FT: Young Boys 3 Liverpool 5

Thanks for joining me, now scoot over to Tottenham v Lazio. Got to love the Europa League, eh? Cheers.

The referee brings to an end a quite remarkable game of football. Eight goals, five of which came in the second half, and three points for a young Liverpool side.

Sterling is caught offside as Shelvey looks to clip one in behind.

We're into the frist of three added minutes as Gonzalez spurns a half-chance, heading wide from 15 yards.

Henderson is caught yelling expletives at the linesman but the referee doesn't seem to mind too much. To be fair to Henderson, it should've been a Liverpool throw.

Good work from Sterling as Liverpool go looking for a sixth. I didn't expect to be saying that tonight. Ultimately he loses out.

GOAL! Shelvey! And that, as they say, is that. Liverpool break, Shelvey ghosts around Spycher and blasts a left-footed strike past Wolfli.

Frey has a free header, six yards out, dead centre, but his mistimed jump means he can't get any power on it and Liverpool escape.

Good tracking from Sahin stops Farnerud in his tracks. Spycher then wins a free kick some 40 yards out after drawing a foul from Shelvey.

Coates does well to lump it clear under pressure from Frey as the hosts try to draw this entertaining game level.

Bobadillo goes down in the box, the most blatant dive you'll ever see, yet he's angry to be booked. That was cheating. Well done referee.

Borini is perhaps unfortunate not to win a free kick on the edge of the Young Boys box. The hosts clear and Farnerud drops deep to try and rouse his side. It works as Gonzalez gallops into the box but it's just a throw after Sterling tracks back.

Excellent work from first Coates and then Wisdom to stop Raimondi from delivering another cross. The latter wins a free kick and Liverpool clear.

Jones is forced to make a good save as Farnerud gets on the end of Bombadilla's pass. The ball breaks to halfway where Borini is booked for a foul on Ojala. Unlucky to go in the book there.

Zverotic is withdrawn, his last act a poor one, and replaced by Michael Frey.

Borini is then penalised himself for a foul on Vesckovac and that allows Young Boys to clear.

Veskovac is booked for cynically pulling Borini to the ground some 40 yards from goal.

I say gift, but Liverpool had much to do when winning the ball and did it superbly. Young Boys claim for handball as Enrique does well to keep Farnerud behind him and allow Jones to collect.

To be fair to the Swiss crowd, they haven't stopped singing tonight. They must be crushed, their side having fought back so well before gifting Liverpool what could be the winner.

Raheem Sterling is on for Downing. He could make hay if the hosts go all-out for the equaliser.

GOAL! Shelvey! Zverotic commits a foolish error, passing towards his own goal without looking. Borini collects and the rest is exquisite, his pass to Henderson cushioned into Shelvey's path, and the midfielder finish with ease. Clinical.

Sahin, Henderson and Shelvey really have control of midfield now and Sutter is forced to cross from very deep, which isn't a problem for the visitors.

Shelvey lines up a shot but Zverotic does brilliantly to produce a tackle and set up a counter, which ends with a scuffed cross from Gonzalez.

The hosts have pushed Farnerud up front but it's costing them the midfield battle and there's a moment of alarm as Spycher fires in a pass to his goalkeeper, who doesn't look happy but manages to clear.

Shelvey's introduction has seen Liverpool take command of the ball again and Suso uses it to cut in and shoot over from 30 yards out.

Excellent defensive work from Coates and Liverpool break down the left, Enrique winning a free-kick when Gonzalez clips his heels.

Enrique nods towards the lively Borini but it's blocked. However, Liverpool have it back and it takes a good interception from Ojala to stop Shelvey going through.

Nuzzolo is off and replaced by Christian Schneuwly.

Sutter has space on the right but dwells and Shelvey clears towards Downing, who just loses out to Veskovac, the defender showing a nice turn of foot.

Just before that, Jonjo Shelvey came on for Assaidi.

GOAL! Coates! Well I never. 3-3! Coates gets on the end of Downing's cross and finds the bottom corner.

Nice from Wisdom who finds Suso. Borini makes a fine run in behind and is found, his shot forcing a good save from the Young Boys 'keeper.

