Not Convinced By Liverpool's Transfer Plans

'Give us big names, not Englishmen' is the call in the mailbox as Liverpool close in on Rickie Lambert and continue to chase Adam Lallana. Plus, thoughts on Paul Scholes...

Last Updated: 30/05/14 at 10:55

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A Detailed Defence Of Alex Song And...

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...lots more in a mailbox that takes in Manuel Pellegrini's woes, Steven Gerrard's future, Carlo Ancelotti, Alan Pardew and Alan Pardew's daughter. A fine read...

Is Ancelotti A Better Boss Than Mourinho?

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That's one shout in the mailbox, although not as controversial as the mail imploring Jose Mourinho to sign Steven Gerrard in January so he can win the title he deserves...

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Scholes: Bottler
Paul Scholes seems to have an axe to grind. First he said Wilshere had regressed; now he thinks Jordan Henderson is the man to start in England's midfield? Wilshere has played Champions League football, held his own against the likes of Barcelona and Brazil, played in a trophy winning team and scored one of the goals of the season whilst Henderson has run about a bit against solely English opposition and generally not been awful. Am I missing something here? Does anybody else think Henderson wouldn't get found out against Italy or another top international side?

I, in the meantime, have come to the conclusion that Scholes can f*** off. He bottled his England career, bottled interviews for the last 20 years, and bottled retirement.
Jonathan Jones
PS Ferguson thinks Henderson runs funny as well.

...Dear Mr Scholes,

In recent weeks you have told us that Wilshere isn't getting any better, and that Rooney may have already peaked.

Next you'll be telling us that Roy is a mid-level manager at best, Gerrard's legs have gone and that Cahill and Jags are no match for Suarez.

Its two weeks before the world cup starts. Can you not let me and the rest of us dare to dream for a little while ? It's a time where we can all hope we have a chance, before the reality of the situation kicks in and we are embarrased once again.

If I wanted the truth I'd watch the news instead.

For f*cks sake.
Tom, London

...I guess we now know why Paul Scholes might not be in Van Gaal's plans for his coaching staff. If England play like Liverpool they have a chance of winning the World Cup. Really? I might agree with the Ginger Great if this were 2018 and the World Cup were in Russia, but if any team attempt to do what Liverpool did last season in a climate like Brazil, they will be punished by any team smart enough to sit back and absorb pressure until the second half. Hell, it might not even take that long for England's legs to give.

Also, keep quiet on Yaya embarrassing himself and how United are unique and "you can't remember anything like that happening" at your great club. Wayne acts like a t*t almost daily.
Niall, Denver

Good Plan
Lallana to Liverpool and this troublesome 25% sell on clause. Seeing as Liverpool are apparently also negotiating a deal for Rickie Lambert could they not get around this by agreeing say a £4m sale of Lallana to Liverpool conditional upon a £26m deal for Lambert?

Liverpool get their players and Southampton get their £29m once everything is settled, everyone is happy. A little underhand maybe but is there any reason why this couldn't happen? As Lambert will presumably get a shorter contract it would be slightly more expensive in the short term FFP wise but surely this would be manageable?
Jon Gibson LFC (a heart warming tale of two clubs cooperating to screw the little guy)

Not Convinced
I wonder about Livepool's ability to become one of the world's top sides, when their transfer activity questionable at best, year after year. This ridiculous plan to sign Adam Lallana at something close to 30m is another disaster waiting to happen. He's just had a good season, but how good is he really? The bloke was in League 1 a minute ago, was he just laughably talented at that level and somehow everyone failed to notice? No, he was there because he was a League 1 grade player, and now he's played out of his skin for 12 months Saints are preparing themselves for the deal of the century should they pull it off.

There are some genuinely class attacking midfielders out there, like Pogba, Lavezzi, Shaquiri.....Any of whom we should now be looking at rather than Lallana. Let Spurs have the charlatan.

