FT: Everton 0 Swansea 0

Everton 0 Swansea 0. It ends goalless at Goodison. Few chances created and the spoils are shared. Both sides capable of much more, but will be happy to have taken something from the game.

Good work by Graham as he prevents Coleman from running the ball out. Everton pegged back deep inside their own half with time ticking away.

Free-kick to Swansea comes to nothing. They didn't even bother to send Williams and Chico forward. The visitors are happy with their point.

Swansea really looking to run down the clock now. Everything is taking 10 timers longer than it has to. De Guzman goes down after being caught by Jelavic.

Free-kick to Everton wide on their left. Baines over it once more. He floats the ball into the hear of the penalty area, but once again Vorm shows safe hands as he comes and claims.

Moyes out barkingout instructions, but it is looking like this will end goalless. Point apiece probably a fair reflection on the game.

Still nothing doing for Everton.Jelavic hasn't had much joy today. Fellaini has now been pushed up alongside him to offer support. Chance falls to Jelavic, but he fires over the top.

Pienaar floats the ball to the back post. Fellaini with a towering header which Vorm does brilliantly to tip around the post. Whistle blown for a push by Fellaini. Vorm then booked for time wasting.

De Guzman whips over the set-piece. Terrible effort as he floats the ball into the hands of Howard. He had plenty to aim at, but gave those in the middle no chance. As Everton look to counter, Williams is in the way again.

Fellaini holds the ball up well. He has been pushed a little furthr forward again. As I speak, he concedes a free-kick for grabbing at De Guzman. Chance for Swansea to load the box.

Rangel and Tiendalli forward down the Swansea right, but again there is nothing in the middle to aim at. They are forced to keep the ball moving, until they eventually lose it. Routledge then sends a wayward pass through to Howard.

Change for Everton, with Anichebe withdrawn and Vellios thrown on in his place. Can he find a late winner for the Toffees?

The free-kick comes to nothing for Swansea. Coleman then charges down the Everton right. Routledge goes all the way with him. Coleman does really well to get a toe to the ball before it runs behind, pegging Swansea back deep inside their own half.

Michu being replaced by Graham. Straight swap up front. Michu could probably do with a rest and Graham has been in fine scoring form of late.

Baines cautioned. He barged into the back of Rangel, conceding a free-kick. He then contested the decision and is booked. Phil Dowd trying to calm things down, with Rangel less than impressed by the challenge.

Naismith with space to move into. He plays the ball in low to Jelavic, but he is surrounded by red shirts. The Toffees need to try something different, or produce a moment of magic.

Here come Everton again. They move the ball well to the edge ofthe box, but then it breaks down. On this occasion Jelavic falls over and Pienaar's pass ends up with Williams. Sums up the game so far.

Vorm taking an age with the free-kick. Meanwhile, Del Bosque has seen enough and is heading home. Hernandez didn't really catch the eye and Michu has been feeding off scraps.

One pass too many from Everton at times. Fellaini frustrated and he concedes a free-kick trying to win the ball back down by the corner flag. Moyes doesn't look too happy.

Pienaar holds off Tiendalli, but Everton can't work a yard for a cross. Swansea working really hard to prevent crosses from coming in. They have been troubled by them today and need to keep Baines and co quiet.

Yet again Baines is able to pick out a team-mate. Jagielka it is this time who rises through the crowd to meet a pinpoint delivery. He makes good contact, but is leaning back and nods over the top.

Fellaini settles for a throw down the Everton left. He then gets the ball back and crosses. He finds Naismith, but rather than shoot he tries to centre. Wrong choice. Everton are, however, able to force a corner through Jelavic.

Hernandez, who has been quiet, makes way for Routledge. Swansea could do with more width. They could have done with it from the start!

De Guzman trots off and will be okay to continue. Pienaar fortunate to escape a caution as he trod on the Swansea players' heel without getting anywhere near the ball. Both bosses now off their seat on the touchline.

Everton dropping deep, inviting Swansea to press. Ki tries, cutting in from the left flank, but can't find a way through. Chico then sends a pass through to Howard. De Guzman was caught by Pienaar as he tried to get on the end of the pass and stays down.

