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United deny moves for duo

Manchester United have dismissed reports linking them to unsuccessful bids for German duo Thomas Muller and Marco Reus.

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lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@solskjaer99, I agree, I think sports journalists get lucky purely by coincidence because players will always change clubs every transfer window. It's an odds/numbers game and sports journalists play that game knowing that they will get some right just because that's how it works. On the topic of Woodward signing players though, is it really all his fault? He can only spend the money that the Glazers sanction for transfer fees and wages. If they either refuse or are unable to release funds for fees and wages then criticising Woodward isn't taking an objective look at the whole system and whole picture.

Posted 7:55pm 22nd August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

This story does fit in very nicely with the article on ITK accounts, published the other. Football rumour is quickly becoming "fact" in the digital world. It is dangerous, I think. The whirl-wind rumour mill currently surrounding the club, if it's not seriously damaging the clubs name, is certainly making us look like mugs. Fro me, as a fan, I think it is brand / name damaging.

Posted 7:55am 22nd August 2014

n.africanus (Manchester United) says...

@Synergy, under SAF, United publicly gainsaid strong links with Joe Cole after he was released by Chelsea. Nothing new here.The vast majority of United transfer rumours are out-and-out lies. I doubt that it's possible/practical, but i wish there was a way the club could hold the tabloids peddling these fabrications to account in a way that could make it very prohibitive for them to continue to do so. Our reputation continues to deteriorate because it's profitable to write stories about Manchester United.

Posted 4:23pm 21st August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@Synergy, I agree. I think it is a face saving exercise, which only serves to make it worse. Because making any comment at all clarifies who was doing the offering, and who was doing the snubbing, to steal a popular phrase at the moment. Now it's crytal clear that we wanted yet another player who was always hugely unlikely to leave his club. Just like Di Rossi last summer. And Ronaldo And Fabregas. And Thiago. And maybe Bale as well. What is annoying is that the club is targetting these players at all. What kind of transfer strategy is this, to target the most impossible transfers in Europe? Every club would struggle to get these players, never mind one in the position that ours finds itself. For me, it's another example of Woodward believing that he can just flutter his eyelids and flash a bit of leg, and these players will come running to play for us in a heart beat.

Posted 2:49pm 21st August 2014

Synergy says...

@HarryBoulton> Actually the club responded coz Muller came out and said he rejected a bid with offer of huge wages from an English club, so the press jumped right in to name United. And Athletico head claimed Reus rejected United.

Given how poor Woody's reputation has gotten thanks to his inept transfer dealings, think United wanted to try and save face, rather than look like they tried and failed with another couple of players. Its shocking coz United never reacted to paper speculations before.

Posted 1:24pm 21st August 2014

charming_man (Manchester City) says...

Add Kroos & Fabregas to this list, unless Paul Scholes is a liar too. United fans are so precious..

Posted 1:07pm 21st August 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

As far as I'm concerned, all transfer stories, except official announcements from the clubs involved, are bulls**t, of course on occasion the made up stories by sports journalists overlap with the truth, but coincidences happen.

Posted 11:02am 21st August 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Just ignore it, why make comment at all? Papers link clubs with silly transfers all the time, you don't see other clubs bothering with it at all. This smells like a PR exercise, damage limitation, so to speak. Some might say we have more pressing issues......

Posted 10:40am 21st August 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

As a club, whilst we are aware of Model A and Model B, we never actually asked them out. Yes we were chatting to them, we also bought them a drink or two and yes, we followed them round as they flirted with other clubs, but there was never any ACTUAL proposition made, and as such we firmly refute any allegation that Model A and Model B 'Turned us down'. They're not our type anyway.

Posted 9:40am 21st August 2014

ceeps (Manchester United) says...

Denial was "offers for", not offers to, its semantics but theres a difference and one of them should be deemed as tapping up. Both the storys are about making contract offers to the players, not actual offers to the clubs.

Posted 9:08am 21st August 2014

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