Sahin curls in a deep free-kick but it's easily collected by Wolfli, whose clearance briefly causes alarm until Carragher clears.

That proves to be Zarate's last act as Alexander Gonzalez replaces him.

GOAL! Zarate! It's almost a perfect introduction as Downing plays in Enrique, whose cross is put out for a corner as Borini tried to intervene. Young Boys clear and break, and Zarate clips in a gorgeous finish after Bombadilla plays him through.

Pacheco is withdrawn and Fabio Borini is now asked to lead the line for Liverpool.

Another Liverpool cross sails over Pacheco, who is again alone in the Young Boys area. Bombadilla fails to find Farnerud as the hosts break.

Farnerud's ball is again aimed towards Ojala and again it's cleared. The Swede gets another go, though, and Jones has to punch a dangerous ball clear. Sutter's first-time volley sails over.

Bobadilla is unfortunate not to win a free-kick as Coates takes him out, making no attempt to play the ball. Nuzzolo runs directly at Henderson though and wins a corner.

Suso, Sahin and Downing cause havoc at the heart of the home side's defence with neat interplay, but again the cross has no target and Vesckovac can clear.

Sutter attacks, this time down the right as Enrique is stranded up-field, but his cross is too high and Jones has time to collect under pressure.

Farnerud's corner is too high and Jones collects before bowling it out to Assaidi. He finds Enrique, but the Spaniard's long-range effort is easily saved.

Bobadilla shows that he's not all brawn with a delightful inside-out turn and wins a corner after his cross is blocked. Young Boys firmly on top.

Shelvey, Borini and Sterling are warming up as again Henderson does well to mop up as Spycher looks dangerous.

It must be said, Young Boys have flown out of the traps this second half. They celebrated that goal like they'd won the competition, too.

GOAL! Ojala! Farnerud's looping cross evades all but Bobadilla collects, and curls in an inch-perfect ball onto the head of Ojala, who finds the bottom corner.

Raimondi makes a marauding run once more and Wisdom does well to deflect his cross behind for a corner.

Good pressure from Zverotic wins it but again Zarate is greedy when team-mates were in better positions. Liverpool break but Henderson fires Downing's cross over the bar.

Excellent from Raimondi but Enrique just beats Zarate to the ball and Carragher can eventually put it out for a throw.

More cleaning up from Henderson, who has put in a real shift for his team already. Zarate finds space 25 yards out but again opts to shoot instead of pass, and he drags is wide.

Carragher does well to keep the stocky Bobadilla at bay before Pacheco wins a free kick on halfway. He finds Assaidi, who cuts in from the left and shoots just wide.

Wisdom had a fine first half but it seems Young Boys are intent on testing him as they keep going to that left channel. This time it works as Raimondi is able to whip in a dangerous cross, cleared by Enrique.

Young Boys begin by attacking down the right but a through-ball aimed at Raimondi is too strong and Jones collects.

The teams are back on the pitch and we'll be under way any minute...

Sky Bet make Liverpool 2/5 favourites from here, with the draw 11/4 and Young Boys out to 8/1.

Liverpool are happy to play down the clock and do so nicely until Farnerud brings down Enrique, and the referee takes the opportunity to blow for half-time.

Nuzzolo tries a clever reverse ball in an attempt to find Bobadilla, but there's just too much on it and it's a goal kick for Liverpool.

It's almost 2-2, as Farnerud shows his quality with a sublime first touch before curling a shot onto the post from 20 yards. Jones was nowhere, but Liverpool survive.

Enrique loses out but Raimondi wastes space, before Sahin's long-ball is cut out by Ojala, who has had an interesting game thus far.

What a moment for Wisdom, who has captained England at junior level. This is his debut, and he's found the net. Can't ask for more really.

GOAL! Wisdom! Ojala almost finds the net again, and again it's at his own end. It's just a corner, but it's a goal when Wisdom rises to head past Wolfli.

The TV chaps reckon that's harsh on Liverpool, but I see the match as this simple: lack of creativity, one defensive mistake per side, one goal per side. Seems fair.

