FT: Holland 0 Denmark 1

Thanks for your feedback this evening, hope you enjoyed the match - I know I did. Cheers for tuning in.

I thought the Danish backline was superb today, particularly in that second half when Holland piled on the pressure. It just wasn't the Oranje's day - 29 shots in total and no result.

Ashish Pawar was surprised to see Holland's attack kept quiet - "Alas! No fruitful work from VAN PERSIE & SNEIJDER...."

VERY interested to hear your thoughts on that one! Where did it all go wrong for Holland? And who stood out for Denmark? Obvious candidate seems to be Agger - what a display! Drop me a Tweet @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

That's it, it's all over! What an upset as Denmark beat Holland 1-0 in their Group B opener!

A last-ditch attack for Holland and the box is packed as Sneijder bombs forward but nothing comes of it. Just seconds remaining...

More frustration for Sneijder as he drives in another shot but can't keep it down as it goes over.

The Dutch pile forward for the corner but Heitinga's header goes wide. Replays show that appeared a handball in the box a few minutes ago and Huntelaar was incensed.

Three minutes of stoppage time are added. Robben launches in a throw and Van der Vaart wins it, earning a corner for Holland.

There's late controversy as the Dutch call for a penalty and are denied. Just a minute remaining now and Schone tries to get forward, with Van Bommel closing him down.

Kuyt hits and hopes with a long ball from the right but Anderson is there to snatch it to safety. Van Bommel picks out Van der Vaart as they try to get forward once again.

The minutes trickle down and the Dutch are running out of options. The ball goes back to Anderson as the Danes try to keep possession.

Dirk Kuyt comes on for a tired-looking Van der Wiel. Can he bring some late attacking power to the game?

Mikkelsen takes on Willems down the right but Van Bommel is there to close down the new arrival.

Tobias Mikkelsen comes on for Dennis Rommedahl as the Danes make a change.

Just eight minutes of regular time stand between the Dutch and defeat now - can they come back? They've livened up this half but with no end product so far.

Kvist slips and handles the ball in the middle of the park to earn a yellow.

Poulsen earns himself a booking for timewasting with a throw.

Robben breaks down the right, taking on Poulsen and trying a shot, but it's the wrong option with Sneijder on the edge of the box.

A powerful driving run from Poulsen almost comes to fruition as he breaks into the box but is ultimately subdued by the Oranje backline.

Anderson is there again, getting a hand to the corner to push it away. Poulsen nicks possession from Robben as he tries to get forward again.

It's a corner kick for the Dutch thanks to Van der Wiel. Van der Vaart steps up to do the honours.

Some real drama as Huntelaar and Van Persie both get tantalisingly close. Anderson does so well, standing up to Huntelaar with a great save from close range. Van Persie then catches the keeper to give the Danes the advantage.

Christian Eriksen makes way for Lasse Schone.

Van der Vaart wastes no time getting stuck in, driving a low cross into the box, but Poulsen puts it behind before anyone can latch onto it.

It's Agger playing a crucial role again as he snatches the ball from Robben on the edge of the box with a strong challenge.

Vlaar stoops at the far post to diffuse the threat of the corner. It will be interesting to see what impact Huntelaar has and how he works with Van Persie.

Finally time for those changes as Nigel de Jong goes off for Van der Vaart and Afellay makes way for Huntelaar.

Krohn-Delhi tries his luck with a shot from distance and Stekelenburg is forced to push it away. Great effort and Denmark corner.

Willems gets forward for the Dutch, looking threatening on the left edge of the box, but Jacobsen robs him of the ball with some good defending.

Nothing comes of the corner after some good defending by Vlaar. Holland have gone a bit flat, it seems like everyone is waiting on this substitution.

There's a cross from Rommedahl this time and Stekelenburg doesn't come out to claim as the Danes win a corner.

The Dutch are about to make a double change. Bentdner feeds Jacobsen out on the right but his returning cross is too long.

Van Bommel earns himself the first booking of the game

Vlaar gets forward, looking for Schneijder on the edge of the box, but Agger is there with the crucial challenge. He's had a great match so far.

Another opportunity for Robben, who is trying desperately to get Holland back into his. He scuffs a shot towards goal from far out but it's wide once again.

