FT: West Ham 1 Everton 2

FULL TIME. Everton win to go fourth but the ref will be the focus here. Thanks for your views today, stay with us for reaction.

90 (+2)
Duffy is on for Anichebe.

90 (+1)
SENT OFF - GIBSON!!! The ref now sends off Gibson for catching Noble on his arm with a high foot. It is very harsh again and seems the ref is trying to even things up after his first decision.

Four extra minutes of added time.

Everton take the corner, Osman shoots at goal and Jaaskelainen saves and Jelavic puts the rebound just wide from close range. West Ham break up field and Nolan shoots just wide himself from close range.

Jagielka crosses from the right and wins a corner on the right.

Collison is on for Jarvis, getting a big cheer as he comes again from injury. Oviedo is on for Everton.

Howard collects Jarvis' cross from the right in the box.

West Ham punt the ball forward but Jagielka clears the danger.

Naismith replaces Neville for Everton.

Anichebe fouls Reid for a West Ham free-kick midway in their half.

Jack has been back in touch to say: "It was a harsh yellow. The referee should be made to explain the decision. Should be held accountable and demoted for such a dreadful decision. Demoted to the bottom leagues for a few games. When we appeal the decision and win it, he should also be fined as well. Changed the game. We were well on course for at least a point, if not all 3, then he makes a useless decision. Referees are making more and more errors!"

West Ham take the corner but Osman clears the box.

Nolan's shot is just deflected wide by Heitinga.

Spence is on for O'Brien as Big Sam tries to get his side back into the game.

Lull - no more chances at present.

Jack, a very disgruntled hammers fan! says: "Sack the Ref- That was the worst decision of the year so far. Never a booking, let alone a sending off. Absolutely disgraceful." If it was anything, it was a yellow at most and it has totally changed the game.

Everton come again and Anichebe shoots wide from eight yards to the left of goal.

Jelavic crosses into the box from the right but Collins heads away.

Pienaar tries an effort from the edge of the box in front of goal but it is straight at Jaaskelainen who gathers.

Everton press again but no more chances.

GOAL - PIENAAR!!!! Osman crosses from the left byline towards Pienaar in the centre and there is a scramble and it looks like it goes in off Jaaskelainen's trailing leg but Pienaar is claiming it!!!

Anichebe tries to turn Reid in the right side of the box and the ref blows for a free-kick to the Hammers.

Noble does well to cross from the left byline but it goes out for a goal kick.

West Ham win a throw in 15 yards out on the left. They take to Maiga but Heitinga clears the box.

SENT OFF - COLE!!! Cole is sent off for catching Baines with a high foot to his arm as he tries to get on a ball. Baines gets straight up but the ref sends Cole off. A very harsh decision - Cole is watching the ball and it looks like a pure accident.

GOAL - ANICHEBE!!! Everton take the free-kick and feed the ball to Pienaar on the left edge of the box. He crosses and Anichebe heads home from 12 yards in front of goal!!!

Maiga is booked for pulling back Pienaar.

Everton come again but Baines' cross from the left is again cleared from the box.

Everton break forward and Baines crosses into the box from 25 yards out on the left but Reid clears the danger.

Pienaar crosses from the left towards the box but Tomkins intercepts. West Ham break forward and Cole crosses from the left towards Maiga in the box. He takes a touch before shooting at goal but Distin deflects it wide and the ref misses it and it is a goal kick.

Jelavic and Jaaskelainen tussle for a cross in the box and the keeper collects at the second attempt.

Maiga is on for O'Neil for the Hammers in the first change of the game.

Osman does well to feed a ball through the West Ham defence for Jelavic into the left side of the box but the striker has gone early again and is given offside.

Jagielka wins a free-kick off Cole on the halfway line to the right. They take and try to feed the ball to the right side of the box but O'Brien clears.

Jarvis gets to the left byline but Jagielka shepherds the ball out for a goal kick.

Gibson lofts the ball over the wall but it just goes wide of the top corner. Unlucky.

Nolan fouls Pienaar for a free-kick 22 yards out in front of goal. A great chance here for the Toffees.

Gibson takes the corner but the Hammers clear for a throw in 20 yards out on the left. Everton take and feed the ball over to Jagielka who crosses into the box from the right byline but it is over hit and goes out for a West Ham throw in on the far side.

Pienaar shoots from the edge of the box and it takes a deflection off Noble for a corner on the left.

Heitinga flats a long ball forward towards Jelavic in the right corner but he is again given offside.

