FT: Tottenham 1 Swansea 0

FULL TIME. Tottenham 1 Swansea 0.

As Michu re-enters the fray, Spurs find themselves breaking with Davies desperately booting the ball over the bar from Townsend's cut back to Defoe.

The referee is consulting with the linesman and there's a yellow card for Jake Livermore on the touchline after the midfielder got involved following a confrontation after Townsend's attempt on goal.

Lloris clatters Michu as he punches the ball away, leaving the striker flattened, but Spurs break away as Townsend takes advantage before Tremmel makes another wonderful save!

Defoe picks up a booking for a clumsy tackle near the touchline on Davies.

Graham can't flick the ball forward but Davies can and Gallas nervily hacks the ball behind, the safest option as Moore loomed behind him.

Dembele heads off and Parker makes his return to the Spurs fold after over six months out of action.

Williams shows purpose going forward but falls down with an injury as Swansea's attack is derailed with Routledge's cross finding Lloris.

Graham is offside from Tiendalli's ball, as the fourth official holds up five extra minutes of added time is to be played.

Townsend is sandwiched between Davies and Ki, with a Spurs free-kick given as Dembele tries to shake off a knock.

Great chance again for Spurs, as Sigurdsson feeds in Defoe with a superb pass, the striker beating Williams for pace before drawing a brilliant stop from Tremmel at the near post.

Graham is on for Swansea with Dyer the man coming off in his place.

Sigurddson takes aim from a good position but his left foot lets him down as he swerves an abject effort well wide of goal.

Swansea are showing more impetus in dictacting play going forward now, with Davies involved as they try and work an opening down the left, before Walker beats the left-back with a sterling challenge.

Swansea still possess a bit of a threat on the counterattack and can be backed to steal a draw from this at 8/1 with Sky Bet.

Chico goes down in remarkable fashion, seemingly having picked up an injury in a collision with Walker, but the right-back on his feet and replays show that unless he is actually injured, it was one of the most incredible dives of the season!

Vertonghen's free-kick comes of the charging Britton and that carries the spinning ball out for another Spurs corner.

Townsend's wonderful run catches Chico off guard and it's a yellow card for the defender who hacks down the Spurs midfielder.

Sigurdsson plays in Defoe, but the striker fails to balance himself and ends up falling over wheile trying to control the ball.

A Spurs corner nearly finds Vertongen again but Chico marshalls him more effectively this time and heads to safety.

Swansea look to reply through Routledge but Gallas comes across to intercept. It's still with the Swans, as Agustien's ball in is headed away by Vertonghen.

Spurs finally make their pressure pay as Vertonghen meets Walker's free-kick with a sublime half-volley into the back of the net to give the hosts the lead!.


Ki makes way and Moore comes on for Swansea.

Townsend, playing on the right side, gets his first touches and as Dembele is forced away by Chico, Spurs are pushed back in their latest quest to break the deadlock.

Adebayor heads straight down the tunnel and it is Townsend who will come on to take his place.

Adebayor is down holding his hamstring and these could be worrying scenes for Spurs as the striker is attended to by medics.

Former Swan Sigurdsson comes on in place of Dempsey.

Sandro gives the ball away to Britton but Ki's chip forward to Michu is met by the head of the towering Vertonghen.

Williams joins the Swansea attack, with the visitors looking just as likely to break the deadlock as Spurs do, but the attack breaks down and suddenly the Swans are on the back foot before Britton dispossesses Lennon.

Tiendalli is awarded a free-kick after being tugged back by Dembele when Naughton forgot to track back after Spurs' latest attack.

Spurs are getting closer, as Defoe picks the ball up and again strikes early, driving the ball narrowly across goal and out of play.

Routledge seeks out Ki, but his first touch is horrific, and had it been better he would have been in space to shoot.

Naughton delivers again after finding the angle away from Tiendalli, but again he applies too much pace on the ball and Adebayor is found wanting once more.

Swansea's pressure off the ball is admirable and brilliant, as Adebayor is closed down by Chico in Spurs' latest attck, the ball rolling off the striker and straight into Tremmel.

Sandro's exceptional ball slips in behind Davies, but as soon as Defoe goes to pull the trigger, that man Williams is there with an essential diving tackle to make the block.

De Guzman makes way and Agustien takes to the field.

Michu nudges slightly offside from Ki's diagonal ball as Swansea prepare to make a change.

Routledge show grit to battle with Gallas, but Dembele and Sandro combine to remove the ball from the winger and Spurs break. The ball falls to Walker from Defoe but the full-back gets it all wrong by firing wildly into the stands.

