FT: Manchester City 1 Everton 1

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That's it! The clash ends Man City 1 Everton 1 after Fellaini's opener and a Carlos Tevez penalty.

The seconds are trickling down as City take a free-kick inside their own half...

Everton get a free-kick after a handball from Balotelli. Heitinga comes on for Jelavic.

Into added time we go and it's Man City 1 Everton 1 with this one heading for a draw. City are the ones on the ball in midfield.

The resulting corner comes in towards Fellaini but Toure heads away at the near post. Three extra minutes are added this half.

So close for Everton as Jelavic's great free-kick is saved by Hart but spins behind and nearly goes in, but bounces behind for a corner.

Zabaleta sees yellow for that heavy challenge.

Pienaar tries to charge away in midfield but can't get past the solid Toure as he crosses the centre line. Everton win a free-kick in a strong position as Jelavic is ploughed into by Zabaleta.

Barry rushes forward into the box after a great one-two with Silva but Distin is there with a diving clearance to put it behind.

Jagielka goes to ground off Balotelli for another Everton free-kick, which Howard comes out again to take.

Balotelli shoots from 25 yards but it's nowhere near goal and it goes back to Howard for a goal-kick.

Toure eases his way into midfield, looking for a way through. The referee calls up Jelavic for a tug on Nasri's shirt and City have a free-kick in midfield.

Toure tries a long-range shot from the edge of the box but loops it straight into the gloves of Howard, who catches with ease.

Balotelli lifts in a cross from the right wing and it's brought down by Pienaar before Hibbert clears. More strong defending from Everton.

City are getting forward as the clock counts down. Maicon digs a ball into the box but it's cleared by Jagielka.

Dzeko makes way for Mario Balotelli as City make another change.

Hibbert launches in a throw for Fellaini on the right of the City goal but he can't keep his pass down in the box.

Hibbert takes a tumble on the edge of the box but nothing is given, with the ball prodded out of play for an Everton throw.

Silva tries to pick out Dzeko down the left with a long ball but overhits it and it goes out for an Everton throw, then another in quick succession.

Osman goes to ground again inside the City half after colliding with Barry and Jagielka takes the resulting free-kick, firing a diagonal ball over to Oviedo.

Dzeko does well to intercept an Osman ball in midfield but Hibbert is there to clear on the edge of the area.

A cross in from Oviedo on the left goes well over the top of Hart's crossbar for a City goal-kick. The visitors snatch back up possession in midfield.

The Toffees win a throw on the left of the City half. Osman goes down after a shove from Aguero on the break. Everton free-kick from midfield.

Oviedo comes on for Everton in their first change as Naismith makes way.

Baines' corner is headed out of play by a diving Zabaleta before it can reach the penalty box.

Baines lifts it in but nothing comes of the set-piece as it comes off Dzeko and goes behind for an Everton corner.

It's another free-kick for the Toffees after Jelavic goes down under pressure from Kompany. It's from 30 yards out on the left of the City goal.

Naismith is nudged over by Silva and it's Everton's turn for a free-kick, which Howard comes out of his goal to take.

Fellaini sees a yellow card for that foul.

I think the home faithful were counting on Dzeko or Nasri going off there. Zabaleta is caught by Fellaini and goes down and City get a free-kick 10 yards inside their own half.

There's resounding boos from the home crowd as Aguero is brought off for Tevez - not happy with that swap.

Lescott charges down an Everton attack on the right and rolls the ball back to Hart in goal. Dzeko's header down in the box at the other end is cleared by the hard-working Toffees defence.

Zabaleta wins the ball in midfield to deny Jelavic, caught all on his own in attack. Aguero is preparing to come on for City.

More pressure from City as Pienaar rushes forward to clear and concedes a corner, which Silva takes for the home side.

Tevez chases the ball down but it rolls back to Howard in goal before he can reach it. City are back on the ball and trading passes in midfield.

Big chance for City as Maicon prompts a quick-thinking save from Howard, then pounces on the rebound but puts it behind for an Everton goal-kick.

City are pressing again as Silva whips in a great ball from the left but there's nobody there to greet it!

