F/T: Luxembourg 1 Scotland 2

A brace for Jordan Rhodes ensures a winning debut for Billy Stark, and while it wasn't the performance the Scotland fans would have wanted, there were definitely enough positives to take away from tonight's action. Thanks for your company tonight and I'll see you all soon.

FULL TIME. Luxembourg 1 Scotland 2.

No hat-trick for Rhodes, he comes off in place of Davidson.

An impressive delivery from the left lands on the head of Da Mota, but Gilks is more than equal to it as he snatches it out of the air at the far post.

Miller can't prevent the ball from going out, and Scotland will hope to hold on now as their attacking impetus looks all but extinguished.

Luxembourg keep knocking, as Peters' free-kick falls to Da Mota, who stabs a fierce effort at goal which ends up with a Scotland free-kick.

Bensi has looked a tremendous attacking outlet since his arrival, and after going for goal from 20 yards, Gilks makes a good save at the near post.

Rhodes heads the ball into the net, but the offside flag denies the striker hat-trick, for the time being anyway.

Scotland live on the edge once more as Turpel charges to the byline before fizzing the ball across goal with no-one there to apply the finish!

Gerson's effort cannons off the wall this time, and Berra ends up showing great strength to hold off Bensi, who admirably chased the rebound to no avail.

Bensi is floored by Berra, and Luxembourg win a free-kick in a similar position to where their goal came from....

Bukvic gets his head to the corner, and Griffiths looks to produce a moment of magic on the volley but strikes with little accuracy and ends up firing some way wide.

Dixon crosses in, and Scotland win a second corner in quick succession after Blaise's clearance.

Bensi looks for a yard to shoot, but he wisely passes on, as Gilks makes much better work of a delivery from Da Mota.

Leweck is hauled off, with Laterza taking his place for the hosts.

Miller fizzes an excellent ball into the box, that draws a timely clearance from Bukvic as Rhodes lurked for his hat-trick.

Gilks is forced to atone for a sloppy clearance, with Scotland making extremely heavy weather of this second half.

Great chance for Luxembourg! Scotland are stretched on the counter attack as Mutsch crosses in for Bensi, whose header isn't great, but ends up going for a corner.

Scotland force their way forward, with Kelly's initial ball taking a touch off Rhodes, before Miller's strike is deflected behind for a corner.

Bettmer's injury sees him come off, with Turpel the man replacing him.

Bettmer appears to have taken a knock and receives treatment as play grinds to a halt. During that pause, Shinnie's night is over as he comes off for Griffiths.

Bensi nearly feeds in Leweck with a beautiful through ball, but Berra reads the run of the striker and steps in to make a timely interception.

Berra floats the ball into the box, but Miller gets caught in two minds and in the end it's a routine save for Joubert.

The application from the hosts is really top drawer now, as they prevent Scotland from probing for space, before Peters is unlucky not to dispossess Fletcher.

An uncharacteristically poor pass from Shinnie leaves his team-mates in trouble, and as Leweck scuffs his shot before claiming a penalty, Scotland are lucky just to get the ball away.

Deville's comes to an end and Bensi is the man taking to the field.

Miller runs into Da Mota, who does superbly to drive through the centre, eluding a couple of tackles in the process, before Mutsch has a pop from a long way out and fires well over.

It's patient work from Scotland, until Kelly takes too long on the ball, Peters steps in, but Blaise can't find Da Mota as Whittaker takes over.

Bettmer carelessly concedes possession with a loose pass, with Fletcher driving Scotland forward until Naismith loses out to Bukvic.

Dixon's drive is charged down and good sweeping off from Mutsch sees the ball travel down the line and out.

Naismith takes a tumble, and the hosts aren't happy after Peters' tackle. The free-kick is given though and it's right on the edge of the area.

Another needless foul from Bukvic on Miller, as Scotland get the chance to deliver from 30 yards. Fletcher crosses in, but a solid clearance from Deville ends the danger.

Rhodes takes a sore one in a clash with Peters, but a Scotland free-kick is defended well by Luxembourg, before Da Mota goes down after trying to lead his team to safety.

Janisch heads off for the hosts, with Da Mota his replacement.

Mutsch bangs into Naismith with a hard shoulder and Scotland win a free-kick. Rhodes ends up battling with Bukvic and the striker does well to win a throw-in.

An incredibly lackadaisical clearance from Joubert lands in Naismith's pass, but he opts for the one-two with Miller and finds himself offside as a result.

The flag is raised as Rhodes sets off a tad too early to meet Whittaker's chip over the top of Luxembourg's centre-backs.

Scotland, clearly stunned by the start to the half, look to retain posession for the time being, with the hosts doing a fine job in restricting space in their half.

What a start to the second half! Luxembourg win a free-kick in a dangerous position and Gerson's stunning 25-yard free-kick leaves Gilks clutching at air. A superb goal!


Scotland get the game restarted.

There's some changes at the break as Peters comes on for Payal, while Kelly replaces Mulgrew for Scotland

Jordan Rhodes' double puts Scotland in a commanding position, but the hosts improved leaps and bounds towards the end of theh half and there should definitely be goals in the second half. Send your predictions to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com

HALF TIME. Luxembourg 0 Scotland 2.

Best chance so far for the hosts, as Gerson excellently charges to the byline before finding Leweck with a ball across goal, with the striker's poor shot straight down the throat of Gilks.