Vertonghen's looping header results in another corner, which was wrongly awarded, but upon Chico clearing, Michu looks to break with Gallas making a timely tackle.

The yellow card is back out as De Guzman takes vengeance, of sorts, by pulling down the advancing Dembele.

Michu's deft flick finds Routledge, but Spurs get bodies back and break down the attack before Adebayor sprints away, with Dembele's deflected shot heading behind for a corner.

A cynical tackle by Dembele on De Guzman sees him enter the referee's notebook.

Adebayor forces another crucial interception from Chico, with Swansea's centre-backs continuing to impress at White Hart Lane.

Naughton goes for goal from range and it's the shot of a left-back, ending up just bobbing out of play near the corner flag.

Adebayor turns away from Ki and uses his strength and pace to continue his run, firing a solid shot away which sees Tremmel parry away at the far post.

Sandro's horrific delivery ends up setting Dyer away, but he turns right back into Walker and a promising attack breaks down.

Great chance for Swansea, as Routledge fizzes the ball across the face of goal with Dyer incredible heading wide from close range.

Walker casts Routledge out the way to try and claim Dembele's ball, his incredible manhandling of his opponent even drawing a smile from the referee.

Dyer wins the battle with Naughton, temporarily, but the left-back recovers and Tiendalli is caught offside as a result.

Tottenham get the game restarted.

Callum Griffiths writes: "I think Swansea will snatch this match late on with a Michu a goal on the 85th minute - Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs."

Swansea are holding out so far, and they're 5/1 to nick this one while Tottenham remain odds-on to secure three points. Sky Bet have boosted a couple of prices at the break, including Mousa Dembele to score next at 18/1, while Michu to score next and the Swans to win 1-0 is now 28/1.

Spurs upped the pressure towards the end of the half but Swansea have defended terrifically and it remains goalless at half time. Send your second half predictions to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com

HALF TIME. Tottenham 0 Swansea 0.

Vertonghen's penetrating effort again gets no further than the wall, with Dempsey conceding a free-kick on Britton as the Swans looked to break.

Vertonghen is forced back by Dyer as Spurs look to space in Swansea's half, Defoe taken down by Britton and Spurs have a free-kick 25 yards out.

Incredible stuff from Michu, who steals the ball after Dembele's loose pass, attempting a lob from 40 yards after catching Lloris off his line and not coming far away from producing a sensational finish.

Lennon cuts across the park ahead of Davies before letting go with a solid effort that Tremmel handles well again.

Routledge advances before finding De Guzman, with his team-mate going for goal with a screamer than isn't too far away from giving Lloris kittens at the near post.

Walker lets rip with a thunderous effort from 20 yards with Tremmel doing well to throw his shoulder in the way and get a stroke of luck as the ball flies back out of harm's way.

Vertonghen heads away as Michu lurked from De Guzman's delivery, and Spurs break with Lennon but Williams reads his run to perfection and dives in with a perfect challenge.

Dempsey heads to the touchline, and Williams takes out the American, conceding a free-kick, which is taken quickly and finds Lennon offside.

Spurs remain patient in their bid to open the scoring, retaining the ball in the final third but as Adebayor goes for the penetrating pass, Chico is positioned to intercept.

Lennon is forced into clearing the ball out during an attack to keep the ball up Swansea's end. Vertonghen picks it up as Tiendalli loses out, but his swerving cross results only in a goal-kick.

Walker plays a loose ball into Chico, but the defender looks to set away Dyer prematurely and finds the winger nowhere in sight as Lloris gathers.

Tiendalli delivers a splendid ball in from the right, with Routledge agonisingly close to making contact as the ball drifts narrowly over his head at the far post.

Swansea retain control of the ball sublimely, but without ever venturing too far forward, with Spurs relatively comfortable as Naughton makes the tackle on Dyer.

Wonderful move from Spurs, as Dempsey slips in behind Davies before whipping a tempting ball into the box which Williams meets terrifically.

De Guzman slides the ball through ti Michu, but Vertonghen stays with the striker all the way and comes across to cover impressively.

A Swansea free-kick taken by De Guzman sees a superb delivery, which Gallas deals with superbly, before Spurs regain possession from the second ball.

It's all hands on deck for Swansea as Chico clears acrobatically from Lennon's scuffed shot and Ki rids the danger with Spurs really starting to boss the game.

Lennon and Sandro combine exceptionally, but Chico reads Lennon's cut back to Adebayor and makes a timely, crucial tackle.

