FT: Spain 4 Italy 0

Spain 4 Italy 0. All over and Spain are crowned European champions. Their bench piles onto the field and the celebrations can begin. Three titles in a row for this fantastic team.

Cheeky from Ramos. Torres fires a cross into his feet at the front post. Ramos, a centre-half, tries to turn it through his feet and past Buffon. The Italy keeper saves.

Arbeloa felled. Puyol and Villa ready to join in the celebrations. Hearing that Torres will be gold boot winner as he has three goals, an assist and has played fewer minutes than Mario Gomez - who was due to get it.

Spain back at walking pace. Oles ring out around the stadium. They are moving slowly, but are still moving forward. Italy wary of letting them through again.

Three minutes of stoppage time to be played.

Final few seconds. Spain going through the motions. They are playing the ball across their back four. Italy not that bothered about getting it back.

No more than Spain deserve, as they have bossed this. Hard on Italy as they have offered plenty to the game and the tournament. Best side will win though.

GOAL SPAIN - MATA. Records continue to tumble as Spain make it four. Torres beats the offside trap once again. Rather than go for goal himself he squares for Mata to roll into an empty net.

Abramovich is here tonight. He will be pleased to see Torres among the goals and Mata getting a run out. On the field, Balotelli is caught offside. He doesn't look happy.

Iniesta off and Mata on as Spain edge towards the final whistle.

Italy dead on their feet now. They have given their all, but will come up just short.

GOAL SPAIN - TORRES. Four years on from his winner at Euro 2008, Torres is on target in the final again. Perfect end to a perfect night's work for Spain. Torres drifts into space and once picked out rolls the ball past Buffon and into the bottom corner.

Arbeloa, a right-back, caught offside. So many passes from Spain that they overdo it in the end. Xavi had options right and left. Italy sitting deeper and deeper.

Xavi strolling around the park, popping up all over the place. Spain in no hurry to get the ball forward. They know they have this game wrapped up and don't need to push for a third.

Pedro lines up from distance, as Spain go short with the corner again. Pedro's shot from 25 yards is not the best and skids well wide of the target.

Spain playing at walking pace. Iniesta that brings them to life again. He spots Torres breaking behind Bonucci. The Italy centre-half is forced to concede another corner.

The offside flag saves Pedro. Spain cut through at ease, with Alba inside the Italy box yet again. He squares for Pedro, who should roll in number three. He somehow skews the ball wide, but his blushes are spared by the flag.

Italy finally into the Spain half, with Balotelli involved again. Impossible taske with 10 men and Spain suddenly spring clear with Pedro.

Spain take a corner short. Xavi then finds Pedro, who moves the ball out to the right and Ramos. Balzarettu puts his arms into Ramos, who goes down inside the box. Nothing given. Went down far too easily.

Iniesta always looking to get into the box and draw defenders in. He seems to have three around him whenever he has the ball. He's that good that he is able to wriggle away from them. On this occasion his cross towards Torres is cut out.

Fabregas makes way for Torres. He will want to get in on the act and prove a point to his national coach.

Pedro and Fabregas combine. The latter looks to hang a cross up to the back post. Buffon is cut out, but Abate is in the right place to head clear for Italy. Iniesta is then outnumbered and Busquets slips when lining up a shot.

Balotelli caught by Alonso. Not the best of tackle and he is fortunate not to see a yellow card. Another pass is aimed in at Di Natale, but again it is too far out of his reach. Italy out of luck.

Di Natale offside again. Right idea as the ball is scooped over the top, but he went a fraction too soon. Spain playing a high line and were almost caught out.

Abate allows the ball to roll over his foot and out of play. Sums up Italy's night. Alba bursting forward again, but he can't combine with Iniesta. Italy take their time with a throw-in deep inside their own half.

Pedro out on the left flank. He looks bright again, but is too keen to get Spain moving and gives the ball away. Spain soon have it back and knock it around in midfield. Italy chasing shadows.

Iniesta dances into box, but Bonucci can hack clear. Italy starting to look tired and they still have 20 minutes to play with 10 men. It's going to be a long night for the men in blue.

Xavi still prepared to close down on the edge of the Italy box. Spain aren't prepared to take their foot off the gas. They want more.

Acres of space for Arbeloa, but his cross its Balzaretti. Italy stuck inside their own half now with no way out. Balotelli drops all the way back to help out and wins a free-kick. Great work rate from Balotelli tonight.

