Now Isn't The Time For Sentiment At United

A belting Mailbox. One United fan believes it is good the older players are being moved on, whilst we have thoughts on Sherwood, FFP and La Liga and the real Ronaldo...

Last Updated: 14/05/14 at 09:37

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'Goals Like That Can Make You Pregnant'

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Those being sniffy about Erik Lamela's rabona are given short shrift in the afternoon mailbox, where criticism of Brendan Rodgers is smashed out of the park...

Does David De Gea Need Competition?

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It would certainly be a good idea to give Victor Valdes a contract, while we have more mails on Brendan Rodgers, Arsene Wenger, the rabona and mailbox gripes...

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No Place For Rio Sentiment
While Rio and Vidic and have been the best centre half pairing I think for United in my lifetime, this includes the Bruce, Pallister era, it's good to see the club is taking a firm stance and starting a new era. Rio had this coming with his behaviour towards Moyes I reckon.

At United there is far too much sentiment going on, the rest of the coaching staff (the class of 92) are upset that old Nev has been let go, but it's refreshing to see dear old Ed Woodward has strapped on his big balls and started making some unpopular decisions. Especially after the catastrophe he let David Moyes take the blame for last summer.

The trouble with having all the ex-players as coaches, and keeping players on who are well past their prime because they've given good service, is the club can only go backwards.

There is no place for sentiment in a business that wants to go forward.
Yes they've played under Fergie so know the "United way," but as all the other ex United managers have proven, this doesn't mean you can bring the same success. That's like saying you've played with Lionel Messi therefore I should be as good as him. Ridiculous.

Obviously we should be grateful for what they have offered but if you live in the past too much, you stay in the past. I'm happy the board are finally making some decisions that will see the club move forward, even if it means our legends aren't a part of it, I'm all for it.
Phill Thomas

Relieved To See Tim Leave
So, Tim has gone and I can truly say that he won't soon be forgotten. The tantrums, the ego, the forthrightness and the general fanfaronade won't be dispelled from the memory banks with ease. And despite being one of his chief detractors I don't take joy in anyone losing their job; but I'm consoled by the fact that the opportunity Tim had to manage a Premier League club will stand him in good stead when applying for another role which he is still under-qualified for.

As such I'm relieved Tim's gone but not happy. And what I'm most upset about isn't Daniel Levy's ever-increasingly egotistical and narcissistic attempts at playing Football Manager with our club, or even the predictable abuse that we face from fellow fans.

It's the fact that I'm going to have to observe Jamie Redknapp attempting to be a professional journalist by hiding his personal bias and distaste for all things Spurs since they sacked his daddy. And now they've sacked his best mate it'll be even worse. Curse us for not seeing the talent and potential of 'real' football men. And Jamie is going to be backed up by every member of the Sky Golf Club - sorry, Soccer Saturday fraternity - who seem to have lost the ability to recognise that whilst they have under-performed the only player of our 7 signings that has been a complete failure so far is Soldado. None of the others have been given either enough playing time or been considered good enough by Tim, and to a lesser event AVB.

How can you justify picking Aaron Lennon as consistently as Tim did? Bentaleb better than Sandro? Or Capoue? **** off. And Lamela hasn't even played this season in the grand scheme of things. I'd bet my Sky Sports subscription that if given the chance, all of them - especially Lamela - will more than prove their worth. But Jamie and his chums who don't seem to have awareness of anything resembling the game of football beyond the shores of 'the best league in the world' haven't got time for that.

They'll tell us Tim wasn't given enough time even though he knew what he was signing up for. We'll be told that it's a tragedy that English managers aren't being given a chance at the highest level and maybe that's true. But maybe those of us who weren't blessed with enough skill to play the game at the highest level are still perceptive enough to know that if you have a manager who is devoid of the slightest notion of tactics, who seemed determined to prove that the £100million outlay was misspent and that he could not and would not learn the art of tact and diplomacy, thus causing consistent embarrassment to his club and their admittedly autocratic Chairman then as sure as Phil Thomson's is incapable of finishing a sentence, then that manager is going to be fired.

