FT: England 4 Moldova 0

England 4 Moldova 0. All over at Wembley and the Three Lions collect three comfortable points. Attention now turns to Ukraine, which will have a much greater say on whether England reach Brazil 2014.

Gerrard delivers from the right. Milner left all alone at the back post. He almost has too much time as he somehow hits the ball into the pitch and sees it bounce onto the roof of the net. Terrible defending, terrible finishing.

Gerrard into Barkley. He turns and sees a pass break for Welbeck. He finds Walker in space, but he opts against a cross. He gets down the line and wins a free-kick after being bundled to the turf. Late chance for a fifth.

Two minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Hodgson relaxed in his seat. Bigger challenges to come next week. He will know that. Plenty of positives to be taken from tonight, though.

Gerrard gives the ball away. Surprising given how he has played. Baines recovers, but has to concede a corner. Suvorov takes, and Gerrard glances clear. Ball returned to the box and Armas sends a first-time effort over the top.

Flag up against Baines. Very tight call. He was moving into a lot of space down the left and had white shirts joining him in the box. One final rendition of the national anthem from those in the stands.

Welbeck drops very deep. Walcott in a central striking berth now. England moving the ball well, pulling their opponents out of position. One pass too many as Milner can't collect 30 yards from goal.

Gerrard pings a pass into the path of Welbeck down the right. He goes back to Walker, who makes space. The ball breaks back his way and he flashes a half-volley narrowly over the top from a tight angle.

Final change of the evening for Moldova. Gheorghiev makes way for Pascenco. Both sides just playing out time now.

Welbeck runs into Epureanu as he watches the ball over his shoulder. No harm done. Moldova happy to see a bit of the ball in midfield, but they make nothing of it.

Milner happy to cross left-footed. Welbeck arriving again, but is beaten to the delivery. Space for Gerrard 35 yards from goal. No way through on this occasion. Moldova look to break, but Jagielka is there for England.

Gerrard sends over a flat cross which Welbeck can meet at the near post. He doesn't get enough on the ball to divert it goalwards. He got in front of his man and will feel that he should have done better.

Milner gets back well to break up a Moldova break, but then runs the ball out of play. The visitors get the ball wide, but fail to deliver into the box and Walker can run away for England.

Gerrard's corner is nodded clear by Armas. No-one in a red shirt inside the England half as Hart comes well outside of his box to gather. Antoniuc prevents Baines from sending a pass long down the left.

Onica clatters into Barkley. Free-kick given. Baines moves down the left again, but again he can't find the final ball. England remain on the front foot. A Walker cross is cleared, before Namasco gets lucky and sends a Lampard shot looping over the top off his boots.

Welbeck sees the ball break his way, and he can find Baines. Poor cross from a man normally so good in wide areas. Sidorenco still the only man making any effort for Moldova up top, and he is outnumbered again.

Barkley into Gerrard. He moves the ball quickly on to Welbeck. He takes one touch before striking with his left foot from the edge of the box. More unconvincing goalkeeping as Namasco gathers at the second attempt.

Cahill sees the ball back to Hart. Very quiet evening for the England keeper. He might not be so lucky on Tuesday. He will take an uneventful evening after some of the stick he has been taking of late.

Milner is operating down the left wing. He can't collect a pass from Baines on this occasion. Welbeck has gone down the middle for England. Barkley so close to a fifth. Great movement, better pass from Gerrard, and a shot from the edge of the box which skids inches wide.

Milner takes over set-piece duty. The whistle goes as soon as he delivers. Jagielka adjudged to have been pushing and shoving inside the box. Moldova go very long, but Sidorenco can't beat three defenders.

England win a succession of throws down their left, with Baines edging down the sideline. A corner is eventually won.

Moldova able to see more of the ball at the back now. England no longer racing around trying to win it back. As I say that, Walcott slides into a challenge and catches his man high. No card.

Milner the latest to be sent on by England. Lambert is the man to make way. Hodgson taking him off as he will have a big role to play in Ukraine with so many other forwards out.

Barkley with a great pass into Welbeck, but the ball arrives at an awkward height and he can't trap it into his path and ends up being forced wide, away from goal. England can't create another opening.