GOAL! Nuzzolo! Confusion at the back as Enrique steps in and takes the ball as Jones was set to collect. It breaks to Nuzzolo who does well to find the net from 15 yards, Jones' fingertips unable to get enough on it.

Absolute quality from Suso, who dances around the Young Boys defence before showing the composure to pull it back towards Pacheco. Ojala does well to step in and intercept.

Spycher has a chance to shoot from 20 yards out but declines and the moment has gone, as Henderson's industry wins Liverpool the ball back once again.

Susso and Downing are on different pages and it's a goal kick for Young Boys, taken by Wolfi, who has had nothing to do bar pick the ball out of his own net some half an hour ago.

Farnerud attempts a fast, in-swinging fizzer but succeeds only in hitting it over everyone and out for a goal kick.

Better as Zarate weaves past Enrique before going down rather easily as he approaches the box. The referee gave nothing, but the official behind the goal says it's a foul and the hosts have a free-kick near the touchline, just outside the box.

This is scrappy now as Wisdom is brought down just inside his own half. Assaidi then returns the favour for Sutter and the hosts have a free-kick on halfway.

Farnerud is the one pulling the strings for Young Boys but at times Liverpool have all 11 men in their own half, and the Swiss side simply haven't shown the guile required to create opportunities.

Ojala gives it straight to Henderson and Liverpool break, but the hosts in fairness are quick to get back behind the ball and a brief threat ends quickly.

It comes to nothing as Liverpool go short, but they've another as Zarate grabs Enrique. Once more, Young Boys have little difficulty winning it back.

Enrique and Assaidi look a threat now and combine with Susso before Pacheco is fouled by Ojala, who is unlucky. Free-kick for Liverpool, 35 yards out.

Nuzzolo tries to beat three men alone but Coates steps in to put an end to that. Farnerud and Sutter combine, the latter's cross easily caught by Jones.

Nice interception from Carragher and Downing has space on the right. He tries to beat Spycher but the Young Boys defender wins the ball and sets in motion a counter, which ends when Zarate shoots well wide from a tight angle.

Sutter loses out and Liverpool have four-on-four, but Assaidi perhaps makes the wrong decision in shooting. It's deflected wide for a corner, which is cleared by Ojala.

As I say that, Liverpool attack through Assaidi and Enrique but Pacheco is caught offside and Young Boys can clear.

Brendan Rodgers will be concerned slightly, as his side haven't offered much of an attacking threat for 15 minutes now. Then again, they're not in any great danger and 1-0 would obviously do.

Spycher does well and helps Raimondi engineer space down the left. He wins a throw after the hard-working Henderson makes a good challenge, but it's to no avail as Nuzzolo's cross goes out for a goal kick.

Young Boys are now the dominant force possession-wise but it's all in front of Liverpool, who look very composed when on the ball.

Henderson is annoyed as Zarate goes down under his tackle some 35 yards out. It's probably a free-kick on balance, and Liverpool have no trouble clearing Farnerud's ball anyway.

Sutter plays a dangerous-looking low ball across the box but it's behind Bobadilla and Wisdom can clear.

Assaidi jinks left and right before delivering a cross that is easily cut out. Liverpool are lacking men in the box when their wingers get into dangerous positions. Doesn't matter much if the opposition head into their own net, mind.

Raimondi is very late on Downing and that's an easy decision for the ref: yellow card and free-kick on halfway.

Space for Zarate and Carragher does well to block his long-range effort. The hosts are trying desperately to up the tempo, to no avail thus far.

Zverotic, Nuzzolo and Farnerud combine well to get Raimondi space, but his cross is easily cut out.

Meanwhile, a small typing error has been fixed but ctrl+F5 just for good measure, please. Downing gives it away easily on the right but wins it back before an audacious ball goes long.

Downing's ball is cleared and Young Boys break, Zarate finding Farnerud who goes down far too easily under a Carragher challenge. No penalty.

Wisdom is well-positioned to make a key interception and finds Downing. Eventually it works to Assaidi whose cross is deflected for a corner.

Pacheco does well to bring down Wisdom's long-ball as cries of 'keep the ball' echo from the visitors' bench. They've done that well so far.