Collin's clearance in the box falls to Jelavic who shoots left-footed from eight yards but it is straight at Jaaskelainen who saves.

Thomas says: "Hi steve, im an everton fan and im going for a 3-1 win to the toffees. pienaar jelavic and naismith with the goals. COYB <3 " Mark says: "looks like the normal whatever the ref has decided the result will be so no point betting on everton." Now, now Mark, that's bitter, you've still got a great chance!

Jelavic is flagged offside as he tries to get onto a throughball down the left flank.

West Ham re-start the game. No changes at half time.

Fancy a bet? Sky Bet now go 4/7 for a West Ham win, 9/4 for the draw and 5/1 for an Everton victory. My 1-1 prediction is still running but this could go either way. Waht are your views / predictions for the second period? Send them to steve.pass2@bskyb.com and I will post up the best.

HALF TIME. West Ham go in a goal in front. Stay with us for the second period.

45 (+1)
Jarvis crosses from 15 yards on the left and Heitinga concedes a throw in ten yards on the left. They take but the ref blows for half time.

One minute of added time is announced.

Jarvis wins a throw in 25 yards out on the left. O Brien takes but Heitinga clears on the edge of the box.

Cole out-muscles Heitinga again in the left side on the box but Distin tracks across and just manages to clear.

Baines tries to release Anichebe into the left side of the box but Collins out-muscles him and shepherds the ball out for a goal kick. Great defending!

Everton take the corner but Collins is there to head away at the far post.

Gibson hits the free-kick at goal and Jaaskelainen tips it over for a corner on the right.

Pienaar wins a free-kick off O'Neil 30 yards out to the left of goal.

Jelavic tries to get onto a long ball over the top but O'Brien heads away 25 yards out.

The Hammers take the corner but Howard punches away in the box.

Jarvis and Nolan play a one-two into the box but Jagielka intercepts for a corner on the left.

West Ham take the corner, Collins heads down but Cole hands the ball as he attempts to turn with his back to goal and it is an Everton free-kick.

Jarvis presses down the left flank and wins a corner on the left off Jagielka.

Jelavic tries an effort from 25 yards out in front of goal but his low shot is wide of Jaaskelainen's right post.

Pienaar plays Anichebe through on goal but he is given offside -it is the right decision.

Everton press and Osman now crosses from 20 yards on the left but Collins heads away from the box again.

Osman crosses in from 25 yards on the right but Collins heads away from the box.

Gibson takes the free-kick but the Hammers partially clear before Jelavic collects a pass on the edge of the box before shooting wide. He is flagged offside anyway.

Jelavic wins a free-kick 40 yards out infront of goal off O'Neil.

Tomkins crosses from 22 yards on the right but it is missed by everyone in the box. Jarvis retrieves the ball at the far post and pass to Taylor to cross in from the left but it is too close to Howard who gathers.

Cole flicks on a cross in the box but Howard catches.

Osman tries an effort from 25 yards on the left but his low shot is wide.

O'Neil tries to release Cole with a long ball but Cole goes down under a challenge from Heitinga and the ref waves play on. Replays show Heitinga was tight on Cole after his mistake for the goal but got spun and brought Cole down.

Baines takes the corner but Collins heads clear at the far post.

Everton feed the ball to Osman in the right corner and Jarvis tracks back and concedes the corner on the right.

Distin and O'Neil tussle for the ball in the left corner but the Everton defender sees the ball out for a goal kick.

Pienaar tries an effort from 25 yards in the centre but it is a good height and Jaaskelainen saves to his left.

Taylor's header towards Cole in the box is just cleared by Distin.

Noble floats the free-kick into the far post but Howard catches.

Pienaar tries an effort from 25 yards out on the right but Reid makes a great block before the Hammers break forward and Jarvis wins a free-kick off Jagielka 25 yards out on the left touchline.

Richard e-mailed in before the goal: "I'm reading your commentary as I do every Saturday but this time from blistering Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I predict a 2 -1 win to the mighty hammers with Carlton cole getting the winner. The boy has been playing well of late give him some credit." Yes indeed, what a finish!!!

Noble feeds the ball to Taylor to the right of the box but he is flagged offside.

Lull - the teams are canceling each other out in the centre.

GOAL - COLE!!!! Cole collects the ball on the edge of the box from a pass by Taylor and creates a yard of space for himself past Heitinga before shooting into the bottom right corner from the edge of the box!! Great goal but Heitinga will be disappointed he was not tight enough.

