Suddenly Everyone's Praising Jose Again

The morning mailbox praises Jose Mourinho for masterminding Chelsea's victory over PSG, while there are also mails on Liverpool's title race and Arsenal's transfer targets...

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Be Careful What You Wish For, Gooners

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That's the message from a Man United fan in the mailbox. Plus, thoughts on Paul Lambert's new contract, the Alan Pardew dilemma at Newcastle and lots more...

No, Wenger IS To Blame For Failure...

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The backlash to the backlash to the backlash sees Arsene Wenger getting a good kicking while we also have mails on Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and lots more...

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You know what to do: Mail

We Don't Dare
Can someone please ask Zlatan who he wants to win the Champions League final?
Sweeters CFC

Jose The New Fergie
I can't believe it. He's done it again. After that match there is only one thing I can say: Jose is the new Sir Alex Ferguson.

Time to rinse my mouth with Listerine.
Lorenzo Royle, MUFC

Or Is He Better Than Fergie?
The images of Chelsea's late winner last night will be burnt into my long-term memory. Jose rootling through a pile of players was like watching a sharp elbowed shopper in the January sales frantically looking for the right-sized jumper.

But also it highlighted how he keeps cool under pressure, as he used the opportunity to instruct his players and change his defensive formations for the last few minutes. Compare and contrast to the Nani sending off barely a year ago against Real Madrid, when Ferguson slipped into fan mode and wasted 10 minutes ranting at the officials when he should have changed his defensive formation.
Giovanni Coletta

Definitely Better Than Wenger
As an Arsenal supporter it pains me to write this mail...but I can sum up the difference between Mourinho & Wenger with two player quotes:

John Terry after the game last night (paraphrased): "The manager has had us working on different game plans for every possible score we always knew what we had to do".

Cesc Fabregas after being at Barca for half a season: "When I joined Barca from Arsenal I started to learn about tactics".

This is why in 11 meetings a Wenger side has never beaten a Mourinho side. There may be little between the players of the two sides in ability but there is a gulf in tactical awareness and planning. The managers of the other top sides can see it too and it is why they can brush Arsenal aside. Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea's collective teams are not three to six goals a game better than Arsenal's. Wenger has simply been found out.

I would love Arsenal to win the FA Cup and finish 4th so that Wenger may leave with his head held high. He deserves that.

It is time for a change but my biggest fear is that the choice of replacement is going to be made by Kroenke/Gazidis...clearly good businessmen but gentlemen who have as much knowledge about football as I have about the workings of the female mind! This is why there a still a large proportion of fans happy to stick with Wenger..."better the devil you know"!

This summer will be Arsenal's one opportunity to entice Klopp...if they don't, United will next year! Chris (wasn't Wenger upset with Rooney when he said Arsenal will collapse in March?) Charteris

Playing It Cool
Not sure what all the fuss is about ?

It's April. It's a European game. Chelsea go though. It's what we do.

The last 3 seasons have cost me a fortune in travel and tickets. Arsenal fans don't realise how lucky they are, by not having to spend out on all this travelling, match tickets and beers.
Neil (how good was Cahill ? play like that in Brazil and we may not lose too heavily!) Surrey.

Are Liverpool The Real Winners?
Chelsea play in the Semis of the Champions league either side of the show down at Anfield and Eden Hazard could be out injured.

I'm surprised Brendan Rogers didn't come out of nowhere and run down the touchline after Jose.
Liam, LFC, Toronto

Match Analysis
* Ever since our 0-1 loss to Inter in 2010, I made it a point to never watch our quarter finals owing to bad omen.. After a frantic mental struggle I decided last night was the day to beak the jinx...

* My jinx breaking was not helped by our opening 20 minutes at all.. Having witnessed Hazard off, I feared the worst to begin with..

* Enter a certain German and the whole dynamics of the game changed.. PSG just could not cope with our direct play (the running by Schurrle and Willian) and it was then a question of when rather than if..

* David luiz played a magnificient match.. Possibly the best Chelsea (and arguably the best) player on the pitch last evening.. Winning balls, passing, through balls, aggression... That he bossed the midfield being the only midfielder on the pitch best explains his role! I wonder why he often activates his other mode that self destructs everyone!

* It was also sad to see age catching up with Lamps.. He was good but 3-4 years back he'd have been more immense and maybe we may have won the game earlier than later... Another last season on the fringe before the great man calls it quits?

* Now thoughts on PSG, what was Blanc thinking? For all his "we're here to impose our play" all they did even during the opening minutes was to pass it back and forth (sterile possession).. Sterile possession is a dangerous tactic unless you're a team like Barca playing 1-0 up..

* Their tactics played into our hands.. As the game wore on their mentality also changed and despite their best attempts the mindset of dropping deep could not be changed and that was exactly what led to their doom..

* This does not take away the awesomeness that is Jose. So much planning and throw it at 'em during the closing minutes! He is truly the man!

