FT: Manchester City 1 Swansea 0

After a record-breaking amount of added time in the Premier League, Man City pick up an unconvincing 1-0 win over Swansea. Tevez's goal won the game for the defending champions, who looked nervous. Swansea lost goalkeeper Vorm to what looks like a serious injury while Man City had Richards stretchered off for a similarly bad-looking injury. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction and quotes.

90 + 13

90 + 12
Yaya Toure leads a Man City break up field before passing to Balotelli. The striker drives towards the penalty area before shooting over the crossbar. That should be the last action of the game.

90 + 11
Graham does well to knock down a long ball on the edge of his box but no Swansea team-mate is able to get on to the lay-off.

90 + 10
Hart and Graham have a joke together after the former lets the ball roll as deep into his penalty area as possible before smothering it. That was an attempt to run down the clock by Hart.

90 + 9
Corner to Man City. Tevez takes it short to Barry before getting the ball back and crossing. Swansea are able to head clear before they then get a goal-kick.

90 + 8
Yaya Toure again gives the ball away when Man City were on the attack. The midfielder has not been at the races today.

90 + 7
It looks as if the introduction has sent Nastasic out to left-back. Sung-Yueng sends a 25-yard effort rocketing over the crossbar after a poor clearance from Man City.

90 + 6
Lescott comes on in place of Aguero as Mancini looks to shut up shop for the remaining six minutes of added time.

90 + 5
Man City are preparing to send on Lescott.

90 + 4
Laudrup shows he has not lost any of skills from his playing days as, when the ball goes out for a Swansea throw-in, he scoops it up with his right foot to one of his players.

90 + 3
Dyer and Rangel play a couple of passes down the right wing. But then Dyer sends a cross/shot flying behind for a goal-kick.

90 + 2
A few Man City fans have already left and there are even more empty seats than there were earlier in the game.

90 + 1
Swansea will be very happy with that amount of time. Man City fans, on the other hand, let out gasps when the fourth official raised the board.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of 12 (TWELVE) minutes added on before the final whistle.

Man City are a perfect case of a team who are lacking a bit of confidence. The important thing, in the Premier League at least, is that they are still picking up points.

Swansea briefly have a three-on-three situation from a long ball. But Routledge's touch down to Michu allows Man City the chance to get back and the ball eventually goes out of play for a goal-kick.

If it stays like this, Swansea are going to rue Michu's misses when it was still 0-0. But they could still have time as there are going to be quite a few extra minutes.

Both teams have suffered today from the injuries, both in terms of personnel and in that the breaks in play have prevented them from building any momentum. It has not been a classic match.

Play is back under way and Clichy runs with the ball down the left. He is challenged from behind by Dyer, who gives away a foul and is booked.

Richards is stretchered off while still wearing his oxygen mask. Kolo Toure comes on in his place.

There is going to be a lot of added time at the end of this match. This is the third long injury break we have had. Richards will go on to Man City's already lengthy injury list.

Richards is going to be replaced by Kolo Toure. But Richards is currently still lying on the pitch and is wearing an oxygen mask.

Richards, who has only just returned from injury, was running back towards his own goal before pulling up and going down. It looks like he is holding his right knee.

Another break in play after Richards pulls up with what looks like a serious problem.

Toure plays a one-two with Tevez before crossing from the right. His delivery curls across the face of goal but is out of reach of any Man City player.

Swansea make their third and final change. Dyer comes on in place of Hernandez.

Man City do look nervous at the back. They have not kept many clean sheets this season and their clearances are becoming slightly panicky.

Balotelli slightly bumbles his way down the left wing before running the ball out of play for a goal-kick. He unleashes a volley of abuse at a referee's assistant and is perhaps lucky not to be booked.

Another break in play as Richards goes down with cramp. He is eventually back up and on his feet.

De Guzman sends a curling, long-range, right-footer just past the far post after Man City make a real mess of a clearance.

Replays suggest that Michu header did strike the hand of Kompany but it was ball to hand.

There is still a very flat atmosphere in the stands at the Etihad. Man City fans are clearly unimpressed by what they have seen over recent weeks.

Swansea are looking for a way back into the game as they take off defensive midfielder Britton and replace him with striker Graham.

