F/T: Sweden 2 England 3

Crikey, through heck and high water England come from 2-1 down to win 3-2 with the impact of Walcott's substitution proving the catalyst. Dramatic stuff, as ever with the Three Lions, who are now in a great position to qualify for the quarter-finals.

FULL TIME. Sweden 2 England 3.

Tense, tense times as we enter the last minute of play.

Great chance for England! Walcott breaks with options and Gerrard's volley is superbly met by the charging Isaksson!

Four minutes of added time.

Gerrard somehow earns a free-kick in a collision with Svensson booked in the process. Gerrard then fires spectacularly over from 25 yards, which kills a nice amount of time for England.

Welbeck gets his goal and comes off to a brilliant ovation for the England faithful as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces him.

Hart punches away commandingly from a Sweden corner, with Parker kicking upfield as England's attacking options look to have been completely neutralised in favour of a staunch defensive rebuild.

Larsson whips another good ball in from a free-kick with Terry meeting it bravely. It's still all Sweden as they press for a goal which would prevent them being sent home tonight.

Cole is sent to the turf by Svensson, England earning a respite with a free-kick inside Sweden's half.

England are starting to sit back now as Ibrahimovic fails to make contact with Rosenberg's cross. Hodgson's boys can't afford to be doing that with five minutes to go.

Having picked up a knock, Walcott is back on amid fears of an injury. Young clears to touch under pressure from Lustig as Sweden dominate possession.

England break but a combination of poor passes between Welbeck, Gerrard and Parker result in the latter having a pop with the fans behind goal ducking for cover.

Another Sweden change as Elm makes way and Christian Wilhelmsson takes his place.

Elmander is replaced by Markus Rosenberg as Sweden now find themselves chasing the game after looking completely in control just twenty minutes ago.

Having just started a sentence with "England need to attack with more purpose....", Welbeck scores with an exquisite finish after an excellent delivery from Walcott! 3-2 and this back and forth game takes another twist.

GOAL! Welbeck scores!

The bodies go flying as Ibrahimovic finds Elmander, before the former unleashes a rocket from range with Hart brilliantly parrying behind for a corner.

M Olsson cuts inside Johnson and Walcott like they weren't even there. He gets to the byline and plays in Kallstrom whose effort is narrowly over.

It was always too high from Young and while it wasn't too far away that feels like a bit of a waste.

Young shows sweet skill to create a yard for himself with Kallstrom drawn into the foul 25 yards from goal.

England look to break and J Olsson is booked for a hack on Parker.

Corner to Sweden after poor control from Hart. He makes amends though with a comfortable claim from Larsson's delivery.

Carroll goes for a Walcott-esque shot from the edge of the area but it's narrowly over the bar. The striker has become much livelier over the last 15 minutes.

Ibrahimovic shows ridiculous strength against Johnson and Terry to hold up possession. He is forced back though and a Sweden attack ends up with Hart claiming Olsson's cross.

Carroll looked for Welbeck and finds him with a good ball but that man Mellberg is there to make another precise tackle and push the ball clear to safety.

Svensson goes in with his arm on Parker and again, no decision is made against Sweden. Pretty poor from the referee as Parker is furious.

Gerrard is blindsided on the edge of the box by Olsson and incredibly no foul is given. Didn't look like a dive from the captain and arguably should have been a free-kick to England.

Granqvist is still struggling and Mikael Lustig will replace him.

It's stunning from Walcott! A sublime, curling effort flies past everyone and leaves Isaksson stunned. England equallise and it's all square again!

GOAL! Walcott scores a beauty!!!

Great chance for England! Johnson whips a ball into the six-yard box and Terry's header hits Isaksson in the right place to push it over the bar.

Mellberg enters the referee's book, to his bemusement, for a tackle on Johnson.

Ibrahimovic nearly makes a mockery of England's corner as he bursts forward but a brilliant recovery of Johnson denies the striker.

Granqvist is down receiving treatment, while Milner is replaced by Theo Walcott in an England substitution.

It's a disaster for England. Mellberg pops up from Larsson's free-kick, completely unmarked, and buries a free header past Hart. Really sloppy from England and it could be more the way the Swedes have started this second half.

GOAL. Mellberg scores again!

Milner catches Olsson and picks up a booking as the left back looked to advance forward.

Johnson makes amends though with a wonderful tackle on Elm who came from nowhere to find himself in a shooting position.

Johnson delivers to the far post, but it's a shocking delivery under little pressure and Carroll can only head into the arms of Isaksson.

Gerrard's chip to Young takes a deflection, with Svensson sliding in on Parker and this time the decision, wrongfully perhaps, goes against England.

Gerrard rifles a shot away but Kallstrom flings his body into the way to deny the effort penetrating Sweden's goal.

