FT: West Ham 2 Wigan 0

West Ham 2 Wigan 0. All over and the hosts take the spoils. The Hammers move through the 40-point barrier, while the Latics remain inside the relegation zone.

Not Wigan's day. Offside flag goes up anyway, but Boyce has a wild swing at a Beausejour cross which flashes across the face of goal. He fails to make contact and skews wide of a gaping target.

Jarvis races forward for West Ham, with there acres of field to run into. He is able to stand the ball up to the back post. Carroll climbs above Figueroa, but nods at Joel. Wigan counter and Collins is booked for a foul on Maloney.

Di Santo hangs a cross into the box, which Collins rises to meet. Beausejour collects the loose ball. McArthur then crosses, but again West Ham can glance clear.

Di Santo concedes a free-kick. Not what Wigan needs as they go in search of late drama. Maloney still buzzing around for the visitors.

Four minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

West Ham with everyone behind the ball as we enter the closing stages. Wigan still pressing, but they appear to have accepted their fate.

Free-kick won by Beausejour on halfway. Wigan make nothing of it. Carroll tries to spring in behind, but he isn't the quickest and Scharner can see the ball back to Joel.

Martinez stood arms folded on the sidelines. Not a lot he can do now. Wigan would have moved out of the drop zone had they won today, but they have been toothless in the final third and open at the back.

Collison working hard since coming on. He concedes a throw on this occasion. Nolan then gathers possession inside the Wigan half, but immediately gives it away. All a bit scrappy.

Wigan finally get around to making their final change. Gomez makes way for Di Santo. He needs to make a big impact if Wigan are to dig themselves out of a hole.

Collison into Nolan, who in turn finds Noble. West Ham end up going all the way back to Jaaskelainen. One long ball and Carroll is in on goal. He ends up sliding the ball wide when closed down by Joel.

Poor from Wigan as they give the ball straight back. West Ham also sloppy in possession and Kone can spin down the right. He fires over a cross, but the Hammers have numbers back.

Noble allowed far too much time in midfield to pick a pass. West Ham looking to play keep-ball now and move Wigan around the park. Noble then concedes a free-kick, lunging in on Scharner.

Offside call against Carroll. Wigan will start to leave more holes at the back now. West Ham could get a third yet. They are, however, leaving Carroll very isolated up top.

That might be it for Wigan now. They have less then 10 minutes to find two goals. To be fair, they are straight back on the attack.

GOAL WEST HAM - NOLAN. Goal number 100 for Nolan. Carroll helps a free-kick on over his head, into the path of Nolan. He turns an acrobatic volley into the corner of the net.

Beausejour's delivery is seen out by Collins. McArthur can't keep Wigan on the front foot and concedes a throw. The Latics keep knocking on the door, but it won't open for them. West Ham still standing firm.

Joel with a great starting position to deny Carroll. Maloney twisting and turning yet again inside the West Ham penalty area.He wins corner corner. It is taken quickly, and Carroll has to concede another.

Jaaskelainen takes his time with a clearance. Carroll unable to hold the ball up, or touch on for a team-mate. Wigan able to push forward again.

Poor delivery from Gomez is seen out by Carroll at the near post. Another corner conceded by Collins, as McArthur charges forward. Can Wigan make their pressure count? Beausejour delivers, but Caldwell loops the ball onto the roof of the net.

Final change for West Ham sees Diame replaced by Collison. With play back under way, Demel concedes a corner as Maloney embarks on another direct burst.

All Wigan at the moment, with Cole conceding possession in midfield. More movement on the West Ham bench. They look like they need an injection of fresh legs. Cole concedes another free-kick and is booked for grabbing hold of the ball on the ground.

O'Brien rises with Boyce at the back post and concedes a corner. Maloney over the set-piece. He whips the ball onto the penalty spot. Scharner is there for Wigan, but a downwards header is easily kept out by Jaaskelainen.

Noble delivers from the set-piece, straight into the hands of Joel. Wigan push forward quickly, but Kone is forced wide again. Maloney with a great cross to find McArthur. He turns the ball goalwards and is denied by a brilliant save from Jaaskelainen.

Carroll slips past McCarthy. He has no support and looks to fire in an early shot across the face of goal. Great work from the frontman as he wins a corner. West Ham taking their time with the set-piece.

