FT: West Ham 1 Stoke 1

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That's it - it's all over as West Ham come back for 1-1 draw against Stoke.

The seconds trickle down and this one looks destined for a draw now...

Noble fouls Adam as Stoke win a free-kick on the left late on. It's a good delivery from Walters but West Ham cope with it.

There's a flick from Demel at the near post but Reid's header lacks the power to trouble Begovic.

Four minutes of extra time are added. Enough for one side to snatch a winner? West Ham win a corner in these dying stages.

We're into the final minute of regular time and Diame charges up field on the attack for West Ham but Crouch deals with the resulting cross into the box.

Begovic blocks at the near post to deny McCartney as he tries to pick out Nolan. The goalkeeper fires his kick upfield, seeking Crouch.

West Ham are still pressing as these minutes trickle down, with Stoke forced to clear a Taylor ball from skidding into the box.

Maiga also makes way as Matt Taylor returns from injury.

The Hammers make another change as Carroll is brought off for Carlton Cole - and he's not happy about it.

Maiga loses out to Cameron and he makes a run before finding Palacios in midfield, but the Hammers man atones by winning it back.

McCartney plants a cross in the box and it falls to Demel just outside the box but he fires his timid shot wide.

Stoke win a throw inside their own end and Crouch eventually brings the ball down but the Hammers pounce back onto it as Demel tanks forward down the right.

Carroll lifts in a cross and Crouch is forced to clear with another header. It's the Hammers applying the pressure as the time ticks away.

Nolan wins the ball from Shawcross on the left of the Stoke half and Shotton is forced to deal with a dangerous cross seconds later. West Ham corner.

The two sides battle for the ball in midfield until N'Zonzi snatches possession, but the flag goes up on Walters.

The Hammers win a free-kick and Noble floats it in from far out. Diame climbs to greet it but can't get his header on target.

There's a break and the Hammers make their first switch as Demel makes his entrance in place of goalscorer O'Brien.

West Ham are preparing to make a change as Guy Demel gets to his feet. O'Brien has knocked the ball out for a Begovic kick.

Stoke win a free-kick in their own end as Walters is brought down. Begovic lifts it up field, looking for Crouch in the Hammers half.

There's another change for Stoke as Etherington makes way for Michael Kightly.

Adam picks out Etherington and he storms off towards goal but the flag is up.

O'Brien lifts a diagonal ball into the box but it's dealt with by Cameron. Tomkins strides out of defence to get forward down the middle.

Walters tries his luck with a shot from range but it flies over. Adam charges down the middle and picks out Etherington on the left but the Hammers defence hold him up.

It's a wasted hard-earned corner for West Ham as the ball goes back to Stoke. Crouch gets the ball away, finding Palacios in midfield.

Noble chips a high ball into the box, looking for O'Neil, but he can't get himself in the position to greet it. West Ham corner.

Stoke win a throw in the middle of the park which Shotton lofts in. It's headed away by West Ham but only as far as Palacios in midfield.

Maiga and Noble link up well on the left before the former breaks, finding Nolan on the edge of the box, but it goes behind for a Begovic goal-kick.

Noble hurls himself at Adam's cross into the box to head it away. Shotton steps up to take the resulting throw on the left.

It's a short corner and O'Neil picks up the ball on the edge of the box, firing in a shot which comes close but is just wide.

Maiga battles with Cameron as they both try to reach a long ball and it's the Hammers man that wins the fight and a corner for the hosts.

Glenn Whelan makes way for Wilson Palacios as Stoke make another change.

McCartney lifts in a cross, looking for Carroll in the area, but Begovic is there to leap and snatch the ball clear.

Adam tries to get a shot away from inside the box but Noble turns his effort behind for a Stoke corner, which Etherington takes.

The Hammers win two corners in quick succession. Noble's second is attacked but the Potters defence hold firm, with Walters managing to clear.

Etherington's cross is picked up by Tomkins in the West Ham box and he lofts it clear. Maiga lifts in a long ball from the left and Nolan climbs to greet it and takes a tumble under pressure from Shotton in the box, but nothing is given by the ref.

Noble does well to get the ball away as Stoke try to push up the field. Pulis is irate on the touchline as the Hammers win a throw which he feels should have been Stoke's.

There's more Hammers pressure as Carroll gets forward with some aggressive play, winning a header to allow Maiga to try a shot, but N'Zonzi eventually clears.

Carroll defends the corner but stays down after going to ground after a collision. He's soon back on his feet, however.

Etherington tries to pick out Crouch in the Hammers box but O'Brien makes a crucial block to deny him. Stoke corner.

Tomkins wins a corner on the right in the aftermath of the free-kick as the hosts continue to threaten. Crouch is there with a header to get it away.

The Hammers win a free-kick after a rushed Whelan tackle. Noble steps up to take it from range, looking for Carroll.

Nolan seeks Carroll with a scooped up ball just on the edge of the box but Huth is there with a header to see it away.

Maiga touches the ball onto the onrushing McCartney down the left but two Stoke defenders are there to block him.

