FT: Wigan 0 Chelsea 2

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FT - It's all over as Chelsea beat Wigan 2-0 at the DW Stadium thanks to two early goals, with Eden Hazard playing a role in both.

It looks all but over now for Wigan as the Blues win a late throw in midfield and it looks like it'll be the last action of the game.

Ivanovic, whose had a busy time of things today at both ends, knocks the ball out for a Wigan throw.

Three additional minutes are added but a comeback looks beyond Wigan now, with Chelsea on the ball.

Kone and Gomez combine nicely to weave into the box but the latter's final touch is lacking again as he pokes it wide.

Some good link-up between Torres, Oscar and Ivanovic as the Blues go for a late attack but it ultimately comes to nothing.

Terry heads the ball out of the Chelsea box to ease some late pressure from Wigan as they push for something in these dying stages.

Watson catches Torres just outside the box and it's a Chelsea free-kick in these late minutes, which Luiz latches onto but Al Habsi saves.

There's late drama as Kone pings Moses' cross off the post and it falls to Gomez, who tries an audacious bicycle overhead kick but can't get it on target. Great effort though.

After a couple of near-misses, Lampard is finally booked for a foul on Moses.

Close call for Wigan as Gomez fires in the corner and Kone is there but heads wide, then is clattered by Cech.

Wigan appeal for a handball against Luiz but nothing is given by the ref and Chelsea are still on the ball. Ivanovic gives it away and Watson looks for Kone but Terry is there to clear.

Chelsea also make another change as Raul Meireles comes on for Juan Mata.

Ben Watson comes on for McArthur as the hosts make their final swap

Boyce powers in another cross from the right but Terry is there to intervene. Another change is coming for Wigan.

Moses flies off past Lampard down the left and finds Gomez in the box but Luiz steals the ball back.

Chelsea are patiently exchanging passes at the back, in no hurry to relinquish the ball. They're in control as the minutes count down.

Cole is forced to retreat under pressure from Alcaraz and gets lucky as McCarthy charges in to hand the ball back to the Blues.

It's Gomez who does the honours and it's a driving effort but the goalkeeper has it covered as he dives to meet it.

Wigan win a free-kick not far outside the box as Lampard brings down Gomez and gets a talking to. It remains to be seen who'll take this in Maloney's absence.

Kone controls the ball down the left and puts it in the box. McCarthy gets a cross in from the left but it's cleared by Terry.

Ivanovic fires a ball in for Chelsea but skims it across the box and possession goes back to Wigan.

There's 20 minutes remaining and Chelsea remain 2-0 up, having settled much more in this half. Figueroa fires a long ball upfield for Gomez but the flag goes up. It's just as well really, because his header was awful.

Figueroa is looking for a corner out of Luiz but doesn't get one as the Blues break through Torres, who flicks on new-boy Oscar. He leaves Ramis for dead with a good bit of pace but scuffs his shot wide.

Di Santo makes way for a Wigan summer signing - Ivory Coast frontman Arouna Kone. Can he make the difference for the Latics?

Mikel goes down off Figueroa in the Chelsea half for a Blues free-kick.

Cole clatters into the back of Boyce and it's a Wigan free-kick from just inside their own half. It's not the best effort from Alcaraz as he awkwardly finds McArthur.

Gomez floats in a corner for Wigan and Caldwell rises but can't quite meet it. It looks like the hosts are going to make another change.

That's an impressive debut over for Hazard as he makes way for fellow new-boy Oscar.

Ramis goes some way to redeem himself as he stubbornly pursues Torres into the box and denies him a goal. That fired the Wigan crowd up.

Roberto Di Matteo is preparing to make a change and it looks like we'll be getting a look at Brazilian youngster Oscar.

Mikel drives the ball through for Torres but Boyce is there to make a solid clearance. Gomez picks up possession but is robbed in midfield.

Moses goes for the far corner with a shot but he's some way out and the ball goes to Cech for a goal-kick. The back four trade passes with Lampard and Mikel and Chelsea build from the back.

Di Santo tries his luck with a shot on the left but it's a poor one and he probably should have passed to McCarthy down the middle.

Betrand picks up the ball down the left and tries a turn on Boyce but can't shrug him off. Hazard picks up the ball on the other flank.

There's a battle down the left between Moses and Ivanovic which the Blues man wins. Chelsea have stepped up possession in this half - it's 65% to the visitors.

McArthur catches Lampard in midfield and earns himself a booking for his trouble.

McCarthy tries to find Boyce out on the right but it's a misjudged pass and goes out for a Blues throw, which Cole takes.

Chelsea are seeing more of the ball in this half but Moses picks it up on the left. He fires in another cross but yet again it goes straight to Cech.

A lovely flick gets Bertrand away from Alcaraz down the left but his good work goes to waste as Lampard fails to pick up his pass on the edge of the box, losing the ball.

The ball falls to Cole on the left of goal inside the box but he can't keep his effort down and it's an Al Habsi kick.

Di Santo fouls Lampard and the Blues take a quick free-kick in midfield. Torres times a run to perfection to meet a Luiz pass and he follows it into the box.