Aguero drops a shoulder with a clever shimmy on the edge of the box to beat Chico. But Aguero leaves the ball behind and the move breaks down.

Toure has not had a good game. He looks for a long, low pass to Tevez but his radar is all wrong and he only succeeds in finding Tremmel.

Man City deserve their lead for their second-half performance. They have been much better than the first half. They have pushed up the field and Swansea have only been able to look for long balls to the now-isolated Michu.

The game is back under way from the goal following that long pause for Vorm's injury.

Vorm is stretchered off and is replaced in goal by Tremmel. That is a big loss for Swansea, especially ahead of facing Liverpool in the Capital One Cup next week.

This has been a long break in play. The Swansea medical team are still preparing to carry off Vorm. It looks like a serious injury.

Vorm is going to be stretchered off and is going to be replaced.

Vorm injured himself when diving to try and save Tevez's shot. It appears he has pulled his groin and his game is over. The game has not restarted yet after the goal as Vorm is receiving treatment.

With Aguero on the deck after an earlier challenge, Man City played on. Clichy cut in from the left and passed the ball to Tevez. The Argentine took a touch before firing a dipping, 25-yard effort past Vorm and inside the far post. Great strike.

GOAL TEVEZ (1-0)!!!

Michu finds space in between Kompany and Richards and is perfectly placed to head De Guzman's cross. Unfortunately for Swansea, he heads straight at Hart and then Kompany can block a follow-up effort. That is the two best chances of the game which have come to Michu.

Routledge attempts a bit of feet trickery on the touchline but it does not deceived Nasri who is able to tackle and put the ball out for a throw-in.

Toure floats a long ball forward in search of Balotelli. But there is too much on it and Vorm can collect the ball on the bounce.

Man City have certainly improved since half-time. They are not allowing Swansea any time on the ball and are forcing their visitors to drop deeper than they were in the first half.

Williams has to receive treatment after being left a little dazed. But he is okay to come back on the pitch afterwards.

Man City win a corner. Richards meets the set-piece but heads wide and over. He clatters into Williams when jumping and the Swansea centre-back is left in a heap on the floor.

Balotelli could not get on the end of that pass/shot from Richards. The Italian claims he was being pulled back and went to ground looking for a penalty. But play continues. Williams is not impressed with Balotelli and the pair have a stand-off.

Richards bursts into the penalty area and has a chance. But does he slip or is it a cross, from the six-yard box he skews the ball across the front of goal.

Scrappy passage of play as both teams give the ball away before a throw-in to Swansea.

Balotelli breaks into the Swansea box from a good pass from Nasri. But Vorm forces the forward wide and then closes down again to force Balotelli to give the ball away. Rangel clears.

Tevez and Aguero are drifting around the forward areas, with Balotelli as the main striker.

Man City have come out with a bit more pace to their game in the second half.

Michu has had a particularly good game and has occupied the two Man City centre-backs.

Amid all the negativity about Man City, it is worth remembering Swansea have played well. They have executed their tactics as Laudrup would have liked.

Balotelli has come on in place of the injured Kolarov. Man City look for a fast start to the second half and Aguero sends a long-range shot whistling past the target.

WE'RE BACK: Man City have made a change at the break and sent on Balotelli.

David Johnson says: "Mancini has been the culprit behind City's pooor performances. All season and tonight City have been poor because of Mancini playing certain people out of position, he's doing it tonight playing a left footed left back Kolorov on the right wing. Sort it out or get out."

Silva has been a big miss for Man City today. They are lacking any urgency and were booed off at half-time.

Louis says: "City aren't even half the team they were last season, really missing something but unsure what, no rhythm to passing at all!"

Stuart Sharp says: "If Swansea nick a draw or even a win, could this spell the beginning of the end for Mancini? Does he still have the dressing room?"

It was a dreadful first-half performance from Man City. They were flat, slow and looked to be short on confidence after the defeat by Ajax. Mancini will be annoyed. Laudrup's Swansea have had the better parts of the game and missed a great chance through Michu. Let me have your thoughts on the first half at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

45 + 3

45 + 2
Free-kick to Man City and a chance to cross the ball into the box. But Toure takes on an audacious shot and balloons it miles over the crossbar.