There's another chance for Holland but it goes begging again as a fantastic ball from Sneijder meets the head of Robben in the box but he can't get it on target.

Sneijder whips in a free-kick from range and Heitinga gets forward but is offside.

Anderson makes a good claim from the corner. Eriksen tries getting forward but Bendtner isn't up front to greet him.

Some great defending from Kjaer as he matches Van Persie's pace to put the ball behind. Holland corner.

Sneijder goes for goal with his kick from 25 yards but it slams straight into the Denmark wall. Wasted chance for the Oranje.

Dirk Kuyt, Van der Vaart and Huntelaar are warming up on the touchline. Sneijder is dragged down by Kvist, not for the first time, as Holland win a free-kick.

Denmark win a corner in the middle of the park but the Oranje win their own soon after to regain possession. They've come out with much more urgency this half.

Some great play from Poulsen down the left, with the Dane losing Van der Wiel to break into the box. Corner to Denmark, which is wasted as Zimling's effort goes behind for a goal-kick.

Robben's second corner in succession meets the head of defender Heitinga but he can't get it on target.

Holland win another corner, which Robben takes quickly. Van Bommel arrives in a crowded box but his ball goes behind off Poulsen.

It's a bit of an onslaught from the Dutch this half as Kjaer is forced to deal with a Sneijder attack. Afellay has a go with a long-range striker and Anderson can't get to it but it trickles just wide.

Lovely effort from Van Bommel. The midfielder unleashes a real screamer which looks destined for the back of the net but Anderson manages to get a touch to it.

Eriksen looks for Rommedahl, trying to slip the ball into the box, but is blocked by the Holland defence. Van Persie prompts a stretching save from Anderson with a shot from the edge of the box, nearly catching the keeper out.

Robben's low drive of a corner is pounced on by Van Persie but Kjaer is also there to deal with the threat.

There's an early chance this half as Robben unleashes a shot from inside the box. It takes a deflection off Krohn-Delhi and flies over the bar for a Holland corner.

The Oranje are getting forward with more urgency in this half so far, with Van Persie and Sneijder putting pressure on the backline in the box.

It's Denmark that get us off and underway in this half but the Dutch get straight back on the ball, with Willems getting forward.

We're about to get back underway, thanks for your feedback. Drop us your thoughts on the final whistle. No changes for either side at the break.

@GarsideAJ tweeted - "Good first half from Denmark, the Dutch need to improve in the 2nd if they want to get anything out of this match."

Simon Howard has been back in touch to say - "it sounds like the dutch aren't taking advantage of all their chances, do they not realise if they don't pick up a win here they still have to play portugal and germany and get at least a win? and that is not going to be easy."

@houtsforthewin thinks the Dutch can recover in the second half - "nice half of football, I think after a good half time talk the Dutch will come out more clinical, and win it 3-1."

@MBReBorn has tweeted - "Holland will need to up it for 2nd half - Huntelaar and Van Der Vaart Double Sub."

What did you think to that half? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

There's a free-kick in the middle of the park for Holland after Sneijder goes down but the whistle blows seconds later.

There's a moment of danger as Agger comes in and the ball drops to Bendtner in the box, but Stekelenberg stoops to snatch it to safety. One minute of stoppage time is added.

Willems concedes a corner as the seconds trickle down - the Danes' first of the game. Krohn-Delhi will take it.

Sneijder tries to bend the ball in from the edge of the box but curls it wide. Chances but no end product for the Dutch in the dying minutes of this half.

Van Persie gets a golden opportunity in front of goal but his poor first touch lets him down and Anderson makes a sprawling save.

Eriksen gets another look-in pairing up with Poulsen down the left and the ball eventually falls to Krohn-Dehli, who sees his effort saved by the Dutch keeper.

A cross is floated in for Denmark but Zimling and Krohn-Dehli get in each others' way and Heitinga manages to intervene.

Afellay tries his luck with a shot from distance after some great footwork. The Barca man waltzes past Agger before pulling the trigger but it rises over the crossbar.

Agger and Van Persie tussle in midfield, not for the first time this match, as the ball goes to Denmark.

