FT: Liverpool 1 Man Utd 2

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That's it. Manchester United beat 10-man Liverpool 2-1.

Suarez goes down in these late minutes but no free-kick is given by the ref.

Welbeck goes down in the middle of the park for a quick United free-kick. It looks just about over at Anfield.

Hernandez tries his luck with a shot from distance but doesn't trouble Reina. A Liverpool comeback looks unlikely now.

The defender gets back to his feet and walks gingerly to the side and down the tunnel. All the subs have been used so Liverpool are at a two-man disadvantage for this final minute.

Now Kelly is down and reaching for his knee after turning awkwardly and landing on it. More bad news for Brendan Rodgers.

The Red Devils have a free-kick in midfield after Henderson's challenge on Evans is punished by the ref.

United are in possession, happy to trade passes and keep Liverpool at bay in these dying stages.

Van Persie wins a corner on the left for United as the minutes trickle down. Giggs' short corner is knocked out for a throw. Five extra minutes are added.

Welbeck comes on for Rafael, with Ferguson obviously wanting to take no risks over his fitness.

The Reds are building from the back, trying to mount an attack but lose the ball to Carrick. Evra tries a run but is caught by Kelly for a United free-kick.

Johnson and Rafael tussle in midfield and the throw-in goes to United, but is put straight out for a Reds throw.

Suso's corner is a disappointing one and it's cut out by Van Persie. The ball goes back to Lindegaard for a free-kick.

Rafael is receiving treatment now after colliding with Allen, but is helped back to his feet and limps to the side. He's absent for Liverpool's corner.

Van Persie slides in with a challenge on Suso to fire up the Liverpool crowd, and earns himself a booking.

Liverpool come close to grabbing an equaliser as Johnson's tidy ball into the box is greeted by Kelly but he can't get enough on his header.

Hernandez has come on for Kagawa in another United swap.

Reina makes a really good effort at stopping it, diving the right way and getting a touch, but Van Persie's powerful shot to the right finds the back of the net.


After a long time to think about it, Robin van Persie steps up to the spot...

Carragher is coming on for Agger as he's stretchered off. The home support give him a warm round of applause. Carra shares a friendly word with Ferguson on the touchline as he comes on.

Agger is struggling to put weight on his leg and a stretcher is brought on for the Liverpool man. Not good news for the hosts.

There's a brief lull in play before the penalty as Agger receives treatment - he was involved in a collision just before Valencia took off.

Pepe Reina is booked for complaining about the spot-kick. Van Persie steps up to take it.

United are given a penalty! Johnson makes a desperate challenge on Valencia in the box.

Kagawa loses the ball in the United half and Liverpool are on the front foot again. Ferdinand deals with a cross from Kelly in the box.

Gerrard's long free-kick can't penetrate the United backline. The visitors are preparing to bring on Chicharito in another change.

The ball goes out for a United throw in their own end, which Rafael takes. Carrick concedes a free-kick for a foul on Allen.

A rogue ball from Ferdinand goes back to Reina in the Liverpool goal. The defender looks in some discomfort with cramp.

A good passage of play for United culminates in Van Persie firing in a cross from the left, but Johnson gets his head to it to clear.

The ball rolls back to Reina and he feeds Skrtel, but the defender's long ball goes back to Evans.

Some nice passing work from Liverpool as Allen and Agger combine to build from the back. Suarez fires across the face of goal from a tight angle.

Liverpool win a throw down the left of the United half which Johnson takes, after enjoying a joke with the crowd after going to retrieve the ball.

Sterling is the player making way as Henderson comes on in another Liverpool change.

Another chance for Liverpool as Suso rushes into the box to take a shot, which has Lindegaard stretching to make a fingertip save.

Carrick tries to pick out a pass to the onrushing Giggs in the box but he's offside. Gerrard releases Johnson and he teams up with Suso down the left.

Nothing comes of Giggs' corner but United are still on the ball. Van Persie rises to meet Carrick's cross but he can't control his header.

Carrick drives in a cross and Van Persie is waiting for it but Kelly is there to clear for another United corner.

Evans slides in on Suarez in the United half but the Reds man manages to keep the ball. He tries a shot soon after and prompts a great stop from Lindegaard.

Reina takes a goalkick which Agger latches onto. Liverpool are continuing to look bright despite being at a disadvantage in numbers.