Lambert dropping deep to get involved. He may have realised that he could soon be heading off. His last involvement could be helping Welbeck to win another corner. No change yet and Gerrard delivers. Namasco comes, flaps, but clears.

Cahill concedes another free-kick. He did catch Sidorenco this time. Moldova play everything backwards. They haven't once tried to send a high ball into the box. They are forced back until Barkley concedes a free-kick.

Barkley still doing the simple things well, keeping England in possession. Moldova win it back, though, and Dedov lets fly from 30 yards out. Hart never troubled as the ball sails well wide.

Sidorenco in behind Cahill, but the flag goes up. Cahill did recover and leaves the Moldova forward on the deck after sliding into a well-timed challenge. Sidorenco soon back on his feet.

Cahill pulled up for another nudge in the back. Didn't appear to be much in that as he glanced back to Hart. Moldova take the set-piece short, and then go back to their keeper.

Walker tries a bit too much and concedes a throw. Crowd find their voice again. Everyone has been going through the motions since the early opener. England win a free-kick wide on the right. Gerrard over it again. His delivery is glanced over by Welbeck - who rose well around the penalty spot.

Walcott cuts in off the right, but fails to stand a cross up for Lambert. Gerrard looks for Walcott again, but can't quite pick the lock. Barkely then combines with Welbeck, with England flooding forward.

Suvorov has his heels clipped on halfway. Bordian then freed down the Moldova right, but his cross is nodded out by Baines. Lampard then tripped as he tries to lead a counter.

Walker stops another Moldova move down his side. England go across the field, moving one way and then the other. Barkley on the ball - keeps it simple. Baines goes long down the left, but Welbeck can't get past Epureanu.

No surprise to see Wilshere's number called. Barkley trots on and England ensure that one of their key men doesn't pick up another knock. What can Barkley offer on his bow?

Barkley is being readied for his England debut, as expected. He will be itching to get on and form part of a confident Three Lions side. On the field, Lampard can't find Walcott with a cross-field pass.

Moldova send on Suvorov in place of Bulgaru. Replacement is more attack-minded than the man heading off, but not going to change much.

Referee gets in the way, but England manage to play around him. Wilshere popping up everywhere, but runs the ball out of play. Another change on the way.

Wilshere into Walcott. He plays the ball just behind Welbeck, and he can't gather into his path. He goes down in the box claiming he was clipped, but is waved back to his feet.

Sidorenco does well to brush off Cahill, but has support and no space. England a little sloppy at the back, but the ball ends up in the hands of Hart. A warning that the hosts can't afford to switch off.

Keep-ball from England now. Baines eventually goes long, but can't find Lambert. Wilshere bursts into life again, but slips a blind pass to no-one.

Good strength from Walker as he holds off two red shirts and finds Cahill. Good work out for England so far. They should head to Kiev full of confidence.

Gerrard delivers. Namasco gets something on the ball, but it drops to Cahill. He sees a shot blocked by Bulgaru. Cahill tries to get something on the ball again, but the whistle goes.

Baines bursting forward from full-back. Wilshere picks him out and a crisp shot is beaten behind by Namasco. Corner to England, which is put behind for another.

Expect Welbeck to complete the 90 now that he must serve a ban. he will be chasing an international hat-trick. Every chance he will get one.

GOAL ENGLAND - WELBECK. Lovely goal by the Three Lions. Lambert pulls wide to the left and has Welbeck running off him. This time he beats the offside trap and dinks the ball over Namasco as he goes to ground.

Lampard bursting down the middle, and finding Walcott. The pass is just behind him and he can't move the ball on to Lambert. Moldova try again, but Cahill can nod a Sidorenco cross clear unchallenged.

Gheorghiev unable to gather a pass poked in his direction. England still looking solid. Sidorenco presses again, but white shirts flood back. Hart untested so far.

Walker invites Dedov down the line. He makes the most of the space and fires over a cross, which is dealt with at the near post by Cahill. Wilshere becoming more involved now for England.

Walcott is a low cross easily cut out. Wilshere then spins through midfield again. A pass slipped into the box is intercepted by Armas.