* I would now happily take any one of United/Bayern or Barca (better win).. I dread facing both the Madrid sides (intuitive feeling).
Aravind, CFC (my jinx is finally broken), Chennai

Another Cracker
What. A. Game.

No, not Chelsea (although I'm sure that was also dramatic) but Dortmund's heroic 90 minute assault on the Real Madrid goal. A cliché I know, but at times it genuinely seemed like the fabled Yellow Wall was sucking the ball towards the goal.

With a side crippled by injuries, and which is sure to break up even further over the summer, it felt like the last hurrah of what has been a wonderful team to watch. Mats Hummels was unreal and will surely move on now. Lewandowski and Reus seemed to be everywhere.

Alas, it will always be now what might have been. But if you're going to depart the European elite scene for a while, what a way to go out.
Mark (Saint Iker Lives!), Watford

Congrats To Burnley
I'm a United fan but I would like to say what a quite magnificent job Sean Dyche has done at Burnley, with a core of 18 players he has taken on cash rich clubs like QPR and beaten them, under massive financial constraints and having just sold Charlie Austin to QPR he has managed to take an unfashionable North West club to the brink of automatic qualification to the Premier League. The last few games have been a lot harder for Burnley missing their main striking duo Danny Ings and Sam Volkes yet still managing to stay in touch with rich boys Leicester. So can I just say well done Sean Dyche and Burnley, welcome back to big School.
Paul Murphy

Eto'o To Arsenal?
Realistic Targets:
I'd like to see actual holes filled and no repeats(where's the fun in that?). So my choices may be unrealistic wages-wise (and Wenger-wise) but here goes...

Freebie from the League: Eto'o
Unless he signs for Mallorca for the sake of his son, can't see why he would turn us down. Chelsea are gonna have Lukaku back, and the repulsive one has been flashing leg at Falcao and others, so an extension seems unlikely. We should have a chance, if Wenger sees the benefit of having him in the squad. We'll still need another striker, mind.

Freebie from outside of England: Pirlo, Pirlo and Pirlo
Fantastic beard. Immense experience combined with a metronomic passing ability. Magnificent facial hair and set-pieces that remind me of Charlize Theron. Juventus would be stupid to make the same mistake Milan made. He's one of those players a club shouldn't risk losing until they actually start stinking the place up. Did I mention that beard?

Relegated Cheap one: Mulumbu
Not exactly spoilt for choice here, but Mulumbu's decent and has a good tackle in him. Moreover, the occasional crucial goal is not a bad thing. Would take him as a 3rd choice DM(we still need a quality player here as well).
Girish(you play Smalling and have the gonads to call Sagna semi-decent?), AFC, Chennai

...First up, Samuel Eto'o. Our striker woes have been well documented this season, so inserting a premier goalscorer would make a great deal of sense. We probably can't pay him as much though. Don't really see this happening, but I'm not keen on the rest of the freebies from our direct rivals.

Since Eto'o probably won't come, I'm going with a striker from abroad. Bafetimbi Gomis would provide us with much power upfront. Plus he's French, so he's more likely to come assuming Arsene remains in charge.

From the bottom of the table, I would take Brede Hangeland. He's not young by any means and he's not been in top form this season, but I still see signs of the excellent defender we were constantly linked with from a while back. With Vermaelen likely to leave this summer, Hangeland could give us much depth, at least until we uncover the next French U-16 defender touted as the next 'Desailly'.

One last thing. Sagna is 'semi-decent'? Really, ThaiWolf? Sagna wouldn't be giving Rafael a kick up the arse, unless it was to kick Rafael to a permanent spot on the bench. Sagna would be a definite starter for any English team with the exception of Chelsea and Man City, so I'm hoping that we somehow convince him to stay on at least for another two years.
Aaron, Singaporean Gooner

The Horror
Imagine this scenario for Liverpool fans:

The title race goes to the wire at the last day of the season. Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea are still in contention to win the trophy. Liverpool in pole position, but they still need a win...

As we approach the 90th minute, Manchester City are leading West Ham 3-0. Chelsea are destroying Cardiff 4-0. But at Anfield, Liverpool are drawing Newcastle 1-1. But suddenly, Luis Suarez does the trick that earn his side a penalty.

Step forward, Steven Gerrard. He only missed one penalty all season. And suddenly, he sends the ball to the last row of The Kop End. The game finishes 1-1. Manchester City are champions.

I just can't imagine the heartbreak. Gerrard cries. Anfield sobs. Scenes.
Vincentius (this is too cruel), Newcastle upon Tyne

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Be Careful What You Wish For, Gooners

That's the message from a Man United fan in the mailbox. Plus, thoughts on Paul Lambert's new contract, the Alan Pardew dilemma at Newcastle and lots more...

No, Wenger IS To Blame For Failure...

The backlash to the backlash to the backlash sees Arsene Wenger getting a good kicking while we also have mails on Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and lots more...

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