FT: Manchester City 2 Tottenham 1

Man City 2 Tottenham 1. Spurs took the lead at the Etihad, but were unable to hang on to that advantage. Dzeko the hero for City again as he steps off the bench to net the winner.

City prepared to hammer the ball towards the corner flag, forcing Friedel to chase. He goes long with a goal kick, but the ball won't drop for Spurs. Naughton then has a tug at Clichy and that should be that.

Dempsey collects a loose ball, but can't bring the ball down or send it wide to Bale. City surge forward, with Toure still full of energy. He helps the Blues to win a corner. More time taken off the clock.

Dawson slips as he goes to clear. He's fortunate Kolarov wasn't closer to him. Clichy then plays a risky back-pass to Hart, but he puts his foot through the ball and finds touch.

Spurs need to hurry things up, but aren't helped by the fact they try to take a throw-in from the wrong place. Vertonghen with a hopeful punt down field.

Aguero trudges from the field to be replaced by Javi Garcia. Standing ovation for the Argentine striker, who takes an age to get off the pitch.

Five minutes of stoppage time to be played.

Defoe thinks he has won a corner off Clichy, but a goal kick is given. Hart in no rush to get the game restarted. City now prepared to run down the lock. Frustration for Villas-Boas on the sidelines. Defoe then tumbles under a Clichy challenge inside the biox, but gets nothing.

Dzeko with his sixth league goal of the season. He may not like the super sub tag, but he seems to suit him. Mancini won't want to change things if he keeps on scoring off the bench.

GOAL MAN CITY - DZEKO. Surely City have stolen all three points. Dezeko allowed to drift across the field and find Silva. He dinks the ball over the Spurs defence and Dezeko hooks a volley past Friedel.

Assistant has his flag in the air again, againsty Kolarov this time. Spurs change on the way, with Naughton sebnt on in place of Lennon.

Maicon with a decent cross from the right that Dawson has to nod clear. Aguero with another smart turn to find Silva. He in turn feeds Maicon, who drifts in field. A cross-shot comes to nothing.

Smart defending from Dawson, as he slams the door in Dzeko's face. He has no option, though, but to lump clear. Spurs win the ball back, with Vertonghen pushing well forward. Cluichy has all day to clear, but almost makes a mess of things.

Rapid counter from Bale, who pegs City back in their own half by winning a corner. Set-piece is played short. Spurs work the ball across the field to Sandro, but he sends a pass intended for Lennon out of play.

Lennon lets the ball run past him, and then slips. City back in possession. Maicon off and running down their right, but Caulker covers. Dzeko then with a clever flick to Aguero. His snap shot is beaten away by Friedel.

Better from Kolarov as he picks out Maicon from the corner. His glancing header is collected by Silva. Bale then forced to hack into the stands. Aguero somehow forces the ball into the path of Silva and he pokes an effort inches past the post.

Maicon skips past Vertonghen, but stands on the ball. He is good enough to go and get it back. City looking sharper. Aguero runs across the edge of the box, before finding Kolarov. His effort flicks off Gallas and into the side-netting.

Adebayor has run his race. Boos from the home support as he is replaced by Defoe.

Gallas has slotted in at right-back for Spurs, with Dawson alongside Caulker in the centre. First touch for Dawson sees him knock the ball behind. Silva ghosted in unnoticed and almost collected a Maicon cross. From the resutling corner, Dzeko glances narrowly wide.

Sandro chases back with Barry and wins a goal kick. Great play again from the Brazilian midfielder. Another change on the way as Dawson comes on in place of Walker.

Another free-kick goes against Adebayor, which City take too quickly and are pulled back. Silva unable to turn as Sandro is always one step behind him.

Adebayor has been booked for his collision with Zabaleta. He did charge into the City man after the ball had gone.

Another coming together between Zabaleta and Adebayor. Referee saw it but has taken no action. Bale unable to float a cross into the City box. The Blues counter, but Kolarov slips as he crosses and sends the ball out of play.

Great play from Aguero as he runs away from Huddlestone and finds Maicon. He plays an early ball towards Dzeko which is cut out. Spurs can't clear and Kolarov sees a stinging drive blocked by Gallas.

Bale picks Toure's pocket before bundling through a couple of challenges. He gets the ball onto his left foot and pulls the trigger. Smart save from Hart, but the effort was close too him.

The ball flashes across the front of the Spurs goal again. Tevez this time with a snap shot which beats Friedel and the post. Last contribution from the Argentine as he is replaced by Dzeko.

Huddlestone takes a free-kick for Spurs, rolling the ball in low towards Dempsey. Kompany read the danger well. Toure is back on the field and back on the ball, as he sends Maicon sprinting down the City right.

