FT: Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2

Corner is taken short and that's your lot. Arsenal take the three points - and there's absolutely no doubt about the turning point in the game. How Spurs must wish Adebayor hadn't made that tackle. Thanks for joining me and stay tuned for a full match report and post-match reaction from both managers.

Pretty static stuff from the corner until Ramsey bursts back into the Arsenal box and Carroll concedes another corner.

Santos back on after treatment as Oxlade-Chamberlain powers down the right. Dawson turns his cross behind for a corner.

Well Santos might not...he's taken a sore one.

Sensed there were nerves in the home crowed even before that. Fair to say they'll enjoy the last three minutes now.

GOAL - WALCOTT. Poor pass forward from Vertonghen is pounced on by Oxlade-Chamberlain. He powers into the Spurs box and slides it to Walcott, who shoots through Dawson's legs and into the corner.

Cazorla gets the nod from Gary Neville for man of the match - hard to disagree. We'll have four minutes of added time.

Vertonghen brings down 'The Ox' and the free-kick gives Arsenal the chance to let the clock tick down with some more possession football.

Defoe and Dempsey link up but they're always facing away from goal and it's carried clear by Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Bale does well to nick the ball away from Ramsey and set Spurs on the attack. It's worked out to the right from where Lennon, Carroll and Gallas work a crossing chance but the latter named produces a poor ball.

Meandering towards the conclusion now...

Giroud departs, with Oxlade-Chamberlain replacing him.

Walcott slides the ball through to Santos but his first touch lets him down and Sandro nicks in and draws a foul.

Good block from Koscielny to prevent Spurs progressing.

Santos slides in Vermaelen down the inside left channel but he can't wrap his foot around it enough and the ball goes behind for a goal-kick.

Arsenal just looking to eat up a little time with some cool, controlled passing now.

Not for the first time this season, Podolski is subbed. As mentioned, Andre Santos is the man replacing him.

Ball in headed clear by Giroud and Arsenal spring forward quickly but Ramsey's ball in curls harmlessly towards the advancing Lloris.

Sandro scoops a cross in from the right and though it's not the best ball Bale manages to harass Sagna into hacking out for a throw deep in Arsenal territory. Carroll converts that into a corner.

Andre Santos is coming on...

Corner is whipped in beyond the back post but Defoe has a complete air short and it bounces out for a goal-kick.

Lennon twists and turns to force a corner down the right.

Was a lovely pass from Ramsey to set Walcott free there - he really should have done better.

Poor touch from Walcott allows Lloris to gather when the winger really should have been getting a shot away there.

Lovely spin from Cazorla in the centre circle but his clipped ball forward is headed clear by Dawson.

Great break from Spurs. Dempsey slides it to Bale down the left and he powers into the Arsenal box. He has a great chance to slide in Defoe centrally but opts for a powerful shot which drifts across goal harmlessly. Defoe is absolutely furious and boots the post in frustration.

Immediate substitutions after the goal - Tom Carroll replaces Huddlestone, while Aaron Ramsey is on Wilshere.

GOAL - BALE. Sandro heads a sliced Mertesacker clearance to Bale and he advances to around 20 yards from the Arsenal goal before drilling the ball into the bottom corner with his unfavoured right foot.

Free-kick Spurs in the centre circle as Koscielny fouls Dempsey as Spurs look to relieve the pressure.

Podolski tries to slide in Giroud but Lloris is out quickly and sprawls at the Frenchman's feet to gather well.

Podolski squeezes the ball into Walcott just inside the Spurs box but when it's slid back to Vermaelen, his cross flies over everyone in the middle and out for a goal-kick.

Corner comes to nothing and Vertonghen thumps the ball downfield.

Cazorla springs Walcott over the top beyond Vertonghen but Lloris comes out to close the angle at the expense of a corner.

Sandro booked for fouling Giroud as he looks to turn him. He can have no complaints - and to be fair to him, he doesn't.

Corner is whipped into the Arsenal box but cleared beyond the back post. Worked back to Bale, who angles his run into the Arsenal area but Podolski tracks well and clears.

Wilshere tries to clip the ball into the Spurs box but Sando heads clear. Lennon breaks down the right and slides it on to Dempsey, who draws a corner from Koscielny.

Got to fear for Spurs here. Admirable of AVB to go for it at 3-1 after the break but what does he do now?

Wilshere powers forward and is tackled by Dawson, who nicks the ball away in timely fashion. Shot comes in from Podolski but it's blocked by Gallas. Ball then worked back to Giroud, who fires in a left-footed shot which flies over the crossbar.

