FT: West Ham 1 QPR 1

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That's it! Joe Cole's tap-in secures a point for West Ham to level a Loic Remy first-half strike. Both sides could have stole it at the death with QPR soaking up some incredible pressure to share the spoils.

Remy finds himself in the West Ham box and hooks across a hopeful ball but nobody's there to dispatch the cross as West Ham retain possession.

It's heading into the crucial stage of the game now. Just one mistake or final push could make all the difference.

It's been pretty much all West Ham this half. QPR have withstood some incredible pressure from the hosts but maybe deserve a point for their efforts.

Reid's back on the field, complete with tissue up his nose. He's angry nothing was given for the Nelsen challenge on him.

Julio Cesar watches a Winston Reid header over the bar. Nelsen does enough to put off his opposition centre-back, looks like an arm in the face to be honest! Reid's off for treatment.

There's four minutes to be added on.

It's all to play for in these final few minutes. I can't call this one at all. Fantastic end to an entertaining game.

Despite West Ham's dominance, QPR are still very much a danger on the counter.

Ricardo Vaz Te comes on before a West Ham corner. He's on for Kevin Nolan.

MBia fails to spot Remy on the break early, his pass slows up play offering the chance for Reid to get back in position and block the Frenchman's strike on goal.

Groans meet a poor Onuoha clearance but West Ham can't capitalise as QPR break.

It's all West Ham now. Joe Cole latches on to the ball and drives into the box, he is forced wide by Cesar, but still manages to round the Brazilian however the angle is against him and Fabio clears his drilled effort.

Incredible block from an absolute powerhouse drive from Reid. Fantastic deflection by MBia after a goalmouth scramble.

A clumsy Fabio gifts Demel the corner West Ham have been searching for.

Adel Taarabt, despite a fantastic opening half hour, he's looked quiet since and has come off for the industrious Ji-Sung Park.

Diame drives a long range effort wide from his left boot, drags it across Cesar's goal.

Think I've jinxed Cesar - he's just hammered two goalkicks straight out of play.

Cesar is a key man for QPR's survival this season. Despite his parry into Joe Cole's path for the equaliser, the Brazilian has been solid today.

It's all to play for in the final stages of the game. Could absolutely go either way, West Ham looking the more likely but all it takes it another QPR break to disrupt the hosts once more.

Jarvis has been a better player this second half, he's driving more to the byline - which showed in the equaliser. Onuoha had him in his pocket in the first half, great battle between the two.

QPR are always looking to release Remy - so much so they're smashing the ball forward with hope rather than accuracy.

Hill gets away with a defensive error as he tries to head away a cross and mis-judges his effort, missing the ball altogether. But luckily for him, nobody was behind him to pounce and the ball goes out for a goalkick.

First card of the game goes to James Tomkins for a late tackle on Traore.

Great idea from Noble who flicks the ball to Jarvis on the left, he tries to loft in a first-time cross from the edge of the area but sees his delivery spoon over the bar.

MBia gives away a free-kick, it's the slightst of touches on Diame but the midfielder goes down and the set-piece is given. It's pretty central, about 25 yards out.

Bothroyd goes to fire in a free-kick with his right boot, it cannons back off the wall and the momentum is gone as West Ham collectively clear.

QPR are really up against it now. They've defended well, and at times rode their luck, but with that equaliser - it has seemingly galvanised the home side and their fans.

GOAL JOE COLE!!! Jarvis fires in a cross from the left, Carlton Cole gets his head to it which Cesar parries out but Joe Cole is on hand to tap in the rebound. Game on!

Jamie Mackie comes off for Jay Bothroyd - perfect time for the substitute to fight for his place in this starting XI.

Traore fires in a poor ball to Remy. He's fast but not that fast! Out for a goalkick.

There's a bit of movement in the table with the scores as they are at the moment. QPR have moved up a place with West Ham going down to 12th.

Mackie and Jarvis go head-to-head in a tussle, the West Ham man just about wins it with the ball going out for a throw-in.

Carlton Cole gets his first couple of touches of the game and wins his side a corner.