Cameron's cross is dealt with by Reid and Noble gets the ball away for the Hammers and up to Carroll in midfield.

Begovic's goal-kick is met by the head of Carroll but his ball goes out for a Shotton throw.

The Hammers are back on level footing then and pressing for another as Noble takes a free-kick but it's dealt with by the Stoke defence.

Diame is the creator as he ploughs through a couple of challenges in the box before finding O'Neil out on the right. His cross is met perfectly by O'Brien as he fires home his first ever Premier League goal.

GOAL! 1-1! O'Brien equalises for West Ham!

West Ham come very close to pulling one back as Maiga and Diame combine well down the left then Nolan pokes a shot at goal but Begovic makes a low save.

We're back underway in East London, with the visitors getting things started this half. Stoke win an early throw on the left of the Hammers' half.

Time for the second half, no changes to either side - enjoy it guys.

@SigstonBilly tweeted - "i still got a feeling that west ham will win 2-1 at least."

Steven Weller wrote in to say - "West ham to pull it back second half & to go on and win 3-1 !!! Come on you hammers."

Jack Allum says - "I'm a hammers fan, and that was dreadful! No creativity, no pace, and all LONG BALL! Carroll has been fouled several times, but Chris Foy apparently seems to miss them, and the long balls have been all over the bloody place!"

King Jones has been back in touch to say - "Not the start i was hoping for and so much for my 2-0 prediction. We are down but surely not out, its a game of 2 half's and i am sure the next 45 mins will be ours. Come on you irons."

Thoughts on that half? You can get in touch by email at rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or tweet @SkySportsRachG.

The whistle blows for half-time and it's Stoke that lead 1-0 going into the break thanks to Walters goal.

N'Zonzi finds Walters out on the left and he passes to Adam, but the midfielder's ball is misplaced and rolls straight out.

Two extra minutes are added this half. Nolan chases down a ball near the Potters goal but Begovic stoops to collect.

We're into the final minute of regular time this half and Stoke will be keen to keep their lead going into the break. McCartney beats Etherington and finds Maiga near the Potters box as West Ham try a late assault.

Begovic gets the ball away as Diame advances but it goes straight out for a Hammers throw in midfield, which McCartney takes quickly.

Nolan requires some assistance as he goes down with an apparent leg problem after a collision with Shotton and there's a brief lull in play.

Adam wins the ball and gets away in midfield, with Walters pouncing on a pass into the box, but Tomkins is there to intervene.

O'Brien takes a throw for the Hammers inside their own half and the home side try to get forward through Diame again.

Stoke continue to apply the pressure as Whelan picks out Crouch and the towering striker heads into the box but Jaaskelainen is there to collect.

N'Zonzi comes extremely close for the Potters as his powerful shot bounces off the underside of the bar and back out. It's a fine shot and unlucky for the Stoke man.

Noble earns the first booking of the night for a foul on Walters from behind.

Nolan fouls N'Zonzi and Stoke are allowed to break again. Walters plants a cross in the box but Tomkins gets away and N'Zonzi's rebounded effort is off target.

West Ham think they've won a corner but the ref gives a goal-kick instead. Back on the ball, the Hammers defence trade passes in their own end.

Noble's free-kick into the Stoke wall is dealt with by Etherington. Noble then loses the ball and Crouch breaks but he's held up by Diame.

The Hammers take a throw inside their own half and Carroll gets away, but he's brought down and this time he wins a free-kick.

It's the end of Wilkinson's evening as he goes off injured, with Shotton coming on for the visitors in an enforced change. He's holding his back as he exits.

Carroll gets a shove in the back from Cameron but the ref is unmoved, much to the chagrin of the home faithful.

Etherington tries to build something down the left flank but he loses the ball. Nolan greets a cross in the box but can't get a shot away.

Wilkinson appears to have picked up a knock and there's discussion with the Stoke bench over whether he can carry on.

It's a fantastic save from Begovic against Tomkins' point-blank header but the flag is up anyway and it wouldn't have counted.

The hosts start to turn up the heat as Maiga finds Nolan and the midfielder tries a shot, with Begovic holding steady. The Hammers win a corner soon after.

Diame makes another run down the left with a big burst of pace but his cross goes unanswered in the box and the Hammers make do with a throw.

Diame bulldozes his way through the box, skipping past defenders, but Begovic crouches low to snatch the ball to safety.

Stoke come close again from a set-piece and Jaaskelainen does brilliantly to deny Huth with a super save, palming the ball away.

Carroll leaps to greet another cross from the right but can't get his header on target. Etherington steps up to take another Stoke corner seconds later.

Maiga chases a Diame ball down the left and fires in a low cross meant for Nolan, but can't quite find his man.

Tomkins' long ball is dealt with and Stoke get it away, winning a throw at the other end. A looping ball from Adam goes straight back to Jaaskelainen.

Huth concedes a free-kick for Stoke on the halfway line which Tomkins steps up to take for the hosts.

Diame loses the ball to Adam as a West Ham attack is dissolved. N'Zonzi gets forward for Stoke on the counter.

