Let's Not Forget Jose Got It Wrong In Paris

A sleepy Mailbox that contains reaction to the reaction on Jose Mourinho, plus some richly deserved credit for Swansea's chairman. Plus, did Valerien Ismael marry a dog..?

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Why Doesn't Rodgers Play Borini?

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One Liverpool supporter thinks this could be Fabio Borini's year, whilst we also have thoughts on the Red Bulls, Welbeck vs Gervinho and Paul Lambert's new deal...

Could Arsenal Benefit From Top Four Exit?

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That's one idea in the morning mailbox as the Arsene Wenger debate rumbles on. Plus, comparing Welbeck to Gervinho and some advice for Greg Dyke and the FA...

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Stop Creaming Over Jose
So Jose sets his team up to be patient, strong at the back and counter with speed. Pretty much his (boring) default. Then into the last 15 minutes of the game where Chelsea need a goal, he throws on the big men and instructs his players to rain down hail mary's into the PSG box hoping that someone's elbow or backside might divert the ball into the net. And this is why he considered the 'special one'.

I'm beginning to think Fat Sam might be onto something when he claims tactical nous and parity with the 'best'.
Sean (LFC)

...Playing devils advocate to the inevitable guff about Mourinho 'getting it right' last night, need i remind everyone he got it completely wrong in Paris a week ago? A better result last week and he wouldn't have needed three or four contingency plans.

We were on our way out with 5 minutes to go, and relied on some slack defending for both goals. Blanc obviously learnt nothing last week because he seemed to copy Mourinho's standard away tactic of settling for 0-0. When a team doesn't play to win, they deserve to lose.

It might sound preposterous complaining but we've won the thing already and it would be nice to win something playing attractive and positive football again.
Luke Sheppey, North London

...I think Sarah Winterburn and a few mailboxers are getting a bit carried away with Terry's comments about Mourinho having a plan for every situation in yesterdays match. Now i think Mourinho is an excellent manager and very tactically astute, I also don't know what is said by every other managers in the way of tactics, however, can everyone stop acting like Mourinho is the first manage ever to come up with different tactics for different game situations, it's pretty basic stuff. Mourinho is lauded rightly so for being an excellent manager but it's pathetic to act like he is a genius for doing the very basic expected of a manager in the 2nd leg of a tie.
Henry M

...With all the talk of Mourinho's mind games and general tom foolery acting as a protective barrier against criticism of his Chelsea boys, I can't help thinking that his antics are nothing more than that of a self centred narcissist, who sees the process of football management as one big stage to showcase the 'Mourinho Saga'. From his side show bolt-esque gallop down the touchline tearing players of the human pyramid that lay at the corner flag after Ba's late goal, to his scolding of the Crystal Palace ball boy.

The ball boy situation itself shows how Mourinho can be the architect of his own misfortune, stating that he intervened in case 'Azpi' lost it and punched the kid. That coupled with his criticism of his own players, particularly his strike force shows nothing more than a man who has become just as obsessed with the Mou show as the Media. There's no doubt that when Mourinho first arrived he was the special one but somewhere along the way he became less special and more self indulgent.
Jason, MUFC, Dublin

We Suspect She Is From Alsace In France
After reading about Valerian Ismael in the article on Palace decided I'd look him up on Wikipedia to see what he was up to now.Now intrigued about his first wife:

'Valerien Ismael is married to his German wife Karolina. From his first marriage, with an Alsatian, he has a son.'

By Jaysus

Very, Very True
What really pleased me last night about the Chelsea match, was the re-emergence of John Terry.

After he rested himself from post-match interview duties after the last two disappointing Premier League results, letting Gary Cahill have a go at answering the questions, it was good to see him facing up to the cameras after a brilliant win for the club......... what a captain, what a man.

Credit To Huw Jenkins
With everyone raving on (rightly so) about the magnificent jobs that Rodgers at Liverpool and Martinez at Everton are doing, can I just give a shout out to Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins.

Roberto had no managerial experience whatsoever when Jenkins gave his former Swansea captain a go at the helm.

Brendan had two quick, very unsuccessful stints at Watford and Reading when Jenkins again brought out his crystal ball and gave him a shot.

Not exactly like going for Klopp or Guardiola, is it?

Roberto and Brendan are now two of the brightest young managerial talents in Europe and have moved their new clubs to levels not seen in a long time, but some credit for this needs to go to Jenkins and the Swansea board.

Laudrup was also a great success but in fairness, that wasn't quite so much of a shock.
Jack Basta, SCFC (sadly, the crystal ball looks like it might be a bit broken at the moment)

Trivia Question
We could quite possibly have a Champions League semi-finals line-up of Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern & Barca. That's Mourinho's current club and one of his old ones and Guardiola's current club and his old one. Has there ever been a semi-final line-up, in any competition, where all four teams had been managed, at some point, by the manager of one of them?
Mort Snort, Saints

Skipping Ropes
Thanks a bunch Mediawatch. Having revealed the name of the surgeon who operated on Mr Sexy-Rope-Time, you caused me to snort and get a Quaver lodged in the flappy bit between my nose and throat.

This meant I spent the next 20 minutes in a busy office making a 'hhgggnnnah' sound to dislodge it. In future can we have some sort of 'snort warning' please.
Paul, (I should be thankful I wasn't eating skips) Newcastle

Thank You Chelsea, From Us All
Chelsea should get an award from the Premier League in recognition for pretty much single handily ensuring for league continues to get 4 slots in the comp every year.
Adam T

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Why Doesn't Rodgers Play Borini?

One Liverpool supporter thinks this could be Fabio Borini's year, whilst we also have thoughts on the Red Bulls, Welbeck vs Gervinho and Paul Lambert's new deal...

Could Arsenal Benefit From Top Four Exit?

That's one idea in the morning mailbox as the Arsene Wenger debate rumbles on. Plus, comparing Welbeck to Gervinho and some advice for Greg Dyke and the FA...

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