Gomez with room to turn 35 yards from goal. He finds Kone, who moves the ball into the path of Beausejour. From a tight angle he stings the fingers of Jaaskelainen. The ball got caught under his feet slightly.

Beausejour with a cross which is seen out by O'Brien. Noble turns in midfield and finds Cole, who has his pocket picked by McArthur. Gomez works space for a shot, but fires at Nolan.

Jaaskelainen with a wayward kick straight out of play. West Ham giving the ball away far too cheaply at the moment. They get off the hook as Carroll wins a free-kick on halfway.

Kone collects on the edge of the box. He moves the ball on to McCarthy. He looks to shoot first time, but slices badly. West Ham can't clear and McArthur ends up firing down the throat of Jaaskelainen from 20 yards out.

Figueroa into the feet of Maloney. He tries to dance through the middle, but he has too much to do and Collins can block his path. Wigan press again, but Figueroa crosses onto the head of O'Brien.

Figueroa passes up another shooting opportunity. From the edge of the box he looks to clip a pass into Kone. Difficult, and the ball runs behind. Nolan flagged offside, despite leaving a floating pass for Jarvis.

Allardyce not happy as Reid squanders possession and West Ham concede a free-kick inside their own half. Caldwell plays it short, before then going long. West Ham with everyone behind the ball.

West Ham unable to make inroads down their left. Boyce then throws the ball straight back to them. Noble closed down quickly in the middle of the park.

Wigan pressing again. Figueroa doesn't shoot this time, instead he floats a cross to the back post. Boyce all alone and his header is spilled by Jaaskelainen, who gathers at the second time of asking.

Another player returning from a lay-off for West Ham, with Joe Cole replacing Vaz Te. Big cheer from the home support for Cole.

Maloney still looking like Wigan's most dangerous player. He whips over another cross. It is only half-cleared, but McCarthy then rockets high into the stands.

West Ham pegged inside their own half,with Figueroa piling forward. He concedes a throw, rather than a goal kick. West Ham fans on Vaz Te's case as he was picked off far too easily.

Maloney over another set-piece. Better delivery this time, which Caldwell tries to meet. He can't get a touch, but Collins can and knocks the ball behind for a corner. Gomez takes. Teasing delivery is cleared by O'Brien.

Diame with a cross-shot this time from the West Ham left. He looks towards the top corner, but picks out Joel. Nolan leapt under the flight of the ball, which distracted the Wigan keeper slightly. Maloney tries to get Wigan going, and wins a free-kick wide on the left off Demel.

Figueroa lines up another effort from distance. He is about 25 yards out this time and misses the target once more. He is getting closer, but Jasskelainen is never troubled and watches the ball flash well wide.

Collins floats a free-kick long. Caldwell able to rise highest to clear. Noble then clips a pass into Nolan, who turns the ball into the path of Jarvis. His first touch isn't the best and the ball runs through to Joel. Nice build-up from the Hammers.

Joel hacks a clearance left towards Figueroa. He allows the ball to bounce, which is a bad idea as it then sails out for a throw. Vaz Te takes a tumble as West Ham try to piece together an attack and the move breaks down.

Kone holds the ball up and brings Gomez into play. He spots a run from Beausejour, but can't pick it out. Vaz Te runs the ball out and finds Jarvis. He is held up and then tugs at Boyce's shirt.

Carroll works a yard of space really well on the edge of the box. The ball ends up on his right foot and he curls a shot well past the post. Reid able to prevent Kone from countering.

Noble makes his return from shoulder surgery in place of O'Neil. He almost runs straight into the referee. A bit too eager to get going.

Figueroa is capable from distance and lines up an ambitious effort from 30 yards out. He never catches the shot and it skids well wide.

Carroll gathers for West Ham and is tripped by McArthur. Great hold up play from the England man. Another wasted set-piece as the ball is floated into the hands of Joel.

Maloney skips past Nolan, who sticks out a leg 20 yards from goal sending the Wigan man sprawling. Free-kick in a dangerous position for the Latics. Maloney takes himself. Wasted as he floats the ball out for a goal kick.

Maloney slips down the left flank and hooks over a cross. It lacks height and Collins can nod clear. West Ham unable to counter and Reid almost gives the ball away inside his own half.

Martinez playing ball boy, with Wigan desperate to keep pressing. Diame down in midfield, but nothing given. Figueroa strides forward for the visitors.