Neville makes way for Naismith. Attacking change by Moyes. Fellaini is going to drop deeper and Naismith is going to push forward.

Chico with an important diving header from in front of his own goal. Swansea's centre-halves have been immense today. Everton keep on pressing.

De Guzman chases a lost cause. He is never going to beat Howard to a long ball, but runs all the way anyway. At the other end, Osman gets to the dead-ball line, but again Williams is in the right place to clear.

Neville eager to get the ball back in play and get on with things. He then realises the decision has gone against him and Swansea have possession. They are in no such rush. More nice work from Coleman, but a dinked ball down the right skips off the turf, away from Anichebe and out of play.

All a bit scrappy at the moment. Head tennis, followed by misplaced passes. Everton still looking the more likely to force a breakthrough.

Coleman cuts inside Davies and looks to send over a cross-shot. His effort is blocked. Neville has a go, but his floated delivery is flicked to safety by Agustien. Swansea move forward, but De Guzman has no-one to aim at as he fires over a delivery from the right.

What was that from Hernandez? He just rolled a pass to Howard. Michu offered no indication that he was going to make a move in that direction. Not the best at the moment from the visitors.

Fellaini unable to get the ball out of his feet when presented with an opportunity. Jelavic nods the ball down really well. Fellaini is six yards out, but can't turn and shoot. Williams does really well to nick the ball and clear.

Jelavic down in the box. Penalty shout goes up, Nothing given. Williams didn't appear to do a lot wrong. He touched Jelavic, but he didn;t shove him. Williams not happy with the Everton man and gives him an earful. Michu then goes into the book for dissent.

Poor from Pienaar. He dropped deep to get the ball and had acres of space to work in. He tried to cross early, but scuffed the ball along the floor. Groans from the stands.

Jelavic helps on a long ball into the box. Anichebe is behind him, but the wrong side of Davies and he is able to shield the ball back to Vorm. Swansea then struggle to get out of their own half before losing possession.

Jagielka does well to get in front of Michu and win a free-kick. He put his body in a position where the Swans striker had no choice but to barge him. Hernandez not happy with the decision and is cautioned for his protest.

First change of the afternoon sees Dyer make way for De Guzman. Swansea putting another body in midfield.

Fellaini gathers a loose ball, moves it in and darts into the box. Pienaar's cross is aimed back at the Belgian, but doesn't find him. Anichebe is able to divert the ball back across goal, but Jelavic only hits fresh air with an attempted bicycle kick.

Fellaini carries the ball forward, with Everton looking more dangerous now. Swansea able to get bodies back and keep the door shut. Baines can't get a shot away.

Misplaced pass from Coleman. He had Pienaar in space to his right, but badly over-hit his pass out of play. Swansea unable to get anything going when the ball is back in play.

Agustien sweeps the ball wide to Tiendalli. He is happy to line the ball up for Hernandez. He tries his luck from distance. A stinging drive flies straight at Howard, who parries the ball to his feet before gathering.

Davies looks to run the ball out for Swansea, and is tripped by Anichebe. Swansea supporters attempt to raise the noise level and drag an extra 10 per cent from their side.

Long ball arrowed forward by Distin. The ball sails over Jelavic, but towards Fellaini who arrives late. His header ends up in the arms of Vorm, but the flag has gone up anyway.

Coleman invited forward once more, but leaves the ball behind. Everton forced to go the other way. Breakdown in communication as Pienaar flicks the ball down the line and Baines stands still. Unlike that pair to get things wrong.

Nice football from Swansea as they play their way clear. Dyer sent scampering down their left. His attempted cross isn't the best and is nodded to safety. Everton slip back into their passing game.

Another dangerous delivery fired over by Baines. Distin is able to tower above Chico and get in a powerful header from eight yards out. He can't control the effort and it saisl narrowly over the top.

Baines goes short, before getting the ball back. When he does look to cross, his effort deflects behind. Corner also goes short. Ball worked to Jelavic, but Ki deflects his shot behind for another corner.

Swansea looking to work the ball down the middle. Another poor pass from Agustien, who has been sloppy at times. Fellaini is then bundled over, offering Baines another opportunity to whip over a set-piece.