Baines takes the corner on the right and Osman heads in from six yards at the far post but the linesman raises his flag. Osman is distraught - they are saying it was Anichebe impeding Jaaskelainen but it looks a good goal to me!

Jelavic wins a corner off O'Brien on the right.

West Ham break upfield but Nolan's cross from the left is too close to Howard who catches in the box.

Baines hits a great free-kick into the box, Distin gets between defenders before heading into the ground from eight yards and it bounces over. It was a free-header and he should have scored!

Anichebe flicks on a goal kick but Collins clears before Pienaar wins a free-kick off Tomkins 30 yards out on the left touchline.

West Ham come again and Nolan heads down a cross from the right in the box before Noble's crossfield ball to Jarvis on the left goes out for an Everton throw in near their box.

Jarvis wins a throw in ten yards out on the left. The Hammers take and Nolan flicks the ball on at the edge of the box but it goes out for a goal kick.

Collins concedes a throw in 35 yards out on the left. The Toffees take and Baines floats a cross into the box from the left but it runs through to Jaaskelainen to gather.

Jelavic wins a throw in just inside the West Ham half on the right. Everton take and keep possession before Collins clears Anichebe's pass on the edge of the box.

Pienaar tries to release Anichebe into the left side of the box but again it goes out for a goal kick.

Everton start well. Baines tries a one-two with Pienaar down the left flank but the return is just over hit and goes out for a goal kick.

Everton get the game underway. Let's hope for goals!

The teams are coming out on the pitch, not long to go now! They are singing bubbles with the bubbles flying everywhere - it sends shivers down my spine, just like hearing Z-cars at Goodison Park. What fantastic clubs!

Stewart MacLaren from a warm & windy Torrevieja in Spain says: "Everton will beat West Ham 2-1 at Upton Park this afternoon with good goals from Darron Gibson & Nikica Jelavic." Cheers Stewart, glad the weather's good there - a good dousing of rain here!

FIRST VIEW - Cian has been in touch to say: "Heya:) Tough game this, when west ham lost to liverpool at home i thought that was good but it's everton and everton will come out on top, Everton might be in trouble with Fellani headbutting Shawcross, my prediction would be a 2-2 draw!" Cheers Cian, enjoy the game.

My prediction: I fancy 1-1 myself, with Nolan scoring first which pays a handsome 35-1 with Sky Bet! For a full market, click here. What are your views / predictions? Send them to steve.pass2@bskyb.com

Referee - Anthony Taylor (Cheshire)

Teams - Everton: Howard, Heitinga, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Osman, Gibson, Neville, Pienaar, Jelavic, Anichebe. Subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Barkley, Vellios, Duffy.

Teams - West Ham: Jaaskelainen, Tomkins, Collins, Reid, O'Brien, Noble, O'Neil, Taylor, Nolan, Jarvis, Cole. Subs: Spiegel, Collison, Maiga, Diarra, Spence, Moncur, Lletget.

Fancy a bet? Sky Bet's Jonathan says: "The Toffees (29/20 to win) are without Marouane Fellaini as he serves the first of his three-match suspension and could face a tricky task against an imposing West Ham outfit. The Hammers are 19/10 to win and the draw is 9/4. David Moyes' men are unbeaten in their last four trips to Upton Park and they are 13/2 to win 1-0 here." Cheers for the info Jonathan!

Welcome to Upton Park where West Ham host Everton. Can Sam Allardyce's side prevail or will the Toffees continue their push for a top four spot? Send your views / predictions to steve.pass2@bskyb.com and I will post up the best throughout the afternoon.

Premier League Fixtures

Saturday, 25 October 2014
West Ham v Man City
Liverpool v Hull City
So'ton v Stoke
S'land v Arsenal
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Tottenham v Newcastle  
Man Utd v Chelsea
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QPR v A Villa  
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3 So'ton 8 14 16
4 West Ham 8 4 13
5 Liverpool 8 1 13
6 Man Utd 8 3 12
7 Arsenal 8 2 11
8 Swansea 8 1 11
9 Tottenham 8 -1 11
10 Stoke 8 -1 11
11 Hull City 8 0 10
12 A Villa 8 -8 10
13 Everton 8 0 9
14 W Brom 8 -1 9
15 Leicester 8 -2 9
16 C Palace 8 -3 8
17 S'land 8 -7 8
18 Newcastle 8 -6 7
19 Burnley 8 -9 4
20 QPR 8 -12 4

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