Toure back on his feet, while Dzeko is stripped and ready on the City bench. Mancini going in search of three points. Toure hobbles to the sidelines.

Sandro collides with Toure, who stays down and will require treatment. It was a 50-50 challenge that Toure came out of second best. He took a hefty blow from Sandro, who came through him to the ball.

Adebayor runs the ball clear for Spurs, before being tripped by Kompany. Clumsy challenge from the City skipper. Gallas sends the free-kick long, but can't pick out Bale.

City probing again. Maicon is acres of space wide on the right. Vertonghen backs off and allows the Brazilian to drill across the face of goal. No-one gambled in a blue shirt.

A wild effort from Bale sails into the stands. He is picked out in a yard of space, but his shot is always rising and never troubles Hart. City look to mount an attack of their own, but the flag is up yet again against Aguero.

Game on now. The crowd are back on City's side after going very quiet. Away support doing their best to get Spurs back on the front foot.

GOAL MAN CITY - AGUERO. City find a way through. Silva drifts throught midfield. The ball ricochets into the path of Aguero, rather fortunately, and he does really well to cut inside Caulker and roll the ball into the bottom corner.

Kolarov forces over a low cross, but Gallas can cut it out. Adebayor does well to hold the ball up for Spurs and bring others into play. He has done really well in that lone frontman role.

Untidy passage of play, with neither side able to get a foot on the ball. Haven't seen much from Bale today, as he loses possession. Nicely worked by City to Clichy, who feeds Silva. He is felled by Sandro.

Mancini out offering instructions to his players. He needs to mix things up in the final third - Sinclair or Dzeko maybe. Too easy for Spurs at the moment, and they have options on the bench to tighten things up.

Lennon unable to collect a pass aimed in his direction. To be fair to him, it was aimed at head height. City seem to lack urgency as they get the ball back in place. Clichy with a poor pass towards Kolarov.

Great run from Toure and a better ball from Maicon. Toure gets to the dead-ball line and hammers goalwards. Friedel gets a touch, but the ball had already gone behind for a goal kick.

Vertonghen slides Adebayor into space. Maicon does well to get across the Spurs man to concede a throw. Adebayor then bundles through Zabaleta, as part of their running battle, and City can clear their lines.

Tevez stays onside this time and wins a corner. Kolarov's delivery is cleared by Bale, the first man. His deliveries have been poor today. Barry then lets Spurs off the hook as he concedes a needless foul.

Toure with a great pass down the channel for Tevez to chase. Guess what? Flag goes up. He thought he had come back and gone again, but never actually got himself onside.

First change of the afternoon sees Nastasic make way for Maicon. He goes over to the right wing. Mancini messing around with formations again.

Aguero on the ball again. He looks to feed it back towards the penalty spot, but Sandro is able to clear.

Flag stays down this time as Aguero is sprung into acres of space. He can't control the ball and then falls over his own feet. Sums up City.

Walker can't clear and flicks the ball to Aguero. He stands up Caulker and wins a corner. Kolarov trots over to take. His delivery is low towards the front post again. This time he gets another chance to deliver from another corner. Kompany gets a head to the ball, but nods over.

Nice one-two in a tight area between Aguero and Silva. The latter's first touch then lets him down. Safety first from Caulker as he puts the ball out for a throw deep in the Spurs half. Flag then goes up again as Tevez moves into space. Tight call, but the right one.

Ball back with Hart again. Groans from the home support. Clichy then does well to skip down the left flank. Kolarov can't force over a cross. Spurs can't get out of their own half.

Huddlestone probds forward, but towards no-one. Hart puts Nastasic under pressure, but gets the ball back and hacks down field. City press through Tevez, but he too is forced backwards.

Toure forced to send the ball back to Hart, as Dempsey puts him under pressure. City then go long again, but find Aguero in an offside position. Spurs defence doing really well to hold a high line.

Adebayor wins two throws in quick succession. Spurs making headway down their right. Walker and Lennon decide against sending over a cross, and eventually surrender possession.

Vertonghen limps away from the incident. Kolarov delivers the corner low to the front post. Not the best and Kompany can't make anything of it. Easy for Spurs to hammer clear. City come again, but Tevez is offside.

Spurs now looking to keep City pegged back inside their own half. They can't, as Silva leads City towards the final third. Toure takes over, and finds Tevez. He finds Zabaleta, who forces a corner off Vertonghen. The Spurs man stays down.

Sandro doing a good job controlling space in front of Spurs' back four. He is tripped by Aguero on this occasion. City need to make sure they don't look to push the issue. Patience is the order of the day for them.