Wilshere skipping past tackles again. Walker played in down the right, and his cross is turned away by Armas. The Spurs full-back has had a good game and got involved whenever he can.

England get the second half under way.

Change at the break for England, with Baines replacing Cole - who is one booking away from a ban.

The players are back out for the start of the second half. Surely we will get a few more goals and maybe a debut for Ross Barkley. Perfect stage for him to make his bow with the points already in the bag.

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. England are now 4/1 to win 6-0. You can get 5/1 on Walcott to get the next goal.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

England 3 Moldova 0. Good half for Hodgson's men. Should be more goals to come.

GOAL ENGLAND - WELBECK. Perfect response from Welbeck. He bustles his way down the middle. Namasco doesn't fancy it again and sees the ball touched past him and into an empty net.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

Wilshere with a smart turn in midfield and a clever pass into the path of Welbeck down the left. Again, the flag goes up. He went a fraction too soon. Welbeck booked for shooting after the whistle went and he will miss the match in Ukraine.

Better from Moldova, a couple of one-touch passes. They can't carve England open, though. Head tennis in midfield until Bulgaru floats a high cross into the box for Hart to come and pluck out of the air.

Golovatenco takes a throw, gets the ball back, and slices wildly into the stands. England find Cole again. His cross towards Welbeck is cut out by Armas. Gerrard tries to keep the move alive down the left, but runs out of room.

Cole felled after cutting inside off the left flank. Gerrard with another opportunity to whip the ball into the box. He does just that, but Namasco comes to punch clear. Moldova struggle to clear their lines, until Dedov is able to break down the left and back up to halfway.

Walker racing down the right. Onica slides across to halt him in his tracks. England have to go backwards, before then looking left to Cole.

Jagielka into Gerrard, who finds Wilshere. Welbeck then finds space on the left. He cuts inside, and then down the line. He goes a bit too far and ends up running the ball out of play.

Onica with a high boot on Wilshere. Free-kick to England 35 yards from goal. Lampard is interested and is lining the ball up purposefully. Cap number 99 tonight for the Chelsea man. He does strike, after a touch from Gerrard, but hits the wall.

Jagielka happy to keep going square to Cahill. No need to fire the ball long. England need to keep looking wide. Full-backs are offering great support on the flanks.

Walcott racing down the right, but he can't catch up with the ball. England start again from the back. Welbeck is then unable to control the ball, or flick it on. Trying to be a bit too clever.

Walcott sees the ball bounce off him and Gheorghiev is moving forward again. Better from Moldova as they string a few passes together. The move soon breaks down though as England have plenty back. Antonius concedes a free-kick.

Sidoreneco able to drift across the field, but an effort from 35 yards out is very ambitious and cannons into Cahill. England unable to get a foot on the ball and it ends up back with Namasco.

Free-kick to Moldova on halfway. Cahill came through the back of Sidorenco. England showing they can mix it as well if required. Referee has kept his cards in his pocket so far.

Gheorghiev has men up with him, but glances a flick on away from both of them. Walker flies into a tackle, but didn't catch anyone. Moldova work the ball into the box, but Jagielka gets across Gheorghiev and wins a goal kick.

Wilshere down, but gets back to his feet. As he does so, Antoniuc crashes a shot well wide of the target. Wilshere was caught by Bulgaru, but looks to be okay. He's moving fine again now.

Gerrard sends the ball back to Hart. No Moldova player bothers chasing it down. Damage limitation for the visitors. England knock on the door again, but Welbeck skews horribly off target from 20 yards out. Not his best.

Lampard drops very deep to get involved. Everyone wanting a touch of the ball. Wilshere then powers forward again, and is so close to freeing Walcott in behind.

Walcott gathers 20 yards from goal, and the ball sits up nicely for him. He needs no second invitation to shoot, but crashes a volley over the crossbar. Moldova creaking more frequently now.

Hart bowls the ball out to Cahill, who charges towards halfway. England slow things down. Patience has paid off so far. Hodgson's men haven't tried to force the issue.