Jagielka skips forward for Everton as the visitors try to mount an attack. Hart collects a wayward ball from Fellaini which deflects off Lescott.

An hour has gone and Tevez's header goes over the bar after a good move from City. Goal-kick to Everton.

City are still probing and definitely have greater purpose in this half. What Mancini said at half-time seems to be working!

City win a free-kick just past the half-way line as Dzeko goes down under pressure from Jagielka. Zabaleta picks out Dzeko on the edge of the box.

Naismith lifts in a searching long cross from the left, trying to pick out Fellaini, but Hart climbs high to reach it.

Toure and Fellaini collide inside the Everton half and the free-kick goes the Toffees' way, much to the City man's annoyance.

Baines' free-kick bounces across the penalty area, Jelavic is offside and Hart charges out to collect and dissolve the threat.

Great defensive play again from City as Jagielka sprawls to block a Dzeko shot. Jelavic is fouled in midfield and Everton get a free-kick and a bit of a breather.

Maicon lifts a cross into the penalty box but plants it firmly on the head of Distin, who gets it away again. City in control so far this half.

Silva chips a ball into the box but Distin gets it away again. There's calls for a handball from the City fans but the ref is unmoved.

Jagielka concedes a throw-in deep inside the Everton half after tussling with Tevez. Distin manages to clear the ball away from the area.

Gibson tries an optimistic shot for Everton but it goes well wide and it's a goal-kick for Hart.

Tevez goes to ground in midfield but nothing is given as Everton break. Zabaleta intercepts a Baines ball up the left.

Silva wins a long Hart ball in midfield, finding Zabaleta. Nasri pursues the ball down the right but can't get to it in time as Distin herds it out of play without contact.

The ball goes out twice in succession on the far side and City are given a free-kick, which is passed back to Lescott.

After some steady build-up from City Tevez sees a right-footed shot blocked by Jagielka after some more solid Toffees defending.

Zabaleta chips in a ball for Tevez, who wins it with a header and nods it on towards the arriving Toure in midfield.

There's been no further changes from either side at the break. Osman goes down after clashing with Tevez but he's soon back on his feet.

We're back underway at the Etihad, with the floodlights on now and the temperature definitely dropping! It's the hosts that get us started this half.

Betting update - Manchester City are 4/6 favourites to win at the Etihad now with Everton 5/1. Tevez is 4/1 favourite in the next scorer betting with Fellaini is 12/1.

Got something to say on that half? You can email me your thoughts - rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

That's it for that half as Hart makes a late save to end the first 45 minutes. It's City 1 Everton 1.

There's a hint of a dive in that one from Pienaar but Lescott goes in the book for the game's first yellow.

We're into the added minutes this half with the two teams on level standings. City are pressing as Nasri gets away in midfield but Everton break and Pienaar goes tumbling down over the foot of Lescott.

We're into the final minute of regular time this half and City win a corner, but Silva's effort is cleared by a Jelavic header.

City are back in it at a timely point as the seconds trickle down to half-time, with Tevez slotting the penalty down the middle past Howard.


City have been given a penalty after Fellaini tussles with a player in the box! Originally looked like an Osman handball.

City come close again as Barry brings down a Nasri ball from the left but Dzeko's shot is saved.

Maicon can't keep the ball inside just inside the City end and it rolls out for an Everton throw, which Baines takes. It goes straight back out soon after when Osman can't keep it inside and City get a throw.

Toure catches Pienaar as he tries a break just inside the Toffees half and it's another Everton free-kick, which Distin takes.

There's another stoppage in play as Osman goes down injured after a mid-air collision with Toure as they rise for the ball but he's soon back up on his feet.

David Silva chips a great ball into the penalty box towards Tevez but it's headed away, then further away by Baines. Seconds later Tevez takes a deflected shot from inside the box but Howard saves with ease.

City are the ones pressing now and come close as Nasri crosses to Tevez, who gets a glancing header to it but Howard dives to tip it around the left post.

Maicon charges forward down the right but is forced to pass back to Toure in midfield. Frustrating for City as another attack is stifled.

After a sluggish start that might be the wake-up call City need. Everton have more than held their own this half and they've seen the results.