On that viewing, think Chamakh could rejuvenate his career with West Ham. The home fans have really taken to him and in fact were booing Allardyce's decision to bring him off.

Carlton Cole comes on for Chamakh. Did well the loan man, he's put himself around - just couldn't quite add the finishing touches to his play.

Jarvis pulls back a beautiful cross, Chamakh launches himself at the ball to head goalwards, Cesar pulls off a good save to his left.

Carlton Cole is looking like he'll be making an appearance soon. They need his type of presence up front.

Noble is not having the best of times with Howard Webb. He's arguing every decision made against him, this game's getting extremely scrappy right now.

Hearing it's a calf injury as to why SWP has been taken off.

Traore is coming on for Shaun Wright-Phillips. SWP is not exactly in a rush to get off the pitch - the crowd are in bits at the moment, booing every tactic QPR adopt.

MBia is back on his feet, albeit with a limp, much to the displeasure of the home crowd. They're booing him and ironically cheer when MBia starts to jog to get back on the field.

QPR are defending so well, riding their luck but you can't fault their effort.

MBia does expertly well to block a Diame chance. Body on the line, he's angry that the play carried on whilst he was on the floor holding his foot after the challenge.

How on earth West Ham didn't score there I don't know. It falls to Chamakh, he heads it down Cesar saves, Diame turns and shoots, that's blocked, then Demel tries a follow-up and that is cleared. Absolute scramble in the box! QPR hold on!

Demel looks tidy in possession, he's getting a bit of joy down the right.

It's a good save from Cesar, his parry is eventually dealt with before a Chamakh pounce.

Joe Cole takes the shot early and forces Cesar into a save down to his right. Home fans instantly lifted from that effort. He held on to the ball before that strike - much better from the playmaker.

Joe Cole can afford himself a bit more time on the ball if he wants to make things happens. Seems too keen at the moment to get a cross in as soon as he's in possession.

Awful decision from Onuoha in a decent position. The defender gets the ball back from a throw-in on the right and goes to hit the ball off his marker for a corner, but gets it completely wrong and smashes the ball out for a goalkick.

Better from Jarvis. He shifts the ball on to his right and delivers a teasing cross into the area, Cesar collects.

Another set-piece that is simply not good enough. QPR clear. They need to make those types of chances count - especially with the height they possess.

Chamakh will be bruised in the morning. Gets a knee in the back after going up for a challenge with Hill. West Ham free kick down the right channel.

Terrible corner from Jarvis - failed to beat the first man. Important to get those deliveries right because QPR have been undone a fair few times this season from set-pieces.

West Ham get the first corner of this half, it's Jarvis to swing it in...

QPR get the second half underway. No changes made for either side.

That's it for the half! Loic Remy began his debut with a bang - slotting home his first effort of the game against the run of play. West Ham will feel they should have been awarded a penalty when Clint Hill almost wrestled Marouane Chamakh to the ground but Howard Webb had other ideas. Chance to re-group and see what the next crucial 45 have in store for us. 1-0 QPR.

The action looks a little subdued now. Seems like both sides are ready for the break and the chance to get the guidance they need from their managers.

We're into the first minute of the two added, West Ham again in QPR's half but the finishing touch is lacking.

Joe Cole finds himself with plenty of space but he doesn't catch his curling effort and sees the chance go wide.

West Ham's Diame is key to getting this tie back for me. QPR do look like they haven't a clue what foot to put him on, he seems to be comfortable using both which is proving dangerous.

Fabio has looked quite comfortable at the back for QPR - he's lacking in height but he's quick on the ball and not afraid to get stuck in. Have been impressed with him so far.

The game's gone a little bit quiet now, not much happening - very little in terms of possession. Both sides are proving guilty of rushing play unnecessarily.

QPR will be wanting to get into the dressing room 1-0 up now. It looks like they're quite happy to soak up the pressure and wait for the half-time whistle to go to re-group.

Another good corner sees Tomkins rise highest but he can't divert his header goalwards as the chance goes begging.

