FT: Everton 1 Fulham 0

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That's it! Steven Pienaar's first-half goal hands Everton the three points as they beat Fulham 1-0.

Manolev is booked in the dying stages for a bodycheck on Pienaar.

Pienaar picks out Baines with the delivery and Everton are happy to sit on possession in the Fulham half as the seconds trickle down.

It seems Fulham have run out of time to pull something back as Everton win a free-kick on the left late on.

Senderos gets away from Baines and finds Ruiz on the edge of the box. His ball in is seen away by the Toffees defence and falls to Emanuelson but it's high and wide.

A cross in from Pienaar is chested down by Fellaini and he tries to set up Osman but can't quite pick out his man.

Everton come close to doubling their lead late on as Barkley unleashes a shot but Schwarzer denies him with a strong save. Four minutes of stoppage time have been added.

Everton win a free-kick just inside their own half but Senderos is there to prevent Anichebe from latching onto it and the ball goes to Schwarzer.

A great header from Jagielka sets Pienaar on his way but he allows the ball to go out in midfield and Fulham get a throw-in.

Ruiz lifts a long ball directly into the box and it's Jagielka this time that's there to hoof it away and dissolve the threat.

Howard charges out to punch away a Manolev cross as Fulham ramp up the pressure in these dying moments.

Another free-kick is handed to Fulham in midfield and Duff lofts it in this time but Osman is there to get it away to safety.

Petric sends the resulting free-kick straight into the wall and Everton have the chance to regroup at the back.

Emanuelson does brilliantly with a surging run through the heart of midfield and he draws a foul from Osman, who earns a booking.

We're into the final five minutes of regular time and Everton are getting forward. Baines drives in a fabulous cross and Fellaini is poised perfectly to meet it but he somehow thumps it into the ground and over the bar from in front of goal.

Enoh is back on his feet - which is just as well really because Jol has made all three of his changes this afternoon.

There's another break in play as Enoh goes down in apparent pain after rising to greet the ball with Pienaar. There doesn't appear to be much contact and it looks like he's landed awkwardly.

Osman is fouled by Kacaniklic in the Everton half to hand the hosts a free-kick, which is lofted up to Anichebe, who holds off Senderos to find Mirallas.

Pienaar tries to charge down Schwarzer as he takes a kick but the keeper, who has been solid so far this afternoon, keeps his cool.

Everton have upped their game over the last 10 minutes and look determined to finish strongly. A long ball in from Anichebe rolls back to Schwarzer.

Mirallas steps up to take an Everton corner from the left. He sweeps it in to Fellaini and it eventually falls to Anichebe off Osman but his cheeky header if off target.

Barkley tries his luck with a scuffed shot which he drags wide but you can't blame him for trying from a decent position.

There's another Fulham swap as Hugo Rodallega comes on for the visitors in place of Karagounis.

It's Mirallas who delivers the ball in but it sails straight back out again thanks to Senderos. Seconds later Mirallas tries a shot but Schwarzer saves.

Everton win a free-kick from far out on the left after Pienaar is clipped by Manolev. Baines and Mirallas hover over it.

Baines threads forward a super pass to find Mirallas and he cuts inside and is clipped in the box, but the referee is unmoved by his penalty appeal.

Mirallas' short corner is dealt with by the visitors and there's a chance for Fulham to break but Baines prevents it with an important tackle.

Baines sweeps in the free-kick and it's punched away by Schwarzer but only as far as Osman, who wins the Toffees a corner.

Emanuelson is booked for his troubles

Coleman does well with a run down the right, taking on Emanuelson and getting beyond him to draw a foul and win a free-kick for the hosts on the right of the box.

Manolev takes a throw for Fulham then wins another straight after when Pienaar knocks the ball out. Karagounis gets ironic cheers from the home crowd when he gets on the ball and his poor pass goes astray.

Play goes on despite Karagounis' complaints. A long Howard ball is flicked on to Mirallas but he's flagged offside.

Karagounis is down in a heap after appearing to be caught by substitute Barkley and there's a slight lull in play.

Jelavic, who hasn't been able to make much of an impact this afternoon, is replaced by Ross Barkley as Everton make a change.