Not sure what Namasco was playing at. He almost dived past Walcott's shot and somehow ended up parrying it onto the head of Lambert. No complaints. England now free to open up and express themselves.

GOAL ENGLAND - LAMBERT. Two in two for Lambert on the international stage. Moldova fail to clear their lines and when a Walcott shot is spilled by Namasco, Lambert is on hand to nod home from two yards out.

Golovatenco concedes another free-kick for another hefty challenge on Walcott - who isn't happy at the treatment he is getting. Gerrard whips the free-kick into the box. Lambert and Welbeck can't get anything on it. Walcott dinks the ball back in and Lampard sees a header beaten away by Namasco.

Wilshere drives into the box, brushing off two tackles. He gets a sight of goal 10 yards out, but is denied by Namasco. Corner to England. Gerrard on set-piece duty again, but can't pick out the head of Cahill.

Armas with a badly over-hit pass which sails into the crowd. Cahill forced back to Hart. Moldova now looking to press high up the field. Hart takes a bit of chance as he runs the ball out of his box, but can clear down field. Walcott then wins a free-kick.

Gerrard nicks the ball in midfield, but then gives it away. He keeps snapping around and concedes a throw. Leading by example so far the England skipper.

Walker with a wild air shot inside his own half. He gets away with it. Cole flying down the left again and Epureanu has to hack into the stands. England prepared to go backwards. Cahill then goes long onto the chest of Cole, but he can't bring it down on the by-line.

Walcott takes this time, towards Lampard at the near post. He challenges with Onica, who just about does enough to put the England man off and his header drifts harmlessly wide.

Gheorghiev has a tug on Gerrard's shirt and isn't allowed to escape with the ball. England can push men forward again and win another corner.

Antoniuc can't feed a ball down the channels for Sidorenco. Change can now happen, with Ionita making way. Onica, sporting a nasty black eye, comes on in his place.

Walker sees a pass intended for Lambert cut out by Armas. Bulgaru then felled by Lampard as he tries to run the ball clear. Ionita limping and will be the one to be replaced by Moldova.

Ball in the net from Walcott, but it won't count. He was played in by Lambert, but went a fraction too soon. He shouldn't have done as he was looking along the line. England creating openings again, though.

Gerrard fires left to Cole, but he can't bring the ball out of the air. Moldova try to break, but the flag is up again - Dedov went too soon. Visitors already planning changes. Movement on the bench.

Lambert unable to flick on towards Welbeck. Gerrard wins the ball back with a full-blooded sliding tackle. England have done a professional job so far.

Walker is able to dart to the by-line and scoop a cross towards the penalty spot. Lampard there, but can't make contact and England have to settle for a corner. Gerrard swings over the delivery. Too much swing, but the ball is sent back to the Liverpool captain. Unlike him as he smashes the ball high, wide and not very handsome.

Just what England needed - has helped to lift any tension in the ground. Should be more to follow. Walcott looking lively again, while Wilshere snaps into a challenge.

GOAL ENGLAND - GERRARD. Opening goal comes from the skipper. Welbeck is freed down the left and cuts back to Lampard 20 yards from goal. He tees up Gerrard, who drills low into the bottom corner. Perfect start for the Three Lions.

Walcott with a flick towards Walker, but he isn't on the same wavelength and the ball runs out of play. Cole and Welbeck then combine down the left, but the former's cross isn't the best and Namasco can gather under no pressure.

A long ball towards Walcott from Cahill is nowhere near its target. He is fortunate to see the ball returned his way. Clever pass from Lampard has Walker moving into space. Walcott is then blocked off on the edge of the box.

Cahill moving forward again, and finding Walcott. Patient build-up from England as they move across the field. Welbeck wins a throw. Cole given few options. Lack of movement from those in white and the ball is given away.

Moldova knocking the ball around well, but then present it straight to Cole. Cahill able to stroll across halfway. Ten men behind the ball blocks England's route to goal. Sloppy pass squanders possession, but the ball is soon back with Hart.

Cole trips Sidorenco. Free-kick to Moldova inside the England half. They don't send too many bodies forward. Ionita down on the sidelines getting some treatment. Set-piece taken short, but the visitors are forced all the way back to Namasco.