Assaidi and Sahin combine nicely but Farnerud can hook clear towards Bobadilla, who is fouled on halfway by Carragher.

Nuzzolo aims a diagonal ball at Bobadilla but Jones is out to collect. Young Boys win it back but Zarate over-hits his through-ball and Jones again collects.

Nice start from Suso who is lively and looks like he wants the ball. Young Boys look stunned and a long ball from Ojala goes all the way through for a goal kick.

Sahin swings it in but Ojala clears to Raimondi. However, Henderson drops to cover Wisdom and does well to win the ball.

Good chasing down from Pacheco gets Liverpool back on the ball, and they win a corner as Vesckovac panics under pressure from Assaidi.

Young Boys should probably be level, as Bobadilla brings a long ball down expertly before forcing a save from Jones. Farnerud takes the resulting corner but it's easily dealt with.

GOAL! Ojala og! Quality from Sahin to find Downing, whose cross is headed by Spycher, but only onto the back of Ojala's head and into the net past a bemused Wolfli. Astonishing stuff.

Suso and Downing exchange passes, the ball eventually spread to Assaidi but the door down the left wing is firmly shut.

Wolfli gets an early touch before Sutter's pressure on Enrique causes a problem which Liverpool deal with calmly, passing their way out of defence.

And Liverpool get us underway, all four of their defenders enjoying a touch before Vesckovac strides out of defence but fails to find a team-mate.

The teams are on their way out, the hosts clad in yellow and black and Liverpool in their traditional red. Nice stadium; right up close to the pitch and packed to the rafters. Kick off just a couple of minutes away.

Gazla gets in touch from Canada. He says: 'Shame that Yesil isn't starting, but I am looking forward to seeing the two Spaniards up front in a 'proper' game. I think this maybe a lot tougher game than some of the Liverpool comments I have seen so far; a draw would be good IMO.'

Mark from Bromley writes: 'Great to see a start for Pachecho. He looks good and has done for the last couple of seasons. He should get more of a chance alongside the other young attacking talent we have given our current shortage of attackers.'

Having a punt? Our friends at Sky Bet can't split the sides, with each offered at 13/8 and the draw 23/10. They've boosted a 1-0 Young Boys win to 13/2, a 2-0 Liverpool win to 12/1 and Assaidi to score first to 10s. Oh, and Bobadilla to score first to 8s. Something for everyone.

David from Northamptonshire says: 'As a Liverpool fan I think it's great that the youngsters are getting a go tonight and to have the experience of Borini on the bench to come on it's good. I think it will be 3-0 Liverpool and a good performance from the youngsters. Come on Liverpool!'

Daniel writes: 'It's great to see the youngsters get a chance I'm looking forward to seeing Yesil and Suso! I wanna see a young Liverpool side who want to win trophies tonight! If we show some hunger, courage, pride we should see this one out! Liverpool 2 Young Boys 1.'

On the other hand, Young Boys beat Spurs 3-2 here in the Champions League two years ago. Remember that? They raced to a 3-0 lead inside half an hour only to concede twice before losing the return leg 4-0.

With a bit of digging on UEFA's website, I have discovered that tonight is Liverpool's 100th UEFA Cup/Europa League game. They've won 55 of the previous 99, losing just 18. And for good measure, they've not lost to a Swiss club in their last seven.

Liverpool: Jones, Enrique, Coates, Carragher (C), Wisdom, Sahin, Henderson, Downing, Assaidi, Pachecho, Suso. Subs: Wilson, Robinson, Sterling, Shelvey, Borini, Yesil.

Young Boys: Wolfli (C), Ojala, Zverotic, Spycher, Veskovac, Sutter, Farnerud, Raimondo, Bobadilla, Zarate, Nuzzolo. Subs: Benito, Gonzalez, Lecjaks, Costanzo, Schneuwly, Frey, Vitkieviez.

Good evening and welcome along to live coverage of Young Boys v Liverpool. If you'd like to get involved tonight, drop me an email on benjamin.coley@bskyb.com, in the meantime I'm just gathering together some team news.

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