Moses breaks down the left and picks out Figueroa on the edge of the box but his cross is too high for Di Santo.

Gomez fires a long, diagonal ball upfield into the Chelsea half and Di Santo gets the touch but can't flick it onto the waiting Moses.

Maloney has been a bright player this afternoon but he's hauled off with what appears to be a thigh injury and Jordi Gomez is introduced in the first change.

Bertrand loses the ball to Di Santo but the striker then fouls Terry for a Chelsea free-kick. Wigan prepare to make a change...

Cech comes out to punch away Maloney's free-kick as it swings in but Wigan continue to apply pressure as Lampard makes a clearance. The hosts have come out brightly.

No changes for either side at the break as Chelsea start things off in this half. Former Blues man Di Santo takes a tumble down the left off Luiz for a Wigan free-kick.

Time to get back to the action then, thanks for your feedback Enjoy the second half!

John Mattinson wants to see a change from the Blues - "I think it is time that Oscar is handed his Chelsea debut. With Chelsea playing Bertrand in midfield there is not enough attack so Mata should switch to the Wing and Oscar filling his role."

It's almost time to get back underway. More goals to come in this half? And can Hazard continue to impress?

Torres is poised to strike for Chelsea in this half, according to @Ciaran_McB. He tweeted - "I can see a goal coming for Torres, his new era as Drogba's replacement is about to begin."

Chelsea had a dream start with those two early goals but since then it's been mostly about Wigan, who couldn't find the end product but have had the majority of possession.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that half. Drop me a line - rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

The half-time whistle goes and it's 2-0 Chelsea at the break. Contrasting debuts for Eden Hazard, who played a part in both goals, and Ivan Ramis, who had an opening 45 to forget.

Another chance for the Latics as they win a free-kick from a good position, 20 yards out, which Maloney steps up to take, but he fires it straight at the waiting gloves of Cech.

Two additional minutes are added in this half. Wigan look like they're going to pull one back as Di Santo meets a long pass near goal but his first touch is poor and he can't control it.

Ivanovic goes down a bit too easily off Figueroa and the ref doesn't buy it as Wigan win a corner. Maloney floats it in but Ivanovic eventually clears.

Moses does well to shrug off Ashley Cole down the right but then wastes his efforts by overshooting his cross into the box.

The minutes trickle down to half-time and it's Boyce on the ball again. He's looked Wigan's brightest performer in this half.

Torres finds the ball at his feet but fails to do anything with it. Chelsea win a throw on the left of their own half.

Caldwell closes down Mata as he makes a charge into the box to subdue a Chelsea attack and the ball goes back to Al Habsi, but Ramis gives it clumsily away to Torres.

The hosts win a corner on the right but Maloney's effort is met comfortably by Ashley Cole. Moses takes on Bertrand outside the box but the Blues man knocks it out.

Good movement from Wigan as Caldwell picks out Boyce down the right again and he drills a cross into the area, which Cech does well to deal with.

Hazard goes down again after he gets caught by a flailing arm from McArthur, which to be fair to the Wigan player, looked accidental.

Di Santo tries to get underneath a cross from the right but the imposing figure of Ivanovic gets to it first with another clearance.

Luiz is booked seconds later for a shove on Maloney.

Torres hasn't had many chances either and he's denied another when he's caught in an offside position.

It's a good response from Wigan after those two early goals, with the hosts edging possession so far in this half with 55%, but they haven't had too many chances.

It's another dodgy challenge from McCarthy on Hazard but Caldwell intervenes on his behalf and he avoids a card. It's a physical introduction to the Premier League for the Belgian so far.

There's another good cross from Boyce on the right but Ivanovic gets to it in front of Maloney on the left of goal to cool the threat.

Al Habsi passes out to Ramis as the Latics look to build from the back, with Figueroa feeding Maloney down the left.

The ball is beyond the reach of Ashley Cole as Wigan win a throw in midfield. McCarthy makes a dubious challenge on Mata in midfield and gets a warning from the ref.

Ramis wins the ball from Hazard to trigger another period of Wigan pressure, with Terry appearing to take a knock in the fray, but he soldiers on.

There's a moment of uncertainty as Petr Cech appears to have perhaps grabbed a clearance outside the box, under pressure from Di Santo, but the ref says no, and the Latics crowd are not happy.

Maloney tries to wriggle his way into the Blues box but Lampard is there to stop him. The Latics might be 2-0 down but they're not rolling over.

There's another Latics corner and Maloney's on duty again. He takes it short and pairs up with McArthur, trying to break through.

Boyce puts in another cross from the right but it's hooked away by Ivanovic and Figueroa takes the resulting throw for Wigan. Lampard pokes the ball away from Di Santo and out for another throw.

Some good passing play as Cole, Lampard and then Mata link up, with the latter trying to pick out Torres in front of goal, but he's stopped short at the last minute.

Maloney lifts it in but it's dealt with by the Chelsea backline. Wigan keep swinging it back in but Terry and then Luiz hold firm.