Baines puts in a precise cross and it's knocked on by Zabaleta to Fellaini. His initial headed effort is parried by Hart but the Belgian somehow bundles the rebound home.


Fellaini wins a free-kick after that challenge by Toure but the City man goes unpunished.

Jagielka charges down the ball as Barry overhits a pass into the box but it rolls back to Howard anyway. Fellaini is on the ground after a collision with Toure.

We're over half an hour in at the Etihad and neither keeper has been really troubled so far in what's been a fairly equal encounter. Both teams look wary.

Jelavic takes a shove in the back from Kompany inside the Everton half and the Toffees win a free-kick, with manager David Moyes getting a touch of the ball as he pokes it to Baines.

Hibbert chests down a long City ball and hoofs it clear into the stands, with Maicon taking the resulting throw.

Jelavic is on the edge of the penalty area and tries a low shot but it clips the heel of Kompany and rolls back to Hart, who collects with ease.

Barry is caught offside in the Everton box and the ball rolls back to Howard. Fellaini leaps to meet his long ball in midfield.

Hibbert lifts the ball into the penalty area but there's a misunderstanding between him and Naismith after Fellaini declines to shoot and it rolls behind for a goal-kick.

The ball falls to Baines deep on the left-hand side but the defender gets it all wrong, whipping it high into the stands. Unusual from the England international.

Nasri tries his luck with a shot inside the box for City but Jagielka is there to keep it out. City have upped the tempo in these last few minutes and the crowd are stirring.

Silva slips the ball through to Maicon in the box and he feeds it back to Barry, who crosses in from the right but Baines does well to clear.

Fellaini's on the edge of the area looking to greet a long ball but it goes back to Hart once again. City win a throw in midfield which Maicon takes.

Osman looks for Baines with a long ball up the left but overhits his target and it goes back to Hart in goal.

There's more of a threat from City as Dzeko heads the ball down in the box but he nods it past the post. Best chance yet for the hosts.

Tevez steps up to take it two yards away from the corner of the penalty box. Howard is there to punch it high into the air.

Dzeko goes down on the centre-line to win a free-kick and City are back in possession. Maicon tangles with Pienaar and City win another free-kick on the right of the box.

Osman charges into the box, looking for Fellaini but it's not the best of passes and Barry gets it away - if only for a moment. Zabaleta clears a Pienaar ball in seconds later.

An error from Fellaini allows Tevez to threaten in the box but Hibbert gets it away. Osman and Baines exchange passes on the left of midfield.

Distin is there to head the ball clear and it runs out of play off Dzeko for a Toffees throw, which Baines takes.

Jagielka chips a ball upfield and Jelavic tries to pounce but the ball rolls back to Hart.

Maicon drifts inside to win the ball back in midfield, passing to Barry. Toure hits a diagonal ball up to Tevez but it's wildly off-target.

Maicon lofts a long ball upfield down the right, looking for Tevez, but it goes straight through to Howard. Zabaleta looks to have given away a corner at the other end seconds later but instead ref Lee Probert rules it as a goal-kick for City.

Toure launches a ball into the box but Jagielka is there again and nods it away to GIbson. On the ball, the Toffees trade passes in midfield.

After that lull in play, Dzeko is ok and back on the pitch and it's still goalless at the Etihad. City are on the ball in their own end as Tevez sneaks forward.

Howard and Dzeko both look shaken after that collision but both get back to their feet, with the striker needing some treatment on the sidelines.

Jagielka does well to cut out a long ball down the left towards Tevez, reading the situation well. City keep coming as Howard leaps to collect from a Maicon cross, under pressure from Dzeko, and falls awkwardly.

City try an attack after a slow start but Everton get the ball away through Hibbert and the hosts are pushed back into their own end.

Kolarov makes way for Zabaleta as he goes off with what looks like a thigh injury.

Kolarov appears to have pulled up injured and there's going to be an early forced City substitution.

Kompany steps in to rob Naismith of the ball in midfield to diffuse an Everton break. Tevez slips through Dzeko in the middle but overhits his pass and Howard collects.

Osman feeds Baines out on the left and City concede a throw in. The Toffees push into the penalty box and Naismith tries a weak shot from range which he drags across the goal.