Xavi into Fabregas, whose first touch takes him away from goal. He collects the ball and spins past Barzagli. Italy have enough men back to see the danger out.

Fabregas tries to flick the ball on to Iniesta. For once, Spain suffer with crossed wires. Balotelli then handles as he tries to guide Italy out of their own half.

Not been Pirlo's night. His free-kick has too much on it and sails behind for a goal kick. Bonucci goes down at the back post holding his face, but gets nothing. Busquets barely touched him.

Fabregas goes down under an aerial challenge from Bonucci. He is waved back to his feet. Balotelli on the ball, with three red shirts around him. Arbeloa sticks out a leg and concedes a free-kick.

Motta off on a stretcher. He is sitting up but heads off straight down the tunnel. Things going from bad to worse for Italy. Surely no way back into this now.

Italy have made all of their changes. Motta went down without being touched. Doesn't look good. Italy might be forced to see out this game with 10 men.

Alonso fires at Buffon. He is pulled up, though, for a high boot in the challenge which created the chance. Motta goes down and will require treatment. He is holding his hamstring.

Silva, the man who broke the deadlock, makes way for Pedro. Silva not too happy with the decision, but Pedro has looked lively in the other games that he has been involved in.

Balotelli away from Alba. He finds Di Natale, who has his ankles clipped by Ramos. Free-kick to Italy wide on their right, just outside the box. Pirlo's floated delivery is pushed clear by Casillas. Balotelli then fires well wide of the target.

Motta on in place of Montolivo. Like-for-like change by Prandelli.

Great vision from Pirlo as he lobs a pass over the top of Spain's defence. Di Natale reads his intention, but the ball has too much on it and he can't reach it. Spain race forward, but they too are unable to find a way through.

Di Natale offside now. He's had an eventful 10 minutes. Unfortunatelly, he is yet to offer anything positive. Spain go long, not something you see very often. Bonucci beats Fabregas in the air, as you would expect.

Brilliant football again from Spain. Iniesta involved again as he feeds a pass towards Fabregas. He has acres of space in between Italy's centre-halves, but the ball gets stuck under his feet.

Pique is able to glance Pirlo's delivery to safety. Alba still bombing forward down the Spain left. No chance of him holding back and shutting up shop.

Positive for Italy that they are creating chances. The game is a bit more open now. Pirlo is felled by Fabregas, but is prevented from taking the free-kick quickly.

Balotelli leads an Italy counter. He shows good strength to get into the box, but runs into Pique and is never going to get a penalty. Brilliant pass from Montolivo into Di Natale, who fires straight at Casillas. Two chances for the Udinese, two have gone begging. Italy can't afford to miss chances like that.

Italy working hard, but Silva is sprung into space. Spain lining up on the edge of the box. Xavi takes control, but sees a shot half-blocked on its way through to Buffon.

Clever set-piece from Spain. Xavi whips over a free-kick from wide on the Spain right. Ramos gets his head to the ball, which cannons onto the hand of Bonucci. Penalty shouts waved away. Ball to hand.

Fabregas runs off Silva. Somehow he is able to tiptoe into the box. In the end the ball squirms away from him and a combination of Buffon and Abate is able to clear for Italy.

Silva into Fabregas. He only needs a yard of space to get a shot away. His slightly scuffed effort rolls narrowly past the post. Buffon looked worried for a moment.

Balotelli with what looked like a foul throw, but he gets away with it. Abate is able to win a throw off Alba. The full-back is soon back on the ball and delivering a dangerous cross. He finds the head of Di Natale, who nods over the top. Great chance.

Italy get the second half underway.

Di Natale on in place of Cassano at the interval.

The players are back with us and we are ready for the off again.

Luke Hale says: "3-1 Spain- Torres scoring for Spain and Balotelli scoring for Italy!"

Remember you can also bet in-play at skybet.com. Spain are now 1/16 to claim the win, with Italy 20/1 and the draw 16/1. You can get 10/1 on Spain winning 4-0.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Spain 2 Italy 0. Brilliant performance from the reigning champions, who are on course to make it three in a row and back-to-back European Championship crowns. Italy have it all to do.

Xavi's free-kick is cleared by Balzaretti. The ball ends up back with Silva, on his left foot. His strick from 25 yards is down the throat of Buffon.

