Rooney Might Not Be Better, But He's Matured

A sleepy Friday morning Mailbox, with thoughts on Wayne Rooney and Joey Barton, plus a staunce defence of Mourinho, Degsy's testicles and more...

Last Updated: 04/04/14 at 10:40

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I've Given It Some Thought: He's Got To Go

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There is some more considered reaction to Arsenal and Liverpool's results, plus a big get well soon message for Jonas Gutierrez. And an apology to Merse...

B**locks To That, I'm Going To Sit In The Shed

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Arsenal supporters given their understandable reaction to the debacle in Dortmund, whilst Liverpool fans weren't too impressed either. Still, at least they won...

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Responses To Our Legal Friend On Barton
Now I know A Lawyer passing judgement on Joey Barton, who passed judgement on Wayne Rooney, is very much kettle and pot territory but I'll sidestep that and just hit the nail on the head.

Since when did you need credentials to offer a subjective reckoning about an imaginary category of player which has no benchmark? You do know that Joey's comments haven't been written into law in any country, right?

Your "Appeal to authority" argument would potentially be palatable if world-class was actually defined somewhere or if subjective opinions actually held any sort of power over the matter. Neither do. Barton is a professional footballer (unfortunately) so he is well within his rights to pass judgement on a fellow professional footballer.

I'm not defending Barton, honestly it's nauseating to type his name, I'm defending a person's right to hold a subjective opinion. Without them no media would exist.

I had a good day, thanks by the way. Same to you.
Anthony Kane, Milan

...A short repost to "A Lawyer" from Thursday's Mailbox: If Joey Barton cannot comment on Wayne Rooney because he is a lesser player, where exactly does that leave each and every contributor to the Mailbox?
Ben (NOT a lawyer) Esche

..."A Lawyer" is talking through his a*se. There is no principle in law that prevents one person from forming an opinion over another especially in the context that he or she cites. Such an illogical argument using a wholly inappropriate principle can only mean that "A Lawyer" is either not a lawyer or not a very good one. I guess he is to the profession of lawyers what Tim Sherwood is to football managers - has no idea what he is doing.
A Lawyer in SA

This Guy Called Us Idiots...
Mr A Lawyer (or should that be A Notverygood Lawyer) is somewhat misguided when comparing the legal principle of delegation with that of critique.

While not wanting to condone the behaviour of J Barton, it is clear there is nothing in law that prevents a layman from analysing the performance of an expert. It has nothing whatsoever to do with delegation.

For example, in my youth I was a fairly mediocre Sunday league player but I'm happy to comment that W Rooney has failed to fulfilled his potential, is overpaid and is now past his sell by date. Furthermore his hair transplant looks silky (I'm not a fashionista either).

This is, of course, the entire basis of the press, who are, by-and-large, all idiots (current site withstanding).

...By Mistake
Yesterday I sent an email to F365 in which I mistakenly implied that the writers of the most excellent website were idiots. Unfortunately I missed the prefix "not" in an inappropriate place.

I can only offer my most humble apology. Henceforth I will refrain from sending emails when drunk, and will punish myself in such a way as to warrant publication as the Non-football Story of the Day.

On Barton And Rooney
Interesting stuff from Joey Barton. He does have a point of sorts, in that when Wayne Rooney was younger he was fitter and faster, and had a bigger, more direct impact it seems, bursting through defences on runs a la Euro 2004 before his foot injury.

However to be fair to Wayne, was that not when he was only really good for those attacking, lung bursting runs directly at the defence?

His overall football understanding and maturity has rounded out rather nicely, especially from the hothead of those younger days.

Perhaps if United had better CM's in the last decade Wayne wouldn't have cemented his inclinations to rabidly chase back for everything, even when he should rather remain in attacking positions for the team's sake.

As his club, since those very early, formative days, surely we also need to take something approaching some responsibility for his subsequent development.