Moses wins a free-kick for Wigan on the right of goal after Terry hauls him down and Maloney steps up to take it...

McCarthy chips a long ball into the box but Luiz gets to it first with a headed clearance. Wigan have a chance as Boyce fires in another excellent cross and Di Santo very nearly heads it home after climbing well above the Blues' defence.

Fernando Torres takes a tumble off the shoulder of Alcarez on the left edge of the box after leaving Caldwell behind, but the ref is unmoved.

There's some good wing-play as Figueroa gets forward down the left but his pass is intercepted by Luiz. Mata is fouled in midfield by McArthur for a Blues free-kick.

Boyce, looking effective down the right, wins a corner for the Latics as they try to regain some grip on the game. Maloney's effort gets as far as the defender.

Figueroa takes a throw-in in the Wigan half and McArthur is held back by Hazard as he greets it, earning the hosts a free-kick in midfield.

Moses gets forward for Wigan down the left and battles with Ivanovic before running the ball behind.

Hazard finds a gap in the Latics defence just outside the box and picks out Lampard, who flicks it on into the face of Ramis.

Lampard lifts in the resulting free down the left but it's cleared by Boyce and Wigan are back on the ball.

A crunching challenge from Caldwell in midfield leaves Hazard on the floor and the Wigan man earns the first booking of the game.

Wigan are trying to do some damage control with some build-up passing play in the Chelsea half and win a throw-in down the left, which Figueroa takes.

As Sky commentator Alan Smith points out, it's a rude awakening for new signing Ramis, who has made two big errors to lead to those goals.

GOAL! LAMPARD! No surprise there as the veteran midfielder powers his effort past Al Habsi, who goes the right way but can't block the shot.

A horrendous start to Wigan's match just got worse as Ramis fells Hazard in the box and referee Mike Jones points to the spot.

Chelsea are on the ball after that dream start, but a rogue pass goes straight back to Ramis, who was turned in the build-up to the Blues goal.

Debutant Hazard announces himself in style, playing creator in Chelsea's own half with a fine pass to Ivanovic, who charges upfield, evades the Latics defences and makes no mistake with his shot. Not the opening Wigan would've wanted.


We're underway at Wigan and it's visitors Chelsea get things started, with the ball rolling straight back to Petr Cech, who passes out to John Terry.

The teams are out at the DW Stadium and it's nearly time for kick-off. Thanks for all your feedback - keep it coming at half-time! Enjoy the game guys.

@alib193 thinks Fernando Torres has got his scoring boots on today, tweeting - "prediction hat trick for torres #cfc."

@OfficialMusti is predicting a landslide Chelsea win. He tweeted - "Chelsea are going to be winners today! 5-1 win I reckon with Torres getting 2 goals."

Jack Steed wrote in - "How is Miyachi not getting a start for Wigan? He's not even on the subs, I thought he would be crucial for them this year, has a lot of talent in my opinion."

A few of you disappointed not to see Arsenal loanee Ryo Miyaichi this afternoon - the young winger, who impressed on loan at Bolton last season, isn't even on the bench.

And Aaron Middleton is predicting the same scoreline - "good afternoon rachel welcome to an exciting game! think all out game from the 20minute onwards chelsea will edge it on quality alone, and i think a 3-1 away win."

Luke Sanders is putting his money on a Blues win - "I think this will be a tad tighter then some people might think, but I reckon Chelsea will score three, Torres to get two, but Wigan might get one. C'mon Chelsea!!"

There's just over 15 minutes to go until kick-off - plenty of time for some of your feedback.

Wigan boss Roberto Martinez hands a debut to defender Ivan Ramis, with striker Arouna Kone among the substitutes, while winger Victor Moses starts against the club who may yet sign him before the transfer window closes at the end of this month.

The Blues' blockbuster summer signing Eden Hazard is present in Roberto Di Matteo's starting XI and is expected to move over to the right, playing alongside Juan Mata and Bertrand behind lone striker Torres. Another new face, Oscar, starts this one on the bench.

Chelsea fans may have noticed midfield ace Ramires is missing from that starting XI. The Blues have confirmed he's out with illness, meaning Ryan Bertrand steps in on the left of midfield.

Chelsea subs - Turnbull, Essien, Oscar, Ferreira, Meireles, Sturridge, Cahill.

Wigan subs - Pollitt, Kone, Jones, Crusat, Watson, Gomez, Boselli.

Chelsea - Cech; Ivanovic, David Luiz, Terry (c), Cole; Lampard, Mikel; Hazard, Mata, Bertrand; Torres.

Wigan - Al-Habsi, Caldwell, Alcaraz, Ramis, Boyce, Figueroa, McArthur, McCarthy, Moses, Maloney, Di Santo.

Right, without further ado then, here are the starting XIs...

I'm Rachel Griffiths and I'll be bringing you all the action from today's match, with the team news coming up very shortly. First why not drop me a line ahead of kick-off at rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or on Twitter @SkySportsRachG

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Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of Wigan v Chelsea at the DW Stadium as the two sides lift the curtain on their new Premier League campaigns.

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