FT: Chelsea 0 Man City 0

90 + 2

90 + 2
Balotelli is booked for diving after a bizarre collision with Luiz. Both players ran into each other, looking for the foul.

90 + 1
Kompany has been the man of the match today. After overcoming injury, he has been a rock at the back.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added time before the final whistle.

Corner to City after Romeu puts the ball out. Nastasic meets the set-piece but heads straight at Cech.

Unless something remarkable happens in the closing minutes, a draw is going to be a fair result. Neither side has done enough to win this.

With perfect timing, Torres goes on a run but shows too much of the ball to Kompany who tackles and brushes off the striker, who is tamely looking for a foul.

Long balls have really not worked for Chelsea today. Torres has not held the ball up at all.

After Cole sends a 25-yard effort rocketing over the crossbar, City make a substitution. Balotelli is on in place of Aguero.

Defensively, have been better today and have done well to keep Silva quiet. They already look more organised at the back through Benitez.

Chelsea win two corners in quick succession but City can head clear both set-pieces. Torres then tries to win a penalty but went down very softly in a challenge with Zabaleta. Referee Foy is not interested.

Mata sends another free-kick into the Chelsea box but City can again clear. That has been a story of the game.

There remains quite a flat atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, where the rain is again hammering down.

Cech has to be alert to divert away a low Milner cross at the near post after it took a deflection en route.

Benitez makes his second substitution. Mikel is off and Romeu is on.

Tevez has space to bring the ball down at the back post after being found by Milner's deep cross. But Tevez then whacks a finish over the crossbar.

The game is becoming scrappy, with lots of free-kicks breaking up play. It looks as if one goal would win this.

Kolarov is booked for a slide tackle from behind which trips Moses, who was bursting forward over the halfway line. Kolarov's trailing leg caught Moses.

City win another corner and this time Ivanovic takes no chances when walloping the ball down field in a clearance.

Tevez forces Cech to give away a corner. Luiz gets his head to the set-piece and is lucky no City player was following up when only nodding down into the ground in the six-yard box.

Much is often made of Torres' body language and he looks tired at the moment. He is not making many runs for his team-mates and is only jogging.

Yaya Toure has been really disappointing today. He was also poor against Real Madrid. He has not been anywhere near as good as last season which is a factor in why City have not been as free-flowing as they were in 2011/12.

Torres is looking for a foul when going for a header with Barry at a throw-in. But again it was purely a case of his failure to stand strong.

Chelsea make their first change. Moses comes on in place of Hazard.

With 20 minutes left, Mancini will be hoping Tevez can make a difference and use his scoring streak against Chelsea to find a winner.

Dzeko, who has not had a very effective game, heads off to be replaced by Tevez.

Kolarov's corner is deep to the far post, where Milner heads it back into the danger area. But Nastasic takes no chances and volleys clear up field.

City do have a corner, which Chelsea comfortably clear. But Mancini's men remain on the attack and Dzeko wins another corner.

City build up an attack and Dzeko crosses low from the byline. Cole, though, defends excellently and, under his own crossbar, takes a touch before calmly clearing.

Chelsea are happy to let City have the ball and are standing off until their visitors move into the attacking half.

Ivanovic charges forward with the ball before being fouled by Zabaleta, who slid in with an attempt to win the ball.

Chelsea are back in numbers at a time when City are passing the ball around. Ramires and Mikel have done a good job on keeping Silva out of the game.

Chelsea are pushing forward at the moment and look like they can sense a goal. But they have still to force a genuine save from Hart.

Torres blasts just over the crossbar from inside the penalty area with his left foot after some great link-up down the right by Mata and Hazard.

The end-to-end pattern of the second half continues as Chelsea move forward and win a corner. Kompany has won almost everything in the air and again heads clear.

City win a corner but Torres heads clear and starts a counter-attack. He regains the ball on the break but is flagged offside. City take the free-kick quickly and outnumber Chelsea when attacking. Yaya Toure's shot from 25 yards is fumbled by Cech before being gathered at the second attempt.

Carlos Tevez is out warming up on the touchline. The striker has scored six goals in six Premier League games against Chelsea.

Chelsea move back up the other end of the field and win a corner. Luiz heads over the crossbar when meeting Mata's set-piece at the near post.