No chances at the interval by either side. Early chance for Everton. Coleman bursts into the box, where Neville takes the ball off his toe. His low effort is parried behind by Vorm. Baines' delivery is well taken under pressure by Vorm.

Everton get the second half underway.

Players back out for the second half and we are ready for the second half at Goodison. Will we get any goals? We are about to find out.

Gerard Fennell says: "3-1 to the Toffees, Fellaini, Jelavic (2) and let's give Michu a consolation."

Luke Buckley says: "Everton to win 2.1 goals from Jelavic and Baines."

Joel from London says: "Everton will win 2-0 with good goals from Jelavic and Fellaini."

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. Everton are now 8/11 to take the spoils, with Swansea 5/1 and the draw 15/8. You can get 7/2 on the game ending 0-0.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Everton 0 Swansea 0. All square at the interval. Not too many chances to speak of, but both sides have gone close. Better needed in the final third.

Nevile slides in on Ki. Everton determined to enter the break all square. Rangel is able to work a yard of space, bundling past Pienaar, but his shot is heading wide and Howard can gather with ease.

One minute of stoppage time to be played.

Rangel operating from a central role is able to find Michu. He moves the ball on to Ki, who can't find a way past Coleman. Swansea remain in possession, but Everton have plenty back. Davies does break in behind, but his low cross is hammered clear by Distin.

Rangel pokes the ball forward towards Dyer. He starts his run in space, but is quickly closed down by two blue shirts and a route to goal disappears. The ball runs harmlessly through to Howard.

Pienaar with a dangerous delivery into the box. Chico taking no chances, facing his own goal, as he nods over the top. Baines takes the set-piece short, before hanging the ball to the back post. Jagielka gets a head to the delivery, but can't direct his effort on target.

Jagielka caught on the ball. Michu is onto it in a flash and gets his head up. Hernandez is in front of him and moving towards goal. The pass is delayed slightly and the flag goes up. Wasted opportunity.

Great chance for Everton goes begging. Baines' delivery is over the head of Distin, but right onto the head of Osman. He is unmarked, but guides an effort back across the face of goal and wide of the post.

Everton go long again. Jagielka unable to pick out Fellaini, but the Toffees are first to the loose ball. Tiendalli pulled up for a foul on Pienaar. Harsh call as he didn't appear to do much wrong. Free-kick to Everton 25 yards from goal to the left of centre.

Jagielka breaks forward from centre-half. He is able to combine with Anichebe, who shows good strength with his back to goal, but his touch deserts him and the ball runs behind for a goal kick.

Fellaini does well to win the ball in midfield and find Anichebe. Everton then work the ball to Coleman, who somehow wriggles his way into the box. He cuts a pass back for Fellaini, who drills a low drive down the throat of Vorm.

Ki's corner is easily cleared by Distin. Swansea look to keep men forward, but Dyer then rolls a pass out of play. He holds his head in his hands. Ball back with Everton.

Dyer with options right and left. He ends up feeding Michu, who is darting into the box on a diagonal run. He looks to chip Howard, who tips the ball onto the crossbar and behind.

Anichebe unable to collect a pass aimed in his direction, but he is prepared to chase the ball and block Davies' attempted punt down the line. Everton's team spirit on show once more.

Everton look to counter at pace. Coleman rolls a pass down the channels for Jelavic to chase. Flag goes up. You have to accept that he will be caught offside on a regular basis because his game is all about playing on the last man.

Coleman races away from Hernandez down the Everton right. His final pass isn't the best though and suddenly he is out of position. Michu lets the Swans down as they edge towards the box.

Everton allowed to walk the ball up to halfway before Swansea become interested. Jagielka goes long again, and again towards Fellaini. He gets the ball down, but is pulled up for a foul on Chico.

Swansea unable to get anything going in the final third. Agustien with another wayward pass. His latest effort is far too straight and runs through to Howard. Dyer given no chance.

Jagielka floats the ball forward and into the box. Fellaini wins a towering header. His nod down is headed goalwards by Anichebe. He gets the ball past Vorm, but Williams is on hand to hack off the line.

