FT: QPR 0 Chelsea 0

Ferdinand's refusal to shake hands with Terry or Cole overshadows Queens Park Rangers' 0-0 draw with London rivals Chelsea. Neither side really did enough to win the game and Hazard missed the best chance of the game in the closing minutes. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction.

90 + 4

90 + 3
Ferdinand is playing on. But he has been put on the right-hand side. Mackie has filled in in defence.

90 + 2
Zamora spins a pass into the path of Cisse, who has isolated Luiz. But the Chelsea centre-back stands up to the test and blocks the shot.

90 +1
Ferdinand hobbles off the field with a hamstring problem. He is being strapped up for the final minutes. QPR have used all their substitutes.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of three minutes added time before the final whistle.

At the corner, it is a simple header clear for Ivanovic. Chelsea break and Ramires sets up Lampard. But the midfielder is under pressure and scoops his shot over the crossbar.

Corner to QPR after a counter-attack. Luiz headed Cisse's cross out of play to set up the set-piece after Zamora had been lurking.

Chelsea are the side who are looking to win the game. QPR are back on the edge of their own box in two banks of four. Granero takes the ball off Cole with a good tackle.

Chelsea keep the pressure on and Moses does brilliantly to get to the byline and send in a low cross. It comes to Hazard, who has an unbelievable amount of room. But he also unbelievably smashes a first-time effort from 10 yards high over the crossbar. Bad miss.

Mackie fouls Hazard inside the QPR half. The free-kick is taken short and then play makes its way over to the right.

Cisse is fuming he is not given a corner when challenging with Luiz. Referee Marriner gives a goal-kick.

QPR are dropping a bit deeper as the final whistle looms. It looks like they would now be happy with a point. But they are inviting Chelsea forward as a consequence.

Sloppy from Cesar, who has otherwise had a good debut, as he punts a kick straight out for a throw-in.

Sturridge is immediately into the game. He causes problems in the QPR box when getting to the byline. But he rolls the ball out of play.

Chelsea make their change. Torres is off and he goes straight down the tunnel. He was poor today. Sturridge comes on.

Chelsea are about to send on Sturridge.

From the free-kick, Chelsea win a throw-in. QPR switch off at the set-piece and Ramires wastes the chance for a volley.

A burst of end-to-end play results in a free-kick to Chelsea in the QPR half after Torres is fouled.

From a seemingly harmless long ball, Chelsea get themselves in a real mess. Terry misjudges the bounce and Mikel's poor bac-pass means Cisse can break clear through. Cech comes out a closes him down. But Cisse feeds the ball to Zamora. With Cech out of his goal, Zamora shoots at Terry on the goal-line.

Ivanovic sends a long throw into the box and it drops to Lampard. But his shot is saved.

Cahill is going through a warm-up routine in case Terry does need to come off. The Chelsea captain gets a cross-field pass wrong and blasts it out of play. The QPR fans enjoy it.

Zamora tries a clever little flick around the corner to Cisse. Unfortunately for QPR, Luiz is able to get a foot in.

Terry missed England duty with an ankle problem. But, after going off to be checked over by the physio, he is back on, albeit walking a little delicately.

Cheers around Loftus Road as Terry pulls up with an injury when off the ball after passing it back to Cech.

It looks like Cisse has gone as QPR's prime striker, Zamora is dropping a bit deeper and Mackie has been pushed out wide.

QPR make their final change as Cisse comes on to big cheers in place of Wright-Phillips.

Poor play from Onuoha as he is robbed by Hazard. The Belgian and Torres can break on Ferdinand. But the centre-back defends very well, stands up and takes the ball off Torres.

Cisse is getting ready to come on. Hughes has decided to take the gamble as we approach the final 20 minutes.

Throw-in to Chelsea close to the corner flag on the left. Hazard eventually has the chance to cross and Ivanovic heads just wide. Ivanovic comfortably beat Bosingwa in the air at the back post. That is a mismatch, which Chelsea might want to expose.

Despite QPR fans chanting for Cisse, Hughes will know, having lost Johnson and Fabio in the first half, it is maybe a bit early to gamble with his final substitution.

Torres is cutting a frustrated figure. He has had to work on scraps today and his shoulders are slumped as he slowly walks about in his lone striking role.

QPR again press forward. Terry unsuccessfully tries to play for offside. Play continues and Park drags a 20-yarder over the crossbar.