No amount of jingoistic tub-thumping from the Golf Club or the massed ranks of Ashton, Custis or Samuel will change this. If you give a monkey a suit to wear, it's still a monkey.
Henry Annafi, THFC

Who Next For Spurs?
Sarah Winterburn's piece on the Timinator was spot on. He knew he didn't have the job long term and he made a good enough fist of it to get himself employment elsewhere soon enough. But he was also a moron. And Tottenham are a club with enough gravitas to not continue with a moron at the helm for very long. (Insert your own 'levy is a moron so...' gag here).

So who next...

Van Gaal - Oh no hang on he's lined up elsewhere isn't he... Can't help feeling we missed the boat there.

Pochetino - Spurs have never taken well to managers with a poor grasp of the language... Ramos is my evidence. He's ok, but doesn't get the pulse racing. Decent job at Southampton, but really unsure.

De Boer - Now here's a man I can get behind. Young, forward thinking, dashingly handsome and about as likely to wear a gilet as Pulis is to put a suit on on the touchline. He talks of wanting to make a difference to a club, to leave his mark. Spurs is a club in need of restructuring. We need someone like de boer to lead us to the promised land. Plus he knows how to use Eriksen.

My mate joked today that Pardew could get the Spurs job. Another suggested Moyes. Both made me want to pickle my own testicles and serve them to my mother-in-law. If spurs want to progress, then we should go balls out for De Boer. No one else will get me excited. But if he does get it, I shall start next season with a level of optimism previously unreached by a lilywhite. And we spurs fans are always optimistic.
Jim Bags, Bedfordshire

FFP And La Liga
Although it has already been established that clubs breaking the FFP rules will face no significant punishment, which pretty much renders the whole implementation redundant, I was wondering people's views on how this would have ever been viable in terms of the situation in La Liga?

The unequal allocation of TV money to Barcelona and Real Madrid surely gives them a huge advantage in terms of revenue compared to other teams in Europe, so why have the vacuous morons at FIFA not stepped in to address this situation as they (supposedly) want a more even playing field?

They have singled out the sponsorship deals at City and PSG as going against whatever rules they pulled out of their arses, but every club in Spain, bar 2, are getting shafted year after year and this is somehow acceptable?

How long will it be before the other clubs in Spain get together and realize that without their participation, there is no league? I just think they need to move quickly before the big 2 get Atleti on side and give them a larger share of the revenue in order to maintain the status quo.

Any thoughts? Anyone care?
Jim, Bali

Why We Don't Hate City
Myself and my brother, both life-long Coventry City fans, were both cheering on City in the title run in and generally (and I'm not claiming this as being on scientific evidence) most fans of other clubs (with the odd exception) that I know do not have any real animosity to Man City.

I believe there are several reasons for this.

Firstly a lot of fans know that Man City are a club that have been on their uppers for a very long time. So much so that the very name had become a by word for comedic cock ups. And the vast majority of fans can relate to that (whilst also clinging to the vain hope that this might also happen to their own clubs, although FFP has killed that dream).

Secondly, despite their new found success and fortune, there is still a connection between the fans and the club. You can see that with the pitch invasion after the game on Sunday, and previously against QPR, there was no hysterical over reaction from the stewards and the players seemed to enjoy it as did the supporters. At the moment the majority of their support is from Manchester. Now, we all know in 10 years-time this will change, as City will suddenly have fans from all over the world and the match day experience will become increasingly corporate, but at the moment the City fans are loving every minute of it and who can blame them.

Thirdly, having seen them live under the enormous shadow cast by their neighbours a lot of fans are enjoying seeing them have their day in the sun, couple that with the disaster that was David Moyes and you would have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy this moment of Schadenfreude.

Of course over time, the more successful they become the more hated they will be, what was novel and fun will become common place and tiresome, but at the moment City are enjoying in a lot of goodwill from supporters of a lot of clubs.

Hopes And Worries
I tried to think of something positive to think about during the summer for everyone... And something to worry about for those inclined to worry! I tried to keep it brief in order to get published!

Manchester City
- Things to look forward do... Another championship, some exciting signings and a good champion's league run.
- Worries... Financial fair play and media criticism of (perceived) slow CL progression if they don't do well.

- CL football!
- Keeping Suarez, repeating this season and Rogers's record in the transfer market.