Wigan have slipped into their stride, but they did this in the first half and ended up leaving holes at the back. Kone combines with Gomez, before lifting a dipping effort inches over the crossbar.

McCarthy sprays the ball wide towards Maloney, but it skips off the turf and away for a throw. Wigan need to get at the Hammers from the off and find a route back into this tie. Gomez tests Jaaskelainen with a low drive from a tight angle.

Wigan get the second half under way.

Change at the interval by Wigan with McArthur being introduced in place of McManaman.

The players are back with us and we are ready for the off once more.

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. West Ham are now 2/5 to take the spoils, with Wigan 7/1 and the draw 11/4. You can get 4/1 on West Ham to win 2-0.

How do you see the second-half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

West Ham 1 Wigan 0. The hosts hold a narrow lead at half-time, but still all to play for at Upton Park.

Gomez with a poor pass towards Figueroa,which sells the full-back short. Vaz Te can clear.

Free-kick is fed towards Carroll. He wins a looping header, but the flag goes up. Wigan hammer clear, but the hosts have bodies racing back into position.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

Jarvis held up on this occasion. West Ham go all the way back to their keeper. Kone trying to run the ball down,but to no avail. West Ham looking to get into half-time with their lead intact. Carroll wins a free-kick off Caldwell, who is carded for taking the West Ham striker out.

Beausejour throws the ball to Figueroa, who sees the ball bounce off his thigh and out for a throw to West Ham. Lapse in concentration from the Wigan man. The Hammers find Vaz Te, who hammers miles over the top from 30 yards out. Another poor strike from distance.

Figueroa dances into the box. He goes down under pressure from Demel. He is waved back to his feet. He went down very theatrically, but no card shown.

West Ham moving the ball around nicely now, until Diame puts in a heavy touch. He ends up tripping Gomez on halfway as he tries to make amends for his earlier mistake.

Caldwell picks out Beausejour in space. He touches back to Gomez. The ball is then worked back inside, but there is no space in midfield. Patient stuff from Wigan.

Reid tries to get Jarvis in behind Boyce, but puts too much on a long pass down the left and the ball runs behind for a goal kick. Wigan end up getting themselves stuck inside their own half.

O'Neil clips in the set-piece, but only onto the head of Caldwell. Ball back with O'Neil, who tries again. Two West Ham players challenge in front of Joel, with O'Brien getting the final touch as the ball loops behind.

Collins goes long towards Vaz Te, who doesn't even jump. He is, however, able to win a free-kick off Maloney as the ball drops back his way. Free-kick taken quickly and the loose ball drops to Collins. His shot is blocked at source, before Diame sees an effort deflect behind off Caldwell.

Carroll loses out on halfway, but Wigan can't gather the ball. O'Neil with time and space in midfield to look forward for Nolan. He is unable to bring a looping pass under his spell.

Gomez looking forward, but has no movement ahead of him. Beausejour settles for a throw. Nolan then wins the ball back for West Ham, who take a bit of a risk on the edge of their own box before Collins hacks down field.

Jarvis with yet another cross, which bobbles towards the penalty spot. Vaz Te the first to react and he latches onto the loose ball, spins on the spot and fires low into the arms of Joel. Wigan asleep at the back there.

Carroll gets a decision this time as he challenges for a high ball. Opportunity for West Ham to load the box. McCarthy not happy with the decision and claims to have been caught in the face by a stray arm. O'Neil's free-kick is turned away to safety by Wigan.

Carroll needs to calm down a bit. He is throwing himself into aerial challenges, which he isn't winning. Wigan attacking again, with Scharner firing over the top from 25 yards out.

O'Brien invited forward from left-back. He lays the ball off to Jarvis, who hangs the ball to the back post. Carroll climbs to nod down, but Vaz Te can do nothing with the assist.

Kone pulls wide to the left wing. He has to go backwards with no-one to aim at in the middle. West Ham get plenty back and Demel is able to earn a throw. Not happening for Wigan now in the final third.

Carroll turns on the edge of the box and looks to pull the trigger. Not the best from the England man as he slices badly high into the stands. Terrible effort, but Wigan caught short on the counter again.

Beausejour looks to skip around Demel, and ends up getting away from him. The ball is fed back to the edge of the box and McCarthy. He shoots first time and claims hand ball against Reid. Nothing given. West Ham counter, with O'Neil firing a tame effort at Joel.