The Swedish sections of the crowd, which take up the fair majority of the stadium, are buzzing as Mellberg's tackle on Carroll earns another almighty roar.

So what sort of response do England have then? Not a lot instantaneously as Johnson concedes possession but Elm's ball upfield is caught well by Hart.

Ibrahimovic's free-kick strikes the wall but his knock back into the box finds Mellberg who from 10 yards nudges the ball towards goal and Johnson can't clear it off the line. We're all square again.

GOAL. Mellberg scores!

Granqvist crosses the right after a mix-up involving Parker, with Terry clearing, before Carroll desperately slides in on Kallstrom and is reprimanded by the referee.

Welbeck bumps into Elm and concedes a free-kick near the halfway line, with Sweden playing on as Terry beats Ibrahimovic to a delivery from the left.

England kick off the second half.

The players are back on the pitch and the second half is imminent.

John Spalding's analysis: "Good half for England and a excellent touch from the ref from carrolls power shot. England sign him up. England 3-1."

Carroll's header is the difference at the break after a stunning piece of play from Gerrard. Send you second half predictions to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or @JWoodfield365 and I'll publish the good stuff.

HALF TIME. Sweden 0 England 1.

One minute of added time to be played as Milner wins England a corner.

Ibrahimovic curls a delivery into Elmander at the back post but it just lacks the pace to reach the former Bolton man and Hart smothers.

Welbeck gets a bit of luck to turn past J Olsson but after charging through the centre, Mellberg makes an exquisite tackle to deny the striker shooting.

Milner does well on the right, but after finding the half a yard he cross he looks for Carroll with his left foot and ends up crossing out of play.

Mellberg locks arms with Carroll and England win the free-kick roughly 40 yards from goal which Lescott will take.

Milner goes down under Elm, but play continues as Hart beats Grandqvist to Ibrahimovic's knock down.

Svensson plays a brilliantly sly ball to Kallstrom but Parker sticks a foot out and neutralises the latest attack from Sweden.

There's one too many players to beat for Young, before Carroll fires the ball into the referee. Good control from the ref, and Carroll apologises to avoid a potential reprimand.

Johnson is forced off the ball by Ibrahimovic, before Kim Kallstrom rockets a shot on goal which isn't too far off from testing Hart.

Great first time ball from Cole to Young, who inexplicably drags an effort wide towards the near post when more or less every option was preferable from that position.

Gerrard nearly plays a divine one-two with Cole but Mellberg makes an essential if slightly unknowing intervention. Moments later, Ibrahimovic goes down under Terry and play is momentarily halted.

Impressive work from Ibrahimovic who cuts through England with worrying ease, before Terry makes the crucial tackle which takes the edge of his shot and makes it much easier for Hart to claim.

Young is tripped under Svensson, the frustration evident from the veteran midfielder who concedes a needless foul on near the touchline.

Sweden furiously contest a decision given against them as Terry clatters into Elm, a call which probably shouldn't have gone England's way there.

Really excellent pressing from England sees Svensson pushed back towards the goalkeeper. Sweden still look yet to find any fluid link inbetween midfield and attack here.

Johnson plays in Milner menacingly, but the cut back is read by J Olsson who intercepts and plays clear for Sweden.

Parker is crowded out in the narrow cul-de-sac that is the midfield, but England calmly play their way out of chaos and resume pressing forward in possession.

Looking slightly sloppy, England barely clear after M Olsson's thunderbolt, before Larsson's half cross/half shot is comfortably over the bar.

Sweden nearly retaliate perfectly but Elm's delivery from the backline is somehow hacked away by Cole.

The plan has worked! Gerrard fires a ball in from the right and Carroll meets it perfectly, cutting inbetween the centre backs and firing a bullet header past the helpless Isaksson.

GOAL! Carroll scores!

Young turns away from M Olsson but his ball in is easily cleared by Mellberg, before a cautious shot from Cole lands with the fans.

It's so tight in midfield as Welbeck is cut off by a wave of Swedish bodies. Larsson challenges Terry down the right but his delivery is pounced on by Hart.

Ibrahimovic lets rip from range but it's a comfortable save from Hart at the near post. A very cagey start from both sides but the Swedish talisman looks very interested tonight.

Milner presses through the centre, with Johnson found on the right, before Ibrahimovic steals the ball away from Parker. A loose pass from the striker ends the attack though.

Larsson finds Ibrahimovic who wriggles past Johnson, the right back eventually recovering to get his body in the way of the striker before Hart clears to safety.

Half chance for England. Milner's ball in is terrific and Welbeck nudges it towards the back post with the resulting ball five or six yards wide. Milner has started very brightly for England.

Solid wing play from Martin Olsson, who gets to the byline and fires a cross off Johnson which results in a deep Sweden throw-in.

Johnson's ball to Carroll is promising, but the striker slips in possession and moments later Gerrard is judged to have fouled Svensson.

