With New Boss, United Could Rise Again...

If they can emulate Liverpool's fall, then surely they can emulate their revival. Also, mails suggesting that the Reds have had it easy, anger towards Daniel Levy and...

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'Just p*ss off with your righteous indignation will you. W*nkers.' There's a lot of anger going around for what should have been a sleepy Friday afternoon at F365 Towers...

Man United: One Game To Save Season

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They have one match to convince decent players that they are worth joining - over to you, Louis. We also have mails on Malky Mackay, Mario Balotelli and Tim...

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Liverpool Have Had It Easy...
Only a buffoon would suggest Liverpool haven't been excellent this season, but they have had it so much easier than the teams around them. Without European football, and with only a combined five cup games, they have been able to focus solely on the league and benefit from extended breaks between games.

So if Tobi, Gooney Boy London's right, what Wenger has gotten so wrong over the last few years is not guiding Arsenal so far down the table that UEFA don't even think them good enough for the Europa League. I'm sure that would have gone down well.

Oh, and one final point. There was meant to be a big anti-Wenger demonstration at the Emirates before the City game - you may have seen pictures of the crudely painted bed sheet urging Wenger and Kroenke to immediately go forth and multiply. It was a hilarious damp squib, making a mockery of the trolls on Twitter who spew obscene vitriol and try and claim the 'true fan' high ground. One of the most unpleasant of the oiks justified not turning up because he was 'saving for Wrestlemania'. I'll just leave that one for you guys to digest.
Will O'Doherty

...Don't get me wrong, I think Liverpool are playing outstanding football, with pace and power (like Arsenal of a decade ago), but wasn't their team yesterday pretty much their first-choice line-up and hasn't it been pretty much this way all season?

Arsenal have gone in to this very tough March without Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil and now Koscielny - arguably the five best players. I have no idea why Arsenal have an annual injury crisis or why once someone is out it seems to take forever to get them back (Ramsey's three weeks out is already 3 months)! There is something wrong with either the training methods leaving them 'on the edge' and susceptible to injury or the medical team are simply incompetent...who knows?

So what is the point of this mail? Take out Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho, Gerrard and Sterling - would Liverpool be faltering in the same way Arsenal have been recently? I wonder!
Chris (having said that I hope the scallies go on to win it for their quality football alone!) Charteris, Brighton

...You are probably going to get a lot of these. Tobi's comments about Liverpool gets my goat. Liverpool's achievement in the Premier League has been nothing short of spectacular. However they have a much smaller squad than Arsenal's. They have been able to get away with it because they pretty much had to play one game a week for the entire season while Arsenal had a number of at least ten three-game weeks due to the Champions League. Liverpool had the luxury of pretty much playing their first eleven week in week out baring any injuries. And since they had an easy schedule their fatigue injuries were lessened. It is telling that the worst performing period for Liverpool was during the busy December period when they didn't get their customary rest. Well I got news for them, that is basically a CL team's season every season. If they had played ten extra games between August and December their squad would have broken in half.

If you want to show me their manager's genius let's see what happens next year when they have to juggle CL commitments with a challenge for the title. All Rodgers had to do was get the game tactics right (even though Sherwood has shown that's not a simple all). Let's see how he does with tactics and squad management next year. Liverpool has done well, but it isn't an indictment of Arsene Wenger, it's an argument for more rest between matches in football.
Naz, Nigeria

A Rare City E-Mail...

We left Arsenal on Saturday with a smile on our faces. This season we have taken four points from Arsenal. It really wasn't that long ago that if we had taken a point off them in a season we would have thought we had done well. Now times have so very much changed. Why should you expect us to beat Arsenal? Are they not a contender for the league? Or does this only apply to City?

Now Liverpool are the media darlings and money-spending City and Chelsea are the bad guys. We've all forgotten about United of course because they are so poor this year. Did you all know that the team put out at Old Trafford against City cost a great deal more than our side did? But that does not matter does it? It's like the numpty Cockney Red who Sky interviewed who wanted Liverpool to win because they haven't spent any money! Really? Well King Kenny spent 160 million!