McManaman turns the ball past O'Brien and off the West Ham man for a throw. Wigan eager to get the ball back in play as quickly as possible. Figueroa able to move forward again, but Collins cuts out a pass intended for Kone.

Ball given away by Maloney in a dangerous area. Nolan and Demel exchange two one-twos, rather than either take on a shot. Caldwell and McCarthy dive in on Nolan at the end of the move, but no penalty given. McCarthy running the greater risk as he bundled into the back of the Hammers skipper.

Figueroa guides Wigan past halfway. Gomez takes over, but is out muscled by Diame. Vaz Te is found wide on the right, and goes down under a challenge from Figueroa. Throw given.

Diame runs past McCarthy and West Ham can break at pace. Carroll slows the move down after being blocked by Boyce. Jarvis brought into play again, and he gets over another cross. A hanging one this time which Joel can come and claim.

Wigan still looking to stick with their passing approach. Not much choice as they have no target man to aim at. West Ham can now afford to sit a little deeper and play on the counter.

Having said that West Ham weren't offering much, they now lead. Was always going to happen! Allardyce not too happy still and is giving the officials a right mouthful.

Wigan, for all of their hard work, are now chasing the game. Flag up against Beausejour as they try to offer an immediate response.

GOAL WEST HAM - JARVIS. The home side take the lead. Jarvis is freed on the left flank and cuts inside off the flank. He sends over a low curling cross which makes its way into the bottom corner. Nolan and Diame tried to get a touch, but didn't connect.

Collins hacks clear for West Ham, but straight out of play. Home side struggling to get anything going at the moment. Martinez out on the sidelines getting instructions across to his players.

Kone slips by Reid and past another challenge. Space opens up for him 20 yards from goal but, on his left foot, he sends an ambitious shot sailing high and wide.

Carroll now pulled up. Neil Swarbrick keen to have a word, before flashing a yellow card. Referee indicates that an elbow may have been involved.

Maloney takes. He gets the ball up and over the wall. His effort is dipping, but not enough and brushes the top of the netting on its way into the stands. Jaaskelainen had the effort well covered.

McCarthy forced back towards his own goal by Nolan. Wigan still seeing plenty of the ball. Beausejour gets his first touch, combing with Kone. He is caught by Diame 20 yards from goal, just left of centre. Great chance for Wigan to work Jaaskelainen.

Diame snapping into the tackle, but is a bit too keen and concedes a free-kick just inside his own half. Wigan forced into an early change, with Alcaraz making way for Beausejour.

O'Neil shifts the ball to Carroll, 20 yards from goal. He doesn't catch his effort cleanly and although it makes its way through the wall, Joel is able to save comfortably.

O'Neil on set-piece duty once more. He whips the ball into the chest of Nolan. He is able to spin inside the box and get a shot away, which Joel does well to block. Gomez then concedes another free-kick and his climbs all over O'Neil. A bit closer to goal this time.

West Ham take the opportunity to knock the ball around a bit. Collins then goes long towards Carroll. Alcaraz comes through the back of the Hammers striker. Free-kick to the hosts 40 yards from goal wide on their right.

Nice football again from Wigan - pass and move stuff. An attack breaks down and Nolan hammers the ball back into the away half. Black shirts then surge forward again. Maloney involved once more, but he carries the ball out of play for a goal kick as he tries to round Demel.

Gomez strolling through midfield. He finds Kone out wide on the left. He slips past Collins, but no past Reid. Figueroa offers support, but a scuffed cross poses no problems to the hosts.

Wigan moving forward again and Maloney is sent clear on goal. Defence-splitting pass from McManaman into Maloney, who shoots first time and fires straight at Jaaskelainen - who came out and spread himself really well.

Nice feet from Diame to free Demel. Not the best of crosses from the dead-ball line, but Alcaraz slices behind for a corner. O'Neil delivers and Collins glances on at the front post. Nolan left alone at the back stick, but diverts a header over the top from six yards out.

Diame finds O'Neil, who looks wide to Jarvis. He is held up by Boyce and West Ham go backwards once more. Demel offers an outlet on the right, but McManaman has tracked all the way back with him.