Fletcher holds off Mutsch to find Miller, but he is marshalled impressively by Deville, and in the end Dixon can't keep the ball in play down the left.

A sucession of headers result in Naismith, at full reach, taking a pop, but it flies well into the air and ends up landing near the corner flag.

Hanley whips in, with Rhodes looking for his hat-trick, before a Luxembourgh body gets in the way and concedes a corner.

The game hits a bit of a lull as Scotland retain possession well, and Billy Stark will surely be delighted with what he's soon so far.

Brilliant defending from Schnell to intercept Dixon's ball to Naismith, before Shinnie is then pick-pocketed by Janisch.

Leweck is tripped by Dixon, and the hosts look to move forward once again, showing much more of an attacking urgency than in the first 20 minutes.

Deville links up play on the edge of the area, but as Bettmer is found, he can only fire over with a poor shot.

Miller and Rhodes both take two stabs at the ball on the edge of the area, but through a combination of poor decision making on both sides, the score remains at 2-0, for now.

Shinnie is playing tremendously so far, and good control on the right is followed by a solid cross that is defended well by the hosts.

Brilliant chance for 3-0. Naimsith gets a bit lucky as Janisch's tackle leaves the ball at his feet, and as he plays in Miller, a wonderful diving save from Joubert prevents his shot reaching the net.

Leweck and Bettmer are starting to cause problems with their movement, and as the hosts look to break, a good interception from Hanley is required to prevent Gerson being found on the left.

Hanley's ball over the top sees Bukvic head away bravely, with Dixon then clattered into by Leweck, but the decision is only a Scotland throw-in.

Mulgrew intercepts after lazy play from Mutsch, before Miller loses control and ends up flooring Deville.

Gilks punches away at the near post, the ball rebounding off Janisch's head and it's a Scotland free-kick.

Scotland continue to look strong all over the pitch, but a loose pass from Hanley lets Mutsch in, and as Whittaker makes the tackle near the penalty area he does enough to concede a corner, and not a penalty.

Shinnie's work at the byline is tremendous, as he cuts the ball back across goal with Rhodes pouncing for his second of the game. 2-0 to the Scots and there could be quite a few more goals at this rate.


Miller shoots first time from Hanley's ball, and while the effort was quite impressive on the turn, it clips the roof of the netting for a Luxembourg goal-kick.

Leweck shows a great turn of pace to fly past Dixon, but as soon as he reaches a shooting position, he fires an incredible wild effort into the crowd.

Blaise is on hand to deny Naismith, before Mulgrew whips a good ball into the six-yard box which is seized upon by Joubert.

A mistake from Dixon lets Gerson in, but his ball in is cleared before Mutsch turns and unleashes a fine effort that sails narrowly wide.

Mulgrew aims to slide in Rhodes, but Joubert rushes out of his goal, showing great awarness to beat the striker to the ball.

Luxembourg register their first real attack on goal as Deville latches on to a ball from the right, but his scuffed effort lands in the arms of Gilks.

This is a very strong start from Scotland, with Miller nearly linking up with Rhodes before Mulgrew is felled by Deville.

Miller takes a tumble under Schnell, with Scotland winning a free-kick in the centre of the pitch.

It's very scrappy but Scotland take the lead, as Rhodes battles with Deville and Joubert before the fall finally lands in the net after a devilish cross from Dixon. 1-0 to Scotland!


Lovely skill from Shinnie to play through the legs of Leweck, and Scotland continue through Fletcher on the left.

Great chance for Rhodes, who nearly capitalises on a blunder from Mutsch - he drags his shot wide though and a good opportunity is spurned.

Bukvic looks to play Luxembourg forward, but Dixon denies Leweck latching on to his long ball and it's a Scotland goal-kick.

Shinnie is tripped by Bettmer, but Scotland persevere with Millern, until strong defending from Schnell cuts off his path.

Gerson finds Bettmer, but group defending from Scotland ensures his ball into the box does not get further than Berra.

Miller looks for Naismith, but on the return ball Schnell makes a good tackle. Mulgrew keeps the move alive, but Whittaker's delivery is caught safely by Joubert.

Luxembourg get the game underway.

The man in the middle is a Mr. Cyrill Zimmermann (Switzerland)

Scotland: Gilks, Whittaker, Dixon, Berra, Hanley, Mulgrew, Fletcher, Shinnie, Naismith, Rhodes, Miller. Subs: Samson, Webster, Barr, Davidson, Kelly, Griffiths, Bell.

Luxembourg: Joubert, Mutsch, Bukvic, Deville, Schnell, Janisch, Blaise, Krogh Gerson, Payal, Bettmer, Leweck. Subs: Oberweis, Malget, Hoffmann, Peters, Da Mota Alves, Bensi, Laterza, Philipps, Jans, Turpel.

Here are the teams.

Manager-less Scotland are 1/2 favourites with Sky Bet to earn victory in Luxembourg, with the home side 6/1 to seal an unlikely win and 3/1 to draw. The home team have only earned one draw in their last five games, scoring just three goals, so perhaps it is worth a look at the handicap markets, with Scotland available on the -2 handicap at 7/2.

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Josy Barthel Stadium for the international friendly between Luxembourg and Scotland. The teams will be updated shortly, if you'd like to drop me a line tonight you can e-mail jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet @JWoodfield365

Kick-off is at 1915 GMT.


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