Robben loses the ball to Poulsen on the right of the Denmark goal and Krohn-Delhi does well to keep it in.

It was a woeful back pass from Andersen that set up that Robben chance and he'll be feeling very relieved.

Denmark are the ones currently pressing and win a throw in midfield but a rogue ball falls to Robben, who pounces instantly but his shot clips the post.

Kvist skips forward for the Danes but they're driven back into their own half. Poulsen fires in a cross but overshoots Bendtner in the box.

Rommedahl tries a cross from the right, with Bendtner lurking at the far post, but Willems takes the sting out of it before Stekelenberg rises to catch.

Van Persie fills in on the left temporarily but gets forward again when Afellay comes back on.

Afellay is back on. Poulsen takes a quick throw for Denmark in the Holland half, pairing up with Eriksen, who has been kept quiet so far.

The replay shows it was a clash of heads between Vlaar and Afellay as the former tries to head that corner home.

Fantastic ball in from Robben but Vlaar can't quite get enough on it to bundle it home. Afellay is on the floor apparently hurt.

The ball appears to strike Poulsen on the arm in the Denmark half and the Dutch appeal but the ref doesn't give anything. Holland win a corner.

The Oranje are on the ball again but a Sneijder pass gets away from Van Persie down the left flank.

A definite turn-up there after Holland dominated up until that point. Could their leisurely approach have cost them?

Against the run of play, the Danes break the deadlock. Poulsen sets things up, charging down the left and firing in a deflected cross which drops to Krohn-Delhi. He dances his way towards goal before poking it between Stekelenberg's legs from the left.


Van Persie turns in the box after picking up a great Robben ball but can't get enough power behind his shot as he drags it wide.

The Dutch sit on the ball in midfield, trying to find a way through. There's a suspicion of handball against Agger and Sneijder appeals, but the ref is having none of it.

The Netherlands win a corner which Sneijder steps up to take. He floats in the effort with Van Persie lurking but Anderson jumps to make a comfortable catch.

Great move from Holland as the Dutch burst into action. Robben is at the heart of it, teaming up with Van Persie down the right, but some solid defending from Agger keeps him out in front of goal.

Rommedahl makes a surprise break down the right but there's no-one in the box to meet his cross, with Bendtner nowhere around.

Robben leaves Krohn-Dehli behind him and gets a shot away, but it's a tame effort and Andersen stoops to make a comfortable save.

The Dutch have had 63% of possession so far and are dictating the pace, which has been fairly laid-back in these opening minutes.

Sneijder's corner is dealt with by the Danes and they enjoy some rare possession in their own half before putting it out for a Holland throw.

It's another disappointing kick as Van Persie's effort flies tamely into the wall. Heitinga is forced to put the ball behind for the first corner of the game.

Van Persie wins a free-kick for Holland from a good position after he's caught by Zimling. Good chance for the Dutch here...

Holland are very much controlling the tempo in these early stages. Van Persie's long ball picks out Sneijder in the area but the midfielder can't get it under control to produce something.

Sneijder finds Afellay out of the left and he trickles the ball into the box before unleashing a shot - but he can't keep it down and it sails over the woodwork.

Eriksen whips it in but it's fired straight into the Holland wall as a chance goes begging. The Oranje are back on the ball in midfield.

Bendtner is brought down by Vlaar after surprising the Dutchman with his pace and the Danes win a free-kick from a central position, 30 yards out.

Another cross from Robben falls to Van Persie in the box but the striker's side-footed shot is a weak one and slips wide.

Bar that early Denmark free-kick the Oranje have seen most of the action so far. They're on the ball in their own half, trying to build something from deep.

Robben hoists a deflected ball in towards Van Persie at the far post and the striker does well to keep it in, but Afellay can't quite keep it down.

Willems tries his luck with a powerful shot from distance which flies over the crossbar. Nice effort from the youngster though.

Agger makes a strong challenge on Van der Wiel after Van Persie picks out Sneijder with a pinpoint diagonal pass.

There's an early Denmark throw and De Jong fouls Jacobsen as the Danes win a free-kick from far out. Poulsen drifts it in and Agger's simple header is caught easily by Stekelenberg.

