F/T: Sunderland 1 Tottenham 2

FT: Sunderland 1 Tottenham 2.

Last chance for Sunderland surely as Colback's delivery finds Cuellar, who can't find the target with an ambitious half-volley and Spurs will have clinched victory.

Wickham's early strike yields another corner for Sunderland, but Lloris, under pressure from Fletcher, earns his side a free-kick after making a splendid clearance anyway.

Five added minutes still to be played.

Bale is replaced with Sigurdsson arriving late on.

Sessegnon claims a corner during his battle at the byline with Sandro, but a goal-kick is awarded and precious time is wasted in Tottenham's favour.

Bramble meets Bale's loose touch but Spurs regain the ball in the middle of the pitch, where Walker's poor cross is collected by Mignolet.

Bright stuff from Sunderland as Johnson whips a dangerous ball into the six-yard box where Naughton's crucial interception denies Fletcher a tap-in.

Bale's delivery from the left is top drawer, but neither Adebayor nor Dempsey can make contact and it rolls out. Bale is eventually picked up again though, where his sterling strike is well held by Mignolet.

Caulker comes across to cover as Johnson closed in on a shooting position, and next up it's Sandro who makes the tackle to deny Campbell's bullet of an effort.

Lennon is taken off with Parker making his fourth appearance from the bench this season.

Mignolet is called into action once more as Dempsey's wonderful flick finds Adebayor in space, whose shot produces another superb stop by Mignolet. He has been inspired this second half.

Controversial scenes involving Bale once more. He heads past Gardner, with minimal contact made in the penalty area and the winger goes down, with the result a yellow card.

Larsson heads off and Wickham takes his place for Sunderland.

Yellow card on Dembele for that previous challenge on Gardner.

Adebayor heads away calmly on the goal line to force a Sunderland corner, and as Larsson delivers, it's Bale who this time makes the interception.

Colback and Fletcher lead the counter attack for Sunderland, but they are forced back and the momentunm ends. Gardner does well to get a cross in, and takes a foul from Dembele in the process near the byline.

Spurs don't look like losing this one now, but you can still back Sunderland to salvage a draw at 5/1, while Gareth Bale is tempting at 10/1 to score next.

Dempsey immediately finds Adebayor, but as the striker calls for a corner, a goal-kick is given, where Mignolet plays straight into Walker as Spurs resume control of the ball.

Defoe makes way for Spurs with Dempsey coming on in his place.

Sessegnon continues to work away, finding Fletcher from the touchline but as the striker looks for a yard to shoot, he is met with a sliding challenge from Dawson.

Sandro's skill is exquisite to turn past Gardner, and he wins his side a throw-in after some excellent play. He has been exceptional for Spurs today.

Larsson's delivery is straightforwrd for Lloris, but he opts to punch away, before Sessegnon's ball back in is this time caught by the Frenchman.

Strong play from Sessegnon to draw a foul from Dawson, where Larsson can drift the ball in from 30 yards.

Lloris punches away Larsson's delivery bravely through a crowd of bodies, and as Naughton goes to cut out Sessegnon's ball wide, he takes a knock himself.

Dawson is penalised for hauling down Sessegnon near the touchline and that's a yellow card for the Tottenham captain.

O'Shea comes off and Bramble replaces him in the Sunderland defence.

O'Shea adds to the Sunderland worries as he goes down and things don't look good as he hands the captain's armband over to Cuellar and prepares to hobble off.

Larsson loops the ball over the top for Johnson, but he is marshalled by Caulker and the Spurs defender does enough to see the ball out for a goal-kick.

Bale endeavours to work the ball out of the corner, but Gardner and Johnson team up, winning back possession and Bale hacks down the former out of frustration.

Adebayor catches Cuellar as the two vie for control of the ball and fortunately it's an amicable ending between the two as the foul is given against Spurs.

Adebayor heads away Larsson's free-kick, where O'Shea is caught offside anyway and play is brought back for a Spurs free-kick.

Kilgallon heads off from Campbell taking his place in an attacking change from O'Neill.

Fletcher gives the ball away too easily too Dembele, with Spurs strong in every department now. Sessegnon finds a yard away from Naughton moments later though, slicing a powerful effort wide at the near post.

Sandro steps in to tackle Sessegnon and from there Spurs break. Bale was in turbo charge before drawing the ball for Defoe who draws an unbelievable save from Mignolet! Magical stuff from the keeper who keeps his side in the game for now.

Colback tracks Lennon but the pace of the winger sees him away, until he loses out against McClean, where despite claiming a foul, play continues.

It goes beyond Cuellar this time and Mignolet makes a simple claim in the end. Spurs win back possession shortly after though with Adebayor playing impressively all over the park at the moment.