- A striker and challenging for everything!
- Mourinho. Always the most entertaining thing about his sides Mourinho appears to have lost his roguish charm. Without success you might want to take a break!

- A squad that genuinely feels like it's on the up and another chance to challenge for the league.
- It always goes t*ts up come spring.

- Another season of Martinez, Barkley and Stones.
- How do they replace the loan players and can they keep Martinez?

Tottenham Hotspur
- What can a very good manager do with such a good squad... 4th place!
- United will snatch van Gaal and instead of a manager with the record to guarantee time you will get someone Levy can sack as soon as he loses his bottle.

Manchester United
- Plenty of new players and a manager who can handle the job.
- What if it doesn't get better!

- Another season of love and more players coming through.
- Who are they going to lose in the summer?

Stoke City
- A season of mid table obscurity and more televised games (they play "good" football now don't cha know).
- A season of mid table obscurity.

Newcastle United
- Another season of advertising Sports Direct for free and a couple of new players... Ashley can't be sure of survival next season with the current squad.
- How do you replace Cabaye?

Crystal Palace
- What can Pulis do next!
- Maybe the good football will dry up as Pulis brings his own players in.

Swansea City
- Another season in the Prem, and avoiding a relegation battle.
- Can they keep Bony?

West Ham United
- Another year of stagnation while the owners kill time before they can move to the Olympic stadium and sell the club.
- Big Sam staying.... Nolan and Carroll doing karaoke in East end boozers.

- Performing next season the way they finished this.
- That the end of season form was a blip and they spend another season in the relegation zone.

Aston Villa
- A new owner.
- Not being able to find an owner.

Hull City
- Mid table obscurity with stoke.
- The end of season slump carrying on next season.

West Bromwich Albion
- The Wolves game! Oh wait you stayed up... Erm... 2 new managers.
- Relegation
Seb (the 1% that always did say Frank Lampard)

Not Going To The World Cup X (And Curtis Davies)
GK: Willy Cabellero (Argentina, Malaga)
RB: Phil Neville (England, Manchester United) [Actually, Arbeloa]
CB: Miranda (Brazil, Atletico Madrid - May win National League, CL finalist)
CB: Curtis Davies (England, Hull City (Tigers))
LB: Ashley Cole (England, Chelsea)
CM: Adrien (Portugal, Sporting)
CM: Gundogen (Germany, Borussia Dortmund)
LW: Gaitan (Argentina, Benfica - Won National League)
CAM: Pastore (Argentina, PSG - Won National League)
RW: Nasri (France, Manchester City - Won National League)
CF: Tevez (Argentina, Juventus - Won National League)
M. (Quarter finals at least) Yass

Huzzah, Phil Neville Captain
Right so with all the world cup squad announced. What's the best team of world cup squad rejects

GK Valdes
RB Arbeloa
CB Miranda
CB Phil Neville (c)
LB Cole
M Nasri
M Coutinho
M Carrick
F Kaka
F Tevez
F Ronaldinho

I think this team would have a solid chance of winning the tournament. Can anyone come up with any better?
Simon P, Dublin

Ronaldo's Surprisingly Young
Slightly off topic but I just watched a video showcasing both of the Ronaldo's. There was some good stuff in there from Ronaldo at the end of his career so I looked him up to try and find some more, I was quite shocked to see he's only 37 now. That would make him 30 when he was playing for AC Milan and considered past it. I thought he was one of the legends of back in the day but really he should have been a legend of much more recent times.

Not sure what you're supposed to do with that information but I just wanted to express my disappointment that I didn't get to see more of his top level performances.
Silvio Dante

In response to Tom, Manchester slating Everton's stats - seeing as Tom is a scientist, perhaps he can explain how Everton managed to get 5 points off Utd?

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Rodgers: No defence coach

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'Goals Like That Can Make You Pregnant'

Those being sniffy about Erik Lamela's rabona are given short shrift in the afternoon mailbox, where criticism of Brendan Rodgers is smashed out of the park...

Does David De Gea Need Competition?

It would certainly be a good idea to give Victor Valdes a contract, while we have more mails on Brendan Rodgers, Arsene Wenger, the rabona and mailbox gripes...

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