Coleman takes a throw for the hosts and Pienaar picks it up but has nowhere to go as he's boxed into the corner.

Duff manages to shrug off Baines and plant a cross into the box, which is dealt with by Distin. Everton have a chance to break quickly but they're slow off the mark.

Fulham are the ones pressing as they look for a way through from midfield, with Manolev and Ruiz pairing up down the right.

It's a free-kick for Fulham in their own half after that foul on Kacaniklic. The visitors have been more involved this half so far.

Pienaar and Coleman do well to drive the ball forwards down the right wing but Kacaniklic intervenes and Osman is pulled up moments later for a foul on the Fulham man.

Howard is forced to make a fine save off Duff after Kacaniklic feeds Ruiz for the cross but it wouldn't have counted anyway, with the flag already up.

Jelavic and Manolev tussle in the box before the former tries to meet Baines' good delivery but he can't quite latch onto it.

Everton win a corner thanks to Coleman and Baines steps up again to do the honours as plenty of blue shirts gather in the box.

Baines whips in the free-kick from the right but Ruiz rises to meet it at the near post and manages to head it clear.

Coleman is picked out by Osman down the right but he's bundled over by Emanuelson, who has moved to left-back, to hand the Toffees a free-kick.

Fulham make a change as Richardson goes off for Duff

Kacaniklic does well to pick up Richardson's run and plant a great cross into the box for Emanuelson, who has plenty of time and space, but he drags his shot wide.

Fulham exchange passes in the middle of the park, looking for a way through, and Richardson gets away down the left.

Mirallas tries a run towards the box from the left but Senderos is there again to prod it away and he can't pick out a pass.

Karagounis takes the free-kick from distance but it's helped away by Jelavic as Everton deal with the threat.

Ruiz tries to get the ball away from Coleman down the left but the Toffees man holds firm. Osman gives away a free-kick.

Mirallas gets forward again, picking out Jelavic, and Senderos is forced to put the ball behind for an Everton corner.

Karagounis delivers but nothing comes of the set-piece. Petric and Ruiz pair up as they try to build an attack but Mirallas manages to break.

Anichebe tries to feed Coleman but he can't quite get in behind Richardson on the right. Petric wins a corner for Fulham.

Pienaar takes a tumble and earns Everton a free-kick in the middle of the park. The hosts swap passes in their own end, looking for a way through.

We're back underway on Merseyside and it's the visitors that get us rolling this half. Pienaar tries to break from midfield but Senderos intervenes.

The teams are back out at Goodison and it's time to see if Fulham can pull off a second-half comeback. Enjoy the rest of the game guys.

What did you make of that half? Everton have been largely in the driving seat, enjoying the better chances and producing some great build-up play. Fulham livened up a bit after the goal but opportunities to pull one back have been limited. You can get in touch by tweeting @SkySportsRachG or emailing rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

It's half-time at Goodison Park and it's Everton 1 Fulham 0 after that opener from Steven Pienaar.

One extra minute is added this half. Fellaini does well to get the ball away from Hangeland after a tussle in midfield. Anichebe tries a tame shot and Schwarzer is there to parry.

We're into the final minute of regular time in this half and Everton have been largely in control. Can Fulham grab a timely equaliser?

Kacaniklic and Richardson pair up well and the latter unleashes a powerful cross which is seconds away from being greeted by Petric, who could've turned it home, but he can't quite reach it.

A ball into the box bounces over Jelavic and Schwarzer is able to come out and comfortably collect, giving Fulham some breathing space.

Pienaar tries to release Anichebe down the left on the counter-attack but Senderos is there to subdue the Everton frontman.

Baines gets away from Manolev and slips a cross into the box for Fellaini, who tries a decent shot but it comes off Anichebe.

Anichebe spins away from Hangeland but Richardson manages to track him down on the right and put the ball out for a Toffees throw.

Coleman is caught by Senderos in the Everton half and the Fulham man gets a talking to from the ref but no booking.

Jagielka uncharacteristically gives the ball away for Everton and allows the opponent in as Kacaniklic gets a shot away but it's wide.

Jelavic makes a break down the right channel, with Anichebe alongside, but the striker drags his cross behind his team-mate.