Spurs get the second half underway.

The players are back with us and we are ready for the off once more. Will we get more goals? We are about to find out.

George Bennett says: "Tevez to get an equaliser, Bale to give Tottenham back their lead, Yaya Toure to equalise & Dempsey to get winner!"

Nick says: "I think Spurs should bring on asap, Dawson as he is fitter than Gallas, just to tighten up the defence, a draw would be a great result for the Spurs!!"

Liam McWilliams isn't happy. He says: "Is it the same ref as what robbed us at @afcajax? Terrible refereeing!"

Remember you can bet in-play at Skybet.com. City have drifted to 2/1 to take the points, with Spurs now 11/8 and the draw 9/4. You can get 12/1 on Adebayor to get the next goal.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Man City 0 Tottenham 1. Caulker's header which slipped through Hart separates the two sides at the break. City have work to do in the second half as Spurs look solid.

Toure dropping deep in search of the ball, but this looks like Spurs will enter the interval in front. Frustrating 45 minutes for the hosts.

Lennon may be small but he is prepared to square up to Kolarov. Nerves starting to fray now. City pressing for a late leveller. Aguero picks out Zabaleta, but with his weaker left foot he fires straight at Friedel.

Two minutes of stoppage time to be played.

Well played by Barry as he helps his back four out and sets up a possible counter. City trying to force the issue now and are looking for the killer pass too early. Ball back in the hands of Friedel.

Huddlestone with a floated delivery down the middle. He can't find his go-to man Caulker this time. City look to spring clear, but Barry is pulled up for a trip on Lennon. He did catch the winger's ankle.

Sandro takes a tumble and wins a free-kick. Toure not happy witht the decision and will get a talking to. He is still arguing his case as he approaches the referee. No caution on this occasion. Kompany has a word on Toure's ear to try and calm him down.

Opportunity wasted by Tevez, Toure springs Silva clear with a defense-splitting pass. He squares for Tevez, who bundles the ball straight at Friedel. He made poor contact.

Nastasic is back with us and appears to be okay. He starts a move which ends up with Kolarov collecting a loose ball after Gallas mis-times a jump and allows the ball to bounce. A wild effort sails well wide.

Kolarov sportingly returns the ball to Friedel. Huddlestone then fires a poor pass towards Walker, which is easily cut out. Kolarov chases down the City left and clearly hauls Walker to the ground. Easy decision for the officials.

Nastasic is down and requires treatment. Mancini doesn't look too amused on the bench. He looks cold and bored. Nastasic suffered a heavy fall after challenging for a high ball.

Wild clearance from Vertonghen, with his right foot. The ball curls back behind him and away for a throw on the far side. City press through Tevez, but his floated cross is plucked out of the air by Friedel.

Kolarov offers Huddlestone another chance to whip a dangerous delivery into the City box as he fells Lennon, Toure is down and holding his leg. He gets to his feet, but is hobbling. The resulting set-piece comes to nothing.

Nastasic comes through the back of Dempsey, who stood tall. Clever front play from the Spurs man. Huddlestone picks out Caulker with another free-kick, but Barry is on hand to clear for City.

Toure leads a City charge, before feeding Aguero. He has Kolarov cutting inside from the left. The final pass is slightly behind the City man and he can't dig the ball out and get an effort on target. A tame shot bobbles well wide.

Another penalty shout from City as Zabaleta bursts into the box and takes a tumble. Nothing given again. Huddlestone blocked Zabaleta's path and wasn't looking at the ball. Tevez is then caught offside.

Tevez tries to inject some life into City, after dropping deep to get in possession. Spurs working so hard to keep the home side at arm's length.

Clichy with a clever pass in behind Walker for Kolarov to chase. Sandro tracks the run all the way and puts in a sliding block. Great work from the Brazilian as he wins a goal kick.

Adebayor starting to make more of an impression, as he starts to win a few more long balls. Those around him letting him down at times with some wayward passing.

Huddlestone with another dangerous delivery from a set-piece. City's clearance falls to Adebayor, but his first touch is loose. Vertonghen stands a cross up to the back post, but Bale's header drifts way off target.

Good hold up play from Dempsey, who has been quiet so far. Zabaleta then trips Adebayor again, and this time he does see yellow. You could see that coming.

Zabaleta with a poor cross from the right. He then crunches into Adebayor and concedes a free-kick. Zabaleta gives the former City striker a mouthful and gets a talking to from referee Michael Oliver.

First caution of the game goes to Walker. He dived into a tackle from behind on Clichy, who he sent flying. City opt to play the free-kick short, before eventually forcing a throw deep in Tottenham territory.