Evra crosses in from the left and Van Persie flicks through Kagawa but the Japanese player can't position himself for a shot.

The tension is definitely rising in this clash now as Scholes earns a yellow for a foul on Sterling in midfield.

Rafael challenges Johnson to subdue a Liverpool threat and the crowd are displeased, claiming a foul. They're even more aggrieved seconds later when Suarez takes a tumble in the box off Evans but he makes the most of it and nothing is given.

Gerrard breaks up a period of United passing play. Henderson is warming up on the touchline for Liverpool, with another change in the offing.

Van Persie looks for an opening in the box but is off-balance and can't get a shot away. He wins a free-kick from range for United seconds later.

Gerrard, fed by Suso just outside the box, goes for goal but his long shot doesn't have the power behind it to trouble Lindegaard.

United are looking more lively in this half as Valencia wins their first corner. Van Persie takes but Valencia's header lifts it over Reina's goal.

It's a spectacular finish from the right-back, leaving Reina no chance. He teams up with Valencia and Kagawa to work his way into position then fires home from a difficult angle.


Scholes skips into the box but is closed down. United come again as Van Persie lifts in a cross but he's denied as the Liverpool backline hold firm.

United try a response as Kagawa gets forward but can't break into the box and passes back to Evra, who sees his cross dealt with by the Reds defence.

Goalscorer Gerrard goes down to win Liverpool a free-kick and the Reds are still in control. The hosts earn a throw in midfield.

Newcomer Suso plays a key role as he crosses the ball into the box and it rebounds to Johnson, who sets up the skipper, allowing him to plant it home. It obviously means the world to Gerrard on such a significant day. It's 10-man Liverpool 1 United 0.


We're back underway at Anfield. A couple of changes at the break, with youngster Suso coming on for Borini for Liverpool and United swapping Nani for Scholes.

@Cquinnpt tweeted - "this has the potential to be a great game ruined by the ref."

Valmik Shah wrote in - "Shame to say that United have been dreadful this first half, and it's no surprise without Scholes on the pitch. Oh and I don't for a second understand why Nani even started the match, with this dreadful run of form he's been having. Useless. Absolutely useless. Hopefully the hairdryer will kick the United team into action."

Liverpool have looked the better side for sure but do you think that red is going to stifle their game?

@andykeegan tweeted - "I think a lot needs to be done to fair up red cards - Chelsea got away with murder yesterday yet Liverpool suffer #notfair."

Damien Saunders agrees - "That was a reckless tackle from Jonjo Shelvey but if you watch the replays, Shelvey went one footed and Evans went in two footed with studs showing!!!"

Sky Sports Soccer Sunday pundit Gary Neville has had this to say on the incident -" Personally if he'd given them both a yellow I don't think he'd have been out of order. I'm not convinced both players don't come in out of control."

Pat Cremin wrote in - "Shelvey sending off was completely right, ref wasn't off there. However, look again and you may note Evans was two footed himself. Should have been two reds. Shelvey shouldn't have pretended he was hurt as well."

The dismissal is prompting quite a divide between the opposing fans. Here's some of your feedback...

I'll be bringing you the reaction of the Super Sunday pundits and I'm also interested in what you've got to say on that half - and that red card? Get in touch on Twitter @SkySportsRachG or email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com.

It's Liverpool 0 Manchester 0. The home side have been dominant but the sending off of Jonjo Shelvey may have put a downer on their afternoon.

Kelly tries to fire in a cross but Evans deals with the threat. The crowd appeals as Ferdinand shuts down Allen but the whistle blows and that's the end of this half.

Gerrard's corner is dealt with by the United defence. Evans hooks the ball away from Suarez as the Reds man gets forward again.

Borini pulls the ball across, aiming for Suarez, as Liverpool get another chance, but he can't quite pick him out as Evra concedes a corner.

Replays show Shelvey and Ferguson exchanged words as the Reds man exited the pitch, with tensions running high.

Gerrard launches a long ball upfield for Suarez but United win it back when Ferdinand goes down. Rafael's cross goes across the face of goal and Nani can't keep it in.

United look to have woken up a bit as Nani plants a cross in the box and Giggs charges to meet it but Agger is there to intervene.

Suarez forces Lindegaard into a save with his powerful kick from long range as the keeper manages to palm it to the side.