Baines tries a drive in-field and gives away a free-kick for a foul on Yaya Toure, with the ball going back to Hart.

Tevez is on the charge for City in these early minutes but the rogue ball gets away from him all the way back to Howard in the Toffees goal.

It's kicked off in Manchester and it's visiting Everton that get things started. City win a long throw deep inside their own half.

Time to get started - enjoy the first half guys. Rousing rendition of Blue Moon from the City fans to get us underway.

Both teams are in their usual home blue today. Great atmosphere in the sold-out stadium.

Just minutes to go until we get underway at the Etihad. Thanks for all your feedback - keep it coming at half-time.

A quick betting update for you - Everton have won five of six games against City since Mancini took charge and the visitors are 11/2 to record another victory at the Etihad this afternoon. The home side are 1/2 to go top with a win and put pressure on the neighbours, who play in the late game. The draw is available at 16/5. Sergio Aguero is the 3/1 favourite to open the scoring with Marouane Fellaini available at 9/1.

On the City side of things, Carlos Tevez is back in the starting XI and could be a threat - with Toffees stoppers Phil Jagielka and Sylvain Distin likely to have their work cut out.

One player to watch this afternoon will be influential Everton forward Marouane Fellaini. The towering Belgian has been involved in eight goals (five goals, three assists) in his last eight Premier League appearances.

You've still got time to have your say on the clash - email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

Another draw prediction - "This is Stewart MacLaren from a warm & windy Torrevieja in Spain saying that Everton will draw 2-2 with Man City at The Etihad Stadium this afternoon with goals from Fellaini & Nikica Jelavic."

Neil Baker has been in touch to say - "We have have an excellent record against City in recent years, fully deserved wins on each occasion. However its difficult to see that continuing. Look at the bench, if the game is tight for the first hour, which I think it will, all the game changers are on City's bench. So I would settle for another (yawn yawn) draw for the toffees today."

After an uncharacteristically bright start, David Moyes' Everton have gone off the boil in recent weeks and will be keen to get back to winning ways by springing an upset in Manchester.

The Toffees were also the last team to beat Manchester City at home in the Premier League - all the way back in December 2010.

Unfortunately for City, Everton are something of a bogey side for Roberto Mancini's men, having won eight and lost just two of their last 10 league games against the hosts.

A bit of background...Manchester City are unbeaten in the Premier League this season and will be looking to go top above neighbours Manchester United with three points this afternoon.

@ShaunTurner12 tweeted - "tough game for the toffees today, boosted by the fact baines has made it. Key battle down the left. 1-1 draw I reckon."

Our furthest-flung fan so far Joe Murphy has written in - "Over here in southern Iran we are looking for a Blue tide rolling up the mersey with an EVERTON win3-0." Anyone else even further afield?

You've got plenty of time to have your say ahead of kick-off at 3pm so drop me a line.

Some early feedback from Cian Hughes, who wrote in - "Hello, i think this is a really tough game today and i think Everton will be up for this more, but Manchester City are 2nd and think they will cope, 2-1 City, Dzecko & Tevez."

City boss Roberto Mancini prefers Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko up front rather than Sergio Aguero or Mario Balotelli.

The big news from those teams is that Leighton Baines starts for Everton after being passed fit from a hamstring injury, while James Milner misses out for City as expected with his own hamstring knock picked up against Wigan in midweek.

Everton subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Heitinga, Hitzlsperger, Barkley, Vellios, Gueye

Everton XI: Howard, Hibbert, Baines, Distin, Jagielka, Naismith, Pienaar, Osman, Gibson, Fellaini, Jelavic.

City subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kolo Toure, Sinclair, Garcia, Aguero, Balotelli

Here's the Man City XI for you: Hart, Maicon, Kompany (C), Lescott, Kolarov, Yaya Toure, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Tevez, Dzeko.

The team line-ups are coming your way very shortly but first why not get in touch with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? You can drop me an email at rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

Good afternoon all and welcome to our text commentary of Manchester City versus Everton - live from the Etihad Stadium on a very chilly but sunny afternoon in Manchester.

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