I don't care he's English. I want good players.
Daniel Benvenuto

Everton? Anyone?
The last two days I've read articles from utd and spurs fans talking about next seasons top 6, and what teams are in their way. Neither article mentioned Everton once. Y'know the team that finished above them both with 72 points in Spanish Bobs first season. Why the assumption you'll change that?
Ian, Cardiff

Sakho Can Pass
I seem to hear everywhere that Mamadou Sakho is poor in possession and looks awkward when passing. He may look awkward, but it doesn't change the fact that he's actually Liverpool's most accurate passer (except for Jordon Ibe who has only attempted and completed eight). His pass accuracy is 92.5%, and "passing" being listed as a "very strong" attribute of his on WhoScored (Here's a link:

Yes stats in football are flawed but surely proving that his passes reach a teammate more than anyone else's is more powerful than saying he looks funny and sometimes falls over when he passes.
Ben, Southport

Pointless Loans
I am writing after hearing that Suso might be used as part of the deal for Moreno by going on loan to Sevilla and it made me think of one of my pet hates for teams who are loaning players out. When getting a young player in from abroad I think that a loan should have two priorities to get the most out of them. Giving a young player first team football opportunities is important but I think getting a player used to the English style of play is equally important. Speaking as a Liverpool fan, they seem to make the mistake quite a lot.

Taking for example Ilori who spent the season in Spain at Granada. While he did well there and played regularly, I think that it would have been more beneficial for Liverpool and the players development if he got sent to the Championship where the game is more physical. Keeping them living in Britain and getting them further used to the culture could only be a good thing as well. We saw with Borini this year how far he progressed with a season at Sunderland and will (hopefully) be a quality squad player to have for the season with more games to be played.
Kieran, Cork

Moyes To Celtic
David Moyes to Southampton? No, no, no.

Personally I think Celtic would be his best bet. It's where he started his professional career and I would think Moyes would prefer to escape the glare of Premiership football for a while yet.

Also you would have to be approaching the worst manager in history not to be able to land the Scottish title with Rangers still a year away from retaking their place in the top tier when normal service will be resumed no doubt.

Rangers will no doubt offer a sterner test and Celtic will be far better equipped to rise to the challenge if Moyes has a season under his belt and landed his first silverware.

Also at Everton Moyes proved he is extremely adept at making the most of relatively meagre resources and came within a whisker of actually getting Everton into the champions league. I think an organised Celtic may just surprise a few people in Europe's premier competition and restore Moyes' managerial reputation in the process.

He's always conducted himself in a dignified manner so I for one wish him all the best.
Graham Simons

All these mails about knowing footballers reminded me of my own divine experience. Imagine being a Villa fan who had moved to Sheffield. Stood in the queue one morning in my local newsagent I suddenly realised the guy in front of me was God.

Playing out his final games at Bramall Lane, dodgy knees meant his warm up was two stretches. I remember being at a match where he actually got into the opposition half and rightly received a standing ovation.

Anyway, I digress. So there he is, a mere foot in front of me. First thought, he's a bit shorter than I thought he would be. Second, what do I do?

Option 1. Reach out and touch him in the hope that I absorb some talent. No, too creepy.
Option 2. Shout "Oo-ar it's..." in the hope he finishes his own chant. No, too arseholic.
Option 3. Smile and nod and receive acknowledgement of return nod.

Turns out after option 3 I played the best football of my life. For a week. Imagine what would have happened if I had touched him!
Rob, (Paul McGrath for those too young to know better) Sweden

No, No, No
Lampard to Liverpool is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever read on these pages. This is the perfect time to bring in a youngster who can be gradually eased in with the intention of being a long term replacement, learning from Gerrard, giving him a break every now and then and even occasionally playing alongside him.

Instead you want to bring in someone who has no experience of playing the same role, was deemed not good enough for an inferior side last season, and who would demand around £6m for a year's contract (which would work out at about £100k per Premier League minute).

This country.
Jon Gibson LFC

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s that Subbuteo's Shaun Wright-Phillips? Crikey, I thought he'd retired. Although I guess 'Only' QPR is like a retirement home.

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an we release him in January?

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xcellent! Not sure if he is any good as a manager (never thought about it) but the 'headbutt in the technical area' and what he said to Pelligrini were just brilliant, it was as if he was trying to recreate the end of the Alan Partridge Xmas special when Alan punched a man in a wheelchair and verbally abused Tony Heirs.

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A Detailed Defence Of Alex Song And...

...lots more in a mailbox that takes in Manuel Pellegrini's woes, Steven Gerrard's future, Carlo Ancelotti, Alan Pardew and Alan Pardew's daughter. A fine read...

Is Ancelotti A Better Boss Than Mourinho?

That's one shout in the mailbox, although not as controversial as the mail imploring Jose Mourinho to sign Steven Gerrard in January so he can win the title he deserves...

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