GOAL - CAZORLA. The threat this time comes down the Arsenal left. A long ball forward is headed to Walcott, who in turn slides it on to Podolski. He clips the ball across the area to Cazorla, who slots home beyond the back post.

Free-kick to Spurs just inside their own half as Dempsey emerges from a melee as the one fouled. Giroud is the one hurt, though, and he gingerly clambers to his feet.

Walcott's corner is headed clear by Bale at the front post.

Sagna whips another ball in from the right but it's cleared again by Vertonghen. Then Cazorla gets space down the right from which he clips a ball in but Huddlestone turns it behind.

Arsenal happy to knock the ball around and probe for the opening. They can afford to, of course, given the scoreline.

'The Ox' might not be needed after all - Walcott is back on and seems to have decent enough movement in the arm.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain getting stripped and ready for action.

Definitely some concern about Walcott's left arm - he's still down and receiving treatment from the Arsenal physio.

Huddlestone's ball in falls at Bale's feet and he embarks on an arcing run out to the left. He gets a throw which flung into Dempsey but Arsenal clear. They look to counter and Dawson executes an excellent challenge on Walcott, who falls awkwardly on his left arm. Not the shoulder again is it?

Vermaelen forces Lennon to backtrack towards his own half but the winger then flicks the ball back past him, drawing a soft free-kick which Spurs can whip into the Arsenal box.

Huddlestone's ball in to the front post is headed clear by Podolski.

Dempsey and Bale attempt a one-two down the left. The return ball from Dempsey is a little heavy but Spurs do at least get a corner as Sagna turns it behind.

Rare piece of poor passing from Cazorla as he slides it behind the Arsenal frontmen and Spurs clear down the right.

Arsenal spring forward on the counter-attack but Podolski's attempted reverse ball for Wilshere is well read by Vertonghen.

Lovely crossfield ball but Bale just can't control it and Sagna is in quickly to clear the danger.

Looks like Spurs have gone 3-4-2 here with Gallas, Dawson and Vertonghen at the back and Bale and Lennon as wing-backs. Dempsey dropping off Defoe, though, so perhaps more a 3-5-1 particularly when defending.

Walcott tries to slide the ball through for the advancing Wilshere but it's hacked clear. Spurs spring on the counter and Mertesacker is forced to concede a corner with Bale advancing on Defoe's cross from the right.

Back under way. Tottenham with it all to do.

Two changes for Spurs at the break - Clint Dempsey and Michael Dawson on for Naughton and Walker.

Sky Bet reckon Spurs are 66/1 to win from here, with the draw a 25/1 chance. Arsenal are 1/100 with a 5-1 win Price Boosted to 5/1 and 6/1 at 11/1. Theo Walcott is 7/1 to score next while you can get the 'Olivier Giroud to score next and Arsenal to win 4-1' scorecast at 14/1.

Just as I write that, the half-time whistle blows. Was looking good for Spurs at 1-0 but in my view the red card was right and the game has changed completely. Arsenal dominating, particularly down their right, and Spurs have had the stuffing knocked out of them.

Didn't even have time to say we're having two minutes of added time at the end of the half. Though that'll be closer to three now.

GOAL - GIROUD. From the free-kick, the ball is worked to Cazorla, who once again squirms into the Spurs box magnificently. He evades a foul from Sandro before sliding the ball across for Giroud, who turns it home from close range.

Cazorla tries to slide a ball through for Podolski but it strikes Webb. Lennon tries to hold off Vermaelen but in doing so fouls him and he's booked.

Naughton unconvincingly 'guides' the ball back to Lloris after Cazorla squirms his way into the Spurs box and slides a cross across the box. Lloris hacks clear.

One-way traffic at the moment - and not just in favour of Arsenal, I mean down their right. Ball knocked over the top for Podolski and Lloris acrobatically punches clear. Think he could have caught that but better safe than sorry I suppose.

GOAL - PODOLSKI. A Sagna cross is hacked clear by Vertonghen but Arsenal build again. Arteta slides a ball forward and it breaks into Podolski's path just inside the Spurs box. He turns and shoots. The ball ricochets off Gallas and back off Podolski before rolling past a helpless Lloris into the corner.

Groundhog update at the moment as Arsenal again press down the right. Cazorla clips the ball in but Walker heads clear under pressure from Podolski. Then Vertonghen hacks a Walcott cross from the right clear.

Walcott clips another cross over from the right but Vertonghen heads clear again. Worked back to Sagna out on the right and he picks out Giroud, but his header is too close to Lloris. Reckon he should have done better there.

Arsenal force Spurs to play it back to Lloris and his clearance kick sails out for a throw down the Spurs left.