Torres then wins a free-kick of his own after being fouled by Kolarov. From Mata's set-piece, Barry heads clear and City break but Yaya Toure and Aguero are not on the same wavelength and the former puts the ball out of play for a goal-kick after the latter made a run.

After breaking forward before losing control of the ball, Torres hammers it out of play after being adjudged to have fouled Kolarov. Torres is lucky not to be booked for kicking the ball away.

Chelsea have not had many shots at goal today but Ramires does not turn down the chance to have a go from 30 yards. Hart can watch the effort fly over the crossbar.

From the free-kick, Chelsea go long towards Torres, again. But Barry wins the header with ease.

City remain on the front foot and Dzeko, who has been quiet, wins a corner from Oscar. Kolarov's set-piece is headed clear by Luiz and then Milner fouls Azpilicueta.

Poor from Hazard as he looks to roll a pass back to Luiz but only puts it out for a throw-in to City.

Cole gets into the left of the penalty area and volleys a fierce cross, which Kompany has to put out for a corner. From the set-piece, City clear with ease.

Silva drops very deep to get the ball from the City defence and aim to set his team moving forward on another attack. But Chelsea regain possession.

a flurry of throw-ins result in a somewhat clunky 60 seconds during the match. Stamford Bridge is quite quiet.

Luiz takes a risk when attempting to run the ball out of defence but is fouled by Aguero when under pressure.

The defending Premier League champions are immediately looking to attack and Milner plays a ball down the left to Aguero, who cannot prevent it from going out for a throw-in.

WE'RE BACK: City get the second half going.

The long balls up to Torres have not worked. The arrival of Benitez has not brought any immediate change in the Spaniard. Torres has not had a good half and has allowed himself to be outmuscled at times by Kompany and Nastasic.

City had the better of the first half but Aguero wasted the best chance of the opening exchanges. Some Chelsea fans have been letting Benitez know they do not want him as manager. Kompany is having a word with referee Foy as they leave the pitch. The City captain thought he was fouled by Luiz at a corner in the first half.

45 + 1

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of one minute added time before half-time.

City are not happy referee Foy has now given a separate foul to Chelsea on the right corner of the penalty area. Mata drops the ball into the six-yard box but Yaya Toure is able to clear after Kompany won the header.

City move up field and win a corner. But they make a mess of it when trying to take it short and Chelsea break. Torres is tackled by Kompany but continues with the ball. Milner, though, is back defending and beats Torres in a foot race before being fouled by the striker.

Torres has the ball at his feet in the penalty area but his control is a bit clumsy as possession ricochets off his shins and then Kompany can tackle. That has epitomised the Spaniard.

Great chance for Aguero with a header in time and space inside the penalty area. But he heads straight at Cech. What a waste. He tried for power and got no direction.

The rain is beginning to pour down at Stamford Bridge again. It sums up the atmosphere a little, which has been a bit flat after the sacking of Di Matteo.

Luiz takes on a shot from the free-kick but it is a straightforward save for Hart on the bounce. It was wishful thinking from Luiz at the set-piece.

Zabaleta leaves Ramires in a heap around 40 yards from goal and receives a ticking off from referee Foy. Replays show Zabaleta got a touch on the ball.

Silva's corner goes over the crowd in the penalty area and finds Barry following up. But his cross is cleared by Chelsea.

However, Zabaleta again reads a pass and breaks forward before forcing a save from the legs of Cech. Silva follows up and City win a corner.

City are back in the Chelsea half and are looking to build some more measured attacks. But Oscar does well to tackle.

The game has gone a little scrappy at the moment. Both teams are giving the ball away in midfield.

Yaya Toure has been quite restrained for City so far. There have been none of his trademark bursts forward, which is a reflection of his conservative season to date.

Both sides have just made a mess of the final ball at times this afternoon. If they can find the correct pass, it looks like there are goals to be had.

Chelsea look to be in too much of a rush at times. Mata tries a quick throw-in but only gives the ball straight to City.

Chelsea are now the team who are having a better couple of minutes. Mata tries to push a pass through to Cole inside the box but there is a breakdown in communication and it rolls out for a goal-kick.

Chelsea now win a corner, which City just about clear when Luiz was threatening to win the header.