Liverpool are playing fantastic football and if they win it Rodgers will deserve to be Manager of the year. But if they don't I will laugh my socks off at the arrogance of fans who have a flag parade for the team bus with right games to go.
Ena Parkinson

Some Musings

1) United fans asking for #moyesout are not 'plastic'. Cheering Moyes at half-time was an over-adjustment by fans desperate to prove they aren't 'plastic'. They are more damaging to the club than the morons with the plane.

2) Arrogance is not always a bad thing. Zlatan's is a joy to behold (and backed up by performance), Ronaldo's is justified, and Balotelli's is (mostly) endearing. Mourinho's used to be charming but has become odious. Sherwood's is irritating, astounding and, above (or below) all, entirely laughable.

3) Contrary to the belief of ex-pros and the media, Liverpool winning the league would be the worst thing that ever happened to non-Liverpool fans. Ever.
4) Liverpool are quite possibly the most exciting team to watch in Premier League history. Sigh.
Scott Pollington Woods

Arsenal Fan Wants Them To Succeed

Whilst watching the footy on Sunday, trying carefully not to catch a glimpse of my dad devouring a chicken drumstick in the corner of my eye, I couldn't help but think how exciting it would be to see Liverpool play against the likes of Bayern, Barca or Real.

Just to clarify, I'm an Arsenal fan.

If Arsenal don't win the league (which I'm sure is close to impossible now), I sincerely hope Liverpool do. You can see them making some ambitious signings this summer, and with Sterling, Coutinho, Henderson etc proving year on year, it's an intriguing prospect.

With United about to get the thrashing of a lifetime in Munich with all the world to see, I think it's good for English football to have at least one of the classic English teams successfully playing a fast, thrilling game.

He Doesn't

I'd rather be tied to a chair and thrown down a flight of stairs than watch as Liverpool win the league.
Sean Peter-Budge

Man United Could Emulate Liverpool Revival

I could happily read all day about Liverpool's rise and Utd's struggles but John Nic's logic is a bit confused. If anything, Liverpool's meteoric resurgence should be a comfort to Utd.

Liverpool demonstrate that a poor appointment and a bit of turbulence can lead to an immediate fall from competing at the top to barely scraping into Europe at all. For Moyes, read Hodgson or even Souness. But equally we show that a club of comparable size and cache - and Utd can easily rival Liverpool for both, even with their present situation - can repair the damage in just as short a timeframe.

Competition for the CL spots may appear more formidable than ever but again this shows that the sands can shift rapidly. Long gone are the days of the 'Sky Four' - the list of English entrants to the CL has changed every year since 2008-09 with Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and obviously Utd themselves in and out of the top four in recent years. Liverpool and Everton are having great seasons but both might struggle for a repeat. Arsenal are close to their own seismic regime change and Chelsea have a short term manager notorious for leaving behind a drained and depleted squad so the door is not locked by any means.

JN is right that a power shift is under way and momentum is against Utd, but these power shifts are common and momentum can switch back just as quickly. Even if Utd spend six years in the wilderness with Moyes, get the next appointment right and a bit of luck with timing and they could emulate our revival just as they have our fall.

So there's no need to worry about the cartel closing. Instead the concern should be that they have to trust the guys who thought Moyes was the best man for the job to choose again next time. Good luck with that, by the way.
Jon Gibson LFC (Football is great, isn't it)
PS Jose concedes the title on Saturday with his £300m team in first and not a word said about it?

Spurs Losers? Surely Not
Sorry but I just don't understand the thinking behind putting us in the Losers section this week.

I thought we were looking very comfortable and composed right up until that first unfortunate goal, whilst the score-line alone shows how far we have progressed under our new manager compared with when we last played them.