Emanuelson can't hold off Baines as he attempts to keep the ball in midfield and the defender gets it away to Fellaini.

Fellaini and Baines trade passes down the left before Pienaar releases the former in a fantastic move, but the Belgian's shot goes wide.

Jagielka does superbly to pursue Ruiz all the way down the left and then slide in with a well-timed tackle and win the ball.

Fellaini does well to break from midfield, with Anichebe alongside, and tries to prod the ball through to Jelavic but the timing is slightly off.

Another Baines cross is met first time by Anichebe but he catches it awkwardly and his shot flies high into the stands.

Everton win two throws in quick succession down the left of the Fulham half and Baines digs out a cross, but it falls behind Anichebe.

Mirallas takes the resulting free-kick after Enoh's challenge but the wall stands firm to keep out his long-range delivery.

There's an enforced change for Fulham as Berbatov hobbles down the tunnel injured and Petric comes on in his place.

Enoh gets the first booking of the game after he brings down Pienaar.

Kacaniklic scoops a cross into the box after a great ball from Hangeland but Jagielka is there to nod it away.

Richardson attempts to put a cross into the box for the Cottagers but Coleman is there with the crucial block.

Worryingly for Fulham, Berbatov looks to be hobbling a bit. The visitors take a throw in the middle of the park.

Richardson does well to cover Jelavic as a long ball sails into the box, getting there ahead of the Everton frontman.

It's all gone a bit flat since that opening goal, with Everton slowing their game down a bit and Fulham yet to mount any real response.

Fulham are on the ball but Everton are managing to keep them in their own half, until Emanuelson slips a ball through to Ruiz, but Berbatov is flagged offside.

Osman gives away a free-kick in the Fulham half and the visitors trade passes at the back, trying to build something.

Jelavic flicks on the ball for Anichebe, who's just inside the box, and he gets an awkward glancing header to the difficult pass but it's well wide.

Howard collects easily as Ruiz's pass intended for Berbatov goes astray. At the other end, Osman's ball looking for Coleman goes behind as he overcooks it.

Anichebe picks out Jelavic in the box as the Toffees look to double their lead but the striker can't connect properly and a chance goes begging.

Coleman does well to hold off Kacaniklic as he charges towards goal for the visitors. Everton looking good both defensively and going forward.

Poor control by Ruiz in midfield sees him lose out to Fellaini and Everton exchange passes down the right, looking for another.

That goal seems to have injected some life into Fulham as they try to mount a response, with Ruiz and Kacaniklic pairing up getting forward.

Lovely build-up play and movement from Everton. Osman makes a great run to pick out Coleman, who does well with the cut-back to the onrushing Pienaar and he makes no mistake with the finish.


Jagielka does well to get the better of Ruiz to win Everton a goal-kick. The ball falls to Osman in midfield and he feeds Coleman out on the wing.

Mirallas is flagged offside from a Pienaar pass but his shot flies over the crossbar anyway. Everton are still pressing and look the stronger side.

Baines works well down the left again to pick out Jelavic but he's not strong enough to hold off Manolev and Fulham win the throw.

Baines does well to wriggle away from Manolev on the left and pick out Fellaini but Anichebe can't get a shot away in the box.

Some good defensive work from Enoh prevents Pienaar from breaking into the box as he gets forward for the Toffees.

Fellaini mistimes a challenge on Kacaniklic and Fulham earn a free-kick just inside their own half but Coleman confidently wins back the ball.

Berbatov makes a splendid run to pick out a long pass from Ruiz but he can't quite reap the rewards as the move stutters in front of goal.

Fulham enjoy some time on the ball as Berbatov and Ruiz trade passes in midfield. Emanuelson wins a throw off the shins of Distin.

Schwarzer lifts a long ball up the pitch and it falls to Manolev but he can't keep it from going out in midfield and it goes back to the Toffees.

Enoh loses the ball to Pienaar but wins it back cleanly to atone for his mistake. Even so, it's been all Everton in these opening minutes.

Baines poses another threat as he whips in the ball and Schwarzer is there again to punch it clear. A poor touch by Berbatov seconds later gives the ball back to Everton.