Sandro tackles Wilshere inside the centre circle and gets nowhere near the ball. Was going to write 'no surprise to see him booked' but he doesn't get booked! Got to be a final warning from referee Webb, though, surely?

Ball whipped in by Wilshere but Vertonghen heads clear. Podolski fouls Bale as the ball drops and Spurs have the chance to clear.

Corner comes to nothing and Arsenal break down the right. Sagna cuts back inside a backtracking Lennon, who trips him. Perhaps lucky to escape a yellow card for that one.

Great run from Bale as he picks the ball up around 30 yards from his own goal and ends up winning a corner. Not too much support from his team-mates there, though, it has to be said.

Arsenal break down the right again but Walcott's cross is a poor one - he had time to pick a man and only managed to find Lloris.

Huddlestone floats a lovely ball over but it drifts just over the jumping Gallas' head and catches Defoe on his heels at the back post.

Free-kick to Spurs out on the left. Good crossing opportunity.

Corner whipped in and cleared but then falls to Cazorla. He curls in a peach of a shot that flies no more than a yard over the crossbar. Would have been a great goal.

Wilshere whips the free-kick in and Giroud heads it goalwards but Lloris is equal to the task as he dives away to his left to push the ball away. Acrobatics from Lloris - probably could have saved that a bit more comfortably but I guess it did the job.

Just as I write that it's played out to Vermaelen on the left and he sends a cross in but it's headed clear. Then Walcott is back in the game - and Naughton halts his progress by tripping him.

Naughton having a busy afternoon - Arsenal looking for Walcott to get at him and whip crosses in from the right.

Good angled ball in from Walker to Defoe but the striker has just strayed half-a-yard offside and the flag is up.

Wilshere penalised for tripping Vertonghen around 10 yards inside the Spurs half.

Spurs pushing upfield and Arsenal looking to get in behind them with the likes of Walcott using his pace to good effect at the moment.

Szczesny does well to deal with a strong back-pass from Vermaelen, taking it down then smacking it clear of danger.

GOAL - MERTESACKER. Ball whipped in from the right by Walcott and it's a towering header from Mertesacker that pulls Arsenal level. Decent way to make up for his earlier poor piece of defending, that!

Corner headed clear by Huddlestone at the front post and he then blocks the follow-up cross from Walcott. Wilshere then drifts a ball into the box which drops for Vermaelen, but his shot is blocked by...yes, you guessed it...Huddlestone.

Walcott skips away from Naughton, who tried to foul him, and forces a corner off Vertonghen down the right. Naughton gets a ticking-off for his challenge when the ball slides out.

Ball whipped into the Spurs box from the right but Vermaelen is penalised for a foul on Lennon at the back post. Shouldn't have to resort to that given the size difference between the duo.

Defoe penalised for impeding Koscielny on halfway. He's not happy with that one. Fear for Spurs has to be he'll now be isolated up top with Arsenal dominating possession from hereon in.

Cazorla looks OK to continue - at least for the time being - as play recommences. Spurs lead but have it all to do here now.

RED CARD - ADEBAYOR. Just as I thought at first view. Adebayor goes in with studs showing against Cazorla and contact is right on the ankle. Referee Webb gives himself time to think about the decision - helped by Bale and Wilshere having a little tete a tete - and rightly dismisses Adebayor.

This doesn't look good. Adebayor could be off.

Wilshere slides a lovely angled ball out to the right towards Walcott. He gets the cross in but it's cleared pretty comfortably by Spurs. Giroud then tumbles in the box but penalty appeals - muted in truth - are waved away.

Vermaelen hoists the ball forward and Podolski gives willing chase. He charges down Gallas' initial clearance but the Frenchman completes the job. Lennon springs down the right but Koscielny gets back well to slide it back to Szczesny.

Arteta slides the ball down the inside left channel but Giroud isn't on the same wavelength. He's caught on his heels and when he does get going it's too late as the ball slides out for a Spurs throw down their right.

Inches away from being 2-0. Spurs definitely on top here as the ball is worked out to Lennon on the right. He shoots through Vermaelen's legs but the ball just drifts past the far post.

Free-kick to Spurs out on the right on halfway as Wilshere is adjudged to have fouled Adebayor. Not sure about that one.

Awful defending that from Mertesacker. Was caught under the ball allowing Defoe the freedom to run in on goal.

GOAL - ADEBAYOR! Vertonghen clips the ball over the top of Mertesacker, who is at least five metres out of position. Defoe takes it down and advances on goal. His shot is pushed away by Szczesny but Adebayor strokes it into the net. Awful defending that.