City looking to pick the Spurs lock, but the visitors have the door firmly bolted at the moment.

The ball brushed off Gallas' arm but there was no intent. Adebayor now scampers clear after catching Kompany cold. He lays the ball off to Huddlestone, who sends a fizzing 20 yard drive inches past the post.

Tevez pulls wide right again. He finds Silva, who floats a pass into the chest of Aguero. He looks to find a route to goal and claims a handball against Gallas. Protests are waved away. Crowd not happy.

Villas-Boas out on the sidelines applauding his troops. Spurs haven't offered too much so far, but they lead and now have something to build on.

City weren't happy with the award of the free-kick and will feel that Hart should have done a lot better with Caulker's header. Unlike him to make such a costly error. City now have to offer a positive response.

GOAL TOTTENHAM - CAULKER. Aguero tracks back and concedes a free-kick on Lennon. Huddlestone whips the ball into the heart of the box and Caulker gets a strong head on it. Straight at Hart, but he can't keep the ball out as he flaps into his own net.

Sloppy defending from City as Nastasic allows a long throw to bounce inside the box. Lennon is sniffing around, but Hart dives onto the loose ball. Adebayor goes over the City keeper, but gets nothing.

Spurs looking to get something going, but Toure gets in Huddlestone's face as soon as he receives the ball. Spurs go out to their left and Vertonghen's cross is hacked clear from in front of his own goal by Kompany.

Handball decision goes against Vertonghen on halfway. City slip back into their passing game. Nastasic allowed to run the ball forward from the back. Silva goes down under a challenge from Sandro, but is waved to his feet.

Delivery picks out Caulker, whose looping header drops onto the roof of the net. Another corner is the decision. Huddlestone delivers from the Spurs right. The ball is half-cleared by City, before Zabaleta runs it to safety.

Spurs can't get anything going in the final third. As I say that, Bale runs at Zabaleta and the City man brings him down. Opportunity for Spurs to push men forward and test Hart. Huddlestone's free-kick comes off Kolarov and floats behind for a corner.

Shots of Balotelli in the stands. He is not in City's matchday squad and is not believed to be carrying a knock. On the field, Aguero goes down in the box under a challenge from Walker. Nothing given, with the Spurs man having got a toe to the ball.

Aguero bundles his way forward, past two challenges. He then wins a free-kick off Huddlestone. A good 35 yards out, but Kolarov fancies it. He goes for goal, Friedel spills, but is able to keep the ball in play and prevent a corner.

Tevez arching into space this time down the middle of the field. Zabaleta spots him early, but his pass has too much weight behind it and skips off the turf and behind for a goal kick.

City still pressing well inside the Spurs half. Kolarov prevents Walker from sending a long ball down the line. Mancini rooted to his seat at present. He will be happy enough with what he has seen so far.

Tevez pulls wide to the right. Plenty in the box to aim at. Instead the ball is fed out to Barry. He tries to dink a pass into the area, but settles for a corner. Kolarov's whipped delivery to the front post almost picks out Nastasic, who had lost Sandro.

Great run from Aguero, and a great spot from Clichy. He bends the ball behind Spurs' back four, but Aguero can't get a toe to it. He timed his run in behind to perfection.

Composed defending from Kompany as he nods across to Nastasic. A centre-half partnership that is still a work in progress. City then look to press again down their right. Silva's threaded pass has too much on it.

Lennon with a clever first touch, luring Clichy into a rash tackle. Spurs yet to offer any kind of a threat to the City defensive line. The Blues are knocking the ball around well and do not look like a side short on confidence - which some reports would have us believe they are.

Zabaleta well forward down the City right, and he has space to move in to. The pass towards him has too much on it and runs through to Friedel. Adebayor can't get a touch to a long clearance down field.

Floated ball aimed at Tevez, but he can't grow enough to get a touch. Spurs unable to counter, which they are set up to do. City's back four prepared to sit deep.

Kolarov is operating as a winger today, what must Sinclair be thinking on the bench? On the pitch, Lennon finds himself back in a right-back berth and has to concede a throw. City pressing high.

Sandro and Kompany crunch into a challenge. Tevez prevented from carrying the ball into the Spurs box. He then fails to complete a one-two with Aguero. City looking lively.

Nice one-touch football down the City right, but Spurs have them matched up man-to-man. No way past Clichy for Walker, with Adebayor forced to track back and put in a sliding challenge. Suddenly Aguero springs clear, beating the offside trap, but the ball skips through to Friedel.

City looking to play their way out from the back. Silva, back in the side today after a spell on the sidelines, is trying to get involved as much as possible.