Johan Elmander shows good control to feed in Larsson, the nifty winger firing from range but it's straight into the arms of Hart.

Johnson collides with Anders Svensson, perhaps lucky to avoid being penalised, before a good touch from Carroll on the break lures Mellbery into committing the foul.

Ibrahimovic looks to break but plays the ball straight into John Terry. Moments later, Elm charges forward but only gets as far as Glen Johnson.

Milner whips a teasing ball from the right with Danny Welbeck narrowly beaten to it by Olof Mellberg as Sweden clear. All England at the moment.

James Milner and Stephen Gerrard link up before a fierce effort by Scott Parker is parried away by Andreas Isaaksson at the far post.

England probe on the edge of Sweden's penalty area but the Swedes get bodies back behind the ball before Seb Larsson fouls Ashley Cole near the touchline.

The midfield battle wages on as both teams play very compact formations with virtually no space to play into. Jonas Olsson looks for Zlatan Ibrahimovic but it's straight over the top into Hart.

It's all very physical early on, as Carroll waits for Andreas Granqvist to collide with him and earn the foul for England.

Joe Hart sprints to the byline to prevent a corner, impressive early stuff from the England 'keeper.

A loose early pass from Scott Parker results in a Swedish throw-in, before Andy Carroll is penalised for a nudge on Rasmus Elm.

Sweden get the game underway!

I had no idea but the English national anthem apparantly has already happened. Nothing like an underwhelming start to get one excited for the game.

Swedish national anthem time. Jonas Olsson appeared to be asleep during it, it's not THAT bad a song....

The players are on their way to the field at the Olympic Stadium - hopefully there'll be no ridiculously epic thunderstorms here in Kiev.

Tom Spouse issues the rally cry, writing: "England surely have to be getting a win tonight, anything else would be a huge disappointment. England are never a team to score big, and i think Chamberlain could be key if he makes an appearance. so a 2-1 win with young and Gerrard scoring COME ON ENGLAND!"

A very confident Joe Mills writes: "I'm twelve and I'm good at predicting scores, so 1-0 England, although, Swedens defence is weak, the best defence is attack!

Time for some pessimism now as Jack Lewy writes: "I'm predicting a 2-1 win for Sweden with Carroll getting our goal. Really don't think we're up to it unfortunately!"

The man in black is Damir Skomina (Slovenia).

Sweden: Isaksson, Granqvist, Mellberg, Jonas Olsson, Martin Olsson, Larsson, Svensson, Kallstrom, Elm, Ibrahimovic, Elmander. Subs: Wiland, Hansson, Lustig, Hysen, Antonsson, Wernbloom, Safari, Holmen, Bajrami, Toivonen, Wilhelmsson, Rosenberg.

England: Hart, Johnson, Terry, Lescott, Cole, Milner, Parker, Gerrard, Young, Carroll, Welbeck. Subs: Green, Butland, Kelly, Walcott, Henderson, Baines, Jones, Jagielka, Downing, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Defoe.

Here are the teams...

For you betting folk, our Sky Bet friends price England as favourites at 6/5, backing the Lions to finally claim that competetive victory over the Swedes, who are respectively avaliable at 12/5. For those predicting a draw, you can find odds of 11/5.

Gabriel Sutton is also backing an England win. He writes: "I think England fans can expect to see a comfortable win at the Olympic stadium despite the absence of Rooney. 4-1 to England, Welbeck, Milner, Gerrard and Young to score- ibrahimovic for them."

The wonderfully patriotic Scot Duncan McNiven writes: "I fancy England to firmly put their stamp on the euros tonight with a 3-0 victory. I am a scotsman and me and my partner Angela are routing England all the way. If Andy Carroll starts tonight we hope he carries his run of form for Liverpool at the end of the season. Come on England Andy Carroll hat trick !!!!!"

Here's some team news. England head coach Roy Hodgson will hand striker Andy Carroll his first competitive start for his country tonight. Carroll replaces winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and partners Danny Welbeck up front with Ashley Young set to move out to the flank in the only change from the side which drew 1-1 with France. Swedish coach Erik Hamren makes three changes from the line-up beaten 2-1 by Ukraine. West Brom defender Jonas Olsson, former Bolton striker Johan Elmander and veteran midfielder Anders Svensson are recalled in place of Mikael Lustig, Markus Rosenborg and Ola Toivonen respectively.

If you'd like to drop me a line tonight you can send an e-mail to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet @JWoodfield365 and I'll publish the best messages that either make me think, make me laugh or even cry.

Good evening and welcome to Kiev for live coverage of Sweden and England at the Olympic Stadium. With the adverse weather delaying Ukraine v France, the game will be delayed by 15 minutes and will now kick-off at 2000 BST.

Kick-off is at 2000 BST.


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