It's The Suarez And Sturridge Mailbox...

We battled through hundreds of e-mails on Luis Suarez to bring you a selection from those who are disgusted and those who are amused. Plus, poor Daniel Sturridge...

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svennein says...

Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Luis Suarez! The man is awesomely funny, and awesomely good at football, a shame people won't recognise him in the same league as Messi, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, etc due to the bitey stuff but awfully entertaining. Hope he stays at Liverpool to score the goals he'll get next season, City, Arsenal, United, Chelsea, Madrid, Bayern, Barca, PSG etc would all take him but I'd rather here pious noises from their fans about how he should have received a life ban when he takes to the field against them rather than fret about the destruction his twinkling toes and sharp teeth might do to our defence instead. Bring on another taste of the league and champions league! Hopefully he'll get a long international ban though to save his energy from sapping airplane trips half way around the world during the breaks if he does stay!

Posted 6:33pm 25th June 2014

sendjoeystuff (Manchester United) says...

Hey @ngk...of course people accidentally knock down and kill people while driving, but they are not deliberately breaking the laws of driving to cause this offence, hence they don't get a lifetime ban. If a driver is drink/drug driving and causes this offence...he may get a suspended licence first time around...second time around, a longer disqualification. But 3rd time? Definite lifetime ban...ridiculous metaphor. And while we're on the subject @barry manga.....getting a broken leg in a 'career ending' tackle is a risk that is taken when playing a sport that allows for sliding tackles. Biting is not a risk one anticipates when playing football.

Posted 4:42pm 25th June 2014

ronmanager says...

You know the way you come to know someone over a period of time and begin to see a pattern and see them for who they actually are. Is Mediawatch just a whiney person whose insecurities manifest them self in constant nit-picking and attacking any little thing in others that doesn¿t fit in with their black and white view of the world. It is becoming tiresome reading the snide little attacks, fancy words notwithstanding. Case in point is this vendetta against Suarez. We get it, the guy is totally alien to your principles for life 101, and he rubs you the wrong way, but enough already. Yes, I know, don¿t read it then if you don¿t like it. Actually I am not sure what part of it I was reading it for in the past. I used to open it first, now, I don¿t even look for it. (oops, except today of course)

Posted 3:31pm 25th June 2014

Editor says ...

A 'vendetta' against Suarez, you say? Cheers for the afternoon laugh.

ronmanager says...

Agree with barry manga on ban duration. What exactly is the rational for 2 years or even 1 year? Violent play, career ending tackle, racist comments, bringing game into disrepute? What? There needs to be a specific reason, not a nebulous reasoning that biting is weird and he did it twice already. If he gets anything more than the same 6 games as last time, like lets say a year, he needs to get himself a lawyer and fight this. Where is the precedent for this? The whole thing is a bunch of righteous indignation led by the press. Biting is weird, lets agree to that, and he must have some deeply buried physiological issues that manifest in this behavior, but a year ban or more, please lets all tuck our shirts back in...

Posted 2:44pm 25th June 2014

FairyNuff says...

Just a heads-up Barry Manga - type "infected human bite" into Google Images and see how harmless they are.

Posted 2:11pm 25th June 2014

ngk (Liverpool) says...

With all the hysteria and moral outrage about Suarez and how he should be 'banned for life' etc. etc. It's worth remembering something that might just put some of this righteous indignation into perspective. You can get into a car, drive it along the road and kill someone. You may go to jail for it, sure, but have you ever heard of ANYONE being banned from driving for life for doing that? It's so f***ing outrageous that it's worth repeating. You can drive a car and end someone's life and STILL not receive a lifetime ban. Get things into perspective you bunch of mugs Neil (LFC)

Posted 1:47pm 25th June 2014

the tree (Liverpool) says...

Comments on the mailbox Yay!

Posted 1:46pm 25th June 2014

barry manga (Arsenal) says...

Zidane anyone? In my opinion biting is relatively minor. Unless Suarez has poison teeth no permanent harm is done. I see a 2 footed tackle, which has a far greater chance of causing GBH or ending someones career as a far greater offence. Obviously he's incredibly stupid for doing it 3 times but 2 year ban?? Come on everybody!

Posted 12:59pm 25th June 2014

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