45 + 1
This really has been a scrappy and sloppy first-half performance from Man City. Mancini is clearly going to have a few stern words to say at half-time.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added time before half-time

Man City win a corner. Aguero takes the set-piece and it is poor. It is a simple clearance at the near post for Swansea.

Richards tries to go on a trademark bulldozing run forward from right-back. However, he runs into a crowd of three defenders and loses the ball.

Tevez attempts to dink a pass into Aguero in the penalty area. Williams, though, has good positioning and can head the ball clear.

Kolarov puts his all into a sliding challenge on Davies to prevent the Swansea full-back from clearing the ball down the line. It ricochets out for a throw-in to Swansea.

There are a lot of empty seats at the Etihad Stadium today. The fans that are here have been sounding their disappointment and frustration at how Man City are playing.

Great chance for Michu as he breaks in behind the Man City defence from a similar position to his earlier offside. But Hart is off his line and blocks the shot at the feet of the Swansea forward. Excellent goalkeeping.

Good refereeing from Atkinson as he waves play on after a foul from Richards on Routledge. Michu is able to cross and Kompany has to clear from under his own crossbar. That was a good advantage played by the referee, who goes back to book Richards.

Tevez forces the first real save of the game from Vorm after being thread into the inside right channel of the penalty area.

Swansea move up the field and Michu has the ball in the back of the net. He did not know he had been flagged offside but it was an brilliantly precise finish into the top corner from just inside the penalty area.

With less than 10 minutes to half-time, Swansea almost shoot themselves in the foot by overdoing it on the edge of their own box. They are relieved to see Williams tackle Tevez in the penalty area.

Man City move forward down the left and Clichy has a chance to cross. But Clichy slices his delivery and it drifts over the crossbar and out of play. That has summed up the game so far.

Swansea are doubling up on Yaya Toure when he gets the ball in order to keep the influential midfielder quiet. De Guzman fouls Toure this time close to the Man City box.

Kolarov and Nasri have swapped flanks. The former is now on the right. Barry plays a ball through the heart of the Swansea box and into the penalty area but Vorm is off his line to collect.

Man City are dominating possession but they have failed to cause Vorm any problems. The home side are lacking a bit of spark and confidence.

Man City fans begin to chant 'come on City' in an attempt to add a bit of verve to their team, who are again playing very slowly.

A combination of Nasri and Clichy attempt to make a break through down the left. But Britton defends and clears the ball.

Good play from Kompany who has the pace to beat Routledge to a long ball before turning the Swansea man inside the Man city box and then passing out of defence.

Man City will be really disappointed with how they have played as we approach the half-hour mark. Their build-up has been too slow.

Clichy hits a long ball up field towards Tevez, who has no chance. But there is almost a mix up between Williams and Vorm. If the defender had got a touch, his goalkeeper would have been stranded after coming off his line.

Nasri and Kolarov have been unable to make an impact in wide areas for Man City. They are struggling to get through the centre of the Swansea defence so probably need more from the pair on the wings.

Michu seems fine. He contests another header and then charges after the ball to put Nasri under pressure.

Michu is back on his feet and fit enough to be able to walk off the field. He then returns to the pitch. He looks like he already has a black eye developing.

It looks like Michu may have been knocked unconscious after a clash of heads with Richards in the penalty area. The medical team are on the field with stretchers after being called on by a concerned Hart.

Tevez beats Chico down the right and sends a cross skidding into the six-yard box. But no Man City player attacks the ball and Vorm can gather.

Man City fans let out a few groans as Aguero fails to put enough on a pass when Yaya Toure was looking to play a give-and-go.

After a slow start, Swansea will be very happy with the opening 20 minutes. They are preventing Man City from building any rhythm and are now passing the ball well.

A Man City throw-in close to one of the Swansea corner flags comes to nothing as Kolarov is tackled before Tevez gives away a free-kick.

Rangel goes in the book for diving after making the most of a collision with Barry. The Swansea player has now collected five bookings and will be suspended for the Capital One Cup game against Liverpool and former Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers.

From the counter-attack, Aguero and Tevez attempt to find a way through the Swansea defence on the edge of the box. But there is no joy.

