Not Getting Carried Away On Spurs... But

A couple of Spurs fans have broken rank to admit that they are bloody excited about things down the Lane. Plus Glen Johnson, Arsene on strikers and Moreno...

Last Updated: 26/08/14 at 14:30

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Reimbursing Fans? How Patronising...

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It's something of a return to form for the mailbox with mails on Southampton (Liverpool fans are cynical), the gorgeous Graziano Pelle, Arsenal, Spurs and more...

Let's Face It, Liverpool Were Utter Dross

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It's a reactive Monday morning Mailbox. Liverpool fans are getting pretty sodding worried, whilst we have the latest on the Southampton CRISIS. Plus, well done Michael Oliver...

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More Liverpool Thoughts (And Defending Johnson)
This is the second game in succession where Liverpool have been poor going forward. They dominated much of the first half without creating a chance of note. A lack of cutting edge has been a real problem in both games.

That said, Liverpool looked immediately better when Lambert came on. Not so much because Lambert is a world beater, but rather because I think they look far better with two up front. I'm not convinced Sturridge has what it takes to lead the line as a lone front man. He always looks better with someone up alongside him.

Liverpool desperately need at least one new goalkeeper. Mignolet made two top class saves against Southampton but looked unconvincing otherwise. What he was doing for the third goal last night, only he knows. The gap he left at the near post was so big that Aguero's finish didn't even need to hit the corner. He's a great shot stopper, but is lacking in most other departments.

I felt Liverpool really struggled with City's formation, which was essentially a fluid 4-4-2. Skrtel was happy enough marking Dzeko, but Lovren didn't know what to do with the movement of Jovetic. Every time he dropped deep, Lovren wasn't sure whether to go with him or hold the line. The answer is that you pass him on to the defensive midfielder. Sadly, this isn't something Gerrard does naturally, and it caused problems. It was something Gary Neville picked up on before the game and City worked it well.

Coutinho really has to get better. He picked the ball up in some great positions last night and made very little of them. He has all the talent in the world but his decision making is questionable at present. Decision making is the difference between the good players and the great ones.

It was a bit of a freak goal, in that it came from a bad error from Moreno, but it came after City's first spell of pressure for twenty minutes or more. A lesson Liverpool would do well to heed. You simply have to score when you're on top.

City have bought well in Fernando. He's a slightly toned down version of Nigel de Jong. Nothing wrong with that. All the best teams have a player of this ilk. Still, not sure how he avoided entering the book.

Finally, a defence of Glen Johnson. It wasn't his best game in a Liverpool shirt, far from it. But I've seen him play much, much worse. He wasn't terrible last night, he just had an average performance. Sadly (and it's of his own making), when you've put in a string of poor performances, people are looking for a reason to jump on you, and an average performance is categorised as a continuation of the slump. People have short memories, and he really needs a run of six games where at least four of them are notably good performances to turn things around.
Andy, London

Moreno: You've Had Your One

Lots of Liverpool fans claiming Moreno had a good/fine/not bad debut as he played well despite a few errors. Given that all three goals came from his flank I'd say they were pretty costly ones.

Granted he's in a new league but a 'good player for 88mins' (aka Wes Brown) is a nice way of saying that they're error-prone.

Moreno may end up being a very good left-back for Liverpool but he had a pretty dreadful debut.
Dav S (a good reader 80% of the time).

Farewell Glen

When we bought you they laughed but we knew. In the intervening years you have not only been our best, but very often our only, fullback.

The marauding runs, the threatening crosses, the left footed goals against Chelsea and, last but not least, the devil-may-care approach to defending.

If you leave now, we promise to only remember the good times and to welcome you back warmly when 'Arry or Sam bring you around to Anfield.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: "So long. And thanks for all the fish"
Brandon (furiously hinting), LFC, JHB

A Happy Spur...

As no one else seems to have written in, allow me to be the first excitable Spurs fan to celebrate our demolition of QPR. I am by no means going to get carried away against a three man defence with a combined age of over 100, but bloody hell was it nice to see Spurs actually play well for an entire game - the first time that's happened since we beat Newcastle 5-0 in February 2012, and funny that it should be Arry in the opposing dugout.