Jarvis creates a yard of space for a cross but Onuoha slides to block the effort for a corner. The winger's not getting too much joy down this left hand side at the moment.

Perfect opportunity to break for QPR as Remy is released down the left leaving a three-on-three situation. However, the 26-year-old's pass is behind Wright-Phillips and United retrieve.

Noble's searching cross is dealt with well by Fabio to nick the ball off the toes of the oncoming Diame at the far post. Pressure continues.

QPR are under pressure here, they're having to defend well to keep out a West Ham onslaught.

It's all West Ham now, they're searching for that elusive equaliser. There's some poor decisions in the final third though, Diame is one of the guilty ones as his throughball is far too heavy and goes out for a goalkick.

Jarvis has an effort on goal, it looks like a shot but it flashes across the six yard area with J.Cole on the stretch and unable to connect.

Diame twists and turns away from his marker and just as he's about to unleash - his effort is well blocked by MBia and goes out for a throw-in. Good defending.

Joe Cole and Jarvis need to get on the ball more for me, they're the home side's danger men who can really stretch this QPR defence.

It's the first tackle for me that is a penalty in my eyes. Hill clearly has hold of Chamakh, he actually does well to stay on his feet for as long as he does. It's a wrestling move. It's a penalty... But Webb didn't think so.

Webb is getting booed bu the fans after Chamakh goes down under a tussle with Hill, gets back on his feet and brushes off Wright-Phillips to be floored once more. Nothing given.

United are driving forward now, Jarvis leading the way. QPR are dealing with it for now but it's a bit of a scramble in that final third.

At the moment Chamakh is having to deal with lofted balls into the area, the forward's screaming for a handball from Derry but he'd have been lucky getting that decision in my opinion. Ball barely to hand.

Noble screams at Howard Webb after the ref calls him up for a foul on Taarabt, who at that point had rode three challenges. He can't argue with that decision, clear foul - needs to keep his cool.

@_willwatts is also fancying Remy to bag both in a 2-0 win to QPR. Keep those match thoughts coming in folks, thanks for all your feedback so far.

Jamie Mackie has an effort on goal - it gets the slightest of deflections for a corner, a set-piece the away side fail to capitalise on as West Ham go on the counter.

Chamakh is outnumbered every time he goes for the ball, this time MBia clears

Slightly early but the QPR faithful are now cheering every pass their starting XI make!

The hosts are desperately trying to get back on level terms here. So much so, they're rushing possession with QPR gaining confidence by the minute every time they nick the ball off them.

Joe Cole has been extremely quiet in these opening exchanges, but he gets on the ball and lashes a delivery to the far post looking for Chamakh - however his effort is too deep and Cesar collects comfortably.

Reid falls to the ground under a challenge but still does well to clear the danger away from QPR's advancing goalscorer.

So who put a bet on Loic Remy to open the scoring? He was 13/2 for SkyBet. Looks like those Fifa 13 practices have paid off for Remy!

@HMacca97 is on course for a good prediction, he said earlier: "QPR to win today, promising line-up. 2-0 Remy with both"

MBia is having to make the clearances in the area for QPR as West Ham pile deliveries into the box. This game is opening out nicely now.

Can Big Sam's men comeback from that QPR opener? They seem pretty shell-shocked at the moment.

Absolute sucker punch for West Ham there who were bossing this game. I think Remy's record is pretty decent though and he doesn't need more than one invite when he's through on goal. Superb finish, cool as you like.

GOAL REMY!!! The new arrival coolly slots home an inch-perfect Adel Taarabt pass. The Frenchman held his run beautifully to get in behind the West Ham defence, the danger was there and Remy has punished with his first - and QPR's - effort on goal.

West Ham have one thought in their mind in that final third - to get the ball into Nolan or Chamakh. There seems to be so much opportunity in the QPR area at the moment, the visitors need to get a grip on this game.

Jarvis dinks a cross into the near-post looking for that man Nolan, he goes up with Cesar and the experienced keeper is on hand to punch away the danger (the ball that is).