Great noise inside the Etihad. Adebayor takes his first touch, way back on the halfway line. He tries to send Lennon scampering down the right, but the pass is cut out. Adebayor then forced off to remove white tape from his black socks!!

City get us up and running.

Adebayor treating this like a family reunion - hugs all round for his former City team-mates. Out on the field, it is Remembrance Sunday and we will have a minute's silence prior to kick-off.

Players are now with us so we will have to leave the feedback there. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

For the record, today's referee is Michael Oliver.

Alan Davis sees a certain Spurs winger stealing the show. He says: "I think Spurs will get a shock 2-0 win today with Bale scoring a penalty and Bale will also run the field, round Hart and tap it in."

Natasha Mehmood is slightly more optimistic and sees Spurs edging this. She says: "I think Spurs can nick this 3-2 and Bale to score first. Come on Spurs."

Steve Neal isn't happy. He says: "What is AVB playing at? A lone striker yet again and we have proved we play better with a 4 4 2 set up, cant wait till the guy is sacked, as I will be putting money on a bet says he does not last a season,Ii really don't fancy this game and I think we will be lucky to get a draw."

Russell Farmer has come out in support of AVB. He says: "It will be refreshing to see Dempsey and Adebayor playing upfront together, I can see them working well together and with Defoe working best as coming on as sub if required. COYS!!"

We're closing in on kick-off at the Etihad. Keep your opinions coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Matt Carroll sees City getting the job done on home soil. He says: "City to win 3-1 with Yaya Toure to get the first."

Villas-Boas on Sky Sports 1HD defending his decision to go with Adebayor over Defoe. He is in confident mood ahead of the game. Jamie Redknapp calls the decision 'astonishing'.

Akshet Shetty is going for an away win. He says: "I honestly see Spurs nicking this one, City look vulnerable, Kompany hasn't been great and I am sure Defoe will exploit their flimsy defence. I predict 3-2 Spurs. I am also a Chelsea fan, so it would be good to take some points away from City..."

David Newman is tuning in from the Far East. He says: "Just arrived in Fukuoyata Japan after a 14 hour journey from Israel. Got to the hotel, switched on the internet and straight into the Tottenham game. Defoe is riding a wave at the moment, full of confidence, and he should not have been left out. A lot will depend on whether City manage to muzzle Bale or not. If he gets free from them, then I am hoping for a 2-1 win for Tottenham."

Ste Smith has been left bemused by Spurs' selection. He says: "I can't believe Defoe has been left on the bench today! What's he playing at, should be Defoe and Adebayor with Huddlestone dropped and go for it...City are not great at the moment but winning with this side? I see 2-1 to City, AVB will cost us this one."

Gabriel Sutton thinks this is a tough game to call. He says: "It was a poor defensive display from the Citizens against Ajax on Tuesday, I am of the opinion Man City can't win the Champions League until Mancini goes- his tactical nous just isn't up to scratch and their summer signings have taken the squad backwards. I'm also not sure about AVB at Spurs, taking off Defoe whilst 1-0 down at home, 20 mins to go was a laughable decision. I wouldn't particularly fancy either side for this match, so I'll go with a draw."

James Pinnegar is first to offer an opinion on today's game. He says: "Why wont AVB play Adebayor and Defoe up front? I know Maribor weren't much of a team but it worked. If he brings on Defoe I can see Spurs nicking this 3-2. Come on you SPURS."

Tottenham team: Friedel, Walker, Gallas, Caulker, Vertonghen, Sandro, Huddlestone, Lennon, Bale, Dempsey, Adebayor. Subs: Lloris, Naughton, Dawson, Livermore, Carroll, Sigurdsson, Defoe.

Man City team: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Barry, Silva, Kolarov, Tevez, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Kolo Toure, Sinclair, Garcia, Dzeko, Razak, Maicon.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. City start as favourites at 1/2, with Tottenham 5/1 and the draw 100/30. You can get 4/1 on Carlos Tevez opening the scoring, or maybe you fancy Emmanuel Adebayor at 8/1.

Can City raise their game and start catching the eye or will Spurs secure a Manchester double following their victory over United earlier in the season? Who will be the players to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to offer your thoughts on the game by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Spurs have also come under fire of late, with their own supporters jeering them from the field last time out. Again, though, they have cause for optimism here, with three points all that separates them from fourth-placed Everton.

City are considered by some to have fallen under mounting pressure over recent weeks, but they remain unbeaten in the league and could close to within two points of table-topping Manchester United with a victory here.

Welcome to the Etihad Stadium for our coverage of today's Premier League clash between Manchester City and Tottenham.

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