Lightening quick transitions up the pitch; excellent work all over to win the ball back; players prematurely written off as "flops" producing the goods; tactical awareness and not even a hint of the defensive brainfarts that are a THFC hallmark. A very long way to go, but boy it is nice to enjoy being a Spurs fan again.
Alex G, THFC (now expecting to convincingly lose to Liverpool to balance things out)

...And They Come In Pairs

Disappointing lack of Spurs mails, so thought i'd chip in with some brief optimism.

I really don't expect much this year, probably 6th again with an outside chance of 5th. But even though QPR were just utter toilet on Sunday, so the result was a touch flattering, i'm so encouraged by the way Pochettino's team played. The first half was probably the most entertaining 45 minutes i've seen from Spurs since 2013.

The passing was slick and decisive, players were moving off the ball with clever runs and closing the opposition down, the way Southampton did last year, whenever they lost it. This was Spurs playing what the fans think of as the Spurs way, with adventure and confidence.

Under AVB the build-up was slow, methodical, deathly dull and often ineffective. Under Tactics Tim, it was eleven players in a sort of enthusiastic Brownian motion for 90 minutes. Now we have both organisation and ebullience in equal measure.

Hell, even Daniel Levy's raising a smile with the ice bucket challenge, thus becoming the first person whose body temperature was actually raised by taking part.

It's early days and i'm not expecting much this year. But if we continue to play like that, worrying about the top four can wait. We pay to be entertained and it looks like we're going to be getting our money's worth again.
Rob Davies, THFC

A Theory On Liverpool Signings

Has anyone else noticed that all of Liverpool's summer signings have been bought from teams who also play in red?

Southampton, Milan, Lille, Sevilla, Benfica, Bayer Leverkusen and Atletico Madrid all play in red or red is one of their 2 main colours.

Coincidence? or is it Rodgers knowingly only buying players who play in red so they'll already be used to playing in red? I'm gonna go with the former although it is fun to imagine Rodgers scheming up this visual master plan.
An Irish Red (No wonder we didn't get Sanchez!)

Stewie's Arsenal Summer

1. Persuades the gormless masses he will "spend big" this summer, with no more excuses for financial restrictions conjures up another Ozil-like trick, splashing out on a single big player, failing to address the numerous other deficiencies.
2. Releases Podolski, only to find out that Giroud (who is mediocre) is out for 3 months. Doh! (Ed - Podolski is very much still at Arsenal)
3. Sits down in a zen-like fashion, confident in the brilliance of Yaya Sanogo. A man so abysmal at football he makes Heskey look like the graceful, elegant protagonist of Swan Lake. His second touch is a tackle, every time.
4. Wenger, with more money than ever at his disposal, still conjures up to spend less net expenditure than Everton and West Ham.
5. Goes into a season reliant on a striker who has a worse goal record in big matches than Conor Wickham. In 2 years, Giroud has scored zero goals vs Chelski, Citeh and even Liverpool. It gets worse, he couldn't even manage one against Moyes' Yernited!
6. Annoys LVG by refusing to sell him Vermaelen, then like a fool, fails to realise that LVG is going to get his vengeance by lumbering him with the absolute dross that is Welbeck.

Still. Arsene Knows, In Arsene We Trust etc etc....
Stewie Griffin (Groundhog Day. Yawn)

Fair Point

Kevin, LFC, Ireland asks in the morning mailbox "Did we win a header? A single one?", to which I would like to ask him, did you see how Liverpool scored their goal last night?
Naz, Gooner

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Reimbursing Fans? How Patronising...

It's something of a return to form for the mailbox with mails on Southampton (Liverpool fans are cynical), the gorgeous Graziano Pelle, Arsenal, Spurs and more...

Let's Face It, Liverpool Were Utter Dross

It's a reactive Monday morning Mailbox. Liverpool fans are getting pretty sodding worried, whilst we have the latest on the Southampton CRISIS. Plus, well done Michael Oliver...

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