One minute of stoppage time to be played.

Barzagli is cautioned for a reckless challenge on Iniesta. The Spain midfielder was past him and racing into space and the Barzagli knew he had to bring him down.

Balotelli in space and able to turn. He finds Montolivo, who opens up from 25 yards. Another effort that he is well struck but is fired straight at Casillas.

Xavi enjoying himself as he flicks the ball over Marchisio. Spain breaking at pace once more, with Silva getting his head up. Not way through this time.

Can Italy find a route back into this game? It's not looking good. They have held tjheir own for long periods, but Spain have found that extra bit of class when required.

GOAL SPAIN - ALBA. Another fine finish from Spain as they double their lead. Xavi allowed far too much in midfield and he drifts into the Italy half. Alba races past him and in behind. Perfect pass from Xavi and Alba rolls the ball past Buffon and into the bottom corner.

Lovely football again from Spain, started with Alonso. Silva lets the side down when the ball comes his way. He can't collect on the edge of the box, allowing Barzagli to clear. A rare sloppy first touch from Silva.

Balotelli sets his sights from distance. Nice interplay from Italy allows him to drift goalwards 30 yards out. His powerful drive sails over the top of the crossbar.

Unlike Spain as they put themselves under pressure by playing the ball out inside their own half. They soon have it back and charge forward. Ramos leads the counter, but isn't picked out by a cross and has to race back into position.

Balotelli drifts out to the left, and is found. He is able to cut back inside, but is crowded out by three red shirts. Spain take the opportunity to slow things down as Alba wins a throw.

Arbeloa well foward for Spain. They are prepared to be patient in their build-up, working the ball from one side of the field to the other. Italy have to accept that this will happen.

Arbeloa inside the Italy box. He works the ball inside, only his left foot. His final effort is neither a shot nor a cross. Spain remain on the front foot, but Silva is caught offside.

Iniesta almost carves Italy open again. He spins inside the centre circle and his head is up immediately. He sees Fabregas racing into space, but Bonucci is able to get enough on the ball to prevent it from escaping into open field.

Sight of goal from Cassano. He tries his luck from 20 yards. His effort is well struck, but arrives at a nice height for Casillas to punch clear.

Abate breaks down the Italy right, but the pass towards him is over-hit and he can't pull it out of the sky. Possession wasted by De Rossi as he goes long from halfway. No need and he only succeeds in finding Casillas.

Good movement from Italy, as Cassano tries to find Balotelli. Busquets in the way. Balzaretti is offering an out ball for Italy whenever they are in possession. Spain have no cover down their right.

Not the best from Pirlo. He winds up from 35 yards and fires a free-kick well past the post. He didn't catch the ball as cleanly as he would have liked and appeared to be caught in two minds.

Great ball over the top into a run from Cassano in behind Arbeloa. He cuts the ball back onto his right foot. He has options, but goes for goal. His effort goes through the legs of two Spanish defenders, but is straight at Casillas.

Balzaretti well forward again, and does well to keep a high ball in play. Italy need to keep asking questions. They have done well so far.

Solid from Italy as they slam the door in Silva's face on the edge of the box. Great cross from Balzaretti floated towards the back post, where Balotelli is waiting. Casillas spots the danger early and is able to pluck the ball out of the air.

Ramos comes through the back of Balotelli, but he came from an offside position and gets nothing. Italy forced to retreat as Spain surge forward again. The red wave keeps on coming!

Iniesta into the feet of Fabregas, before continuing his run. Fabregas sees him go, but can't pick out his run. Pique then clatters into Cassano. Diving challenge and he is cautioned.

Balotelli and Cassano combine, but Italy are forced backwards. They try their luck down their right. Abate is able to hang up a high cross, but it has too much on it.

Spain getting into Pirlo's face as quickly as possible. They know how dangerous he can be. England and Germany let him do what he wants, and he ripped them to pieces.

Odd clearance from Bonucci, but it almost comes off. Balotelli forces Alonso into a rushed clearance. Marchisio hooks the ball into the box from the right flank. It ends up with Balzaretti, but he can't find a cross or win a corner.

Chiellini hobbling around and can't continue. Balzaretti on his place. Was unfortunate not to make the starting XI. Gets his chance now.