Excellent challenge from Richards on Routledge allows Man City to break forward.

There is a flat atmosphere at the Etihad and Swansea's developing passing is causing the home fans a bit of frustration.

De Guzman delivers the set-piece and Hart flaps at the cross a little bit. The Man City goalkeeper will be a little relived to know a foul has been awarded amid a melee in the box.

De Guzman wins a free-kick from Kompany down the Swansea left. This is a chance to cross the ball into the box from the free-kick.

Swansea are building a bit of confidence and are now keeping the ball in Man City's half. But Davies then fouls Nasri on the halfway line.

Swansea have a nice passage of possession but then run out of ideas and young full-back Davies can only hit the ball down the line. Michu does not bother giving chase.

Aguero was wincing a little and holding his back after that earlier move but he seems to be okay now.

Aguero and Tevez combine to send the latter racing into penalty area. But Chico produced a wonderful, sliding, recovery tackle.

Laudrup is sat down and looking quite composed in the Swansea dugout but he will want his team to use the ball a bit better than they have in these early stages.

Swansea attempt to build an attack down the inside right channel, however, Hernandez is offside.

Richards has the chance to cross from the right but only smacks the ball into the legs of Tevez, who was trying to get out of the way.

Swansea are getting through a lot of chasing in their attempts to regain the ball. But they have then been sloppy when in possession.

Aguero and Tevez are now rotating as the lead striker, with one staying up the field and the other slipping into a deeper role. No attempts at goal so far.

More good stuff from Tevez in the early minutes as he again plays deeper off Aguero to spray a couple of nice passes out wide to the right.

Swansea are pushing high up the field and not giving the Man City defenders any time on the ball.

Tevez earns applause for his work ethic in the opening seconds after running back into his own half to win the ball back for Man City after Nastasic gave it away.

KICK-OFF: Man City get the game going.

Today's referee is Martin Atkinson.

Here come the teams. Man City and Swansea emerge from the tunnel at Etihad Stadium.

Man City's home form is impressive but Swansea will still have a feeling they can take advantage of the rattled confidence from the defeat by Ajax. Mancini is also under pressure after receiving criticism for his defensive tinkering between a three and four-man defence.

OPTA FACT: Man City have lost none of their last 33 Premier League home games (W30 D3 L0). No team has prevented them from scoring in the last 35 matches at the Etihad Stadium.

Iain Kemble says: "Man City to win 3-1 with Yaya Toure (2) and Lescott coming on to get the goals. Michu to get the goal for Swansea."

Wayne Davies says: "I think the Swans will play well this evening and will take some points out of the game."

Adam Noon says: "I'm going for a 2-1 Swansea. It's the start of the Mancini crumble."

Here is a round-up of the team news. Man City boss Roberto Mancini makes three changes as he looks to put his midweek UEFA Champions League misery and defat by Ajax behind him against Swansea in the Premier League. One key change comes in defence where Matija Nastasic replaces England centre-back Joleon Lescott while Aleksandar Kolarov comes in for the suspended James Milner. Carlos Tevez returns up front for Edin Dzeko while Swansea go into the game unchanged.

There has been some minor disruption when part of the inside of one stand, including the media centre, was evacuated after a fire alarm went off about 40 minutes before kick-off. A turnstile was temporarily closed but it proved a false alarm and people were allowed back in moments later.

Even allowing for City's patchy form, they are 1/4 for the win with the struggling Swans a 10/1 shot and the draw available at 5/1. The wealth of City striking talent should fancy this one and we offer a boosted price of 11/1 for them to win 4-0, alternatively it's 21/10 for Tevez and Aguero to both find the net.

You can get in touch ahead of kick-off with your thoughts on the game and I will publish a selection of the best. Drop me a line at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Swansea team: Vorm, Rangel, Williams, Chico, Davies, Britton, Ki, De Guzman, Hernandez, Routledge, Michu. Subs: Tremmel, Dyer, Graham, Monk, Shechter, Tiendalli, Agustien.

Man City team: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Y.Toure, Barry, Nasri, Tevez, Kolarov, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Sinclair, K. Toure, Lescott, Balotelli, Dzeko, Evans.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive coverage of Manchester City against Swansea City at Etihad Stadium.

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