FT: Manchester City 1 Reading 0

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That's it! It's all over at the Etihad as Barry's last-gasp goal makes it 1-0 to City after a hard-working display from Reading.

We're into the dying seconds and Reading have a corner but City defend it.

Well it's been a long time coming and City finally see the rewards of all that pressing as Barry climbs to head home Silva's great ball. So tough on Reading, who have defended magnificently.


Trouble for Reading as Aguero makes a terrific burst into the right channel, accelerating but then firing his shot into the side-netting.

Pogrebnyak makes a nuisance of himself as he disrupts Hart's goal-kick and the City custodian takes another.

Four extra minutes are to be added this half. Reading win a throw on the right of the City half as the clock ticks down.

We're in the final stages of this clash and Reading are still hanging in there. Milner looks for Dzeko in the box but he can't get his header down.

Zabaleta is challenged by Kebe in the box but Dean again shakes his head and it's a free-kick for the visitors.

The defender looks to have picked up a leg knock and he hobbles off, with Nicky Shorey coming on to replace him.

Sinclair tries his luck with a shot from range on his right foot but he can't get it on target. Reading have a player down as Harte appears to have done some damage.

Barry tries to slot the ball through to Sinclair but he's held up yet again by the Royals' defence. A long McAnuff ball goes back to Hart.

James Milner comes on for debutant Rekik, who settled after a nervy few opening minutes.

Another chance for Reading as Pearce gets up well again to greet the corner but nods it over the bar.

Kebe makes a break down the right and looks to find the advancing Pogrebynak down the middle but he just overshoots him as the Russian slides in.

Aguero gets a shot away but it's deflected wide for a corner, then they win a throw soon after. Sinclair whips in a dangerous cross but Pearce meets it to clear.

Reading, having got forward, are suddenly caught out by a City attack and are forced to rush back, with McAnuff making the vital clearance.

We're into the final 10 minutes at the Etihad and Reading will be hoping they can hold on. The visitors win a throw-in on the right of the City goal.

Barry makes a great run but his pull-back isn't the greatest and he can't pick out a team-mate to finish his move in the box.

Tabb is back on the pitch after walking it off. City are pushing now as Federici makes a comfortable save off Dzeko.

McDermott is not a happy man on the touchline, obviously feeling that should have been a spot-kick. Replays show contact from Rekik but Dean is unmoved.

Tabb receives some brief treatment after that unsuccessful penalty appeal.

Pogrebnyak is on the move for Reading as he fires in a cross for Tabb. The Royals man reckons he's gone to ground off Rekik but the ref disagrees.

There's another City change as Tevez makes way for Scott Sinclair.

Y Toure blasts a ball into the penalty area and it's scraped away by Harte to diffuse another City attack. City are creeping closer.

Silva's delivery is dealt with by Federici but the hosts now have a corner. It's a high ball which sails over the head of Dzeko this time.

Leigertwood, on a yellow card already, is on his final warning with the ref.Silva steps up to take the free-kick...

It's a good delivery from McAnuff but City's defence hold firm to keep them out. Aguero goes to ground off Leigertwood at the other end as a free-kick now goes to the hosts.

Before this key set-piece Guthrie comes on for Karacan, who has put in a hard-working shift.

Y Toure goes in the book for hauling down McAnuff on the edge of the box and it's a Reading free-kick from a great position.

The visitors prepare to make a change as Guthrie warms up. McAnuff takes off in a run on the break, trying to lose Y Toure.

Tevez slides a cross into the box for Aguero but the striker knocks Mariappa off the ball, taking his foot, and it's a Royals' free-kick.

Kebe fouls Rekik as they battle for the ball and City win back possession. On the attack, Rekik runs out of pitch while vying with the same player and it's a Federici goal-kick.

Dzeko is looking threatening for City as he wins another corner but Kebe gets away on the break.

Rekik is caught by Leigertwood as he charges towards goal and the Reading man goes in the book. City free-kick.

The fans are getting louder as they rally City and Tevez wins a corner for the hosts on the right of goal. Dzeko rises to meet it but nods it just over.

Pogrebnyak wins another long ball in the City end - one of many he's done well to win today. The Royals are not easing up this half and still working hard.

K Toure makes a heavy challenge to subdue Pogrebnyak near the City box as the Royals make a rare attack.

Kebe is there this time to get the ball away as Aguero and Tevez try to slip through into the area. It's great build-up from City but no end product as yet.