Lennon creates space to deliver from the right, floating a good ball into the box with Dempsey aiming a weak header into the arms of Tremmel.

Adebayor sets away from Chico, but alligned with Tiandalli, the Swansea defender manages to make the tackle which concedes a throw-in.

Sandro goes in heavily on Ki, but wins the ball and sets Spurs forward. Naughton then delivers from the left but there are no targets at the far post and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick.

Dempsey's neat flick ensures the ball rolls into Defoe's path, and the striker chooses to shoot quickly on the turn, firing the ball wide of the far post.

Sandro's exquisite turn takes him away from Ki, with Tottenham waiting to pounce in the final third before Dembele is forced back by De Guzman.

The delivery is just beyond the reach of Adebayor but the ball rolls for a second corner, with Walker's cross easily dealt with by Michu.

Gallas' heavy touch allows Ki to intercept, with Tottenham beginning to force Swansea back in their own half now. Tiendalli then slides in on Adebayor near the byline and it's a Spurs corner.

Walker's curling effort clips a head in the wall and Chico stabs the ball away to clear the danger.

Yellow card for Dyer after a rash tackle on Dembele in a dangerous position just outside the penalty area.

Spurs are stepping up the pace now as they probe forward, with Walker driving a lovely ball into the box which is tamely prodded forward by Adebayor as Swansea clear.

Michu loses out to Dembele, and a lovely flick on to Defoe sees the striker clear, but it's Michu who tracks back to make an exceptional block to more than atone for his mistake.

Adebayor surges forward, playing a delayed pass into Defoe, the striker sent further wide than he'd like to be before aiming a solid shot on goal that is handled well by Tremmel.

Davies' poor ball finds Sandro, but just as Defoe was set away, a timely tackle from Chico prevents the striker getting a shot on goal.

Defoe calls for handball as his cross comes off Williams, but it's top defending from Williams after as the Swansea captain wriggles the ball away from the striker.

Britton, Dyer and De Guzman combine, but Naughton's deflection gives Spurs back possession. They can't do anything with it though as Sandro plays straight into Davies.

Adebayor and Dempsey exchange passes, but Chico reads the one-two splendidly and comes across to cover the return ball.

Dempsey applies pressure on Ki, conceding a foul and Swansea play the free-kick short. Ki then chips the ball forward to Michu but Lloris reacts well and gathers at the far post.

Swansea have started quite well so far, maintaining the lion's share of possession as Tottenham are forced into frantic hussling early on.

De Guzman flies through everyone in the six-yard box, with Michu trying to keep the ball alive at the far post but only able to lift the ball over the bar.

Routledge takes on Walker, with De Guzman taking over as Michu's touch off Vertonghen results in a Swansea corner.

Tremmel clears Lennon's speculative ball into the box, and eventually Tiendalli is set away down the right, but he loses control on the edge of the penalty area.

Great work from Naughton who steps in on Dyer to gift Spurs possession after some fluid early passing from the Swans.

Swansea kick off and get the action underway.

The players are currently acting out the pre-match handshake ritual, and we're minutes away from kick-off now at White Hart Lane.

Tottenham are 8/13 to climb back into the top four again this afternoon, with in-form Swansea available at 4-1 to claim success. The draw can be backed at 3/1.

Ishaan writes: "Tottenham have played well at home recently, they're passing the ball well - Aaron Lennon and Mousa Dembele are proving as sufficient threats in the centre - enough to cover for the absence of Gareth Bale. On the other hand, Michael Laudrup's Swansea haven't failed to impress this season - and Michu is a great threat when he is on goal, the Tottenham back four must keep all eyes on him. Predicting a 2-1 home win for Spurs here, it's essential for a good conclusion into Christmas."

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas recalls left-back Kyle Naughton, replacing Steven Caulker, who spent last season on loan at the Swans, in the only change to the Spurs side that lost at Everton last week. Swansea welcome captain Ashley Williams back from suspension. Garry Monk makes way for Williams while boss Michael Laudrup also names Ki Sung-yueng in place of Itay Shechter following the midweek Capital One Cup win over Middlesbrough.

Swansea: Tremmel, Tiendalli, Williams, Chico, Davies, Britton, de Guzman, Ki, Dyer, Routledge, Michu. Subs: Cornell, Monk, Richards, Shechter, Agustien, Moore, Graham.

Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Naughton, Lennon, Sandro, Dembele, Dempsey, Adebayor, Defoe. Subs: Friedel, Caulker, Huddlestone, Sigurdsson, Parker, Livermore, Townsend.

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