It's Holland that get things started as Group B gets underway, and the ball gets passed straight back to Stekelenberg.

Thanks for all your feedback, keep it coming at half-time. Looking forward to this one!

Just five minutes until kick-off and the teams come out to a storming reception at a Metalist Stadium dominated by orange shirts.

Simon Howard is taking a slightly different view... "the dutch are going to thrash this one rachel! i can see the danes going back to the hotel with more of a red face than their shirts."

Chris from West Sussex has been in touch to say - "I dont think this will be a walkover for the dutch as many believe, Eriksen is a quality young player and they will be difficult to break down. Ive gone for 2 draws in todays games."

Ben Gleeson is pleased to see Barcelona man Ibrahim Afellay handed a chance. He wrote - "Really glad to see Affelay given the role that was up for grabs on the wide left, he is a very exciting player to watch and has more pace to burn than Walcott and The Ox combined. See a big game for the Barcelona kid."

The sides have met twice before in Euro games, with Holland winning 3-0 in the group stages in Euro 2000 and Denmark winning a penalty shootout in the semi-finals of Euro 1992 - which they went on to win.

A few stats for you... Denmark have only won six of 28 previous internationals against the Netherlands, and haven't beaten the Dutch in a competitive game (excluding penalties) since 1967.

@Johnsjs wrote - "its going to be Holland 3 Denmark 0. Huntelaar hat-trick! I've made me @SkyBet already! #euro2012"

@JoshLuek tweeted - "Holland will win this game, Denmark even though they have a good team, they have no chance of beating the dutch."

I've got plenty of feedback coming in. Some of you think Holland have got this one in the bag while others feel the Danes could spring a surprise. It's worth noting this is the first encounter in a supposed 'Group of Death', with Germany and Portugal going head to head later this evening.

Damir Skomina (Slovenia) takes refereeing duties this evening.

Denmark subs: Lindegaard, Christian Poulsen, Bjelland, Okore, Schone, Silberbauer, Pedersen, Wass, Jakob Poulsen, Kahlenberg, Mikkelsen, Schmeichel.

Holland subs: Vorm, Mathijsen, Bouma, Kuyt, Huntelaar, Schaars, Strootman, Luuk De Jong, Narsingh, Boulahrouz, Van der Vaart, Krul.

Holland boast a daunting looking bench this afternoon, with Tottenham midfielder Rafael van der Vaart joining Huntelaar as a sub.

Here's a quick update from our friends at Sky Bet - Euro 2012 6/1 third favourites Netherlands are 4/6 with Sky Bet to kick-off their campaign with a victory against Denmark, who are 9/2 for the win and 13/5 to secure a draw. Premier League top scorer Robin van Persie is the 7/2 favourite to break the deadlock with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who topped the scoring charts in qualifying with a goal-an-hour, 4/1 to net first, while Nicklas Bendtner is rated as Denmark's main threat at 8/1.

In the Denmark line-up, Nicklas Bendtner starts up front on the back of a season on loan at Sunderland from Arsenal. Behind him sits Ajax wonderkid Christian Eriksen, who has been tipped as one of the youngsters to keep your eye on this summer.

Young PSV Eindhoven left-back Jetro Willems becomes the youngest ever player to feature at a European Championship at 18 years old, beating Enzo Scifo's record from 1984.

So both teams opt for a 4-2-3-1, with Robin van Persie occupying the lone striker role to keep Klaas Jan-Huntelaar, top scorer in qualifying, on the bench.

Denmark XI: S. Andersen, S Poulsen, Agger, Kjaer, Jacobsen, Zimling, Kvist, Krohn-Dehli, Eriksen, Rommedahl, Bendtner.

Holland XI: Stekelenburg; Van der Wiel, Heitinga, Vlaar, Willems; Van Bommel, N de Jong; Robben, Sneijder, Afellay; Van Persie.

Without any further delay then, here are the teams...

We'll be bringing you the team news and all the build-up shortly ahead of kick-off at 5pm but first why not drop me a line with your predictions and thoughts on the clash? You can Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

Good afternoon all and welcome to our live coverage as Holland v Denmark gets Euro 2012 Group B underway.


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