Silva is frustrated again on the edge of the box as he tries to sneak a pass through to Barry. It's so close seconds later as Tevez slips a fantastic ball into the box and Zabaleta takes two great touches but no-one can poke it home.

Toure sends a long ball down the right and Silva can't quite catch up with it as the Royals win a throw in the corner of their own end.

Aguero and Rekik pair up, trying to build something down the left, but Kebe pulls off some good defending to win a Reading free-kick.

Dzeko makes his entrance for Garcia as Mancini decides to go all out in attack.

Y Toure plants a really good cross into the area but it's just too high for Tevez.

Gunter thumps the ball away as Silva slots another ball into the box and there's a sense of deja vu from the first half now as City keep coming.

There's a chance for City as Silva's cross takes a deflection off Mariappa and Federici is forced to make a diving save.

Dzeko is apparently getting ready to come on for City, with Mancini obviously counting on his super sub reputation.

McAnuff has a go with a long-range shot out of nowhere but it's easy for Hart as he collects. The home side grow more uneasy as Hart builds from the back rather than launching it forwards.

Reading are playing less deep this half and are enjoying a bit more possession. Barry knocks the ball out for a Royals throw in midfield.

Harte lifts the ball in and Pearce rises to meet it but can't get his header on target, directing it over the bar. Still a chance though.

Nastasic, with Kebe behind him, lets the ball go out for a Reading throw on the right of the City half, then Kebe wins a corner.

Toure lifts a ball into the box for Tevez but Kebe spots the run and closes the City striker down. Reading are keeping things narrow and it's obviously frustrating City.

Tevez tries to catch Federici out with his delivery to the far post but the keeper charges out to punch it clear and away.

There's a foul on Garcia by Karacan and City win a free-kick from a nice angle, 20 yards on the left. Tevez is standing over the ball.

Silva makes a run down the right but is seen off, forced to pass to Zabaleta as the hosts are driven back into midfield.

Zabaleta threads through Tevez and he tries to squeeze a shot away but there's no-one there to help it home, with Zabaleta offside.

Aguero wins a free-kick for City down the left of the Reading end. He takes a few moments to realise, going to take the throw.

Reading have been quickest out of the box in the early stages of this half but City collect the ball in their own end and Silva dinks a ball to Tevez. The striker can't do anything with it and it goes back to Federici.

We're in action again at the Etihad and it's the Royals that get things started this half. Kebe makes a run down the right, feeding Karacan. Zabaleta gets his cross away.

It's almost time to get back underway. Can Reading hold out this half? We're about to find out...

Man City are struggling to break down a stubborn Reading defence, but Sky Bet nonetheless make them 2/9 on to secure the three points, while the Royals are a whopping 16/1 to snatch an unlikely win.

Reading fan James Chapman has perked up after that opening half - "Before kick-off I was predicting doomsday today for reading (a day late!) but this is turning out to be a resilient display from the royals. Jem Karacan making all the difference - could play for any team. City might be nervous second half and maybe with a bit of luck ALF can snatch us a winner! I dare to dream..."

It's been all City in attack that half but the visitors have more than held their own at the back. What are your thoughts? Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

The whistle blows and it's 0-0 at half-time. There's jeers from the home fans and cheers from the Reading fans after a resilient defensive performance from the Royals this half.

One extra minute is added this half. Harte loses out to Aguero down the right and it looks bad for Reading but there's no-one there to meet his ball to the far post.

Silva skips towards goal, seeing the run of Zabaleta, but his pass is blocked by the Royals defence and goes back to Federici.

The Royals can't afford to switch off in these dying moments as Tevez tries to slip through Zabaleta and they don't as Mariappa meets the ball.

The minutes trickle down in this half and it's City on the ball again in midfield, looking for something before the break.

More great defending from Reading as Mariappa ensures Zabaleta can't keep a shot down from inside the box and it lands on the top of the net.

Harte loses Tevez on the right but his cross can't pick out Barry in the box. City keep coming as Silva and Barry link up, looking for a way through.

Reading win a throw in midfield but it goes straight back to the hosts. They press again through Silva down the left.

Silva looks for Y Toure in front of goal but he can't slip it home. He appeals for a penalty, protesting he was tugged in the box as the cross came in, but referee Dean is unmoved.