An Oscar cross-field pass put Chelsea on the front foot, although it deflects out for a throw-in to the home team.

Aguero uses Milner as a decoy before taking on a shot from the edge of the box. Chelsea manage to block the shot and it deflects out for a throw-in. City have been camped in the Chelsea half for the last few minutes.

Zabaleta threads a pass forward towards Aguero. But Luiz can just take the ball off the Argentine's toes before clearing for a throw-in. City are having a good passage.

City have probably had the better of things so far in this opening 26 minutes. They have been having quite a lot of joy down the left in the combination of Milner and Kolarov.

Milner is furious City are not awarded a corner when his pass towards Kolarov takes a touch off Azpilicueta on its way out of play.

More excellent defending from the always dependable Zabaleta as he prevents a pass from finding the advanced Ashley Cole.

Nastasic is a little too physical in a challenge in the back of Hazard on the halfway line. He does not let the Belgian turn and gives away a free-kick.

Benitez is right on the edge of his technical area and barking orders at his players. But another attack breaks down as the ball does not find Torres.

Chance for Silva. Zabaleta is given time and space to cross from the right of the penalty area and finds Silva, who heads over the crossbar from eight yards. City will be quite pleased with the way they have started.

Kompany's fitness appears to be okay at the moment. He has already made a couple of important headed interceptions.

Neither goalkeeper has been seriously tested so far. Central areas of the field are very congested, with neither side having an out-and-out winger.

There are a lot of fans in the Chelsea sections who are showing signs to say they do not trust former Liverpool boss Benitez. The Spaniard had some epic battles with Chelsea during his time at Anfield and is therefore not that popular.

Chelsea fans were on their feet in the 16th minute and are applauding to honour Di Matteo, who used to wear that shirt number.

At a City corner, which breaks down when Yaya Toure commits another foul, several fans can be seen holding up 'Rafa Out' signs behind corner-taker Silva.

A great find of a pass from Mata to Torres gives the striker the chance to bring the ball down in the penalty area. But he tries a first-time pass and only hits it through to Hart.

Yaya Toure is perhaps a little fortunate not to be booked for a fairly cynical challenge on Hazard, who had spun his marker close to the halfway line and was bursting forward.

Barry has the chance to shoot from 25 yards but instead looks for a pass to Milner, who is tackled on the edge of the box.

Milner produces a good dummy on a pass and lets the ball roll to Aguero. Milner wants the return pass but the move breaks down for a throw-in as Azpilicueta defends.

Oscar flicks a header on towards Torres from a long ball from Cech. Nastasic anticipates the headers and is able to clear down field.

Torres gives away a free-kick when jumping with his feet up in a challenge for a header with Zabaleta. Kompany is not impressed and has a word with referee Foy. But there is no booking.

The midfield battle between Barry and Ramires is shaping up to be an interesting watch. The Brazilian tries to burst past his rivals, who is clever and gets his body in the way so City can regain the ball.

Hazard lays a ball off to Cole and then spins and runs forward to look for the receive pass. Zabaleta can intercept. Torres has hardly had a touch so far.

Nice build-up from City sees Kolarov with the ball at his feet in the penalty area. Ivanovic manages to tackle and then hoofs the ball up field.

Silva takes the set-piece but Luiz can head clear. Both sides are looking to attack in the very early stages. There looks like there will be goals today.

Zabaleta does brilliantly to intercept a Luiz ball and then carries on running to receive a reverse pass from Silva. Cole, though, recovers and tackles for a corner.

Ramires is back on his feet and is able to walk off the pitch before returning to the action.

With the game stopped, some Chelsea fans are holding up a 'One Di Matteo' banner.

Play is stopped when Silva puts the ball out of play so Ramires can receive treatment after a clash with Barry.

Chelsea are on the front foot in the opening 60 seconds and Cole's cross from inside the penalty area has to be headed clear by Kompany.

KICK-OFF: Chelsea get the game going.

A moment of applause is held in memory of former Chelsea boss Dave Sexton, who died, aged 82.

Benitez makes his way out of the tunnel. There are no signs of any booing. But Chelsea fans had earlier been singing, 'There's only one Di Matteo'.

Here come the teams. Captains Cech and Kompany lead Chelsea and City, respectively, out of the tunnel at Stamford Bridge.