Nice step over by Michu, but Hernandez can't keep the ball. Coleman runs the ball out, but has nothing to aim at. Everton work the ball across the field again. Jelavic picked out, but Chico is following him everywhere and gets a toe in.

Osman trundles forward. Swansea stand off him 25 yards from goal. He decides to have a go, but makes terrible contact with his shot and fires straight at Williams. Swansea unable to counter on this occasion.

Misplaced pass from Agustien gifts the ball back to Everton. Coleman decides to go long early, with Jelavic working on the last man. Chico does really well to cut out the pass with a diving header and nod back to Vorm.

Davies is able to nod the corner to safety. Pienaar gathers again for Everton, but there is no space in the final third and they end up going backwards. A long punt forward from Jagielka only finds Vorm.

Baines and Osman combine for the former to sweep over a cross from the left. The delivery is not the worst, but Vorm watches it all the way and darts off his line to pluck the ball out of the air. Everton come again and Pienaar sees an ambitious effort from distance deflect off Ki and behind for a corner.

Swansea working hard in midfield to try and shut space down. Distin goes long instead, mixing it up, but Jelavic can't win an aerial tussle between Chico and Williams. Vorm gathers the loose ball.

Space for Hernandez to fire over a cross. There is no-one in the box to aim at, with Dyer lingering on the edge of the area. He is not the tallest and loses out to Coleman as the ball sails in their direction.

Fellaini found with his back to goal, but gets the ball stuck under his feet and Swansea can clear. The visitors surge forward. A poor pass from Rangel takes the momentum out of their move.

Rangel works all the way back with Baines and sees the ball out. That is why he is there today, to offer added protection down the Swansea right. He and Tiendalli have their work cut out against Baines and Pienaar.

Hernandez with half a sight of goal. He is picked out by a nicely disguised pass by Ki. He spins and shoots from 25 yards, but fires high into the crowd behind Howard's goal. Everton keeper remains untested.

Anichebe pops up on the left this time. He floats over a cross, but he can't pick out a blue shirt. Swansea try to counter, but once again a long ball forward can't find Dyer.

Everton seeing plenty of the ball in midfield, but are going sideways a lot. Swansea are happy to sit off and get numbers back, keeping the door firmly bolted.

Fellaini chests down to Anichebe inside the box. His cross-shot flashes across the face of goal before being hacked to safety. Having see the Jelavic header again, Tiendalli could have let the ball drift past the post, but he wasn't to know. Solid defending and highlights the value of a man on the posts at set-pieces.

Slight delay for pushing and showing inside the box. Baines takes the set-piece. Jelavic meets the delivery with a glancing header at the near post, which is scooped off the line at the back post. Swansea look to counter, but they can't pick out Dyer. Poor final ball.

Anichebe with space to move into. He sends the ball wide to Coleman, who is pushing well forward again. His attempted cross deflects behind for a corner. Baines trots over to take.

Jelavic touches the ball on to Pienaar, who returns it to the Everton striker. Jelavic goes down inside the box under pressure from Chico, but he was never going to get a penalty. Good defending and Swansea move forward once more.

Not the best of efforts from Baines. Not sure if it was a shot or cross. Whatever it was, a 35 yard effort hits the wall and Swansea can clear. The visitors take a turn to indulge in a bout of keep-ball.

Coleman sprung clear from right-back. He shows good strength before rolling a pass towards Jelavic, who has ghosted in behind. Flag goes up. Play is pulled back for a foul by Ki. Good refereeing.

Everton prepared to play the ball out from the back. Dyer looking to chase and offer the Toffees no time on the ball. His efforts are rewarded as the ball ends up back with Howard.

Couple of early warnings for Swansea. Ben Davies hasn't settled at all. Youngster needs those around him to have a quiet word. He's much better than he has shown so far.

Rangel looking to break into the box, but Distin is able to get his body across and shield the ball back to Howard. Experience playing its part there. Everton amble forward again, with Pienaar bending over a cross. Jelavic slips as he meets the ball, and sends it inches past the post. He should have scored from five yards out.