Ball in the Arsenal net but the flag is up for offside. The free-kick is headed clear by Giroud to Sandro, who fires in a shot. The ball deflects into Gallas' path off an Arsenal defender and he finishes well, but he's clearly offside.

Lennon knocks the ball around Vermaelen but the Belgian prevents him from getting to it. Free-kick to Spurs out on the right probably 35 yards out. Good chance for Bale to whip one in.

Both teams happy to be patient on the ball but neither really penetrating. Still early days, though.

Walker bursts forward and infield but Cazorla halts his progress around 35 yards from goal. Arsenal happy to knock the ball around until Sagna looks over the top for Walcott but the England man has just strayed offside when the ball is played.

Another free-kick to Arsenal as Sandro is penalised once again. Cazorla tries to clip the ball into the Spurs box but it's headed clear and Adebayor carries it downfield.

First free-kick of the game goes to Arsenal with Sandro penalised for another robust challenge, this time on Wilshere centrally.

Vertonghen does well to cut out a potentially dangerous ball in from Walcott as Arsenal come forward for the first time. It's worked out to the Spurs right but Podolski flies into the tackle to block it out for a throw.

Good early possession from Spurs and when they do lose the ball Sandro is straight in on Giroud. No messing about there. Arsenal fans wanted a free-kick but looked a fair if robust challenge to me at first viewing.

Early throw for Spurs in Arsenal territory as Koscielny heads a long, angled ball from Vertonghen away from Lennon.

Referee Howard Webb gets us under way.

Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Naughton, Lennon, Sandro, Huddlestone, Bale, Adebayor, Defoe. Subs: Friedel, Dempsey, Dawson, Sigurdsson, Livermore, Townsend, Carroll.

Looks like the team lists didn't show up the first time I saved them. Apologies for that. Here they are now. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski. Subs: Mannone, Andre Santos, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Coquelin, Arshavin, Jenkinson.

Wenger and AVB look relaxed as they shake hands and share a word or two at the exit of the tunnel.

Teams now out on the field.

The teams are in the tunnel. For the second weekend in a row, Adebayor has introduced himself to old friends while Lloris and William Gallas have also embraced their international colleagues.

Stark warning from Martin Hyatt: "If Arsenal lose today there will be no top-four finish this season."

Paddy C writes: "I reckon it'll have goals...and we could be looking at a 2-2 draw. Bale will get two...with Arsenal scoring through Giroud and Podolski."

Dean Sidey writes: "Arsenal to win 2-0. They'll hold up possession well with their passing and Wenger knows he has to win this!"

Asked to explain his selection of Lloris ahead of Friedel, AVB tells Sky Sports 2 both of his goalkeepers are performing "extremely well" and he is "permitted to make the change today". Says they played well in the Europa League against Maribor with two strikers so are going to "give it a try today". AVB says the game means a lot for both clubs and "hopefully we can take it our way".

Two votes for the Spurs win now with Dylan writing: "Spurs to win 2-1. Adebayor to score a goal. Arsenal will struggle."

Alan Davis writes: "I think Arsenal will go up 3-0 at half-time with Vermaelen, Giroud and Podolski scoring but then Tottenham will score five in the second half with Bale (2), Defoe, Adebayor, Dempsey and Dembele. So 5-3 Tottenham." Bit hopeful there I think, Alan...but it'd certainly give us a good spectacle!

Speaking to Sky Sports 2, Arsene Wenger says the rivalry with Spurs has "always been important" and with "two offensive teams" the game promises to be "spectacular" though he admits it's unpredictable. Admits the game is "pivotal" to Arsenal's season because of their position in the table and says he's taken some "risks" with his selection because players carrying knocks are starting.

Will publish the full teamlists shortly but I can tell you AVB hands Hugo Lloris the start in goal while Emmanuel Adebayor also starts against his former side. Jermain Defoe also in the side, though, but Steven Caulker misses out with Kyle Naughton in at left-back. Wojciech Szczesny returns in goal for Arsenal after a two-month lay-off while Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta all overcome injury concerns to start.

If you fancy a bet on this afternoon's game, our friends at Sky Bet go 10/11 Arsenal with both the draw and the Spurs win rated 11/4 shots. Sky Bet have their usual array of Price Boosts - and I'll pluck one out for each set of fans. Olivier Giroud to score first and Arsenal to win 2-1 is at 40/1 with Emmanuel Adebayor to score first and Tottenham to win 2-1 at 55s.

Morning all. Clock ticks to 1145 GMT as I type this so we're just an hour from kick-off in the North London derby at the Emirates. We'll have all the team news for you shortly but if you want to get involved, let me know your thoughts on reece.killworth@bskyb.com and as time allows I'll print the best.

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