Yes he must do things for himself like Ronaldo who was always given what he wanted, but don't suddenly let everyone forget that Wayne, who really was the next big English thing, was very quickly shunted out wide left/right for several of his first years to accommodate various other inclinations of Fergie's.

He did play well for us its true, but especially considering subsequent events, it's safe to say that we did NOT need Tevez, with Wayne then being forced out wide in his early 20's?!

Wayne should have had the faith put in him to lead that line, with Ronnie running it behind him, and if he just wasn't willing or able to meet those standards Fergie should have axed him, for the massive fee we would have got back then.

I also often forget that Wayne may have let his head drop a few times when he was younger, and should have been pushing on, and that United played a big role in that sad story.

Not that we ruined him in any way of course, I'm sure the medals and the endless millions will help him sleep at night, but he may have hoped to be leading the line by 21/22/23 when he signed for United is all I'm saying.
Manc in SA

Digging At Jose
Surely I'm not the only one who "gets" why Jose is castigating and criticising his squad (as mentioned frequently in yesterday afternoon's mailbox)?

Its not HIS squad is it? They're not HIS players.

I mean, all these creative players? It's a nonsense. At least he managed to ship out Mata and replace him with Matic. Step One completed eh?

All the "ridiculous defending" and badmouthing of strikers is one big message to Roman to open up his wallet again. We all know Jose needs to spend big to win. Jose knows he needs to spend big to win. So, all of this talk of 'little horses' and the like surely only has one purpose?

"Hello American Express? It's Roman, increase my limit by another £200m, my little pony wants to go shopping again...."
Tom (and if he doesn't get it he'll stamp his little feet...) Cheshire Gooner

People Still Love Mourinho
People are so reactionary these days. Jose Mourinho has clearly done an excellent job with Chelsea:

- Virtually every player has improved under Mourinho (even Torres, from a very low base). Hazard, Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta are all unrecognizable from last season. Oscar played excellently until cumulative fatigue caught up with him, Willian and Schurrle have improved

- The players still love him (read the press)

- He's masterminded a superb record against the top teams

- Due to a lack of a top-class centre forward, we've dropped games against defensive teams in games we've dominated. This looks likely to cost us the league this year, but will almost certainly be fixed next year

- He's made a series of excellent signings

As for burning his players in public - my reading of this is: 1) He's trying to encourage his young attackers to take more responsibility (Hazard, Oscar); 2) He's clearly decided that all 3 strikers (or at least Torres and Ba) are gone this summer - ergo, scapegoating them now protects the confidence of the other players; 3) Having called out the attackers at the weekend, he pretty much had to call out the defenders for a terrible mistake on Wednesday.

Chelsea lost to an excellent PSG team, who are one of the best teams in Europe. 2-1 defeat was a good result for Chelsea - PSG are an excellent side. 3-1 is a poor result. Last season we got knocked out in the group stages. People need to get some perspective. Here's a prediction - next season Chelsea will win the league and make the Champions League semi-final. I continue to believe that Mourinho really didn't want to win the league in his first season back - he saw the problem with setting expectations too high last time, and wants to stay for the long term this time.
Tim Colyer, Chelsea fan, London

The Way To Deal With Joey
Yesterday, I did not click on the 'Joey Barton said some things' story. Yesterday was a good day.

I hope that today I also have the strength not to read what Joey Barton has to say.
Jeremy Aves

Singed, But Back
If Degsy did stay true to his word and grilled his gonads in a George Foreman, I guess Cheeky Punt won't be appearing on F365 anymore.

Why Degsy why??

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I've Given It Some Thought: He's Got To Go

There is some more considered reaction to Arsenal and Liverpool's results, plus a big get well soon message for Jonas Gutierrez. And an apology to Merse...

B**locks To That, I'm Going To Sit In The Shed

Arsenal supporters given their understandable reaction to the debacle in Dortmund, whilst Liverpool fans weren't too impressed either. Still, at least they won...

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