Reading earn a throw on the right of the City end but Gunter is caught offside and it's a wasted opportunity for the Royals.

Karacan makes a mistake to hand Barry the ball but Leigertwood gets it back with a heavy challenge which goes unpunished.

The Royals win a free-kick in midfield for a foul on Leigertwood and take it quickly but City get back on the ball in their own end.

Another chance for City are Tevez lifts in a pacey cross from the right and it's deflected towards Barry, but he fires his shot straight at Federici.

Silva gives the ball away to Karacan in the Reading half and there's a groan from the home crowd as they start to get a bit restless. It rolls back to Federici.

The visitors win a throw inside their own end but Zabaleta is there to intervene and earn it back for the hosts. Back in possession, City start another spell of build-up from the back.

McAnuff finds Karacan far out and he tries his luck with an optimistic shot from range but it goes well over. Worth a try - the Royals aren't seeing too many chances this afternoon.

Pogrebnyak picks up possession on the edge of the City box but he's surrounded by defenders and can't forge an attempt.

Aguero slips the ball in from the right again, looking for Tevez, but Mariappa is there again with another thumping clearance.

Pogrebnyak catches Rekik in the back of the heel and the ball goes back to City. Aguero skips away from Harte down the right but Mariappa is in the way of his fizzing cross.

Tabb gets the ball away and back to Federici on the edge of the Royals box and Pogrebynak does well to collect possession in midfield but there's no support to mount an attack.

City win two free-kicks in quick succession and the second also sees Gunter booked for a cynical challenge on Tevez.

Pogrebnyak manages to hold off Aguero and Harte thumps the ball forward. They win a throw down the right of the City end but Silva whips the ball away.

Gunter makes another challenge to clear the ball midway up the pitch but City just come straight back. The Royals are really up against it.

Gunter intervenes as Y Toure tries to slip the ball into the box and Kebe helps to dissolve the threat, stepping in to help out in defence.

City edge forwards again as Aguero posts the ball through the legs of Tabb but he's helped out by Karacan as he covers.

Tevez steps up to take a City free-kick from far out. It's a high ball which Nastastic wins but he nods it back to Federici.

Debutant Rekik takes a throw for City inside their own end and finds Tevez. The home side weave their way forward as Gunter tries to keep Garcia under control.

Aguero gets the second yellow card of the game as he clips Karacan on the edge of the Reading box and he goes to ground.

The hosts are getting forward again and the Royals defence are fighting to keep them at bay as Y Toure gives Karacan the slip.

Y Toure misplaces a pass and Pogrebynak seizes the ball but Garcia manages to win it back for the home side in midfield.

Reading get a bit of relief as they win a welcome free-kick, which Federici takes. His long ball picks out Pogrebynak but his first touch is a weak one and it rolls behind, back to Hart.

Zabaleta fires in a cross this time, looking for Garcia, and City win another corner. Reading are being forced to work hard in defence and it looks only a matter of time for the home side at this point.

Y Toure tries to plant a cross on the head of Barry from the right but he overshoots his target. Tevez gets two chances in quick succession but is denied by Federici before looping it over.

Tevez pursues the ball down the left but can't keep it from going out and the Royals are handed a throw inside their own half.

Pogrebnyak feeds Kebe on the right and he's fouled for another Royals free-kick from range. Harte lifts it in and Mariappa gets a touch but it drifts across the face of goal.

It's all City at the minute as they keep applying the pressure but Pearce heads away a Barry ball towards the box.

Silva comes close after some great play from City. He and Tevez produce a lovely one-two in the Reading box but he slips his shot just wide.

The corner is cleared but Silva smashes back in the rebound from the left and Aguero makes contact. However, he can only sky the ball into the stands.

Aguero goes it alone with a superb run from midfield, stays on his feet under pressure from the Royals defence, and wins a corner.

Silva fouls McAnuff in midfield with a shove to hand Reading a free-kick, which Harte steps up to take. He can't quite pick out Pogrebynak with his long delivery.

Garcia sneaks a great ball through to Tevez, who tees up the onrushing Aguero. The striker is through on goal but Federici comes out to seize the ball.

Pogrebnyak does well to hold off Y Toure and win a free-kick for Reading in the middle of the park but seconds later he's beaten in the air by Nastasic as he goes to win a long ball.

Zabaleta and Silva pair up down the right and the latter tries to find Toure but the midfielder can't latch onto his pass.