Cassano drifts over to the Italy right this time. He lacks support and is crowded out. Horrible mistake from Chiellini as he slices a clearance. Alonso has time to pick out a colleague, but can't find one.

Italy haven't allowed their heads to drop. Still a lot of time left for them to get back into this. They are seeing plenty of the ball again. What can they do with it?

Dangerous delivery from Pirlo which forces Ramos to head clear from in front of his own goal. Great leap from Barzagli to win the initial header. Casillas does much better this time as he punches clear up towards halfway.

Long throw from Abate aimed ay Balotelli. Arbeloa comes over the top of two men to nod behind for a corner. Awkward landing from the Spain full-back, but he is okay.

Balotelli leaves it for Pirlo. His effort crashes into the top of the wall and cannons behind. Pirlo tries again and Casillas is almost caught underneath the delivery. He flaps a bit, but sees the ball away on the far side. Whistle goes, Casillas gets a free-kick. De Rossi jumped into him.

Balotelli tripped on the edge of the box by Arbeloa. Seemed to go down a little easy, but a great chance for Pirlo to test Casillas. Italy will want to offer an immediate response.

GOAL SPAIN - SILVA. Free-flowing move from Spain and they open the scoring. Brilliant pass from Iniesta frees Fabregas inside the box. He gets in behind Chiellini and to the by-line. His floated cut back is nodded into an unguarded net by Silva.

Xavi twists and turns in the middle of the park, always looking for a pass. He cuts back inside and slices the ball through the middle of the Italy back four. No runner for Spain and Buffon can gather.

Stoppage as Montolivo goes down. Not a lot in the challenge on him and he is soon back to his feet. Patient build-up from Italy, but they are forced backwards. Spain pressing, as they like to do, high up the field.

Spain have already had a few efforts from distance. They usually try to walk the ball into the net, but shoot on sight is the way forward tonight. At the other end, Casillas has to be alert as he races off his line to volley clear from in front of Balotelli.

Iniesta has another gear and slips into it as he brushes through midfield. The ball is then worked across the edge of the box, but Italy see it out. Spain remain on the front foot, with Fabregas picking out a run from Xavi. He lashes narrowly over the top from the edge of the box.

Spain into their stride now, knocking the ball around with purpose. Easy on the eye, but they aren't getting anywhere as yet. Italy keeping their shape and getting men behind the ball, as they will have to for the entire game.

Iniesta shapes to shoot, then tries to feed a pass into the path of Xavi. Nice idea, but too many blue shirts in the way. Italy struggling to keep hold of the ball as they hack clear.

Iniesta with a brilliant pass slid into the feet of Alba. He gets to the by-line and fires across the six-yard box. No striker inside the box for Spain, so Chiellini can poke behind. Xavi's delivery is nodded over the top by Ramos, who got above Chiellini really well.

De Rossi slides in on Xavi. He gets the ball, then the man. He put everything into it. Decision goes against him. David Villa and Carles Puyol among those in attendance tonight. Spain have done alright without them. On the field, Ramos sends a 35 yard free-kick high over the top.

Cassano with a floated pass in towards Balotelli. Ramos does well to climb above the Italy striker and nod clear. Slight reaction from Balotelli, who was sent crashing to the deck. Count to 10, Mario!

First spell of Spanish possession. Iniesta combines with Silva. The latter is able to bundle his way towards the box, but can't pick out his team-mate with a return pass. Italy see the ball away.

Alonso catches Abate with a stray forearm. No malice, but he caught the Italy full-back. The Azzurri press again down their left, with Cassano prepared to pull out wide and put in the hard yards. No way through on this occasion.

Cassano battles his way into a tight gap. He is blocked off, but the ball rolls loose for Pirlo. He takes aim from 20 yards, but skews the ball off the outside of his boot at well wide. First effort of the final, not the best.

Silva gives the ball awa. Balotelli is then sent crashing to the turf by Ramos. Both teams looking to press as quickly as possible, giving their opponents no time in possession.

Here we go! The battle to be crowned kings of Europe is underway. Spain get us up and running.

Two keepers as captains, doesn't happen that often. Both true greats of the modern game. Both will be expected to do the business tonight. There will be chances at either end.

Players should join the fans in singing the tune! Pre-match pleasantries almost completed now. Noise level is turned up a notch.

Plenty of passion on display as Italy belt out their national anthem. This is where the Spanish anthem and its lack of words lets them down.