Bosingwa looks to take on Ivanovic. But he does not look as if he fancies the physical challenge and his former team-mate can let the ball roll out for a goal-kick.

QPR's fans are chanting for Cisse. They want a striker on to take some of these chances. Wright-Phillips fires well wide from a tight angle and long range.

Cech smashes the ball out of play, because Mikel is down. He is holding his back after an aerial challenge with Mackie. Mikel does not need treatment and is okay to continue.

QPR have started very well in the first 15 minutes of this second half. They are attacking down the wings at every chance. But they need to make the most of their chances.

Summer signing Moses comes on for Bertrand. A clear sign Di Matteo wants more attacking threat.

QPR are cranking up the pressure. Bosingwa wins a corner from Ramires. Good defending. QPR waste the corner as Ivanovic has a free header to clear.

Park should have scored. Chelsea do not thoroughly clear the throw-in and Granero can cross. He finds his captain in acres of space around six yards from goal but Park heads straight at Cech.

Bosingwa and Park combine well down the left. The latter's cross has to be cleared for a throw-in by Terry.

A sublime back-heeled flick from Hazard to Terry had set Chelsea on an earlier attack.

Park has Ivanovic one-on-one and backing off on the edge of the box. But the QPR captain never really looks confident, gets his feet tangled and is tackled.

Wright-Phillips is a little unlucky when almost nipping in to take possession. The ball bounces up onto his hand and it adjudged to be handball.

Mikel is having plenty of room in the centre circle. But his tendency to always pass the ball sideways means he is not making the most of the opportunities.

Perhaps now handshake-gate is a half of football back, there has been a more controlled and sensible style in this half.

Lovely drop of the shoulder and turn from Mackie just inside the penalty area after some good passing build-up. His shot on the turn is straight at a grateful Cech.

It has been a bit of a sloppy start to the second half from the home team. Bosingwa gives the ball away on the corner of his own penalty area.

QPR are almost guilty of overplaying on the edge of their own box as Hazard sneaks in to pinch the ball. However, his 25-yards effort is closed down.

The medical report from half-time is that Johnson has a knee problem and Fabio has a tight hamstring.

Chelsea look like they want to get back to the crisp passing with which they started in the first half.

WE'RE BACK: QPR get the second half under way.

Chelsea feel aggrieved they were not awarded a penalty in the first half among a handful of claims, particularly that of Hazard. QPR did well against the Premier League leaders. But they have lost both Fabio and Johnson to injuries in the first half. And, if you came in late, Ferdinand refused to shake hands with Terry and Cole before kick-off.

45 + 3

45 + 2
QPR break and have some space when going forward. Mackie gets his head down and shoots but it is blocked. A pass wide might have been a better option.

45 + 1
That was a real waste from that free-kick from Granero. He has struggled a little in this first half.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of three minutes added time before half-time.

Granero shoots but it bounces before going safely wide for Chelsea.

Luiz climbs over Zamora to give QPR a free-kick in shooting range of the goal. It is about 30 yards. Granero is taking responsibility

The respective midfields are now standing off rather than crashing into challenges. Half-time is almost upon us.

QPR fans have spent most of the first half chanting about Terry and Cole.

As we approach half-time, both sides have taken a slightly more steady approach to the helter-skelter fashion of the previous 42 minutes. Neither side wants to concede before the break.

Cole crosses from the left and it is half-cleared by Bosingwa. QPR do not properly clear and Lampard has possession on the edge of the box. Mikel shoots and the ball strikes Ferdinand. Chelsea want a penalty but replays show it was ball to chest.

Ramires tries a clever flick to return the ball to the very advanced Luiz. But he puts too much on the ball and it rolls out for a goal-kick.

QPR have the chance to send the ball into the box from a long-range free-kick. Granero curls in the delivery. But Terry gets a good header away on the edge of his own six-yard box.

For all QPR's endeavours, Cech has seen very little of the ball so far this afternoon.

Ferdinand fouls Torres and gives Chelsea another free-kick 35 yards from goal. Lampard is over the ball. He shoots and Cesar comfortably saves after one bounce.

Possession is changing hands so quickly in midfield. No player has any time to put a foot on the ball. Hazard has faded out of the game after his initial bright start.

Cole's cross forces Ferdinand to head behind for a corner. At the set-piece, Luiz has a free header. But he gets his timing wrong and heads high and wide.

The game is continuing in a typical blood and thunder fashion of the Premier League. It does not look like any goal is going to come from a particularly flowing passage of passing.