Tomkins gets the ball away as Stoke threaten near the Hammers' goal. The Potters take a throw but Crouch can't direct it on towards goal with a header.

Noble slides a diagonal ball into the box which is touched on by Nolan but the Potters defence hold firm. Stoke win a free-kick on the edge of their own box after Carroll and Wilkinson tussle.

The Hammers win a throw in midfield which McCartney takes. Diame appears to be felled in midfield but play goes on and Adam tries a very optimistic shot from range which comes to nothing.

Cameron wins the ball back from Stoke but Carroll reclaims it in the Potters half - only to knock it behind to hand it back to Begovic.

The hosts are on the back foot now and pushing for a response as Diame picks out Maiga from midfield with a long ball.

Walters storms around from the far post to greet Whelan's corner and fire it neatly home with a clinical finish as the Potters take control.

GOAL! Walters for Stoke!

Stoke win their first corner after McCartney chases down Walters and puts it behind. Glenn Whelan steps up to take it...

Nolan charges down the ball to put pressure on Begovic but the goalkeeper withstands it to get his clearance away.

McCartney lifts in a well-placed cross from the left which Carroll charges towards in the box but he's beaten to it by Begovic, who snatches the ball to safety.

Crouch rises to meet N'Zonzi's flick-on at the far post but his header goes into the waiting gloves of Jaaskelainen.

Huth deals with Maiga on the edge of the area by the hoofing the ball away and it's a Hammers throw. The ball falls to Nolan in space but he's offside.

Reid fires a low ball upfield looking for Carroll but Shawcross is there to deal with it near the Potters' box.

Stoke win a throw in in the middle of the park and it goes straight out for another, which is lofted up towards Crouch, but Nolan gets it away.

Adam tries to slot the ball through to the onrushing Etherington as Stoke mount an attack but it goes through his legs.

Nolan wins another corner for West Ham after some more good work from Diame. Noble's effort goes comfortably to Begovic.

A long diagonal ball from Shawcross falls to Adam, who scoops his shot over the cross bar as Stoke get their first real chance.

Diame manages to pick up Noble's corner but it rolls out of play. A long Stoke ball goes back to Jaaskelainen as Reid looks to contain Crouch.

Diame tries a weave down the left and finds Maiga, who manages to get a cross away and win a first corner for the Hammers.

We're underway at Upton Park and it's the home side that get things started. Carroll wins a long ball from Diame early on.

Things will be getting underway in East London shortly. Enjoy the first half and keep the feedback coming at the break!

Keith Hulse had this to say - "The styles are not too dissimilar - both Pulis and Big Sam favoring a big man upfront supplying the knock-downs. Who can take advantage may win the day. Stoke need to show some ambition in this type of match-up and could come away with their first Road win since Blackburn back in January - Stoke 1-0 - Crouchie - who else ?"

@AaronMortimore tweeted - "come on you hammers and i got my wish of maiga starting #COYI"

West Ham would move into fifth with a win over the visiting Potters tonight, while Stoke are hoping to climb into midtable.

Plenty of optimistic Hammers fans out there! Stuart Scott wrote in - "West ham are on fire!! I can see this match ending 2-0 to West Ham.....Come on u irons!!"

King Jones says - "Evening Rahel and all you hammers out there, cant wait to get going as i have a good feeling about the outcome of tonights game. I fee Big Andy will get his first goal and setting up one other for a comfortable 2-0 win. Good luck to the Irons."

William Spearing has written in - "Two of the best defences in the league so far but my bet is on 2-1 west ham and continuing this great run were on! COYI!"

Stoke boss Tony Pulis has named an unchanged side following last weekend's victory over QPR, with midfielder Glenn Whelan overcoming a hamstring complaint.

Hammers manager Sam Allardyce makes two enforced changes to his starting line-up, with both Yossi Benayoun and Matt Jarvis out injured and Modibo Maiga and Gary O'Neil replacing them.

An update from Sky Bet...West Ham host Stoke tonight aiming for a win (11/10) that will put them above Arsenal and Everton into fifth. The Potters (14/5) have not travelled well so far this term and have failed to get on the scoresheet in three of their last four games. This, coupled with the Hammers' impressive six clean sheets already this season could point to a West Ham win to nil - 9/4. Kevin Nolan was on target last time out at Newcastle and he is price-boosted to 6/1 to open the scoring at Upton Park.

Refereeing this evening's encounter is Chris Foy (Merseyside).

Stoke: Begovic, Cameron, Huth, Shawcross, Wilkinson, Whelan, Adam, Nzonzi, Walters, Crouch, Etherington. Subs: Sorensen, Palacios, Jones, Upson, Kightly, Shotton, Jerome.

West Ham: Jaaskelainen, O'Brien, Reid, Tomkins, McCartney, Noble, Nolan, Diame, O'Neil, Carroll, Maiga. Subs: Spiegel, Cole, Taylor, Collins, Demel, Spence, Hall.

Here are the teams then...

I'll be bringing you the teams shortly, but in the mean time why not get in touch with your thoughts ahead of kick-off at 8pm? Email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

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Good evening and welcome to our live text coverage of West Ham v Stoke.

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