Players onto the pitch and few even dare to have a look at the trophy on their way past it. Long gone are the days when players gave the silverware a little touch on their way out. Milan 2005 put an end to that!

Teams are in the tunnel and about to enter the arena. We will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Ben Gleeson thinks Spain need to get at Abate. He says: "Be interesting to see if Spain can get at the rather defensively suspect Abate down the left. I personally thought Balzaretti had a phenomenal game against Germany, bar the handball, so little surprised to see him dropped."

Not buying this Balotelli to be sent off. England said they would try to wind him up, then the Germans - neither did. I think he knows he cannot afford to let his country down. Any impact he makes tonight I think will be positive - if Italy can get the ball and get him involved.

Sean Mokler is another who fears that Balotelli might see red. He says: "Italy to win 2-1, Balotelli will score but evidently get sent off. Torres will get a lucky one in I think!"

Gerry has been in touch, tuning in from sunny Miami. He says: "Tonight I'm thinking Spain to win 1-0 after extra time with Iniesta possibly scoring the winner."

Italy unbeaten in 15 competitive matches under Cesare Prandelli. Some record, but this is now the only game that matters. Can he make it 16?

Dan Cook becomes the third 'Cook' of the night to get in touch. He expects this to be close, saying: "Spain will win 1-0 with Fabregas scoring the goal!"

Pete Shields is struggling to see past another Spanish success. He says: "I think Spain will frustrate the Italians by their dominant possession of the football. I can see Italy losing a player to a red card, possibly even Ballotelli and Spain to eventually win the game 3-1. Another man of the match performance from Cesc Fabregas."

Half an hour until kick-off in Kiev. Excitement building by the minute. Keep your thoughts coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com and @SkySportsChrisB.

Remember these two met at Euro 2008 and went all the way to spot-kicks, while they could not be separated in the opening round of fixtures this time around as they played out a 1-1 draw. Little to choose between them.

For the record, tonight's referee is Pedro Proenca from Portugal - the man who took charge of the 2012 UEFA Champions League final.

Timal disagrees and is backing Spain to get their hands on more silverware. He says: "Remember no team has ever defended this championship successfully. But can Italy overcome against the odds? I think no this time. Torres should have started. Spain will win in extra time. 2-1 Torres & Xavi for Spain & Pirlo for Italy. My heart is Italy today but winner will be Spain."

Ryan Cook is another backing Balotelli to do the business for Italy. He says: "Mario Ballotelli to score 1st goal before HT with the score being 1-0."

Daniel Blaine thinks we will go the distance tonight. He says: "I think it will go to penalties. They drew in group stage but could be more open game if both go for win. Spain win pens."

Jason Cook thinks a certain Manchester City striker will have a big say on proceedings. He says: "Balotelli will score a hat-trick with Italy winning 3-0. Surely Spain can't win 3 consecutive tournaments."

Italy team: Buffon, Abate, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Marchisio, De Rossi, Pirlo, Montolivo, Balotelli, Cassano Subs: Sirigu, De Sanctis, Maggio, Ogbonna, Balzaretti, Motta, Giaccherini, Diamanti, Nocerino, Di Natale, Borini, Giovinco.

Spain team: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pique, Ramos, Alba, Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso, Busquets, Silva, Fabregas. Subs: Valdes, Reina, Albiol, Martinez, Juanfran, Cazorla, Navas, Pedro, Torres, Negredo, Mata, Llorente.

Teams are in and Fabregas will be asked to fill the 'fake nine' role once again by Spain. Abate returns for Italy, while Balotelli leads the line.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at skybet.com. Spain start as favourites at 11/10, with Italy 11/4 and the draw 11/5. You can get 7/1 on Mario Balotelli opening the scoring, or maybe you fancy Andres Iniesta at 11/1.

Will we get a winner in 90 minutes, or will we require penalties? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Will an unlikely hero emerge? Let me know your thoughts.

Can the Azzurri get their hands on the silverware tonight or will Spain be celebrating once again? Feel free to offer your thoughts on tonight's game by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Italy are looking to conquer the continent for the first time since 1968, when they prevailed on home soil, and their record against Spain makes for impressive reading.

Reigning European champions Spain are looking to make history by becoming the first side to win three consecutive major tournaments.

Welcome to the Olympic Stadium in Kiev for our coverage of the Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy.


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