Michu pulled up for a shove on Distin. The Spaniard is yet to get involved. He is likely to be the reason that Del Bosque is here today. Can he shine again in front of his national coach?

Tiendelli goes down under a challenge from Baines. He is waved to his feet. One pass too many from Everton as they work the ball in midfield. Jagielka gives it away and Osman concedes a free-kick trying to win it back off Dyer.

One long ball and Dyer is racing into space. Distin pushed up, but not in time. Great play from Jagielka as he gets back to the Swansea forward and prevents him from springing in on goal or bringing others into play.

Nevill slows things down in the middle of the park. Patient build-up by Everton. Baines is freed down the left, and he does look to cross first time. Not his best effort, rather scuffed, and Williams can clear.

Nice one-touch stuff from Swansea has Hernandez making headway down the right flank. He is sent tumbling to the turf by Pienaar, who appears to block his path, but goal kick is the verdict.

Smart keeping from Vorm. An under-hit pass from Davies has Jelavic interested, but the Swansea keeper races from his box to block. He then repeats the trick when the loose ball drops to the feet of Anichebe.

Jelavic caught from behind by Chico, but play goes on. Everton looking to carve open another opportunity on the edge of the box. They are, however, forced backwards and Baines is unable to keep the ball in play.

Swansea quickly into their passing stride. Almost their entire starting XI get a touch inside the opening 60 seconds. They do try a little too much, though, and Fellaini is provided with a sight of goal. He fires at Vorm from 20 yards out.

Swansea get us up and running.

Here come the players so we will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Best coach in the world - apparently - in attendance today. Spain boss Vicente del Bosque has just taken to his seat.

Meanwhile, Lewys Prendergast would settle for a point. He says: "Although I'm a Jack it may be one game too quick for the Swans. No fear at Everton today. 1-1 I'm going for."

Ben is another Swansea follower in optimistic mood. He says: "2-0 to Swansea - Michu double and a red card for Fellani come on Swansea."

Two teams that like to play football on show today. Expecting an entertaining encounter - not too many goals, but a decent game to watch.

Players heading back to the dressing rooms. Opportunity for Moyes and Laudrup to impart some final words of wisdom before we get underway.

Keep your thoughts coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB. How do you see today's game going?

Wayne Davies feels Michael Laudrup deserves plenty of plaudits for the job he has done. He says: "I am looking forward to another good away performance from the Swans today. I must say Michael Laudrup and his coaches have done a great job with the squad and player rotation over the last month, especially when you look at the number of games they have played in all competitions."

Under half an hour until kick-off. Both sides out on the field being put through their paces. Warm-ups important on a day like this - it's freezing!

Stewart MacLaren is first to get in touch from a warm & windy Torrevieja in Spain. He says: "Everton will beat Swansea City 3-1 at Goodison Park this afternoon with good goals from Leighton Baines, Leon Osman & Nikica Jelavic."

Today's referee is Phil Dowd.

Swansea team: Vorm, Tiendalli, Chico, Williams, Davies, Rangel, Agustien, Ki, Hernandez, Dyer, Michu. Subs: Tremmel, Bartley, Monk, Routledge, Britton, De Guzman, Graham.

Everton team: Howard, Neville, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Coleman, Osman, Fellaini, Pienaar, Anichebe, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Vellios, Kennedy, Duffy.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. Everton start as favourites at 8/15, with Swansea 5/1 and the draw 16/5. You can get 55/1 on Michu to open the scoring and the game to end 1-1.

Will Everton's fine form on home soil continue or can Swansea enjoy a productive afternoon on the road? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to offer your opinion on today's game by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Everton have won three of their last four in the league, and have suffered only one defeat on home soil all season, while Swansea may be unbeaten in four but have secured only one victory in their last six outings. All to play for then!

Swansea, meanwhile, will be hoping they suffer no Capital One Cup hangover on Merseyside, with Michael Laudrup's side forced to put thoughts of Wembley to one side.

Everton will be setting their sights on a top-four standing this afternoon, with just two points separating them from the UEFA Champions League places.

Welcome to Goodison Park for our coverage of today's Premier League encounter between Everton and Swansea.

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