Ferdinand gives away a free-kick after a foul on Suarez and the frontman steps up to take the resulting free-kick.

This fixture is no stranger to controversy and it looks like today isn't going to be any different. Evans hobbles off for treatment but is soon back on.

Jonjo Shelvey sees red! It was all going so well for Liverpool but a rash challenge on Evans sees the Reds man heading for the tunnel.

Suarez links up well with Kelly down the right and is released again for another attack but the United defence manage to subdue him.

Evans turns and attempts to pick out a team-mate down the left with a long pass but his effort goes straight out for a Reds throw.

A sloppy pass from Carrick meant for Valencia is intercepted by Johnson and the defender takes off again. Borini can't keep the ball in down the left as United win a throw.

Gerrard's corner overshoots its target and goes out as his team-mates fail to get to it. Lindegaard hoofs a long goal-kick upfield.

Borini breaks down the left for the Reds but it's Giggs who's there with a sliding challenge to close him down. Suarez, finding plenty of space again, weaves towards goal and wins another corner.

Gerrard steps up 20 yards out on the right. He thumps the ball at Suarez but he can't properly get his head to it.

Sterling is caught by Evra on the edge of the box and the challenge prompts an angry reaction from the home crowd. The defender gets away with a warning and Liverpool win a free-kick from a good position.

The Liverpool defence finally have something to do as Agger closes down the ball to keep Van Persie out. The Reds have possession in their own end.

Carrick is forced to close down Suarez again as the frontman gets away from Evans. Johnson slides in on Valencia to win the ball again.

Kagawa draws a foul from Allen to win a free-kick for United in their own half. Borini gets away from Rafael as the Reds try another attack.

The Uruguayan tries to tease his way past Ferdinand in the box but the Red Devils defender stands firm to keep him at bay.

United win a throw down the right of the Liverpool half, which Rafael lofts in but they lose the ball and Suarez charges off on a run.

Kelly battles to keep the ball in and is rewarded when the Reds win a throw seconds later off Evans in the middle of the park. Suarez tries a looping shot but it goes wide.

Nani steps up for the kick and tries a dipping shot but it's way off target and doesn't trouble Reina.

United are awarded a free-kick from far out inside the Liverpool half as Kagawa goes down off a Kelly foul.

Ferdinand lofts a long ball into the United end but there's no-one there to greet it and it rolls back to Reina. Gerrard sweeps a pass against the back of Carrick to win a throw.

Ferdinand goes to ground, apparently injured. There's a lull in play but the defender climbs to his feet and United will be hoping he's ok to carry on.

The corner doesn't reach the waiting Liverpool attack as Van Persie heads it out to Allen. Evans and Agger tussle in the box to greet a Gerrard pass and go down, but nothing is given from the ref.

There's another Liverpool corner as Rafael gets on the end of a cross from Kelly and puts it behind. Gerrard steps up again.

The Reds push again as Kelly's cross fizzes into the box but it's cut out by Evans. Liverpool win a throw down the right.

Skrtel's long pass goes out wide to Johnson, who wins it with a header, but it rolls to the waiting gloves of Lindegaard in goal.

United are really on the back foot so far as the Reds keep pressing. The defenders look wary of Suarez.

Suarez finds space again with another great pass which cuts through United's defence but the onrushing Sterling, under pressure from Evra, can't latch onto it.

Nani waits too long to make a move on the edge of the area and Sterling slides in with a great challenge to rob him of the ball. Shelvey gets off with a talking to after a foul.

Suarez angles through a great ball for Borini, who's onside, but a poor first touch lets him down and he can't control it. Suarez and skipper Gerrard aren't happy.

Rafael charges in on Johnson to stop the defender short. There's calls from the home crowd for a free-kick but referee Halsey is unmoved.

Back in their own end, Agger and Skrtel exchange passes, looking for an opening, which comes again through Johnson.

Kelly takes a throw in the middle of the park and trades passes with Allen. United are awarded a free-kick in their own half after a Borini foul.

The hosts have started brightly, with Suarez looking lively so far. Kagawa gets on the ball and feeds Van Persie down the left but he's closed down by Kelly.

Another chance for Liverpool as Gerrard charges to get a free run at a corner and ruffles the side netting with his powerful effort.

Sterling and Suarez are involved again as they team up on the edge of the box before the former lifts in a cross, which Rafael deals with.