Steve Hemington says: "As a Chelsea fan I do not like how much attention we have drawn to us this week. I don't think it was fair in the way Di Matteo was sacked. I'm not sure about Rafa and news that Pep Guardiola could turn us down too doesn't please me. I think the team need stability, not three managers to get used to in six months! I hope Rafa does a good job but I think today will be very tough!"

But all the attention is on Chelsea today. Could it come as a benefit for City as they look to regain top spot in the Premier League from derby rivals Manchester United?

Kompany has been spotted getting a bit of treatment on his leg in the City dugout during the pre-match warm-up. There are doubts whether the City captain is fit. But Mancini has said in his TV interview: "He trained yesterday and was okay."

If you fancy a flutter, Sky Bet have a range of markets. Chelsea are 6/4 to win Benitez's first game in charge against City. Both sides will be looking to put disappointing Champions League results behind them at Stamford Bridge and City are available at 13/8 with the draw a 5/2 chance. Fernando Torres is price boosted to 13/2 (from 6/1) to net the opener.

Cormac McDaid says: "With their Champions League chances scrapped, now's the time to focus completely on the league for City and continue this unbeaten run. With tough opposition & a new manager with something to prove, City should be happy with a draw. Goals from Yaya & Torres for 1-1."

Benitez in his pre-match TV interview has said of his decision to reinstate Torres: "I said before he was working very hard. I think he is ready to perform well."

Nick Pring says: "I think it's do or die now for Torres. He had everything he could possibly want now Rafa has come in. Chelsea win today 2-1 with Torres and Ivanovic to get the goals."

Ian Ashman says: "This one is going through to the wire. 2-1 to the blue side of Manchester with goals from Dzeko & Kolorov, Chelsea's goal from Mata. Come on City."

What do you think of the team selections? Where will this game be won and lost? Get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. The best comments will be published.

So Benitez has recalled Torres for his first game in charge of Chelsea. Torres returns after being axed from Di Matteo's final line-up at Juventus on Tuesday. City captain Vincent Kompany passes a fitness test to start, with Gareth Barry and James Milner recalled in place of Samir Nasri and Maicon.

Mark Stoker says: "Chelsea fans need to give Rafa a chance. It's not his fault Di Matteo got sacked and need to see what he can do for the club."

Chelsea team: Cech (C), Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Luiz, Cole, Ramires, Mikel, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Ferreira, Cahill, Bertrand, Romeu, Marin, Moses.

Lara Newton says: Well I am a Manchester United fan so come on Chelsea. I think Rafa will be a good Chelsea manager but not as good as Di Matteo and I wish them all good luck for today."

Man City team: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (C), Nastasic, Kolarov, Yaya Toure, Barry, Silva, Milner, Dzeko, Aguero. Subs: Pantilimon, Maicon, Nasri, Garcia, Kolo Toure, Tevez, Balotelli.

Dean Cartwright says: "Torres should start as we don't really have anyone else - and Benitez isn't the right man, we may as well have stuck with Robbie."

Marcus Bounds says: "I think it will be 2-1 Chelsea with Torres and Mata to score for the blues and Aguero for city. I think Rafa Benitez can improve Torres."

Chelsea club captain John Terry has been speaking about Roberto Di Matteo, who was sacked as manager after the midweek defeat by Juventus in the Champions League, in today's matchday programme: Terry has said: "It was a privilege to play for Robbie. I had the pleasure as a YTS player growing up watching and learning from him. We wish him every success in the future, because saying thanks doesn't seem enough."

Simon says: "I'm a Chelsea fan and all my friends are saying I'm wrong but I have a good feeling about Rafa. Good luck today, Chelsea."

Referee: C Foy Assistants: S Burt, H Lennard Fourth official: H Webb

We can expect the team news in around 15 minutes. Will new interim Chelsea boss Benitez reinstate Fernando Torres to the starting line-up? Is Benitez the right man for Chelsea? You can get in touch on these matters and any other thoughts on today's match at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. A selection of the best comments will be published.

Hello and welcome to our live an interactive coverage of the Premier League meeting between Chelsea and defending champions Manchester City as Rafa Benitez takes charge at Stamford Bridge. Stay with us for all the team news.

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