Schwarzer holds firm to deny Fellaini's header as Everton continue to press in the opening minutes, getting their first chance on target.

Osman attempts to drive the ball towards the box but Ruiz is there to hoof it away and diffuse the threat. Everton on the attack so far.

The ball rolls back to Howard and he lifts a long ball upfield, which falls to Anichebe after a deft touch from Jelavic but his attempt flies high into the stands.

It's Everton that get things underway on Merseyside but Fulham snatch possession early on. Richardson slots a pass down the wing but Coleman intervenes.

The teams are out at Goodison and it's almost time to get underway. Enjoy the first half and keep your comments coming at the break.

It's a bright, sunny day on Merseyside, with a fair few curly wigs on display in the home stands in tribute to influential midfielder Fellaini.

Both sides will be hoping for some goals this afternoon, with Fulham having failed to score in three of their last four league games, while Everton have gone 214 minutes without a Premier League goal.

Fulham are likely to be wary of Everton's big midfielder Fellaini this afternoon, with the Belgian having scored four goals in his last three appearances in all competitions against the visitors.

Stewart MacLaren: "Everton will beat Fulham 3-1 at Goodison Park this afternoon with good goals from Leighton Baines, Marouane Fellaini & Nikica Jelavic."

Henry Futcher: "i think that everton will win it 3-1 today with fellaini, mirallas and jelavic scoring for the toffees and berbatov for fulham. hopefully arsenal will also drop points tomorrow and we can reach 5th! COYB!!!"

Here's a line from our friends at Sky Bet: The Toffees drifted out from 12/1 to 80/1 to secure a top-four finish after losing 1-0 at Sunderland last weekend, a result which left them six points behind fourth-placed Chelsea with just four games remaining. A slender winning margin looks likely given both sides' struggles in front of goal of late, with Everton drawing blanks in their last two, while Fulham have only scored once in their last four. Thus, Everton to win by exactly one goal is the safest bet at 5/2 with Sky Bet.

It's worth pointing out that Fulham don't have the best record at Goodison, with Everton having won their last 19 league games in a row on home soil against the Londoners. The Toffees are also unbeaten in their last seven matches in all competitions against them.

Chris Green: "I predict a 4-1 win for Everton.. Mirallas to bag a brace."

Jody Cole: "Hopeful this might be the game that proves a turning point for jelavic. Reckon he could get a couple today in a 3-1 win for Everton."

You've been sending in your comments before we get underway. Here's what you've had to say:

On the Fulham side of things, the Cottagers have made one enforced change from last week's defeat to Arsenal, with Giorgos Karagounis replacing the suspended Steve Sidwell.

Looking at those teams, defender Phil Jagielka returns from an ankle problem for Everton but midfielder Darron Gibson misses out with injury. John Heitinga makes way for his fellow centre-back while Nikica Jelavic is brought in to replace Gibson, with Marouane Fellaini dropping back into an orthodox central midfield.

Fulham, meanwhile, are on a poor run having taken just a point from their last four games. They currently sit 11th in the table and will be keen to boost their top-10 hopes with a win today.

A bit of background on he match before the action gets underway - Everton boss David Moyes conceded defeat in the race for a UEFA Champions League spot when they lost to Sunderland last weekend but the Toffees will still be pushing to finish as high as they can.

On refereeing duties this afternoon is Jon Moss (W Yorkshire).

Fulham: Schwarzer, Manolev, Senderos, Hangeland, Richardson, Emanuelson, Karagounis, Enoh, Kacaniklic, Ruiz, Berbatov. Subs: Etheridge, Hughes, Frimpong, Duff, Frei, Rodallega, Petric.

Everton: Howard, Baines, Jagielka, Distin, Coleman, Osman, Fellaini, Mirallas, Pienaar, Anichebe, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Hibbert, Heitinga, Oviedo, Naismith, Barkley, Duffy.

Here are the teams for you then...

Team news will be with you shortly but first why not drop me a line with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? You can Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

I'm Rachel Griffiths and I'll be bringing you live minute-by-minute updates from the Goodison Park clash as both sides look to bounce back from Premier League defeats.

A very good afternoon all and welcome to our live coverage of Everton v Fulham.

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