Diame is looking extremely lively in these opening exchanges. He's got a bit of a free role so he's proving quite the tricky customer for QPR to deter.

Nolan is proving a problem for the visitors. He's a toe away from latching on to the resulting free-kick following his late run inside the box. Cesar collects on the bounce.

Error from Fabio - a bit too keen to get to the ball and edges out his player for a West Ham free-kick.

Tomkins heads it down, it falls to Jarvis who just can't wrap his foot around the ball enough and smashes it into the floor which bounces kindly into Cesar's path.

Demel's cross is a deep one from the host's right flank. Diame tries to find Nolan on the edge. It's bobbling around a bit and goes out for a corner.

Reid nods down a corner which finds Nolan on the turn, his effort - pretty much from point blank range - is saved by the feet of Cesar. Good save from the Brazilian.

Diame dances towards the byline, somehow gets his cross in and the smallest of touches from Reid sees the ball trickle across the goal-line and away.

Jarvis wins a corner down the Hammers' left. Good chance for West Ham.

There's signs already that Taarabt and Remy could prove for a devastating partnership. As long as the Frenchman holds his run of course...

Cesar deals with a delivery into the box for his first touches of the game.

Remy's off again. He should be in there, he's double-keen at the moment. Reid and Tomkins with the high-line as the flag is raised.

Wright-Phillips runs into Diame who puts West Ham back in possession.

Remy finds himself offside, his run is far too early to latch on to a Taarabt ball but the desire is there.

Good work from Mackie to force the first corner of the game. Taarabt to take... Clint Hill backs off of his marker but he heads over. Disappointing from the skipper.

Tomkins clears an early searching Taarabt ball towards Remy down QPR's left.

Derby day in the capital and Harry Redknapp's return. Let's hope this game lives up to expectations!

West Ham get the game underway

Howard Webb is the referee for today's game.

Remy is sporting the number 18 shirt - sure QPR fans will be eager to see how he fares. Lots of question marks about his motives for joining QPR so he's got a point to prove. Chamakh is another, yet to set the Premier League alight despite the promise, has the chance to silence the critics today for West Ham. Should make for a fantastic east v west London encounter!

Teams are coming out now, time for bubbles.

@brianward85 says: "Im hoping Chamakh can hit the ground running, 2-0 West Ham, Chamakh and Nolan"

@rosswx2 adds: "Everyone is overlooking the importance of Diame to West Ham. Our rough patch of form has coincided with his injury."

@wadams83 has tweeted to say the score will be 2-2, whereas @MAYMUFC says QPR will win at least 2-1 and that they were "excited to see new signing Remy in the XI".

Here's a match fact for you, since 2000 these two sides have met just three times - twice in the Championship and once earlier this season with West Ham winning two, QPR one.

SkyBet's Steve Bramley says: "The draw at 5/2 is proving popular with punters ahead of the London derby between West Ham and QPR. The Irons are evens with improving Rangers 13/5. With the visitors struggling for goals new signing Loic Remy is 13/2 to open the scoring, while Kevin Nolan is popular at 6/1 for the hosts."

QPR: Cesar, Onuoha, Hill, Nelsen, Fabio, Derry, Mbia, Mackie, Wright-Phillips, Taarabt, Remy. Subs: Green, Traore, Ferdinand, Park, Hoilett, Faurlin, Bothroyd.

West Ham United line-up: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Tomkins, Reid, O'Brien, Noble, Diame, Nolan, Jarvis, J.Cole, Chamakh. Subs: Spiegel, Potts, Diarra, Taylor, Collison, Vaz Te, C.Cole.

The team line-ups are in and will follow shortly. Meanwhile, fancy a flutter? Our odds are currently West Ham 1/1, draw 5/2 and QPR 13/5.

Good afternoon and welcome to another mouth-watering London derby clash - this time between West Ham and QPR. It's a must-win for both sides with the visitors finding themselves bottom of the league and Sam Allardyce's men will be keen to break into that top ten. Tweet score predictions/match thoughts to: HayleyP_11 and I'll put the best up here!

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