Carroll runs the ball out for West Ham. He has to go backwards, with O'Neil then finding Vaz Te. No room for West Ham to work in, with Wigan looking well organised at the back.

Figueroa well forward down the left. He cuts inside Demel and squares into the box. Maloney lingering around the penalty spot, but the ball never reaches him. Maloney is soon involved and finds Kone. He is squeezed out by Reid inside the box.

Carroll drops deep to get involved. Wigan have men back. Jarvis skips past one of them and whips over a cross, which is too high for Vaz Te. He is able to collect, but sees his route to goal blocked on the edge of the penalty area.

Keep-ball from the visitors. Alcaraz injects some pace into the move, bursting past Carroll. He works the ball onto his right foot and sends a low drive from the edge of the box into the arms of Jaaskelainen.

Nolan sweeps the ball forward for Jarvis to chase. Caldwell sees it back to Joel. Wigan look to counter, and Collins has to hack clear from in front of Maloney. Wigan remain on the front front, but McManaman sees a cross blocked by O'Brien.

Carroll all alone up top for the hosts, which means Wigan can run the ball out from the back. West Ham not looking to close until the ball reaches halfway. Wigan look down their left, but Demel wins a throw off Gomez.

Early throw to Wigan. Visitors looking to get the ball down early on and knock it around. Gomez snaps past Nolan, but Kone gets no change out of Collins and ends up on the deck.

Change of ends before kick-off, then a huddle from Wigan. Finally we're ready to go and West Ham get us up and running.

Pre-match formalities well under way and we are almost ready for kick-off. Decent atmosphere, with the sun helping to raise spirits. Hoping for a few goals this afternoon, and think we will get them.

Teams are out of the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now and turn our attention to the game. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Kevin Taylor sees a comfortable home win this afternoon. He says: "On the performances West Ham are putting in, this should only be a home win - early goal to start and they will push on from there and a win by 3 clear goals for the Hammers!!!"

Players heading back down the tunnel. Last chance for Allardyce and Martinez to get words of wisdom across before we get under way.

Malek Bayly thinks we could be in for a cracker. He says: "Goals in this one. Score-draw 2-2 looks on the cards! Another big game from Carroll & Diame, Kone is going to be dangerous for Wigan too! Enjoy it!"

Chris Lowton is backing the Latics to claim a much-needed victory. He says: "Think I will go 2-1 to Wigan. They have decent away form and should have beat Man City in midweek. They have also beat West Ham twice this season. So they know how to beat them!"

Just over half an hour until kick-off at Upton Park. Get your pre-match thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

West Ham players are the first out. Warm-ups now under way. These things rarely look organised, but I'm sure they are and that everyone knows what they are doing...possibly.

Early arrivals at Upton Park enjoying the Saturday sunshine. Glorious day in the East End, perfect conditions for football and we should be in for an entertaining contest between two sides that like to play football.

Ryan Davies is the first to get in touch, and is backing an away win. He says: "Wigan 2-0, Kone and McManaman!"

Today's referee is Neil Swarbrick.

Wigan team: Joel, Alcaraz, Boyce, Caldwell, Figueroa, Maloney, Gomez, McCarthy, Scharner, McManaman, Kone. Subs: Al Habsi, Stam, Beausejour, McArthur, Espinoza, Henriquez, Di Santo.

West Ham team: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Collins, Reid, O'Brien, Vaz Te, O'Neil, Nolan, Diame, Jarvis, Carroll. Subs: Henderson, Taylor, Pogatetz, Collison, Noble, J.Cole, C. Cole.

You can bet in-play throughout the afternoon at Skybet.com. West Ham start as favourites at 6/5, with Wigan 11/5 and the draw 12/5. You can get 9/2 on Andy Carroll to open the scoring, or maybe you fancy Arouna Kone at 13/2.

Will West Ham stretch their unbeaten run to five games? Can Wigan offer their survival bid another welcome shot in the arm? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to offer your opinion on today's game by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Wigan, meanwhile, have the FA Cup final to look forward to but still have a lot of hard work ahead in the league. The Latics sit inside the drop zone at present, three points from safety with a game in hand on those above them.

The Hammers have moved on to 39 points for the season, are sat 11th in the table, and should now be safe. They will, however, be eager to end the season on a high - especially in their home games.

Welcome to Upton Park for our coverage of today's Premier League encounter between West Ham and Wigan.

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