Kagawa finds Giggs on the edge of the box but his shot goes wide. Seconds later United get lucky as Suarez comes close from in front of goal, with Lindegaard and Rafael combining to keep him out.

Gerrard lifts in a wonderful long ball meant for Suarez down the left but the striker, uncharacteristically, makes a hash of it, letting it roll behind.

Skipper Gerrard delivers a low corner to Suarez, who feeds it back. The captain's next ball in is dealt with by Rafael in the box.

The Reds try and build something from the back then Johnson bombs down the left, getting away from Rafael before winning a corner.

Ferdinand gives the ball away cheaply in the United half but Evra prevents Allen's long pass from finding Sterling.

Nani loiters on the left of the Liverpool box but can't find a way past Sterling. The hosts win a throw, which Johnson takes.

United are on the ball in these early minutes as Carrick and Kagawa link up inside the Liverpool half.

We're underway on Merseyside after those well-observed tributes. Remember you can watch the game live on SS1HD.

Several crowd mosaics are on display - 'The Truth' on the Kop, 'Justic' on the Lower Centenary Stand and the number 96 on the Anfield Road end.

Sir Bobby Charlton has just handed over a floral tribute to Ian Rush, while Gerrard and Giggs are releasing 96 red balloons in emotional scenes at Anfield. The supporters all join in with the applause before a heartfelt rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Good to see as the handshakes pass without incident, with Suarez and Evra observing the gesture.

The teams emerge at Anfield to a sea of noise from the home crowd. The players have '96' on the back of their tracksuits.

Dave Maxwell wrote in - "As a man u fan i,m hoping for a comfortable win but believe that it's going to be a very emotional and strongly contested game. I,ve been really impressed with glen Johnson's play this season but believe Pepe Reina has looked a little out of sorts and that could be the difference today 2-1 to utd and maybe the odd penalty or two."

@DMag17 - "occasion will get the better of Liverpool,United to win 4-1,Liverpool to finish with 10 men."

@ChaseFernando tweeted - "Liverpool need this win for the fans and for the club, reckon it will be a close affair Liverpool edging 2-0 both Suarez!!"

Managers Brendan Rodgers and Sir Alex Ferguson have just been interviewed together on Super Sunday as a great show of unity before the game. Neither anticipate any problems regarding the handshake situation between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra.

Paul Macey thinks Robin van Persie could prove the difference today - "I think it's gonna be a close game,but,reckon Utd will edge it 1-0 (Van Persie). I really hope the ''respect'' is shown by all supporters there today."

@danpti is hoping the Reds can kick-start their campaign. He tweeted - "Hoping this is Liverpool's turn round point for the season #YNWA."

Sky Sports' Super Sunday pundit Jamie Redknapp is optimistic of mutual respect between the opposing players and fans this afternoon. He said - "I'm sure, I've got a good feeling this game will be played in the right spirit."

Sophic Isaac wrote in - "Hope Liverpool win this game they haven't won a game this season so far and I believe they will surprise us all, think the score will be 3-1 to Liverpool with Suarez scoring 2 and Borini will have his first goal and Van Persie will score for Man U, COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!!"

There's plenty of feedback flooding in. Here's what you've had to say...

The biggest news from those line-ups is that Nemanja Vidic is absent, with Evans and Ferdinand at centre-half. The captain was due to release 96 balloons shortly before kick-off with Reds skipper Steven Gerrard, but Ryan Giggs will reportedly take the armband this afternoon.

Taking refereeing duties this afternoon is Mark Halsey (Lancashire).

Man Utd: Lindegaard, Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra, Carrick, Giggs, Valencia, Kagawa, Nani, van Persie.

Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Allen, Gerrard, Shelvey, Borini, Sterling, Suarez.

Here come the teams then...

I'll be bringing you the team news very shortly but first why not drop me a line with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? You can email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

The match is also live on Sky Sports HD1 and in Sky Sports 3D, with build-up kicking off at 1pm.

We'll be keeping you updated on all the action on what promises to be an emotional afternoon at Anfield as the Reds play their first home game since the recent report into the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy in which 96 supporters lost their lives. Several tributes to the victims and their families have been planned ahead of the game.

A very good afternoon all and welcome to our live text commentary of Liverpool v Manchester United.

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