Bale launches a fierce effort at goal, catching Cuellar on its way and Spurs have another corner.

During that attack, Fletcher and Dawson seemed to collide and the striker looks a tad worse for wear as a result.

Great skill from Fletcher to place the ball into Sessegnon's path. As Johnson goes for goal, Lloris keeps the ball out at the far post but he has to rely on Caulker to make the clearance away.

What a turnaround from Spurs. Lennon gets a slice of luck as his ball out wide cannons off Kilgallon into his path. He then slips the ball round O'Shea before placing an accurate finish past Mignolet. 2-1 to Tottenham!


Lennon can't control Defoe's ball in his stride, and Cuellar is presented with the chance to clear, but it's Spurs now continue to look the stronger going forward and now they're doing so with some momentum.

That goal has brought the Sunderland fans back into life as they roar their team forward, with Colback tripped by Bale as a free-kick is awarded.

What a dreadful couple of minutes for Cuellar. First he collects a booking and then while leaping for a header with O'Shea he fires the ball into his own net and draws Spurs level.


Cuellar makes amends by powerfully heading out Bale's delivery, which goes for a Tottenham corner.

First yellow card of the game falls to Cuellar, who lunges in late on Defoe and concedes a free-kick 30 yards out from goal.

Johnson takes on Bale and drives a fine ball into the danger zone, which Caulker positioned well to stab the ball to safety.

Sunderland get the game back underway.

Ian Fordyce writes: "Tottenham in control of the game even after Sunderland scored. Sunderland look much better recently. Will be difficult to break down. Adebayor has been poor, missed a total sitter. Wouldn't be surprised if Dempsey comes on for Adebayor second half and go 4-2-3-1, however I wouldn't be surprised if Sunderland hang on to win. They keep their shape well and are very good on the counter attack."

Sunderland lead at the break thanks to O'Shea's neat finish. Can Spurs turn the game around in the second half or will the hosts continue to frustrate at the Stadium of Light? E-mails to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet @JWoodfield365

HALF TIME. Sunderland 1 Tottenham 0.

Defoe goes down on the edge of the area, but replays show he went down extremely easily and the referee is having none of it as play continues.

Two minutes of injury time to be played.

Great challenge from Colback on Bale, with Sunderland's tight, organised defence doing a brilliant job in frustrating Spurs for the time being.

After falling behind to John O'Shea's opener, Tottenham are now 7/2 to turn this one around. Sky Bet go 7/2 that there will be no next goalscorer, though, while a 1-1 draw can be backed at 11/4.

O'Shea denies Defoe seeking an avenue into the penalty area, with Spurs continuing to dominate possession as they now seek an equaliser.

Larsson's wonderful ball in sees Lloris make a top save to deny Fletcher, but the rebound falls fo O'Shea who has the simple task of poking the ball into an open goal. 1-0 to Sunderland!


McClean steals the ball from Walker, and as Lennon tracks back to assist his team-mate, Sessegnon takes a tumble and it's a free-kick to the hosts.

Sunderland win a free-kick, which Johnson takes, and Cuellar's looping header is close to giving Lloris a torrid time but it lands on the roof of the net.

Naughton pick-pockets Gardner far too easily, looking to cut inside and shoot with his effort hitting O'Shea and then clipping himself with the outcome a Sunderland goal-kick.

Defoe takes a clattering from play is waved on where Sandro storms forward before Defoe, back on his feet, sees his shot blocked by Kilgallon.

Walker looks for the back post but applies the delivery with far too much pace and Adebayor is left wanting as he stood no chance of meeting the ball.

Bale's delivery incredibly sails over everyone, with Lennon collecting at the byline. Walker resorts to firing from range but it's a poor effort and flies well over the bar.

Sandro kicks the floor when looking to shoot, but Bale keeps the attack flowing, his cross from the left deflecting behind for a corner.

Johnson looks for Sessegnon, but the forward has to control his run and ends up lacking the momentum to storm past Caulker to reach it as Lloris gathers.

Incredible scenes as Defoe's speculative shot clips Cuellar, and with the goal gaping Adebayor pokes the ball on to the crossbar! A huge let-off for Sunderland.

Brilliant stuff from Spurs, as Lennon makes a fool out of Kilgallon before delivering a deft chip into Bale who inexplicably heads wide from 10 yards. Great chance and a man of Bale's quality should be doing better.

Spurs are starting to stomp their authority on the game now, and frustration grows for the hosts as Larsson is penalised for handball as he aimed to charge forward.

Cuellar gets in the way of Defoe's delivery, taking the ball out for a corner. Mignolet again punches away, where McClean scoops the ball away from danger.