Losing Johnson is a major loss for QPR. The striker had probably been his side's best player in the opening half-an-hour. But he is injury-prone.

Not sure what the problem is with Johnson he went down in his own half after pulling up when not challenged. He has gone off and has been replaced by Mackie. Johnson's left knee is being treated.

There is a break in play as Johnson is down receiving treatment. This would be a blow for QPR if they lose Johnson.

Hazard slaps the floor in frustration when not being given a penalty. The Belgian had darted into the box and went down under pressure from Wright-Phillips. There was a tangle of legs but referee Marriner only gives a goal-kick. It was one of those that could have been given.

Poor header from Park when he has the chance to set QPR on another attack. On the halfway line, he nods the ball straight to Mikel.

It is lucky Ramires obviously has fantastic fitness, because he is having to do a lot of tracking back. First of all it was on Fabio and now Bosingwa is getting forward as often as possible.

A very reckless challenge sees Bertrand go in the book after he slides in from the side on Wright-Phillips in the centre circle. That was nasty.

Johnson is dropping deep into midfield to receive the ball when QPR are attacking and it gives his side an extra man in central areas.

Referee Marriner is having to watch so carefully. There are little tussles going on all over the pitch. This has been a great London derby so far.

The game is very lively at the moment. Both sides are screaming for fouls at every challenge. Bosingwa, who has switched to the left since Onuoha's introduction, wastes a chance to cross as he tries to pick out Wright-Phillips, who is not known for his heading.

Lampard fizzes the free-kick to the edge of the six-yard box. Ferdinand heads clear when Ivanovic was looking to connect.

Ferdinand clatters Bertrand from behind and gives away a free-kick. A chance for Lampard to cross the set-piece into the box from the left.

This has been an evenly-match game so far. Both sides are looking to attack at every opportunity.

The ball finally goes out of play for a QPR goal-kick. Onuoha comes on in place of Fabio. The full-back picked up the injury in an earlier challenge with Torres.

Onuoha is the man who will eventually replace Fabio. But the ball has yet to go out of play.

QPR have been forced into a change, seemingly due to injury. Fabio is going off but his replacement has not yet come on. QPR are playing with 10 men.

Another good save from Cesar. Torres gets in down the inside right and in the penalty area. He checks back onto his left foot, his weaker foot, and his shot from 10 yards is saved by the QPR goalkeeper.

It looks like Ivanovic might have a bit of a problem. He has his hands on his knees and appears uncomfortable. But he is playing on.

Great passage of play for QPR. Park and Fabio take the ball off Ramires before finding Zamora. The striker's shot is straight at Cech. Ramires had a little kick out at Fabio in the incident.

Lampard shoots from the free-kick and it deflects for a corner. The corner is cleared at the front post. QPR look to break but Ramires fouls Faurlin and is rightly booked.

Granero is tackled by Ramires and Chelsea have the chance to break. Granero in his attempt to win the ball back, trips Ramires from behind. Free-kick some 35 yards from goal.

It is very tight in the centre of midfield. There have been a lot of free-kicks due to the congested area of the pitch. The players will need to have good, quick control.

A superb cross-field pass from Faurlin gives Park the chance to cross from the left. It is whipped across the face of goal but no QPR player can connect.

Cesar looks very comfortable with the ball at his feet whenever he has to deal with a back-pass.

QPR fans enjoy Torres' failure to control a ball and then the Spaniard is unable to stop it from going out for a throw-in.

The flow of this opening eight minutes is being broken by a lot of free-kicks. Niggly is probably the cliché.

Chelsea start on another attack. But the move is halted when Cole strays offside. Cesar lumps the free-kick down field. Zamora pushes Lampard to give away a foul.

QPR are screaming for a penalty when Luiz crashes into Fabio close to the byline. Luiz had nowhere to go and there is no spot-kick.

Chelsea build up field from the throw-in and Hazard has the chance to shoot from around eight yards. Debutant Cesar, though, saves well. Hazard could have done better. His shot was straight at the goalkeeper.

Hughes' home side are now the side enjoying a bit of possession. Granero aims to spread the ball to the left but Park cannot keep it in play.

QPR are playing in a 4-4-2 formation, which is going to give Chelsea an extra man in the centre of midfield, where they have three men.