Wilshere moves through midfield. Poland have equalised against Montenegro. Top spot up for grabs again. Here, England working hard to press as high up the field as possible.

Montenegro lead against Poland, so England need to get the job done here. They are attacking again. Walker fizzes over a brilliant cross from the right which somehow evades everybody.

Dedov with good movement again. Golovatenco sees a cross blocked. The ball does end up in the box eventually, but a heavy touch from Ionita lets England off the hook. The hosts counter at pace, with Cole forcing a cross over. It deflects into the path of Lambert, who lashes a volley inches over from 12 yards out.

Gerrard delivers. Lambert throws himself at the ball in the middle - six yards out - but can't get in front of his man and ends up nodding over the top. Cahill wins a towering header from the resulting goal kick, but the ball drifts out of play before Walcott can collect.

Flag up against Dedov. He had space to move into behind Walker, but he went too soon and the pass towards him was over-hit. Lambert then sends Walcott into the box and he forces the first corner of the evening.

Walcott wins an early free-kick. Golovatenco putting down an early marker on the Arsenal man. Moldova actually have two men up top at the moment. How long that lasts...

Moldova get us up and running.

National anthems ring out around Wembley. A long way short of a full house, but still more than enough inside the national stadium to make their voices heard.

The players are in the tunnel so we will leave the feedback there for now and turn our attention to the game. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Scott Wardle is another backing Lambert to be among the goals again. He says: "Lambert's chance has finally come to be an England legend! COME ON LADS!"

Steve Higgins thinks things might be tighter than a lot of people imagine. He says: "Going for a comprehensive 3-0 victory tonight Chris. Lambert to score 2."

Tonight's referee is Ivan Kruzliak from Slovakia.

Liam Whitlock is a Southampton follower looking for Lambert to do the business again. He says: "Happy Saints fan seeing Rickie start. Obviously will be a tougher game on Tuesday, as we all know from Moldovas press conference. I expect England to sweep by Moldova and win 6-0. Call me optimistic, but with Rickie us Saints fans know anything can happen."

Chris Green is the first to get in touch and is looking for a professional performance from England. He says: "I am really looking forward to this one; this match could be a big decider in whether England qualify for the World Cup or not. Despite the Three Lions being the home team, this match will not be easy for us because Moldova will pose a threat if we don't deal with them properly. So, our defence had better be at their best this evening, or we could be punished. The Three Lions are obviously going to be the firm favourites to win this one, however, I think it will be a tight encounter if the Moldovans have a good start to this game. My head thinks a comfortable England win (4-0) is on the cards, but if we don't perform to our potential and we make mistakes at crucial stages, we may lose this match. I hope this doesn't happen, though - we really need the win."

Moldova team: Namasco, Armas, Golovatenco, Epureanu, Ionita, Antoniuc, Dedov, Georghiev, Bulgaru, Bordian, Sidorenco. Subs: Pascenco, Cebanu, Onica, Racu, Cebotaru, Doros, Suvorov, Boestean, Erhan, Pascenco, Grossu, Andronic.

England team: Hart, Walker, Cole, Gerrard, Cahill, Jagielka, Walcott, Lampard, Welbeck, Wilshere, Lambert. Subs: Smalling, Ruddy, Baines, Carrick, Cleverley, Milner, Barkley, Defoe, Young, Sterling, Townsend, Forster.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. England are 1/16 to collect three points, with Moldova 33/1 and the draw 14/1. A 4-0 win for the Three Lions has been price boosted to 13/2, while Rickie Lambert is now 9/2 to open the scoring.

How many will England get? Who will get them? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to air your pre-match thoughts by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

England put five past Moldova in their first meeting back in September 2012, with Frank Lampard bagging a brace. More of the same is expected tonight.

For the record, Montenegro are away in Poland tonight - which is no given for them.

Victory for Roy Hodgson's tonight would help to keep them very much in the hunt for automatic qualification for Brazil 2014. They sit two points adrift of Montenegro at present with a game in hand.

Welcome to Wembley Stadium for our coverage of tonight's 2014 World Cup qualifier between England and Moldova.


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