Totally unjustified, think again.
John THFC, Saigon

Joining The 'Levy Out' Brigade

Daniel Levy has done some good things at Spurs but time for him to step down because he keeps getting major decisions wrong, the last few years he has made the following poor choices which has seen us move backwards:

1. Only signing Van der Vaart the season we qualified for Champions lLague when we needed a striker.
2. Allowing the signings of Saha and Nelsen when we were pushing for the league title.
3. Sacking Redknapp the season we finished fourth.
4. Hiring 'Technical Directors' that don't seem to bring anything to the club.
5. Not following through on long-term plans.
6. Sacking AVB when we were still in three cup competitions and only a few points off fourth.
7. Hiring a manager with no management experience
Matt, Woking

...I'm in no way defending Tim Sherwood as he hasn't a clue but the reason behind all this failure ultimately falls with Daniel Levy.

Our managers are not given the platform to succeed. Levy with Damian Comolli and Frank Arnesen and now with Baldini insists on appointing a Director of Football. We sign players with no consideration how they will fit a system ie Soldado for £26m to play a lone striker role in the PL. We buy players in positions we already have decent options ie £30m on Lamela when we have Lennon and Townsend from the right and we have no left midfielder.

Our most successful period in recent years fell under 'Arry who when took the job refused to work with a Director of Football, a decision you could tell from a rare Levy interview that he wasn't happen about but after two points from eight games he had to cave in. He could barely wait to get 'Arry out the door and back to his Director of Football idea again.

This is only apart of the problem at the club, along with a clueless manager, under-performing and uncommitted players etc but unless we get the first step on the ladder right then we don't have a platform to be successful.
Andrew Nicholl
PS Sack Baldini, appoint Van Gaal and give him full control #simples

Thank You John Terry
Absolutely bloody brilliant. That is why I love football, it doesn't get any better than a John Terry own goal to give you three points when everyone expected you to lose heavily. Priceless.

We deserved it as well, I'd love for Speroni to get a chance with Argentina, he has been worth countless points for us this season so surely must at least be worth the third-choice spot, not that I have extensive knowledge of Argentina's goalkeeping situation. With remaining fixtures against Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool I thought we'd have some say in the title race but that was just awesome.

And we were the first game on Match of the Day, probably for the first and last time for a while.

Benitez > Mourinho

Never mind Mourinho being a bigger failure than Wenger, Ted. What about versus last season's Di Matteo/Benitez effort? Third in the league (if the bookies are right), knocked out of the FA Cup by Man City and out of the League Cup by an unfancied Premier League team - that's the story for both domestic seasons. A run to the quarters of the Champions League is probably better/equal to a Europa League win, but after £100m+ on new players it's not much of a step forward if they lose to PSG, is it?
Shappo (yes yes, net spend is less if you include Mata sale etc etc)

Funny Stuff

Please thank Oscar THFC, Geneva for his hilarious Tactics Tim mailbox entry today.

He clearly tried really hard and it was really good.
Graeme, Glasgow

...Thanks to Oscar THFC for helping me to laugh through the pain. Genuinely the funniest mailbox missive I've ever read.
Seb Greenwood

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his is brilliant! All these years of moral ambiguity, grey areas of offence and context..now we have a simple, easy to follow guide to right and wrong. What did you do today? I kicked the face off a panda . Oh well, you didn't rape, kill anyone or abuse a minor, knock yourself champ.

megabrow (cufc)
Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


wonder if he'd feel the same way if he wasn't a white, non-jewish heterosexual male. Because Mackay has basically insulted everyone else!

Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


heers Harry. I was wondering if he'd murdered anyone

Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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'Just p*ss off with your righteous indignation will you. W*nkers.' There's a lot of anger going around for what should have been a sleepy Friday afternoon at F365 Towers...

Man United: One Game To Save Season

They have one match to convince decent players that they are worth joining - over to you, Louis. We also have mails on Malky Mackay, Mario Balotelli and Tim...

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