Terry and Ivanovic attack the set-piece but QPR are able to defend and Wright-Phillips leads a counter-attack. The move breaks down on the edge of the Chelsea box when Zamora is tackled.

Chelsea are instantly into their swagger and are passing the ball very well. They win a corner.

KICK-OFF: Chelsea get the game going.

Ferdinand refuses to shake hands with Terry and Cole. Terry and Ferdinand exchange words.

Captains Park and Terry lead QPR and Chelsea out of the tunnel at Loftus Road ahead of kick-off.

Gaz says: Very surprised with Chelsea's line up today, would have thought seeing as how they dealt with their first 3 league games comfortably why not hand a debut to Moses or Cesar. Nevertheless should be a convincing win today.

Referee: Andre Marriner

The players are heading back to their respective dressing rooms after going through the warm-up. Kick if just more than 10 minutes away.

Evann Kydd says: "I will lose respect for the player who does not offer his hand. Time has moved on and the players need to realise this."

OPTA FACT: Chelsea have won just two of their last 10 Premier League away games (W2 D4 L4). They also had two players (Drogba and Bosingwa) sent off on their last league visit to Loftus Road but it was QPR who ended the season with the most red cards in the top flight (9).

The teams are going through their warm-up routines on the pitch at a sunny Loftus Road. Boos for Cole and Terry as their names are read out over the public address system.

Ben Morris says: "What worries me isn't the handshake, but Mikel starting game after game. He's so poor as a footballer!"

Stephen Wilkinson says: "Respect campaign hasn't lost meaning. Anton has no respect for Terry, and rightly so. So he shouldn't have to shake hands."

Harvey says via Twitter: The handshake should've been cancelled, because Ferdinand is obviously going to snub Terry which will start the row again.

OPTA FACT: Park Ji-Sung has set up the joint-most scoring chances for team-mates from open play along with Santi Cazorla (10). Eden Hazard already has four goal assists this season and has won two penalties.

Ashley Cole is also one to keep an eye on today. The full-back appeared as a character witness for Terry in the court case with Ferdinand. Terry's return is one of two changes for Chelsea, who also recall Ryan Bertrand in midfield, while QPR's only change sees a debut for goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

Let's not forget there is also a football match taking place today. Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea were flying before the international break for the World Cup qualifiers after taking nine pints from nine. Mark Hughes, a former Chelsea player, meanwhile, sees QPR in the relegation zone with just one point after already conceding nine goals.

So Terry and Ferdinand both start. Will they shake hands before kick-off? Should they be made to shake hands? Has the gesture, which is designed as part of the Respect campaign, lost its meaning? Get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or through Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Pajwa Khan says via Twitter: "The handshake before the game is a bit of a farce, it's not a good example to show children when we all know they won't."

Chelsea team: Cech, Ivanovic, Cole, Luiz, Terry, Ramires, Lampard, Bertrand, Mikel, Hazard,Torres Subs: Turnbull, Romeu, Oscar, Moses, Sturridge, Cahill, Azpilicueta.

QPR team: Cesar, Ferdinand, Park, Johnson, Wright-Phillips, Granero, Nelsen, Bosingwa, Da Silva, Zamora, Faurlin Subs: Green, Cisse, Taarabt, Mackie, Onuoha, Dyer, Hoilett.

OPTA FACT: The last time these two sides met, Chelsea became only the second side in Premier League history to put six goals past QPR (29th April 2012), the other being Fulham in October 2011.

Gabriel Sutton says: "Judging by their first few results, it could take time for this new-look QPR team to click. My own opinion is they've brought too many players, too radically this summer. Fernandes will need to be patient but given the high-profile names there you've got to think they'll avoid another relegation battle. Chelsea have hit the ground running this season and with Hazard, Torres and Mata in their team I reckon we could see a flurry of goals from them in the second half. 4-0 Chelsea."

Josh says via Twitter: "I think the handshake before football games should be scrapped. The only one that matters is the one after the game."

If you want to get in touch throughout the afternoon, you can contact me at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. Keep your opinions, rants, thoughts in good taste and I will publish a selection of the best.

This is of course a return to the scene of the fixture where last season Terry was accused of racially abusing Ferdinand. A legal court cleared the Chelsea captain but a Football Association case is ongoing.

Team news is expected to be confirmed by the clubs at around 2pm. We will then discover whether John Terry and Anton Ferdinand have recovered from injury and will face each other.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive coverage of the London derby between Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea at Loftus Road, where handshakes will again take centre stage.

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