Mignolet punches away Bale's corner brilliantly, finding the path of Fletcher, but Caulker makes a sterling tackle and Adebayor is set away before Mignolet makes a terrific save.

A crucial deflection from Kilgallon takes the ball behind from Lennon's delivery, and as the corner is headed away, Sandro has another shot which goes for another corner.

Cuellar hobbles back into the action, just as Sandro fouls Johnson. From the free-kick taken by Gardner though, McClean can only head into the arms of Lloris.

Sunderland appear to have a problem as Cuellar is down nursing an injury to his ankle and the medics are on to take a look at the defender,

Kilgallon loses out to Lennon, whose ball to Bale is flicked on to Sandro, with the midfielder going for goal with a deflection making a tricky save for Mignolet, who does well.

The corner is disposed off easily by Caulker, and Naughton proceeds to usher the ball out of play to safety after a Johnson deflection.

Best chance of the game so far as McClean's ball is cut back across goal by Johnson with Dawson staying composed to clear away for a corner. Fletcher should have been steaming in to meet that.

Lennon aims for Adebayor with a cross from the right but the offside flag catches the striker out and play is brought back for a free-kick.

O'Shea goes long for Fletcher, but Dawson, making a rare start, calmly heads back to Lloris under pressure from the striker.

Dembele is forced wide from Lennon's cut-back, and in his attempts to line up a shot he ends up ploughing through Gardner and conceding a free-kick.

Sessegnon makes himself available to meet Johnson's pass, floating a good cross into the box but the alert Lloris claims the ball on the edge of the six-yard box.

Caulker hacks the ball into the stand with Johnson lurking, as the right side seems to be the focus point of all the Black Cats' attacks thus far.

Great stuff from Bale, advancing past two Sunderland players before drawing a foul from Colback. Gardner watches the winger all the way from the free-kick though and makes an excellent tackle.

Caulker holds on to Fletcher in a battle to win the ball in the air and concedes a foul. Sunderland play the free-kick short, but a loose pass from Larsson concedes possession to Dawson.

Sandro's aimless ball forward ends up finding only the arms of Mignolet, but as Sunderland play forward, Naughton makes a timely header to prevent Johnson breaking past him.

Sessegnon tries to keep the ball alive at the by-line, but Naughton cuts across him to usher the ball out to safety and the Sunderland man is lured into making the foul.

Defoe is crowded out while looking to play the ball into Dembele's path, with a committed block from Colback seeing Mignolet collect the deflected pass.

Colback looks for Johnson with an out-swinging ball but the pace makes collecting it tricky for the winger and it's a goal-kick to Spurs.

Gardner drives a solid effort at goal, which takes a deflection off the charging Defoe, but Lloris is more than equal to it and makes a good save.

Penetrating play from Johnson sees Sandro lean too hard into him and the hosts win a free-kick roughly 25 yards out from goal.

Bale skips past Gardner with ease, a worrying sign for the Sunderland man, but as the winger looks for Adebayor, the striker hits a shot off-balance and it drags wide.

Fletcher and Johnson combine, with Naughton holding his ground and colliding with the latter. No free-kick is given though and play continues.

A neat flick on from Bale contributes to a Spurs attack, but O'Shea reads Dembele's ball into Adebayor and makes the interception.

Spurs kick-off and get the action started.

The players are out and we're minutes away from kick-off now, with Gareth Bale's incredible use of hair gel a truly remarkable sight.

Sunderland (9/4) have won just once in the last seven meetings between these two sides, with Tottenham the natural 6/5 favourites in Sky Bet's match result odds. There is a handful of price boosts on offer ahead of kick-off, including a scorecast double chance with Gareth Bale to score first and either Tottenham to win 2-1 or Tottenham to win 3-1 (25/1).

David Miller writes: "Bale now in middle of rich vein of form and can see him blowing away Sunderland's usually tight defence - whether scoring the goals or making them for Defoe - 3-0 and an easy 3 points today!"

Sunderland Mignolet, Gardner, Kilgallon, O'Shea, Cuellar, Larsson, Colback, Johnson, McClean, Sessegnon, Fletcher. Subs: Campbell, Wickham, McFadden, Vaughan, Dong-won, Bramble, Westwood.

Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Naughton, Dawson (c), Caulker, Sandro, Dembele, Lennon, Bale, Adebayor, Defoe. Subs: Dempsey, Vertonghen, Huddlestone, Parker, Sigurdsson, Livermore, Friedel.

Here are the teams...

Good afternoon folks and welcome to live coverage of Sunderland v Tottenham at the Stadium of Light. Both sides were victorious on Boxing Day and both will look to carry on building momentum here this afternoon. The teams will be uploaded imminently and you can send me a message today by e-mailing jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet @JWoodfield365

Kick-off is at 1245 GMT.

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