Federici's long goal-kick goes straight to Joe Hart but he carelessly loses the ball to Kebe in front of the City goal and he's lucky to get off the hook as nothing comes of the chance.

Rekik loses the ball to Leighterwood in the Reading half but City win it back and continue to trade passes, with Silva picking out Zabaleta.

Pogrebnyak nudges the corner away but City come straight back down the left through Zabaleta. The Royals win a throw off the Argentinian.

City are already pressing in the Reading box as Aguero crosses towards Zabaleta and it goes behind off Gunter for an early corner for the hosts.

The first booking of the game comes early as Mariappa gets a yellow for a needless challenge on Tevez in the City end.

Not the best of starts for debutant Rekik as he heads the ball straight into the path of Kebe in the City half.

We're underway at the Etihad and it's City that get things started, with Tevez passing to Toure. A long ball from Nastasic down the left goes straight back to Federici in the Reading goal.

City continue their tradition of remembering those associated with the club who have passed away this year, giving them a heartfelt applause.

Looks like a nice friendly chat between Mancini and McDermott ahead of kick-off. Appears they're bemoaning the Manchester weather.

The teams are out at the Etihad and it's almost time to get underway. Enjoy the first half guys and keep the feedback coming at half-time.

A late prediction from Rob Davies - "I think that Reading have got know chance today and are going to ship a lot of goals, I think that the final result will depend on how many city want to get. i'm going to say 4-1 man City."

Blue santa hats and waterproof ponchos seems to be the chosen attire for many City fans this afternoon - it's a very grey, rainy one in the North-West.

The Royals can take heart from their recent record at City - they've won two and lost just one of the last four away league games there.

The last time these two sides met was in the FA Cup back in 2010-11 when Roberto Mancini's side triumphed 1-0 thanks to Micah Richards' winner. Hopefully we'll get a few more goals today.

@jameslowen96 has tweeted - "I have a feeling reading going to upset man city with a one nil WIN!"

City are looking to pile more woe on Brian McDermott's men as they bid to close the gap on Manchester United - six points clear at the top of the Premier League.

The Royals enter this one in desperate need of a win having lost their last six, with their latest setback coming when they suffered a 5-2 defeat at home to Arsenal on Monday night.

Agree with Cian and think City are going to stroll this one? Or can Reading pull off a Christmas upset? There's still plenty of time to get in touch - Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

Cian Hughes has been in touch to say - "Heya. tough game today, i think reading are not doing good,As for City, i think they are the strongest team coming out today especially because their at home, i predict a 4-1 win for City with: Yaya Toure (2) Tevez and Aguero/."

On the Reading side of things, Jason Roberts misses out with a hip problem, but Jem Karacan and Jimmy Kebe make the starting XI after injury, while Danny Guthrie is on the bench.

Making his full City debut this afternoon is 18-year-old Karim Rekik, who steps in at left-back. The Dutch Under-19 international was on loan at Portsmouth last season.

There are a couple of big names missing from that City line-up as Mario Balotelli misses out with illness, while captain Vincent Kompany is on the bench with a groin problem.

Bottom side Reading will overcome odds of 16/1 if they can beat reigning Champions Man City (1/8) today, with even the draw considered an outside chance at 8/1. Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez both to score is 7/4, with City having won each of the 13 league games the pair have started together. Sky Bet offer a range of scorecast specials ahead of kick-off, including David Silva to score first and City to win 3-0 at 28/1.

Refereeing this afternoon's clash is Mike Dean (Wirral).

Subs: City - Wright, Lescott, Kompany, Razak, Milner, Sinclair, Dzeko. Reading - Taylor, Shorey, Gorkss, Guthrie, Robson-Kanu, Le Fondre, Hunt.

Reading XI: Federici, Gunter, Harte, Mariappa, Pearce, Leigertwood, Karacan, Tabb, McAnuff, Kebe, Pogrebnyak.

Manchester City XI: Hart, Zabaleta, Kolo Toure, Nastasic, Rekik, Garcia, Barry, Silva, Yaya Toure, Aguero, Tevez.

I'll be bringing you the team line-ups very shortly but first why not drop me a line with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? You can Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

This one's a top versus bottom affair as the second-placed defending champions take on the rock-bottom Royals - who have lost their last six on the spin.

A very good afternoon all and welcome to our live coverage of Manchester City v Reading at the Etihad Stadium.

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