at their disposal, once again David Moyes was able to play arguably his best team. Juan Mata and Shinji Kagawa looked very lively, taking it in turns to drift inside. Kagawa was benefiting greatly from the width afforded by Alexander Buttner seemingly wanting to play as a left winger. Ashley Young was relatively anonymous, but why change the habit of a lifetime? Darren Fletcher and Marouane Fellaini offered a reasonably strong shield in front of the back four, and were largely effective springing attacks when back in possession.

The biggest concern remains the defence. A lot was made pre-match of the various combinations used by David Moyes, and with each and every game there is a noticeable regression in the stability of the back line. Consistently out of position, whoever is playing at full-back looks likely to either be sent off, or responsible for allowing the opposition space to create a chance. It must be presumed that Rafael was taken off to rest and relax before his inevitable sending-off against Bayern Munich.

David Moyes has admitted on a number of occasions that the Manchester United job has been a lot harder than he was expecting. It is his consistent naivety that is causing the slow-burn of dissent within Old Trafford. Was the plane message stunt a waste of money; of course it was. However it is important that legitimate criticism is levied towards him. He is no longer in a position to be sticking his head in the sand assuming everything is alright. It should be hoped that all the noises of support in the ground give him a confidence that he has the support of the core Old Trafford faithful. He must never forget, though, the standards expected. If people are willing to spend their own money to openly criticise his work, take heed, and strive for better.

The Bayern Munich games are, oddly, the most meaningless matches for the remainder of the season. Having watched horrendous games against Manchester City, Liverpool, and Olympiakos, no-one in the ground expects progression, no one at home will expect progression. No one, either, will be surprised if the performance over the two legs is as awful as the other big games this season It's obvious that Moyes will get another crack next season. It will be worth remembering, though, if things aren't going well, that this was when the tide started to turn.
Chris, Hampshire

...I can't stand David Moyes. He comes out 'defiantly' in anticipation of the plane, laps up the crowd and then probably feels like Russell Crowe in Gladiator when we beat the mighty Villa. How about the two disgusting defeats to Liverpool and City, the games that truly matter? Where the team selection (particularly City) was so wrong that even Stevie Wonder's arse could see it the moment the teams were announced.

Would be nice if it does go on to serve as the much-discussed turning point though, but I'm sure that once we get battered by Bayern he'll be that sheepish incompetent again.
Silvio Dante

Carrick-Less Midfield v Moyes' Cowardice

The two recent games without Michael Carrick in the midfield have actually looked promising. The midfield has looked motivated, and competent.

Since Carrick has been the first-choice midfielder the following problems have arisen at United:

* Rooney has spent long periods in midfield, though lining up as a striker. This has reduced his goal tally.

* Rooney has asked to leave twice, with one of his chief complaints, both times, being transfers and the midfield (at least according to rumors).

* No-one has been able to partner Carrick in a way that has produced a dominating midfield that frightens other teams. That includes Paul Scholes, and is backed up by the number of 1-0 victories that were painfully ground out against supposedly weaker teams.

* Cleverley, who in the beginning of Scholes' retirement, started out brilliantly, is now the most reviled player on the team, but only since being partnered with Carrick.

Two Fridays ago the mailbox contained a letter from Gav, Ireland: 'That he's our best central midfielder is not a strong reference for him it's more a damning indictment of the gradual decline from the days when we the immense presence of Keane and Scholes.'

I'd agree entirely, if he actually was our best midfielder. He's just the most consistent, and with managers increasingly afraid to take risks, Carrick has gotten more games than he ever should. So things are even worse than Gav so eloquently said: his regular selection is a damning indictment of of cowardice, a need to stick with the comfortable and proven, rather than to dare a new way.

Fletcher and Fellaini work well together. It's untried, but Fellaini and Cleverley are worth a risk as well. So far, not playing Carrick in the middle has allowed a glimpse of a fully functional midfield, and it should be explored. There's no trophies to lose this season, so why not take a chance?

But against Bayern, Moyes, being so terrified of failure, will probably go back to the line-up that lost against City, ironically guaranteeing failure, and humiliation.
Chris Walters, USA
PS: If Carrick was ever that good, then why did Real Madrid or Barcelona never make a bid for him? The only teams, since he's been with United, that ever showed interest were Arsenal, Sunderland, and Fulham. Hardly ringing endorsements, those.

Support Or F*** Off
Just so you know the real supporters gave moyes a long round of applause when he came out, and then booed the plane when they saw it, and p***ed themselves laughing at how ridiculous it was. Why? because they know the manager is part of the club and they are all in it together.

Moyes is just a man who probably can't sleep at night desperate to do the best job that he can do. If it doesn't work in the end then that's just the way it is. But while he's here he needs support. We are called football supporters. The name itself defines what we should do. So either support or just f*** off.

The Arrogance Of United Fans

I am constructing this mail during the United game, at the same time following comments online, the majority of which are deriding the plane stunt as an embarrassment and the actions of a tiny minority within their club. Yet I cannot see for the life of me why any sane Man U fan would want Moyes to stay, considering his absolutely abject record this season. It's all very well supporting your manager when you are in a position relative to your expectations, but those fans (who paid just a few quid each to make their voices heard above the pompous thousands) have every right to fly their plane.

This leads me to one inescapable conclusion: that United fans see themselves as so superior to those of all other clubs, that the only reason they are not kicking up more of a fuss about their failed manager is so that they can sit on their high horses and look down at other supporters. Strange, since not a single United fan would be unhappy if Moyes was sacked in the morning. Likewise, could even one person reading this put their hand on their heart and say that Manchester United would be in the same position in the league with Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola or even Benitez at the helm?

If your answer is yes then you, sir/madam, are a liar.
Jamie Bedwell, Cheltenhamshire

Paper: Cheaper

Just saw the picture of the plane that flew across Old Trafford..

Those four words could have easily fit on a home printed A4.
Stijn Vermeulen

Little Pea, Little Sad

Chicharito did not smile even when he scored. It broke my heart.

Jose Pattern Too Predictable

Today's fixture should have read Chelsea vs other Chelsea. All Chelsea seem to be able to do under Mourinho is to hope they score first and then counter till game over. It won't always work. Especially when playing against a team that has the same exact plan. It's only a matter of time till everyone figures it out. Again.
Paul (forget Moyes, Mourinho is the real wrong one) Ogah, Chelsea

Giroud: Awful

Giroud is comfortably the worst striker for any team in the top five. I honestly can't work out what value he adds, he isn't fast, skilful, good in the air, strong, he doesn't hold up the ball well and he doesn't shoot on target frequently.

Eto'o is the only one who even merits comparison but he is light years ahead of Giroud.
Minty, LFC

Yes And Tes

Seeing as how the West Brom - Cardiff game resulted in six goals, will Degsy be cooking his own gonads in a George Foreman grill? If so, will there be a live broadcast?
Addy (perhaps with some Fava beans and a nice chianti), LFC

Final Score

I know there is some serious competition but could Robbie Savage + Garth Crooks be the ultimate nightmare analysis combination on TV?

They are abysmal.
Sean, THFC

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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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'Just p*ss off with your righteous indignation will you. W*nkers.' There's a lot of anger going around for what should have been a sleepy Friday afternoon at F365 Towers...

Man United: One Game To Save Season

They have one match to convince decent players that they are worth joining - over to you, Louis. We also have mails on Malky Mackay, Mario Balotelli and Tim...

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